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<ZetaNeta> how much energy, a CubieTruck with USB camera and a SDD will eat?
<ZetaNeta> or hdd
<rz2k> expect 5v 3a
<ZetaNeta> yeah
<ZetaNeta> but
<ZetaNeta> i am going to use that setup for aprox 12 hours
<ZetaNeta> portable
<ZetaNeta> i am asking how big should the batteries be?
<ZetaNeta> is 6v ok?
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<spv> You should be concerned with mAh. Given what rz2k said, you will need ~3000mAh per battery per hour.
<spv> I'm assuming you're using something like AAs.
<spv> @rz2k was I wrong in assuming you were working on MTD drivers?
<rz2k> spv: no, that was me, yuq and slapin_
<rz2k> spv: there were no progress there for many months, sorry.
<spv> Any way I can help?
<rz2k> grab this https://github.com/yuq/sunxi-nfc-mtd/commits/master, check my changes https://github.com/rzk/linux-sunxi/commits/wip/sunxi-3.4/mtd and hope that it will detect badclocks right
<ZetaNeta> spv, i am not real smart about physics... but 3000 mah per hour is real big...
<rz2k> for me it worked, but I also got many complaints by email about it failing after couple reboots.
<rz2k> there were some guys from Italy trying to run MTD on their TV box
<rz2k> local brand, for their firmware, no news from there too.
<rz2k> anyway, got to go, sorry.
<spv> @ZetaNeta I'm guessing that the 5V 3A estimate was a little high -- that implies 15W power consumption of the entire system
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<spv> Then again cubietruck + usb camera + SSD could be that
<ZetaNeta> my expected setup: HDD+USB camera+Cubie
<spv> hmm, iirc HDDs use about 7W while spinning
<ZetaNeta> :P ssds are quite damn expencive
<spv> True
<ZetaNeta> through... using hdd for this kind of adventures... will need to get replaced every half a week i guess
<spv> Might be cheaper, power wise, to have an internet connection and HDD off-site
<spv> possible for your application?
<spv> Here's something I found about HDDs:
<Nyuutwo> ZetaNeta: you need some like 2 li-ion 18650 to get 3000mAh at 7,2V
<spv> You can also suffice with lower mAh if you have higher voltage, assuming it's supported by the cubietruck
<spv> I actually have one with me, and I'm not certain what the power regulators can take ...
<spv> s/suffice/survive/g
<ZetaNeta> I been searching through all those "Adventure cameras" like gopro... All been too expensive for too few features i need.
<Nyuutwo> some buck converter to 5V and charger and you get what you need
<ZetaNeta> So i choose to go with a cubie
<spv> Are you planning on running it continuously?
<spv> i.e. recording movies?
<Nyuutwo> + SD card would not be sufficient?
<ZetaNeta> spv, Yeah. A camera pc :3
<wens> i think axp209 only supports 4.2~4.7V
<ZetaNeta> Nyuutwo, The bad thing i found in all those cameras: The 64 gb sd will get filled very quick with HD
<ZetaNeta> And i have "really long" walks
<spv> well, HDDs apparently use ~3W minimum when idle.
<spv> so you'll need some big batteries
<ZetaNeta> Maybe i will also use it as a mp3... Anyway it got a headphones plug
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<ZetaNeta> spv, Will they fit in a Laptop bag? The one i carry everywhere without a reason like a masochist
<spv> I suspect so
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<spv> 3000mAh is somewhere between a AA and a C battery
<ZetaNeta> can the stuff be "brighten up" by solar panels?
<spv> and a laptop battery is ~5000mAh, at like 12V
<spv> presumably yes
<spv> I'm not certain it will be worth it, since that now restricts you to sunny areas
<spv> and even if it were sunny, you might not get enough to power the device alone
<ZetaNeta> spv, Could atleast partly feed it.
<ZetaNeta> But... found a problem
<ZetaNeta> Sun doesnt last in the skyes for as long as i usually walk around
<spv> exactly
<spv> I am imagining you using something like this:
<ZetaNeta> spv, You said ~3000 mah per hour
<ZetaNeta> this is aprox 4 hours
<spv> yeah, so presumably you'd need a few of these
<spv> I'm also not a battery-finding expert
<spv> They must exist ... somewhere
<ZetaNeta> spv, Not me either. But maybe i could build my own ~25000 mah pack with panasonic batteries?
<spv> hehe, yes
<spv> just don't cross the streams
<ZetaNeta> Well, we could also use tritium and dynamo machine
<ZetaNeta> I guess that may sound like "troll physics", but cant i take a tritium torch and a solar panel?
<Nyuutwo> ZetaNeta: you can find lithium batteries for RC planes, charger and DCDC converter
<spv> what Nyuu said
<spv> I didn't think to look at RC planes -- but that makes total sense
<Nyuutwo> ZetaNeta: or when you want train your muscles you can get lead acid battery like from UPSes (cheaper, charger is simpler and not so much fire hazard)
<ZetaNeta> i realized that money exist
<ZetaNeta> Nyuutwo, How heavy they are aprox?
<ZetaNeta> And how powerfull
<Nyuutwo> it is on 12V so your Ah are multipied by 2
<Nyuutwo> you can use your charger for car battery
<bsdfox> RC batteries are designed for high currents rather than long life
<Nyuutwo> bsdfox: and deep discharge
<ZetaNeta> Nyuutwo, :D i love this battery
<Nyuutwo> you can use this converter
<Nyuutwo> but I dont remember that 330uH is sufficient (see datasheet)
<ZetaNeta> It fits my masochistic self very well. :D Gonna turn into a muscle mountain in a week. XD
<ZetaNeta> (No, i really like it)
<ZetaNeta> and thats approx.... 6 hours?
<ZetaNeta> (Considering spv's 3000 mah)
<ZetaNeta> gonna buy 2
<ZetaNeta> :D
<spv> the 3000mAh is from the 3A that r2zk suggested
<spv> *rz2k
<Nyuutwo> 10Ah@12V => ~20Ah@5V (inventer loss) => 6,5 hour minimum
<Nyuutwo> ZetaNeta: when you connect paraell lead acid batteries then can be high current when you connect
<ZetaNeta> yeah... but my walks are like... ~9 hours long
<Nyuutwo> get a backpack ;p
<spv> you can put the batteries in parallel if you're super careful
<ZetaNeta> "Awesome"
<ZetaNeta> Exactly in time i was going to grow a mustage and a beard XD
<ZetaNeta> Gonna get a muscle mountain... No one is going to recognize me
<Nyuutwo> spv: nah, you need only automotive bulb for connecting it first time and don't use them independly
<ZetaNeta> so, when 1 runs out... Do i need to "init 0" the cubie? Or there is a very smart way to do this?
<Nyuutwo> ZetaNeta: connect them parrael and don't give a shit
<ZetaNeta> "Dats mah job"
<ZetaNeta> :3
<spv> smart way to do what, exactly?
<spv> you want to reboot the machine?
