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<topi`> is there somewhere a good wiki for 3288? I have a spare Radxa Rock2 here, but the radxa pages are outdated
<topi`> I guess the ASUS tinkerboard stuff is up-to-date
<topi`> can we use extlinux to load kernel on rk3288?
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<DuClare_> I thought syslinux was x86 only..
<mps> DuClare_: syslinux yes, but u-boot can use same config file, i.e. extlinux.conf
<DuClare_> Oh, sure
<DuClare_> Then you use u-boot to load kernel
<DuClare_> :)
<mps> yes, I prefer extlinux.conf on all my arm machines
<mps> actually, we made it by default in alpine linux
<mps> except raspberries ;P
<DuClare_> Yeah well, I'm doing embedded stuff that might boot from something like 16MB flash.. I prefer simple hardcoded bootscript with no filesystem dependencies
<DuClare_> :)
<topi`> ok, so how can I create a SDcard with a working U-boot on it? for rk3288?
<topi`> I guess I should try compiling one myself... with some board files for rock2 included.
<mps> understandable ofc. but we are distro and want to add more flexibility for users
<topi`> do we have any distros that would support booting on rock2 rk3288 out-of-the-box?
<topi`> I remember compiling U-boot is a tedious task
<DuClare_> buildroot makes it pretty simple
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<topi`> I'll try that
<DuClare_> There are at least two rk3288 defconfigs in mainline buildroot tree
<DuClare_> .. which may or may not work with your board
<DuClare_> But u-boot tends to be one of the simpler things to get started with
<topi`> the only way is to try out
<topi`> I guess setting up DDR3, mmc controller and serial port would be enough
<topi`> the differences probably come from which mmc lines are going where on the mainboard etc
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<topi`> what would be a suitable defconfig name for the kernel that buildroot builds?
<robmur01> compiling U-Boot is tedious? I should be just "make rock2_defconfig && make"
<topi`> I see no rockchip_defconfig anywhere in the 5.7 kernel tree
<robmur01> *It
<robmur01> for the kernel you probably want multi_v7_defconfig
<robmur01> (no idea about buildroot, I just build stuff manually)
<DuClare_> topi`: If you use one of the existing buildroot defconfigs, they should specify the name of the in-tree dts
<DuClare_> E.g. rk3288-tinker.dts if you're using asus_tinker_rk3288_defconfig
<DuClare_> (Look for rk3288* under arch/arm/boot/dts/ if you want more examples)
<topi`> configuring buildroot is daunting. I wanted it to build the linux kernel, and now "no kernel device tree source specified"
<topi`> ok, I guess I'll enter "rk3288-rock2-square.dts" right there.
<nomis> hm, some days ago someone pointed me to the uboot reset code that reacts to the saradc "reset" button. I am unable to find it again.
<nomis> found it: arch/arm/mach-rockchip/boot_mode.c
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* robmur01 remembers mainline's original recovery key behaviour of deleting itself from eMMC - hilarious, but not overly practical
<robmur01> I hope it's got cleverer since then...
<nomis> uh, nice. :)
<topi`> now buildroot is finished and I have some items in output/target, rootfs.tar, u-boot-spl.bin, u-boot.bin and zImage
<topi`> how should I write u-boot-spl.bin and u-boot.bin to a SD card so that the rk3288 will load them?
<topi`> I've only got experience from i.MX6 boot, there you'll have to write the SPL with some weird offset into the beginning of raw SD disk
<robmur01> topi`: there are some instructions in U-Boot's README.rockchip, but personally I always find myself referring back to Rockchip's own wiki:
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<topi`> is ATF needed for rk3288 boot?
<robmur01> not usually - the standard RK3288 setup is the crusty old 32-bit way of running Linux in Secure SVC with no real firmware at all
<topi`> ok let's see what happens if I put some magic bytes into the SDcard...
<DuClare_> topi`: Check the rk3288 based configs under buildroot
<DuClare_> and those boards' dirs
<DuClare_> You'll find genimage.cfg probably
<DuClare_> Which generates sdcard.img
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<DuClare_> (called from or such)
<topi`> yeah plenty of's there
<topi`> maybe asus/tinker could be used for this Radxa board
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<topi`> image = "u-boot-spl-dtb.img" ... how does this differ from u-boot-spl.img?
<topi`> I thought only the kernel uses .dtbs
<DuClare_> Nah u-boot needs to know about devices too
<topi`> only u-boot-spl.bin found in output/images...
<topi`> I wonder how to make that? clearly it depends on the kernel being built. but I did that.
