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<hermeht> adambeynon, yo
<adambeynon> hi hermeht
<hermeht> (it's meh)
<adambeynon> change of name? :)
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<hermeht> adambeynon, I'm on a hermit week
<hermeht> hence hermeht
<adambeynon> lol, makes sense :D
<adambeynon> at 3am last night, I couldnt stop thinking about method tables and whether we should be using them again
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<adambeynon> hermeht: some thoughts: https://gist.github.com/adambeynon/6838511
<hermeht> adambeynon, I don't like the receiver being in the parameters :(
<adambeynon> hermeht: .call() would overcome that
<adambeynon> but there (might) be a performance hit
<adambeynon> not sure
<hermeht> I don't know, what are the advantages of method tables?
<adambeynon> subclassing Array is the major one
<hermeht> is there no other way?
<adambeynon> and, a selfish one, would be method_missing on Element/jQuery
<hermeht> sincerely I think it will make generated code way harder to understand
<adambeynon> hermeht: to be able to subclass Array, we either need method tables, or we have to wrap all arrays
<hermeht> and add considerable overhead
<adambeynon> hermeht: the overhead isnt greatly dramatic
<adambeynon> but, the code readability is the huge issue
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<adambeynon> yeah, I just changed the parser to generate code like that, and its impossible to read
<adambeynon> forget that. method tables are bad.
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<hermeht> bah
<hermeht> all this positioning stuff is awful
<hermeht> AWFUL
<hermeht> I hate it
<hermeht> and I don't even know how to test it
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<hermeht> adambeynon, do you know if there's a way to disable source maps in chrome?
<adambeynon> yeah
<adambeynon> inside the dev tools
<adambeynon> there is a settings button, bottom right
<hermeht> oh there
<hermeht> yeah, found it, thanks
<hermeht> adambeynon, parser error
<hermeht> lol.do { } doesn't work
<hermeht> where do is a method on lol
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<adambeynon> hermeht: ok, will fix that
<adambeynon> hermeht: does opal-browser have some nice shortcut for setTimeout and setInterval ?
<hermeht> adambeynon, of course
<hermeht> after 2 do end
<hermeht> every 2 do end
<hermeht> it takes seconds rather than milliseconds
<hermeht> and it takes a float
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<hermeht> =_=
<hermeht> fucking chrome crashing on me
<hermeht> and a consistent crash
<hermeht> it ain't the first time
<hermeht> because of recursion
<hermeht> it can't even kill a recursion without exploding the frame
<adambeynon> hermeht: a problem with opal?
<hermeht> adambeynon, no
<hermeht> adambeynon, a problem with chrome
<hermeht> adambeynon, I wonder if there could be a way to implement #coerce
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<adambeynon> what does coerce do?
<hermeht> adambeynon, inverts arguments in operators
<hermeht> so you can do Unit + Numeric and Numeric + Unit
<hermeht> and it will call Unit.+
<adambeynon> isnt it easier just to implement to_i and to_f ?
<hermeht> I'm not following
<hermeht> how are the two related?
<hermeht> adambeynon, looking at it, it looks like it would be very easy
<hermeht> brixen, is there any clear documentation about how #coerce behaves somewhere?
<adambeynon> hermeht: if I understand it correctly, can't we just abuse valueOf() to handle this for us?
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<hermeht> woah
<hermeht> the tooltip almost works
<hermeht> almost
<hermeht> well it works on chrome at least ◕ ◡ ◔
<hermeht> surely some bug in opal-browser's positioning
<hermeht> adambeynon, found another compiler bug
<adambeynon> and there was me hoping for an easy night
<hermeht> adambeynon, I opened two issues for the bugs I found today
<hermeht> and the tooltip works :D
<hermeht> adambeynon, http://sprunge.us/ZZeg?rb con
<hermeht> adambeynon, the js alone of tooltip.js in bootstrap is 386 lines
<hermeht> and mine includes the css
<hermeht> it still needs some improvements, but it will still be a fraction of the js counterpart
<adambeynon> hermeht: nice one! I am still intending to give lissio a go. is it all up to date on git@master ?
<hermeht> adambeynon, umh, I think so
<hermeht> yeah, no local changes
<adambeynon> ok. will try in a bit. I will fix the `lol.do` problem as well for you. that should be straightforward
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<GitHub80> opal/master 4639b80 meh: Fix Hash.[] with single Array parameter
<GitHub80> [opal] meh pushed 1 new commit to master: http://git.io/e3nQ7g
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<travis-ci> [travis-ci] opal/opal#1049 (master - 4639b80 : meh): The build passed.
<travis-ci> [travis-ci] Build details : http://travis-ci.org/opal/opal/builds/12178458
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<hermeht> adambeynon, did you see they named Opal in the Rubinius 2.0 announcement? :D
<brixen> :)
<brixen> really looking forward to hearing about opal at rubyconf
<hermeht> brixen, I'll feel really bad if I wasted the past year on Erlang and Elixir and Rubinius manages to top it off
<brixen> hermeht: well, it's definitely not a waste
<brixen> erlang is awesome and elixir looks like it will be great
<brixen> but they are different than Ruby
<brixen> I still think Ruby is much, much more accessible
<hermeht> yeah
<brixen> and we can take people really close to what you'd get from erlang or elixir
<brixen> I have another announcement coming later in the week :)
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<elia> hey, hermeht! just thought: “this guy writes a lot like meh, maybe he's a friend… ouch!”
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