<ZetaNeta> no
<ZetaNeta> I mean, i am going to get 2 of those batteries
<Nyuutwo> make enclosure for them with fuses and connectors for your electronics and charger
<ZetaNeta> spv, and when 1 runs out... do i shutdown the cubie and connect the next 1, or there is a "way"
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<Nyuutwo> you then charge each one independly
<spv> as per Nyuutwo's suggestion, you can put the two batteries in parallel, and run for ~13 hours
<ZetaNeta> spv, You been "whispering" about the "super careful"
<Nyuutwo> then connect them by resistor (bulb) and let them to share charge
<spv> Nyuutwo is right, you can make it safe by ensuring that when you put the batteries together you do it right
<spv> as long as you always keep the two batteries together
<Nyuutwo> when voltage on rsistor is 0 then just remove it
<spv> and never let them get out-of-sync, voltage-wise
<Nyuutwo> and you have your 12V 20AH pack
<Nyuutwo> you can (dis)charge them altogether
<spv> more succinctly, don't connect the batteries in parallel unless their voltages are exactly the same
<spv> and we don't mean the advertised voltage
<spv> the _actual_ voltage
<ZetaNeta> spv, Can you gime the example of the sound, and probably screams around, if il do it "wrong"?
<Nyuutwo> ZetaNeta: lead acid batteries are hard to kill
<Nyuutwo> ZetaNeta: probably your connecting cables will melt
<spv> the batteries would get hot if you connected them without the correct voltages
<spv> and so would the cables, yes
<spv> Then again, there's a reason why lead acid batteries are used in cars -- they dish out a lot of current
<ZetaNeta> spv, Except turning dead and droping melted metal on my precious floor, anything else?
<spv> so the cables will probably go first
<spv> maybe small explosion?
<spv> lead acid is pretty nasty
<Nyuutwo> in this batteries acid is in some sponge
<spv> explosion in the sense of lead acid leaking out
<ZetaNeta> spv, define small. I saw alot of small "OHMYFACEYOUBASTARD" explosions
<spv> if you're that worried about it, just connect a light bulb in between the two batteries any time you go out, and if it lights up, don't connect them.
<spv> (between the two +'s)
<Nyuutwo> I suspect just that enclosure wouldn't be square anymore
<Nyuutwo> they have vent holes
<ZetaNeta> spv, So basicaly it cant shoot a hot piece of its metal shell straight in my face?
<spv> probably not
<spv> If they have vent holes like Nytuutwo suggests, you need only worry about the enclosure and cables
<ZetaNeta> specing, I scrolling down with TAB to spv's nick.... Specing, what you dirty bastard forgot on this holy channel?
<Nyuutwo> i have once shorted out this kind of battery with small wire, wire was red
<ZetaNeta> s/I/I been
<spv> Nyuutwo: did it arc at all?
<Nyuutwo> nah, no inductance to do so
<Nyuutwo> it was battery which was weeery badly treated
<Nyuutwo> 3-4 years
<spv> ZetaNeta: ?
<Nyuutwo> and every winter was left discharged
<ZetaNeta> spv, ?
<Nyuutwo> and for 2-3 hours was it charged
<Nyuutwo> after full dead
<Nyuutwo> afair 6V @ ~5Ah
<spv> ZetaNeta: I thought you were asking about what someone forgot on this channel?
<ZetaNeta> spv, I just toldn my "friend" whom i suddenly found trying to send you a message, that he is not been expected here by me
<ZetaNeta> s/is not/have not
<ZetaNeta> specing, Still i want to call you a dirty bastard who likes to stalk people.
<ZetaNeta> so, back to our <del>bananas</del> batteries. I guess i found what i need. So again, how do i need to connect them to "share" voltage?
<Nyuutwo> negative to negative pole
<Nyuutwo> firstly positive to positive trough bulb
<ZetaNeta> just a normal light bulb?
<Nyuutwo> they are 10Ah each and they are normally 5C so max current is 2A
<Nyuutwo> yup
<Nyuutwo> to be safe side we get bulb which draws 2A when connected to 12V
<Nyuutwo> so get 12V ~24W bulb
<Nyuutwo> afair headlight bulb is this power
<ZetaNeta> okay
<Nyuutwo> connect, wait and when voltmeter shows 0V (or let's say 0.1V) just remove it
<Nyuutwo> P21W bulb for example
<ZetaNeta> okay
<ZetaNeta> gonna try then
<Nyuutwo> they are dirt cheap
<ZetaNeta> actualy, i am planning my "for new year" list
<Nyuutwo> batteries this kind use normally 6,3mm "car" plugs
<ZetaNeta> i am going to get a fujitsu t902, a replacement TS for a A10 tablet, and replacement screen for a A13, and a cubie or 2
<ZetaNeta> and the last thing is what i am going to use as a "camera-mp3-computer"
<ZetaNeta> and what yea guys having for newyear?
<Nyuutwo> heh, I shoud get working on connecting 7" display with resistive TS to my cubie2 (just buy stanoffs, make some mounting plate for LCD to cubie baseboard and solder connector)
<spv> heh, cubieboards still have a way to go in terms of full Linux support
<ZetaNeta> anyone would actually buy a allwinner a10 phone?
<Nyuutwo> but most of it works
<Nyuutwo> but firstly I want run my tablet on arch not a bloody android (A20 based)
<spv> heh given what I've seen thus far of the A20 I would vote against a A10 phone.
<spv> Nyuutwo you will want to compile your own kernel, at least version 3.13
<ZetaNeta> i knew about openmoko project, but didnt know what "dead" condition it is in before wanting it for newyear
<spv> (which technically doesn't exist right now, only 3.13-rc5 does)
<Nyuutwo> spv: I was thinking about 3.4 sunxi
<spv> Well, careful about using the nand
<ZetaNeta> and there are no allwinner smartphones which are actualy "phones"
<spv> they re-implemented a lot of things that they should not have
<Nyuutwo> spv: I know
<ZetaNeta> so i thinked about making out own "with blackjack and hookers"
<Nyuutwo> i just leave nand alone (for sometime)
<ZetaNeta> s/out/our
<spv> Also maybe the gigabit ethernet
<spv> I found a cheap resistor that might also get what you want out of that light bulb
<ZetaNeta> Nyuutwo, Hey, you are a arch user. Can you tell me, a experienced gentoo user... what the reason of the arch fetish taking more and more linuxoids everyday?
<Nyuutwo> ZetaNeta: lol
<Nyuutwo> I use gentoo on my laptop and on arm boards, arch
<ZetaNeta> Nyuutwo, Really, its like a disease
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<ZetaNeta> Nyuutwo, Well, i am seing more and more "arch zombies" using it on everything
<Nyuutwo> got zyxel nsa320, run script from archlinuxarm site and works
<Nyuutwo> I was thinking about gentoo but compiling on SD card, setting up distcc, .... naah
<spv> compiling on arm is still a ways off
<ZetaNeta> Nyuutwo, I am using gentoo on a armv5, with 64 mb of ram
<spv> the performance / watt of arm is still well below x86
<ZetaNeta> No distcc
<ZetaNeta> Nyuutwo, Xorg+GPE+everythingwhatahumanbeingneeds compiles in just a night
<Nyuutwo> i don't want kill flash so fast
<ZetaNeta> I am using a 4gb cf card
<Nyuutwo> and I have used gentoo on 300MHz Celeron with 128MB ram
<ZetaNeta> If il get a 8gb one... it will be awesome.
<Nyuutwo> just forget on update for month, and you loss 2 days
<spv> I wonder what gentoo would be like if one only used clang ...
<spv> beyond the "can't compile Linux"
<ZetaNeta> Nyuutwo, I am using gentoo on a Pentium 3 with 512 mb. Its my main virtualization machine
<Nyuutwo> woh
<ZetaNeta> It virtualizes sh*tloads of AT&T Unix instances
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<ZetaNeta> but i am going to find a replacement OS
<ZetaNeta> soon
<ZetaNeta> Maybe early versions of minix. Maybe 386BSD....
