<catphish> not sure i understand why you need the scaler
<catphish> well, then the v scaler will scale your fb :)


<catphish> in case this is useful information and i don't contribute it in a better way, i'll mention now - it's necessary to configure the writeback module's file scaling settings, even if the fine scaler is bypassed


<Net147> catphish: A20 frontend scaler has maximum width of 2048 pixels for either the input or output size, so doesn't work for 3840x2160...


<catphish> interestingly the video scaler, that works on YUV data, is configurable in both axes
<jernej> catphish: now you are trying to use scaler unit? then you have advanced use case, not just simple driver :)
<catphish> well right now i just have what the scaler offers