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<DuClare_> BR2_TARGET_UBOOT_SPL_NAME defines which spl images are copied from uboot build
<robmur01> note that U-Boot has its own set of DTs, independent of Linux
<DuClare_> On my end, u-boot-spl.bin and u-boot-spl-dtb.bin are the same file
<DuClare_> So it doesn't matter but vyasa & tinker define spl_name to be spl/u-boot-spl-dtb.bin
<DuClare_> (Mind you I'm on a somewhat oldish branch)
<topi`> Ok let me see what happens
<topi`> tinker does have a, but rock2 does not, so it seems to me tinker has proper support in buildroot
<DuClare_> Where did you even find rock2
<DuClare_> I don't see such a config in
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<topi`> not in buildroot, but uboot has such config
<topi`> I wish I could use the serial port on the Rock2 board... but I only get garbage if I set baud rate to 115200
<topi`> the usb uart adapter works just fine on the i.mx6 serial pins
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<DuClare_> debugging anything without serial is gonna suck :(
<topi`> yeah, I'm unsure whether or not uboot will even support a HDMI console
<topi`> gotta find a way to tweak that uboot to use a sensible baud rate / parity
<DuClare_> It should be 115200 8n1
<topi`> ok I'll try that
<topi`> but some info on the Radxa site says that the console works at 1.5mil baud
<DuClare_> Hmmm
<topi`> by looking at the tinkerboard's files, it does seem like I have to run u-boot-spl.bin through mkimage first. With -T rksd
<topi`> maybe that's why it refused to load SPL from SD and instead booted from the emmc
<topi`> which seems to have some android image
<robmur01> the newer 64-bit SoCs all use 1500000 by default, but 115200 has always been standard for RK3288
<topi`> ok! Maybe I mixed it with the specs of those RK3328 boards (rock64)
<topi`> YES! serial works. Seems I mixed the RX and TX pins
<DuClare_> yay :)
<topi`> U-Boot 2014.10-RK3288-06-gb1ceed8 (Mar 16 2015 - 10:28:15)
<topi`> this is a veeeery old U-boot (from the emmc android image)
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<topi`> Unable to boot:backup
<topi`> try to start rockusb
<topi`> I assume this means that it can't find U-boot? but the SPL seems to do its job.
<topi`> maybe the uboot also requires treatment from mkimage?
<DuClare_> I think that message is from rockchip's bootloader, not u-boot spl
<robmur01> for the BSP flow there is no SPL, anything that says "U-Boot" is the main stage already - if it doesn't get further than that it probably can't find the magic "partitions" that the Android kernel, recovery, etc. bits are packaged in
<DuClare_> topi`: emmc has priority over sdcard btw
<DuClare_> Soo you might wanna wipe it or short the clock to ground or something, if you want to boot from sdcard
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<topi`> I see, but if that would be true, why didn't it just boot from emmc, which has a working uboot
<topi`> after inserting the SDcard, it sure seems to try to boot from it
<topi`> U-Boot 2014.10-RK3288-06-gb1ceed8 (Mar 16 2015 - 10:28:15)
<topi`> robmur01: seems you're right, it finds the same uboot
<topi`> DDR Version 1.00 20141007 <-- where does this msg come from?
<topi`> SPL or the RK bootrom?
<DuClare_> RK bootloader
<topi`> I see no message that would indicate it has jumped to the SPL
<topi`> it jumps directly to U-boot
<DuClare_> Yeah so you're still booting whatever you got on emmc?
<topi`> probably
<robmur01> that's the "miniloader", the binary blob equivalent of SPL that does DDR init and loads and calls the a magically-packaged u-boot.bin
<DuClare_> Right, that's the name
<topi`> what's the best way to wipe it? using some Linux version of rktools?
<DuClare_> rkdeveloptool might work
<robmur01> if you can boot *something*, the just dd zeros to the first 1MB of the eMMC
<DuClare_> That works too
<topi`> I can boot to andriod, but cannot break that boot :)
<robmur01> otherwise, get it into maskrom mode (e.g. short the eMMC clock) and poke it with rkdeveloptool over USB
<robmur01> rockusb mode (i.e. what you usually get with the 'recovery' button) is annoying in that it won't let you mess with the IDB loader (i.e. miniloader or SPL) area directly
<topi`> but the chip certainly won't listen to the rkflashtool unless the recovery button is pressed, right?
<stefan_> you can enter uboot and type rockusb 0 mmc 0 instead
<nomis> It seems that returning to the rom bootloader on the rk3328 somehow depends on configusing CONFIG_ROCKCHIP_BOOT_MODE_REG in USB. I am not sure, what value should I configure it to?
<topi`> ok but how should I bake the SDcard to be ready for booting? it seems the uboot.bin needs to be mkimage'd and then written to offset 16384 with dd
<topi`> it's tricky to get the Recovery mode to work. I'm pushing the buttons, but am not getting the special RK usb device (vendor 2207) on my virtualbox's lsusb
<nomis> topi`: the hardcore way to enter the cpu boot mode is to short the clock-Pin of the emmc to gnd.
<nomis> depending on your hardware there is a jumper or testpad for that somewhere probably.
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<topi`> yes, the pad is visible. I did short it. it didn't boot to android any more :)
<topi`> but still no sign of the 2207 usb vendor on lsusb
<nomis> in that state (and without SD-Card inserted) the CPU should show up as usb device when you connect the OTG-Port to your computer.