<Nyuutwo> spv: resistor is more expensive (yeah doesn't matter) and bulb has lower resistance when it is cold (it works wery well for stabilizing current)
<ZetaNeta> Nyuutwo, So its better to cool down a bulb first?
<Nyuutwo> ZetaNeta: nah, you just connect, and it does job
<ZetaNeta> ok
<spv> he's saying there's feedback that helps prevent over-current situations
<spv> which makes it superior to bare resistors
<spv> I like resistors just because I feel they're more useful in this context,
<spv> for example, if you wanted to get an idea of how much current was going through
<Nyuutwo> bulbs can be used for limiting mains current when you test unknown equipment
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<Nyuutwo> I will get soon 60MHz scope hackable to 200MHz and get info on this bloody LVDS display in tablet
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<spv> Nyuutwo: How are you going about increasing the bandwidth of the scope?
<Nyuutwo> just producent sells 3 kinds (60/100/200MHz) which has the same hardware
<Nyuutwo> change one thing in rootfs (based on linux)
<Nyuutwo> and it thinks it is 200MHz kind
<spv> nice!!!
<Nyuutwo> there are 2 versions of input cicut, which one has some problems with stable gain vs freq
<Nyuutwo> but they differ in <10 resistors
<Nyuutwo> so I need only check the response to step
<Nyuutwo> I think to make 10MHz gen on 74HC00 switchable with some 555 in kHz range generator with 74LVC00 as driver, and get 50Ohm impedance
<Nyuutwo> so firstly I get high slope output, and also I get a way to measure coax length
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<Nyuutwo> and I read about that factory cal procedure needs 10MHz low jitter clock with high slew rate
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<Nyuutwo> but probably I would need it firstly get somewhere calibrated
<Nyuutwo> *checked
<Nyuutwo> but for measuring lvds at 55MHz even without correcting it should work enough to get what isn't working
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<spv> clearly you can correct for the gain vs freq relationship in software :P
<Nyuutwo> yup, but I don't think they made this possibility
<Nyuutwo> and when you do this in hardware you don't loose ADC range
<spv> depends on the input signal
<Nyuutwo> yup, and also probes (which I will get probably 100MHz max)
<Nyuutwo> but i have passtrough 50Ohm dummy load so I can do many other things
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<gzamboni> oliv3r, is Nginx a good software ? i heard you talking about it. it seems its getting more and more used. I saw you're configuring the mail server, if you need i have a step by step documentation i did when i did set up in my server, the difference is my server is debian and not ubuntu.
<gzamboni> oliv3r, if youre planning to move all the boxes to the cominity server pls tell me when it will be done so i can remove the dns zone and configs from my server.
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<mnemoc> gzamboni: I personally find nginx the best http server, but that can become a religious topic
<mnemoc> gzamboni: oliv3r is working on setting up mailing lists support on the community server, and eventually that will imply moving the forwards and smtp-auth too.... but we aren't there yet!
<gzamboni> mnemoc, nice to know about nginx. i will test it.
<gzamboni> mnemoc, about the mail service it doenst bother me to let them in my server. anyway once you will eventually get there just let me informed :)
<mnemoc> of course you will :)
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<libv> oliv3r: do you already know when the sunxi talk is on?
<mnemoc> hopefully not parallel to lima's :(
<gzamboni> oliv3r, mnemoc i supose you do backup the server content regularly
<mnemoc> yes
<gzamboni> nice :)
<gzamboni> well i will try to make my soon ride a bike without the security extra whells
<gzamboni> i have a nice sun here shining
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<libv> mnemoc: not that lima is going to be much of a big spectacle like the last two years
<mnemoc> basic mesa and android's libhardware support would be a big spectacle :)
<mnemoc> Turl promised to help with the second.... Turl!!!
<mnemoc> 9:15 on sunday and still sleeping... that's why argentina doesn't progress
<jinzo> :D
<gzamboni> sunxi talk is sunday 10AM - 10:50
<libv> cool
<libv> thanks :)
<libv> ah, right, overlooked sunday completely
<libv> on the fosdem scheduling website
<gzamboni> libv are you going to talk about the lima project at fosdem ?
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<gzamboni> i dont see it in the schedule
<emx> i found a mistake in sunxi-tools
<oliv3r> libv: sunday at 10 i think from my head
<oliv3r> emx: quite possible :)
<oliv3r> libv: when will be the lima talk?
<emx> oliv3r, archlinux arm has an extra package uboot-mkimage...
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<emx> oliv3r, forget that :P wrong channel
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<oliv3r> mnemoc: nginx: [emerg] unexpected "}" in /srv/http/sunxi/linux-sunxi.org.conf:211
<oliv3r> mnemoc: from 'packages' it seems
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<mnemoc> ow. who broke it?!
<mnemoc> oliv3r: please don't restart nginx manually. ./run.sh verifies the changes before restarting it.
<mnemoc> now it's up again
<mnemoc> oliv3r: also, don't edit generated files manually :\
<oliv3r> mnemoc: i did run run.sh
<oliv3r> i didn't
<oliv3r> don't blame me
<mnemoc> that's the problem
<oliv3r> i only ran run.sh
<mnemoc> someone edited the generated files manually and restarted nginx
<oliv3r> and that posted the problem
<oliv3r> maxima.conf is not a generated file is it?
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<mnemoc> nope, that's source
<oliv3r> see, i edited that
<mnemoc> :)
<oliv3r> then ran /srv/http/run.sh
<oliv3r> and yet, you shout at me
<oliv3r> :(
<mnemoc> sorry :\ no clue who broke it, but it's back
<oliv3r> well it didnt' go down
<oliv3r> though unfortunatly my redirects aren't working :p
<oliv3r> but that's for later
<mnemoc> btw, ./run.sh needs to run at /srv/http :)
<mnemoc> because I had to revert the generated changes
<mnemoc> now run ./run.sh again to see maxima's diff
<mnemoc> which fails
<oliv3r> i even did that properly
<mnemoc> btw, /srv/http/run.sh now supports to be called from other dirs
<mnemoc> comment out parts of maxima.conf until ./run.sh is happy
<mnemoc> then narrow the broken part
<oliv3r> mnemoc: rgr; do we have fcgiwrap? or can we do cgi stuff with nginx?
<mnemoc> yes, been used for cgit at the moment
<mnemoc> see git.conf
<oliv3r> ok cool
<mnemoc> should I commit maxima's current state or not yet?
<mnemoc> or maybe a mailman-less variant first?
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<oliv3r> you can strip out the ailman config and commit it
<mnemoc> 1m, hold your changes then
<mnemoc> oliv3r: done
<mnemoc> oliv3r: continue :)
<mnemoc> why are all my uart/usb adapters drunk or dead?? :'(
<oliv3r> mnemoc: you broke them
<oliv3r> is this for real?
