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<damex> hi, is it possible to build uboot (and boot) on supported boards completely from upstream without extra blobs from rockchip (rkbin repo?)? atf-2.3 and uboot-2020-04.
<damex> i am looking at rk3308/rk3328 boards
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<obbardc> hmm, rk3328 on mainline seems to have all sorts of issues with HDMI under heavy load
<obbardc> seems like heavy load or things like resizing windows shows horizontal lines
<obbardc> running Xorg, lxde, mali v20
<obbardc> also same issue with horizontal lines under weston
<obbardc> also not sure if related but glxgears on fullscreen shows around 20fps which seems really low
<obbardc> on rk3328-rock64 and rk3328-roc-cc, mainline master from today, linux-next and also mainline v5.5
<obbardc> any hints at all would be great
<stikonas> damex: I think it should be working, but I have not tried. I only have rk3399 (rockpro64
<obbardc> btw damex: i have rk3328 working without blobs
<obbardc> the u-boot documentation was a bit cryptic
<stikonas> well, I think it should be mostly the same as rk3399 installation, you just need to replace u-boot defconfig and atf platform
<obbardc> but basically build bl31 first with $PLAT set to rk3328, then u-boot defconfig with $BL31 set to the binary created before release/bl31/bl31.elf
<damex> stikonas: it works - i did a build like a 15 minutes ago and stress tested it a bit. works well
<obbardc> then you should have idbloader.img and u-boot.itb
<stikonas> for extra peace of mind on blobs, you can run find . -name '*.bin' -exec rm -rf {} \; in ATF repo before building ATF
<stikonas> since there are some blobs in ATF
<damex> obbardc: thanks, it works well without blobs on rk3328. get tpl+spl to idbloader and then dd it to sdcard along with u-boot.itb
<stikonas> damex: yes, my steps for rockpro64 are very similar, although, now I moved my u-boot to SPI chip
<obbardc> looks good, i didn;t need the mkimage or cat commands
<stikonas> does rk3328 have SPI?
<obbardc> the make all seems to pack also \o/
<damex> obbardc: maybe 'make' does it for user? (mkimage and cat) i have seen resulting idbloader.img in uboot root folder after bulding it.
<stikonas> this is what I use to install u-boot into SPI
<obbardc> pretty sure the resulting output is the same damex
<damex> stikonas: could spi support be board dependent?
<stikonas> damex: it could be, and also my scripts depends on SPI chip to be exposed by linux
<stikonas> I actually had to patch boot order a bit before SPI boot worked
<damex> this board does not seem to have SPI
<stikonas> otherwise it was booting from emmc
<stikonas> oh, ok...
<stikonas> then you have to boot from MMC
<obbardc> rock64 has spi flash for uboot
<stikonas> yeah, with SPI flash you can basically have "BIOS/UEFI"
<obbardc> been meaning to look into that for a while
<stikonas> well, if I remove my eMMC card, U-boot now tries to boot from USB, then netboot...
<stikonas> and if eMMC card is inserted, u-boot can boot from ESP partition
<damex> obbardc: i tried using automatically (by uboot) generated idbloader. it works fine for tpl/spi boot. no need extra mkimage/cat commands to make it.
<obbardc> nice
<obbardc> same here, the docs should probably be updated
<damex> is there some generic recipe (config?) / guideline for building kernel for rockchip? (well, i can build something custom for the board but prefer save time on offloading it to upstream)
<obbardc> for arm64 use defconfig
<damex> that's it?
<obbardc> it's pretty heavy config though since it includes pretty much every useful arm64 config
<damex> is there some detail about rockchip board support in upstream? i can find ones for allwinner/sunxi but allwinner boards does seem to have its own support matrix.
<damex> i wonder if i could get away with something like debian 5.4 lts for rk3328
<damex> (headless - just need ethernet, raw soc support and storage)
<obbardc> what board?
<obbardc> i've found rk3328 to be pretty good so far on mainline from v5.4 onwards
<obbardc> i am actually running debian sid on that board with a mainline kernel
<damex> obbardc: mainline == 'debian mainline' or kernel from upstream self compiled?
<damex> i see that it is supposed to be supported since 4.14
<obbardc> the latter
<obbardc> sorry i am not really all that interested in a debian mainline kernel currently
<obbardc> but it should work well
<damex> well, i think it is easier to just let them support building and etc themself
<mps> fwiw, I run mainline kernel for more than a year on rk3399, chromebook samsung one, with some issues/problem have to say
<mps> and mainline kernel 5.7-rc3 fried speakers on it :(
<Ke> how did that happen?
<mps> I don't know, really, I used it with previous versions without problems, and after upgrade to 5.7-rc3 it played some 'cracks' when muted speakers
<mps> used it for about two years fine, though volume control didn't worked with alsamixer, but was fine with mpv and firefox software volume controls
<mps> more than a 2 years, maybe 3 I forgot date when I bought it
<obbardc> boo :(
<mps> will try to find if I can replace them with something which can fit inside, if not usb soundcard works fine though little impractical to carry around
<obbardc> speakers or amp blown?
<mps> I think speakers
<mps> because I hear sound from machine but is with 'cracks'
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<damex> is there a way to get hdmi output in uboot for rk3328?
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