<topi`> I guess I should bring a real PC and not a macintosh
<DuClare_> re. mkimage, you want to use that on u-boot-spl-dtb.bin, not on u-boot proper
<topi`> there's always some issues in routing the USB through to the virtualbox
<topi`> DuClare_: ok, thanks
<nomis> topi`: mhm, yeah. that might be an issue.
<topi`> maybe I can force it to boot from SD by shortcutting the emmc
<topi`> there are decent instructions on Radxa's wiki on how to do that
<DuClare_> As for u-boot proper, I think you just append the bin to the spl image you got from mkimage
<DuClare_> .. that's what I do anyway
<topi`> so.. it's kind of a "fat SPL" in a sense?
<topi`> I'll try that as well
<DuClare_> Mm I'm not sure what that's supposed to mean. It's spl followed by u-boot proper; spl loads the latter :)
<DuClare_> But anyway, even without u-boot proper you should get a message on serial port when spl loads
<topi`> I wonder how SPL finds the right offset from the media
<robmur01> by knowing that it's 0x4000 ;)
<topi`> I wrote the "rabian" image to a SDcard and now am finally in Linux
<DuClare_> :>
<topi`> but it's ancient, from year 2015. so I guess I want to compile a newer uboot?
<robmur01> yup, now from the crusty old Linux you can dd the new U-Boot to eMMC and bootstrap yourself
<topi`> yeah, I'm dd'ing /dev/zero to emmc right now
<topi`> this board has been sitting in the dust probably for 5 years
<topi`> but it seems many vendors offer industrial boards based on the rk3288 so it makes for an interesting study.
<DuClare_> What are you studying?
<topi`> the chip itself doesn't feel slow at all
<robmur01> (once you have mainline U-Boot running it's then beautifully simple to use the "gpt" and "ums" commands to flash the rest of your boot/root filesystem from a host machine)
<topi`> DuClare_: we create industrial applications for our clients
<topi`> robmur01: is this documented somewhere? maybe better look up a uboot wiki
<DuClare_> I still think it's easier to just wipe the emmc and work with an sdcard until everything works but ymmv
<DuClare_> (Mainly because I hate messing with proprietary usb tools when I mess up the bootloader or something..)
<topi`> the kernel provided with rabian is very chatty... dmesg is flooded with stuff
<robmur01> DuClare_: that's the point, U-Boot's USB OTG mass storage emulation is anything but proprietary :D
<DuClare_> Aha
<topi`> I wish the device had SPI
<topi`> then just flash a decent UBOOT on that SPI and be done with it
<DuClare_> robmur01: Doesn't help if you messed up your u-boot :)
<DuClare_> topi`: Nothing wrong with booting from emmc
<DuClare_> Works just like spi, only faster
<DuClare_> :)
<stefan_> What is required for booting from SPI
<stefan_> I am trying that, but failing
<stefan_> After I programm the SPI and do a software reboot it works, it boots from SPI
<topi`> I'd say SPI is more reliable than emmc
<stefan_> but after hardware reboot it does not boot
<topi`> maybe it tries a different boot path first?
<robmur01> AIUI SPI boot on Rockchip seems to be a whole other nightmare due to the image packing being all different
<stefan_> Well I used rockchip ddr and miniloader spinor binaries
<stefan_> and put them into single one with mkimage
<stefan_> and flashed that to the beginning of the flash
<stefan_> and I am trying to flash uboot.img and trust.img to the flash also
<topi`> boot-3.10.0: Android bootimg, kernel (0x60408000), ramdisk (0x62000000), s
<topi`> econd stage (0x60f00000),
<topi`> why are these guys using an Android bootimg? with uboot? makes no sense.
<DuClare_> topi`: Was there something specific you needed to know about the rk3288?
<DuClare_> Just wondering
<robmur01> "makes no sense" is pretty much the slogan for vendor BSPs :D
<DuClare_> Yep..
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<nomis> not sure what is going on, but the saradc-driver in u-boot does not seem to work for my rk3328-based board :-(
<robmur01> ooh, cool, there's even an "adc" command for the poking with :)
<nomis> uh, I need to enable that.
<robmur01> IIRC not everything uses the same resistor values, so it's possible that the threshold might be above KEY_DOWN_MAX_VAL
<nomis> I have printed out the raw values and I get 1022 regardless of the key being pressed or not.
<robmur01> I forget, did it work in Linux?
<nomis> yes, it did.
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<nomis> (just checked - it still does :)
<robmur01> hmm, rockchip_dnl_key_pressed() assumes channel 1, which seems to match most references in RK3288 and RK3399 DTs, but the RK3328 reference design uses channel 0
<nomis> oh.
<nomis> yeah, that is wrong.
<robmur01> might have a play with this on my box later...
<nomis> I need to overload that function then in a boardspecific file I guess. Or make this channel configurable
<nomis> ok, changing the channel to 0 helps. Thanks for that.
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