<oliv3r> i mean, come on. 500 MHz USB cable
<oliv3r> 300 USD cables
<oliv3r> how can they have earned that kind of money
<mnemoc> oliv3r: what did I break? :(
<oliv3r> mnemoc: your uarts :p
<mnemoc> probably... they all have the PCB exposed
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<oliv3r> likly a broken crystal
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<wens> oliv3r: i have a friend that spend like 4k setting up a good environment, like power conditioners, pricy cables
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<oliv3r> yeah but for digital transfer, getting a 500 MHz USB cable is stupid beyond means
<oliv3r> USB won't run faster because you have better cables
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<mnemoc> but long distance USB does
<mnemoc> but still stupid
<oliv3r> USB is limited to 5 meters
<oliv3r> after that you need repeaters to amplify the signal
<oliv3r> we're talking loss of amplitude, e.g. the dac/adc can't see if it's 0 or 1
<oliv3r> not 'loss of quality'
<oliv3r> e.g. going from CD quality to FM quality
<oliv3r> anyway, here: Original LightSpeed USB Cable - $699
<oliv3r> Paul Candy said, "I never thought that a bloody USB cable would have such an enormous impact on my enjoyment of file playback."
<oliv3r> LightSpeed USB uses a unique topology, which we call Ultra-high Speed Differential Pair (or USDP). USDP gives LightSpeed 20 times the bandwidth of USB 2.0 high speed, which ensures optimal signal clocking. In fact, LightSpeed's astounding 10 Gigabits per second bandwidth is twice as fast as USB 3.0!
<mnemoc> lot of stupid people lingering in kickstarter and indiegogo
<oliv3r> now, this cable may be made out of elven piss, and do terrabit speeds
<oliv3r> it does not matter for USB2, as that won't ever transfer beyong 480 MBit as that's the maximum of the USB2.0 spec and attached controllers
<oliv3r> yeah, but it baffles me
<oliv3r> or here
<oliv3r> The goal is to design a balanced cable that can transport a digital signal from the source to the load with as much accuracy as possible. In digital cable design, we've found that most cables on the market today do reasonably well at low sampling rates. But the higher the sampling rate, the more distortion occurs in the cable because of impedance mismatches.
<oliv3r> and these are cables that are 0.5m to 1m; 3m costs you almost double that
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<oliv3r> this is a scam, pure and simple, and they made a million out of it
<oliv3r> its redicilous how daft people can be
<oliv3r> and that this is actually allowed to succseed
<mnemoc> prepare a talk "bullcrap sold in indiegogo" :p
<oliv3r> lol
<mnemoc> 30c3 has a "bullshit made in Germany" talk :p
<oliv3r> hehe
<oliv3r> but really it should be illegal
<mnemoc> snake oil
<oliv3r> wens: btw, that doesn't mean a 4k enviroment is complete BS ,good power conditioners, etc does cost money, and your analog cables should be proper. even digital ones should be reasonable
<oliv3r> but a 5000 USD 1m ethernet cable, or 700 USD USB 2.0 cables, coplete bs
<mnemoc> if there is people willing to pay it... it's a good business
<mnemoc> otoh people with such IQ should not have such amount of money to waste... :\
<oliv3r> lol
<mnemoc> some somehting is failing in the model
<mnemoc> stupid people with too much resources, smart people with too little...
<mnemoc> and indiegogo to funnel some of it from dumbs to "smarts"
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<oliv3r> if you pop the stack, you 'move' data from the stack, right? not copy?
<mnemoc> stacks are usually a double linked list.... so no moving or copying involved, just two pointers updated
<oliv3r> in asm?
<mnemoc> the next of the head, and the prev of the new first
<mnemoc> no clue :p
<oliv3r> i thought you have a stack pointer, that points to the top of the stack
<mnemoc> my arm asm book hasn't been published yet
<oliv3r> and if you pop, you get the values, and adjust the stack pointer
<oliv3r> i just noticed a bit of code, where they jump to 'pop' again, so unless you have pushed something twice, you either get random values, or pop doesn't change the SP, which i would think it does
<oliv3r> but i've documented the rest of this function a few days ago :p
<oliv3r> sounds interesting
<oliv3r> oh, btw
<oliv3r> not that anybody is reading so I hsould put it on the ML
<mnemoc> €30.48 on the book depository, with shipping
<oliv3r> packt publishing asked if i know people who'd wnat to review my book
<oliv3r> i think they want 1 - 2 reviewers
<mnemoc> :o
<oliv3r> any voulenteers?
<mnemoc> is there content to review? :p
<oliv3r> not yet, :p
<oliv3r> but very soon
<oliv3r> 2-3 weeks from now maybe
<oliv3r> doing asm for fun now
<mnemoc> I would gladly do it, but it's better if someone with a nicer CV does it... like hansg, libv or mripard
<oliv3r> on my free sunday afternoon, go figure
<oliv3r> it's not that deep technical of a book :p
<mnemoc> but you still want people with something nice in their CV to support it
<oliv3r> i suppose; i'll put a ail to the list
<oliv3r> mailman i'll worry about soon again
<mnemoc> hansg has libusb and redhat fellow, libv has a lot of graphic related CV and mripard is a free-electrons fellow and the official mach-sunxi maintainer
<oliv3r> i don't think they care hugly though
<mnemoc> maybe adding someone from denx to the pot
<oliv3r> and it's really a bigginners book if anything
<mnemoc> stefanro maybe
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<oliv3r> but it's about things like installing an OS on an SD card, simple stuff like that
<vector80> oliv3r, mnemoc: Hi, did you be able to get A23 android SDK ? I just connect to my PC in office, it seems %100 has been uploaded succesfully...
<oliv3r> not about hacking gpio's into a kernel driver :p
<oliv3r> vector80: yes we did
<vector80> Cool
<oliv3r> i haven't unpacked it or verified it yet
<vector80> Now, do you need others ?
<mnemoc> can you also upload a sha1 file?
<vector80> mnemoc: When you tell me such things, I really feel soo stupid myself :)
<mnemoc> vector80: if they aren't in tsvetan's dir already, sure
<mnemoc> vector80: sha1sum thesdk.tar.bz2 > thesdk.tar.bz2.sha1
<vector80> tomorrow I have a chance to download 4.4 SDK, I will try my best to get it
<vector80> Ok wait let me do it
<mnemoc> oh, yes. upload the 4.4 SDK too!
<mnemoc> tasty blobs
<oliv3r> mnemoc: i'm a little supprised tsvetsan doesn't have all those sdk's yet
<oliv3r> maybe vector80 is a bigger customer ;)
<mnemoc> probably :)
<mnemoc> tsvetan can't even buy A20-s at competitive prices to be able to make an A20 lime
<mnemoc> which is sad :(
<vector80> no no, I am not a bigger customer, I am just helping those guys, and trying helping to you, to be able to setup a bridge, maybe you also help me to understand why this 3.4.61+ kernel is changing my mmcblk0 and mmcblk0 :(
<mnemoc> so you work for the bigger customer, ic
<oliv3r> vector80: i read your log; and you have swapped mmmcblk0 and mmcblk1, so root=/dev/mmcblk1 should make your kernel boot. As to WHY those are swapped, i'm not sure yet
<oliv3r> vector80: it is possible, that the driver enumerates the devices backwards
<oliv3r> so if you connect and use all 4 mmc devices, mmc4 = mmcblk0, mmc3 = mcblk1 etc
<oliv3r> but that's just a hunch, i haven't looked at hte mmc driver to be able o say for sure
<mnemoc> regarding the mmcblk%u order, it's based on registration order, and different drivers work with script.bin differently... some might do it in script.bin order, others in for(i=0;....) order searching for the corresponding script.bin section
<vector80> yes, to be able to pass "root=something" , I must use uEnv.txt, is there any other way to do this?
<oliv3r> also, i'm not certain which kernel you mean when you say 3.4.61+, is that sunxi-3.4 or lichee-3.4
<vector80> oh, so may be, the best way would be to compile my own kernel ?
<oliv3r> for testing, it shouldn't matter greatly, ideally however, mmc0 = mmcblk0 and mmc1 is mmcblk1
<oliv3r> olimex's kernel is probably sunxi kernel
<mnemoc> vector80: we can't help you with the lichee kernels much... specially not if using a prebuilt
<vector80> that kernel was from Olimex debian image
<vector80> I think it is a linux-sunxi kernel
<mnemoc> show the dmesg output
<mnemoc> there are certain clear differences there between the sunxi and the lichee code
<vector80> Ok, I will do that tomorrow, try to give you more clear information.
<vector80> Just let me know,
<vector80> except uEnv.txt,
<vector80> is there a way to pass "root=/dev/mmcblk1" to my kernel?
<vector80> For example, using TFTP
<vector80> and passing bootargs manually ?
<mnemoc> you can hardcode kernel args in .config
<mnemoc> and decide if they accept "extension" from the bootloader or not, and how
<vector80> clear, for this, I must checkout sunxi kernel, and compile it by myself, right?
<mnemoc> yes
<vector80> what do you mean by "if they accept" ? who ?
<mnemoc> another (more elegant) way is to use uuid instead of /dev/...
<mnemoc> they = the kernel arguments
<oliv3r> looks like mmc0 should be mmc0 from a quick glance ..
<mnemoc> in my script.bin to platform device driver I'm using script.bin order... that will probably have side effects in these things :\
<vector80> in my sys_config.fex file, mmc_X settings are in order, like mmc0, mmc1, mmc2...
<vector80> but I don't know how if this order is reversed when creating script.bin file
<vector80> BTW, I uploaded sha1 file in public_html folder, pls have a look
<mnemoc> use bin2fex to confirm
<vector80> clear, I will do that tomorrow also. I am at home, it is 18:25 here :(
<oliv3r> working on sunday :p
<oliv3r> tss tss
<mnemoc> oh, I thought you were far more to the east
<vector80> istanbul
<vector80> let me check
<oliv3r> that is where mmc init starts, look for those strings to see whats going on
<mnemoc> vector80: your .sha1 exposes probably too much info
<oliv3r> still
<oliv3r> mmc0 should be mmc0 and mmc2 should be mmcblk1
<oliv3r> strange
<oliv3r> probably a very logic explanation that I don't know :p
<vector80> Ok, tomorrow, I will do it one by one
<vector80> firstly I will try uEnv.txt
<mnemoc> you wrote the fex guide.... see how the fields in the mmc%d_para section are used ;-)
<vector80> if it boots, I will need your help, how to completely wipe out my eMMC, because it currently has their 6-7 partitions filled with their linuxBSP image
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<mnemoc> just use fdisk
<vector80> meanwhile, I see above code, that for loop is counting one by one, shouldn't swap my mmcs...
<vector80> how about dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/mmcblk1 bs=1M
<mnemoc> that will destroy the bootloader too
<vector80> the bootloader is in TF card
<vector80> oh you mean boot0 and boot1 ?
<vector80> or you mean uboot ?
<mnemoc> uboot and uboot spl and uboot env
<oliv3r> vector80: if you can boot your image, you can dd emmc.bin i gave you a few days ago :)
<oliv3r> vector80: but it's probably much easier to use an initramfs for your initial root
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<oliv3r> anyway, yes, dd /dev/zero should clear out emmc; once you have the right device
<vector80> I am getting more and more confused... When I boot from TF card, the system doesn't need a boot0.bin and boot1.bin ?
<oliv3r> vector80: you will never need boot0 and boot1
<oliv3r> as you don't need nand
<vector80> waww, if this is the case, why I need boot0 and boot1 when booting android then ?
<vector80> I am sorry, asking too many questions, but I really want to understand, why AW created those boot0, boot1 things, and why you don't need these ?
<vector80> And for sha1 info, how can I give you more correct info ?
<mnemoc> livesuit uses boot0/boot1 before their hacked u-boot
<ssvb> is there anything interesting to do in the middle of day in Brussels on Friday before FOSDEM?
<vector80> "hacked uboot" whats that mean ? Is that history written in wiki ?
<mnemoc> vector80: just remove the path to the tar.gz
<vector80> ok wait
<oliv3r> vector80: boot0 and boot1 is an ancient bootloader, from their days before linux. they simply stuck with it
<vector80> ok, you mean, if they are ancient, that means I can use sunxi uboot for my android image too
* mnemoc needs to find where to stay between sat-sun in brussels....
<oliv3r> vector80: boot0 boot1 is LIKE u-boot-spl and u-boot, you either use boot01 or u-boot. we are workinging on u-boot only
<vector80> what is SPL meaning ?
<oliv3r> if you use their built in NAND controller, you are stuck with boot01 as our u-boot only has highly experimental nand support
<oliv3r> mnemoc: oh i forgot that didn't i
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<oliv3r> vector80: Secondary boot loader
<oliv3r> vector80: primary is the BROM inside the chip
<oliv3r> so u-boot is teriaery really
<vector80> Cool, from this info, let me think:
<vector80> 1) I don't have a NAND
<oliv3r> so you are much happier with u-boot from sunxi :)
<vector80> 2) sunxi-uboot have TFTP-NFS functionalities, AW uboot does not.
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<vector80> 3) I just need to find a way, how to copy sunxi-uboot to AW android SDK, remove boot0-1, create pack... Oh, for that one, I also don't need a pack image... I can make a master TF card, right?
<vector80> One master TF card, which can copy from itself to my eMMC ?
<oliv3r> vector80: correct
<oliv3r> well i wouldn't say 'itself' but yes
<vector80> That master TF card would include some partition images, and write tose images to eMMC when booted ?
<oliv3r> one master (100 master if you want to do parallel installing) TF card, that dd-es bootloader, makes partition via fdisk script, formats partition or just dd's data, that's your call
<oliv3r> vector80: exactly
<oliv3r> vector80: but much much cleaner imo is to have a script that formats, and just extracts files/copies files
<oliv3r> no need to have images imo
<vector80> Ok, to be able to create such TF card, do I need weeks or months ?
<oliv3r> hours
<oliv3r> it's not rocket science :p
<vector80> Clear, I will stay with you on monday
<oliv3r> haha, there goes my vacaction :p
<vector80> Until when ?
<oliv3r> but first, we gotta see if thatemmc u-boot works that i sent you
<oliv3r> then we gotta figure out why emmc is changing orders
<oliv3r> and finally device a simple installer script that you will have to make perfect for your setup (e.g. reliable, error checking etc) :)
<vector80> To be able to see it, I must be able to pass init
<vector80> As you remember, I copied your uboot.bin to TF card, and booting was OK
<vector80> I also tested the hardware like this: I boot from eMMC ( AW linuxBSP ), and then inserted debian TF card, and it detected that TF card as mmcblk1
<vector80> This is also very funny, because according to schematic and fex file, TF card is mmc0
<oliv3r> vector80: but that was u-boot for TF, u-boot for eMMC is slightly different
<vector80> What is the difference between TF and eMMC uboots ?
<oliv3r> vector80: so you need 2 u-boots in your archive, 1 that boots from emmc, which will be un the u-boot repo; 1 that is slightly differently configured, that you use on your (master) TF cards
<oliv3r> vector80: maybe, for some reason I don't understand (yet) if you boot from mmc2 the kernel will always enumerate that one first; then do everything else
<oliv3r> vector80: but i don't see this in the driver yet
<oliv3r> vector80: u-boot can only boot from 1 mmc, so you configure it to have its boot device be mmc0 or mmc2
<oliv3r> it's a very minor modification, that you change in boards.cfg
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<oliv3r> (CONFIG_MMC=2 vs CONFIG_MMC=0) or just even leave CONFIG_MMC out as it defaults to 0
<vector80> ok, currently, in TF card, there is your uboot.bin, which is compiled for TF card. That one support uEnv.txt, right?
<oliv3r> once i can confirm CONFIG_MMC=2 works for you (that's the file i sent you) then i can push my u-boot branch
<oliv3r> all u-boots should support uEnv.txt
<oliv3r> but yes, you have 2 u-boots from me
<oliv3r> for TF card
<oliv3r> for emmc
<oliv3r> files are 99.9% identical, with the 0.1% being the different mmc controllers
<vector80> let me save these info
<vector80> creating new sha1 file meanwhile..
<vector80> Do you have a simple uEnv.txt, which includes root=/dev/mmcblk1 as bootcmd ?
<vector80> ( I updated sha1 file, is that OK now? )
<vector80> you are wellcome
<vector80> Do you know the price of A20 + AXP209 ? :)
<vector80> Oh sorry, wrong place
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<netlynx> is this (http://dl.linux-sunxi.org/A20/) the only documentation of the A20 available?
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<kz1> netlynx: depends what you are looking for...
<netlynx> kz1 additional information about the CAN controller, TV-IN and the electrical specifications.
<hramrach> tv-in would be analog so pretty much no docs :/
<hramrach> search for reference board schematics for a20. Or maybe somebody here knows where to find it
<mnemoc> we know which pins CAN uses, shared with SATA :\ ... and the base of the register .... but nothing else
<hramrach> also it should be the same on a10 because it's mostly pin-compatible
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<hramrach> or maybe you can glean something from the olimex board schematics if they connect tv-in somewhere ..
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<rz2k> mnemoc: in ML dude from china dumped crop from CAN controller datasheet about registers
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<mnemoc> rz2k: can you point me to the mail?
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<vector80> rz2k: no it is not.
<vector80> rz2k: that file is an Android SDK for A23
<vector80> I am not expert like you, but as I understand from the conversations, aw is trying to unify things
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<Turl> mnemoc: nice trolling attempt ;)
<vector80> I will try to upload one more file, its name is MeriiLinux.tar, this one support eMMC, and be able to generate LiveSuit compatible images which can be written to eMMC via USB OTG. I don't know if this is useful for you or not.. :(
<mnemoc> Turl: :p
<mnemoc> rz2k: I just added a .txt.gz with the file listing
<libv> gzamboni, oliv3r: yes, i will talk about lima
<Turl> oliv3r: are you writing a book? :O about what?
<libv> i currently intend to hold the talk on sunday afternoon
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<wolfy> libv: define afternoon, please?
<wolfy> hopefully before 5pm
<mnemoc> awesome, thank you!
<mnemoc> oliv3r: did you know that PDF -----^
<Turl> mnemoc: didn't a guy submit a github repo with a can driver on the list?
<Turl> ok, finished backlog reading :p
<libv> wolfy: fosdem shuts down at 5pm
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<mnemoc> I just uploaded the pdf of the CAN controller to dl..../A20/
<netlynx> libv, on Fosdem what track/devroom is our talk in?
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<libv> netlynx: my own :p
<libv> netlynx: graphics devroom, but i haven't done the scheduling yet
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<kz1> can anyone tell me why allwinner chose not to enable "reboot bootloader" in their version of uboot?
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<mnemoc> oliv3r: it seems the problem with my "drunk" usb/uart was grounding. feeding the CT from the same powered usb hub when I connect the ft232rl adapter works fine
<mnemoc> maybe now the cheap adapters work too
<hramrach> like grounding the adaptor on the same PSU as the board supply?
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<hno> Hmm.. can someone please try sending me an email? Been too quiet today, but I can not find anything obvious wrong..
<hramrach> didn't have problems like that but my board PSU and PC PSU are probably powered from the same wall circuit
<hramrach> hno: holidays ;-)
<hno> hramrach, yes, but still.. not even the usual spam flow..
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<hramrach> hmm, does not bounce immediately
<hramrach> but if you did not just get a spam from me it was eaten somewhere along the way
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<mnemoc> hramrach: yes, I grounding both from the same (good) PSU. before I was using a cheap "2A" PSU for the CT
<mnemoc> hno: still need a mail?
<mnemoc> hramrach: but they all come from the same wall outlet anyway... so it's odd
<n01> mnemoc: is the guy going to mainline the CAN driver?
<mnemoc> no idea, I didn't know about it until rz2k directed me to the thread
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<vector80> Uploading A20-TVBOX SDK... this one is also android, but it is different than MID SDK. As you already know, Aw provides two android SDK, one is for MID, another is TVBOX. In MID SDK, HDMI resolution is only one, and you can't change it. But TVBOX SDK support multiple resolutions, and also aspect ratio is more correct for 16:9 LCD TVs...
<vector80> MeriiLinux-eMMC support SDK upload is complete...
<vector80> I will try to provide date information and sha1sum for these files too..
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<mnemoc> thanks!
<rz2k> sun9i mentions in u-boot
<rz2k> and libnand.o blob again
<Turl> rz2k: on kernel land they seem to be unifying things, with a mach-sunxi and stuff
<Turl> they changed the sunNi meanings even :|
<rz2k> another .o in sunxi-vfe
<Turl> vfe?
<rz2k> drivers/media/video/
<rz2k> video frontend engine probably
<Turl> cedar?
<rz2k> camera crap
<Turl> ah
<rz2k> csi & other mipi
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<vector80> oliv3r: I forget to tell you something... Based on your suggestion, we added a STATUS LED on our board. It is connected to PB15 I think. I will clearify this point, and let you know. Maybe you can add it to boards.cfg ??
<itdaniher> Does anyone have grievances with the USB host supportin the sunxi kernel? I've spent ~wk fighting DWC_OTG and I need something else.
<rz2k> Turl: there are omx/stagefrighthw for cedar sources in the android folder, any chances for us to use them in native linux env. ?
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<oliv3r> mnemoc: i've seen those mails; just not the pdf
<oliv3r> mnemoc: looks AW style doc
<oliv3r> we shuld put it in the a10 docs section
<oliv3r> or A20; thanks :p
<rz2k> note that there are zero copyrights on it
<rz2k> it can be easily a confidential crap that can lead to bad things, hope its not.
<Turl> rz2k: they've been around for quite a bit now; nobody tried them out of android though
<Turl> they're linked with a blob so iirc, so you'd need libhybris or sth
<rz2k> [00:18:59] <vector80> MeriiLinux-eMMC support SDK upload is complete... - wrong chmod on the file
<rz2k> mnemoc: ^
<rz2k> 403 from here :(
<Turl> let me fix that
<oliv3r> vector80: can do yes; PB15; ideally you should run the gpio toggle commands frmo u-boot to get me the decimal value
<Turl> rz2k: try now
<rz2k> Turl: thx
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<oliv3r> Turl: yes, packt publishing asked me to write a book about sunxi (well they wanna do it like raspberry pi, about cubieboard, but i wanna make it universal and even lean towards LIME more
<oliv3r> Turl: but i need 1 - 2 people to revie wit
<oliv3r> review*
<oliv3r> i need to fix this W here
<Turl> oliv3r: tech review?
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<Turl> oliv3r: I assume they'll have their own language reviewers?
<Turl> mripard: ping
<mripard> pong
<hramrach> oliv3r: I guess I could read through it to see if there is something too obvious missing
<hramrach> vector80: are you making a board? What kind?
<oliv3r> Turl: no clue; they just asked for someone to review; but this is entry level stuff; beginner like content
<hramrach> itdaniher: there were people who had grievances with the EHCI controller not reporting disconnects with the 3.4 kernel on a20.
<oliv3r> hramrach: i guess they want someone to read if it is technically accurate
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<Turl> oliv3r: I can give it a read if you need then
<hramrach> oliv3r: I guess I can verify beginner stuff. Managed to build a working image after a few weeks of effort ;-)
<Turl> mripard: hi :)
<Turl> mripard: I sent the clk pull to mike and I've got a tag with the dt bits if you want to pull them
<oliv3r> then i will send your e-mail addresses to packt publishing as formal reviewers :) thanks you two
<hramrach> oliv3r: it probably also depends on the kind of PSU. The small ones without should be doubly-insulated with no connection between the mains and the output but some have some sort of feedback which puts the output ground at a rather high potential
<hramrach> I have a moderately sized grounded 5V metal brick which probably does not suffer from these issues
<hramrach> *without ground pin
<mripard> Turl: cool :)
<mripard> Turl: on your bitbucket reop?
<oliv3r> hramrach: PSU for? mnemoc's rs232 troubles?
<Turl> mripard: yep, tags/sunxi-clk-3.14-for-maxime
<hramrach> oh, so it was mnemoc who was complaining about psu?
<oliv3r> cool gonna get this
<oliv3r> was gonna do a setup myself ith differential scope probes; but at 5E, i'll just order that
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<hramrach> heh, they even have a manual for the PSU on the web http://www.meanwell.com/search/rd-35/default.htm
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<vector80> hramrach: Yes, it is a new board with A20 + 1Gbyte DRAM + 8Gbyte Sandisk eMMC ( no NAND ). unfortunately it incorporates some proprietary circuits, so it will not be open hardware :(
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<vector80> oliv3r: thank you, but the question is, can I toggle a GPIO pin from uboot console ? Can I set its direction and value just like /sys/class/gpio/... interface ?
<oliv3r> vector80: sure, just use the try 'gpio<enter> to see some help
<vector80> cool !!!
<vector80> you are no:1
<oliv3r> i think you can enter the PB15 value and it will return the decimal value
<vector80> I will try it tomorrow
<vector80> Why PB15's value is not constant for each board ?
<vector80> I mean, I have seen this before, gpio number for android and linux images are different for the same board even..
<vector80> Who makes the enum ?
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<oliv3r> vector80: it is; but my memory is bad
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<oliv3r> vector80: and in boards.cfg we put decimal values :)
<oliv3r> so probably you do gpio PB15 on
<Turl> oliv3r: wanna help a noob get his cubietruck booting? :P
<oliv3r> Turl: that's hat my book should be about
<oliv3r> Turl: what's the problem
<vector80> seems pb15 is 47
<oliv3r> vector80: quite plausible
<Turl> oliv3r: half of the time it boots from nand, the other half it prints this and hangs http://sprunge.us/UYRU
<oliv3r> Turl: looks like bad PSU or flaky mmc
<oliv3r> Turl: doesn't look noob issue
<vector80> oliv3r: I checked again, it is PB16, so gpio is 48 , sorry again
<oliv3r> ok once we get emmc u-boot working i'll build you one with gpio 48 and we'll test that :)
<vector80> clear
<vector80> have a good night
<vector80> bye
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<oliv3r> he isn't the greatest hacker around :)
<Turl> oliv3r: I remade the card and it works better now o.O
<Turl> # tftpboot
<Turl> Waiting for PHY auto negotiation to complete.... TIMEOUT!
<Turl> ENET Speed is 100 Mbps - FULL duplex connection
<Turl> does the gmac stuff not work yet? :p
<oliv3r> Turl: it does
<oliv3r> i haven't pushed it
<oliv3r> i have a few other patches stacked and wanted to push everything in one go
<oliv3r> but vector80 needed a bit of handholding
<oliv3r> you can use wens-v3 tree
<Turl> I am using the v2 tree
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<oliv3r> Need v3
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<Turl> oliv3r: v2 is broken? meh :p
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<Turl> oliv3r: with v3 the autoneg still times out
<Turl> wens: ^
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<spv> Anyone know what the hardware ECC algorithm is on the sunxi nand controllers?
<hramrach> hmm, sandisk emmc. that might actually be fast
<hramrach> on mmc1?
<spv> If that was referenced to me, then no.
<hramrach> no
<hramrach> spv: but regarding ecc algorithm .. the MTD driver should have that covered, right?
<spv> The only mtd driver thus far, that I've seen, is one that uses the hardware's default ECC
<spv> Since Allwinner rolled their own nand hardware controller, I'm skeptical about its effectiveness.
<hramrach> like it lets the hardware do the ecc and just lets it to tell if the block is correct or not?
<spv> yes
<hramrach> iirc there was that issue with extra data so presumably it does read the ecc data but I did not really look at it
<hramrach> or what else would that extra data be?
<spv> extra data?
<spv> You're not referring to the out-of-band data, are you?
<spv> or spare data region?
<hramrach> and out-of-band data would be?
<spv> every nand page has extra bits on the side for ECC
<spv> for example, typically 2048-byte pages of NAND also have 64-bytes of spare data apiece
<hramrach> so it does read the ecc data
<spv> it should ...
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<hramrach> so the problem is what?
<hramrach> not knowing how to interpret the ecc?
<spv> By knowing the algorithm, software-based ECC is possible
<spv> which is important for developing the driver in the first place
<spv> Also, as per above, I'm skeptical about the nand controller hardware.
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<hramrach> it defines the number of ecc bits. Isn't there like a handful of standard polynomials for each size?
<spv> pretty much
<spv> but there's a little more to it
<spv> and it depends on which version of the algorithm is used
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<hramrach> the nand partition table uses bit-inverted crc32c checksum or something like that
<hramrach> they sure are inventive at AW
<spv> and this is why I'm curious
<hramrach> you can try to match the read data to software calculated ecc using the algorithms available in Linux. The original nand driver does not seem to have a routine for software ecc verification either
<hramrach> not sure how many bit-perfect blocks are on a typical nand, though
<oliv3r> just to troll: http://www.bunniestudios.com/blog/?p=3554 do people that refuse to use gmail/google-groups also refuse to use uSD cards? :)
<hramrach> but if the block is read it should be recovered and bit-perfect when you get it, shoudn't it?
<oliv3r> Turl: i tried wens' v3 on cb2 and ct, cb2 in 100mbit mode, ct in gbit mode; what i hadn't tried was ct on a 100mbit switch
<hramrach> oliv3r: actually, lkcl is insane to refuce gmail. Even RMS explicitly states that gmail is fine as a means of communication
<boycottg00gle> huh?
<oliv3r> na he does use gmail; google-groups he wont' use, which i can understand
<Turl> oliv3r: it's a gbit switch though...
<oliv3r> but you can't use uSD cards then either :D
<oliv3r> Turl: then it should work; it does work for me
<hramrach> because it is standards-compliant and can be accessed with any free client implementing the standard
<Turl> oliv3r: does it throw the timeout tantrum to you too?
<oliv3r> Turl: nope
<oliv3r> i think i use that on ct
<hramrach> Turl: I have CT connected to gbit switch
<oliv3r> might be cb2 :( i don't remember what i built last
<Turl> oliv3r: your device is named mii0?
<oliv3r> yep
<hramrach> yes, that should be the dw controller
<oliv3r> btw, http://www.bunniestudios.com/blog/?p=3554 this whole post, makes me actually think, that once we get the mtd driver in a good shape
<hramrach> Turl: does it give 100MBit link?
<oliv3r> freedome wise, it's better then eMMC or SD cards :)
<hramrach> speed-wise emmc is awesome but I see a problem with it wearing down and being soldered on the board
<oliv3r> should be the same as nand no?
<hramrach> so adding extra SD slot for mmc1 would be probably the best
<hramrach> oliv3r: the nand is so lame I would not lament over that
<oliv3r> i guess (e)mmc has a very basic FTL, little wear layering, little trim if at all etc
<oliv3r> while with the NAND controller, you can do all the above
<oliv3r> i thought f2fs was a fS to be used on those 'light' FTL's, like eMMC and MMC and USB flash (which basically is usb + mmc really)
<hramrach> but you get 10MB/s cap with nand
<Turl> # bootp
<Turl> Waiting for PHY auto negotiation to complete.... TIMEOUT!
<Turl> ENET Speed is 100 Mbps - FULL duplex connection
<oliv3r> with our nand?
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<oliv3r> Turl: that with mine?
<hramrach> Turl: what board?
<Turl> with tftp and the like it does work after the timeout, it kinda hangs for a while and then prints a T, then it works
<Turl> hramrach: ct
<Turl> oliv3r: no, mine
<hramrach> what speed switch?
<Turl> hramrach: gbit
<hramrach> then you have old driver
<oliv3r> Turl: i re-transferd a ct u-boot now; same url 100% ct
<oliv3r> Turl: i can use hashes to push only specific ranges right?
<Turl> hramrach: I'm using wens' v3 on top of sunxi uboot
<Turl> hramrach: is there something newer?
<oliv3r> Turl: i'll commit my local branch and remove my latest patches
<Turl> openwrt reports the port autoneg'd to 100mbit
<oliv3r> Turl: since you won't use my pre-compiled u-boot; pull sunxi u-boot :p
<hramrach> Turl: I am using v2 rebased on top of some other patches
<hramrach> rather messy
<oliv3r> i pushed wens's stuff
<oliv3r> hramrach: but that 10 mb/s is that because our crappy nand controller; our nand is really slow, or that's a cap by definition?
<oliv3r> hramrach: i always thought our nand was REALLY slow; but my phone boots like 10x slower then my tablet, so i'm now going 'wow this tablet boots fast'
<Turl> oliv3r: your precomp uboot fails the same
<hramrach> oliv3r: I don't know. What I do know that at this speed I don't mind if the nand fails.
<Turl> I also get Warning: failed to set MAC address
<hramrach> Turl: want try my binary? and also does the networking work with openwrt?
<oliv3r> Turl: env set macaddr 12:23:34:45:56:67 :p
<oliv3r> Turl: but latest u-boot now, should work; unless something is going awefully wrong somewhere
<oliv3r> hramrach: witha proper nand controller/fs, shouldn't the size start shrinking when it's about to die?
<Turl> oliv3r: even after that it still complains about mac
<Turl> maybe we have diff phy?
<Turl> sun7i# mii info
<Turl> PHY 0x00: OUI = 0x0732, Model = 0x11, Rev = 0x05, 100baseT, FDX
<Turl> PHY 0x01: OUI = 0x0732, Model = 0x11, Rev = 0x05, 100baseT, FDX
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<Turl> hramrach: I can try if you want
<Turl> hramrach: you mean if my router works? sure, I'm using my PC via it now
<oliv3r> Turl: quite possible
<Turl> and it's linked on gbit
<oliv3r> Turl: maybe your PHY is diff, but I realyl really doubt that to be fair
<hramrach> Turl: I don't know what the download URL for linux-sunxi is :s
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<hramrach> 0a87bc168c6e410ae1a1a90e17d9c76197c6e43b u-boot-sunxi-with-spl.bin
<hramrach> sun7i# mii info
<hramrach> PHY 0x00: OUI = 0x0732, Model = 0x11, Rev = 0x05, 1000baseT, FDX
<hramrach> PHY 0x01: OUI = 0x0732, Model = 0x11, Rev = 0x05, 1000baseT, FDX
<oliv3r> compare chip markings
<hramrach> also ethaddr=12:34:56:78:99:aa
<hramrach> not macaddr
<Turl> ok, so now it works
<Turl> although it autonegs to 100M
<Turl> must be the effin' cable :|
<hramrach> was it the binary or ethaddr?
<Turl> I didn't flash your binary
<hramrach> ok. so ethaddr
<hramrach> Turl: I used a 100Mbit switch for the early driver but since v2 it should work with gbit unless something broke later
<hramrach> I use a very thin Cat5 cable that came with a 100Mbit AP and it still works
<Turl> I need new cables
<Turl> Waiting for PHY auto negotiation to complete... done
<Turl> ENET Speed is 1000 Mbps - FULL duplex connection
<Turl> with the patch cable I was using on my mele
<Turl> the mele is 100mbit, can live with the other one for a while
<Turl> oliv3r: ^ book material right there :p
<hramrach> heh
<hramrach> get two pieces of everything. It *will* break ;-)
<oliv3r> Turl: you must have REALLY bad cables then
<Turl> oliv3r: cat5 patch, pretty standard thing
<oliv3r> yeah but some wires must be busted
<oliv3r> well gbit needs more strands
<Turl> been using them just fine w/ 100mbit cb2, cb1, olinuxino :p
<oliv3r> 100mbit uses 2 pairs, 1000mbit needs 4 pairs
<Turl> yeah, maybe one of the old unused ones is dead
<oliv3r> so could be you only have 2 pairs in the cable (4 wires, orange, ornage + white, green, green + white
<hramrach> gbit is cat5e
<oliv3r> yeah but i've seen people lie horribly
<hramrach> which basically all non-broken cat5 passes
<oliv3r> they even sell copper clad aluminium for cables and worse, copper clad steel
<oliv3r> which won't work at all
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<hramrach> seen copper coated something as cables in a deceased PC PSU. Presumably the cables did work before it died
<oliv3r> well you want copper, as it transfers fast moving signals better
<oliv3r> but alu is fine for power too; 50 kV and 100 kV lines are all alu (due to weight)
<oliv3r> when you clad the alu with copper, you get the cheap and lightwight sturdieness, with copper for the signal speeds
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<oliv3r> so in thoery it's not horrible
<oliv3r> until you start using 100meters, then you run into issuse
<Turl> hm, now I got hans' uboot
<Turl> but SMP is not working
<Turl> all kind of weird stalls and crashes
<Turl> mripard: do I need to pick something from upstream?
<Turl> htop hangs - except if I run it inside strace
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