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<spacekookie> Super cool!
<spacekookie> Met tons of awesome people. Some partying. Lots of snuggles :P
<spacekookie> Anyway, I gotta sleep. Night night!
<noracodes> Sleep well!
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<spacekookie> mega65: it tust occurred to me to ask: Paul, that you?
<mega65> Yes, it is.
<spacekookie> Haha, cool
<mega65> Sorry, I made the assumption I would be recognised. Sorry for any mild confusion
<spacekookie> I just now checked your ident
<spacekookie> Ah, don't worry about it
<spacekookie> How've you been?
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<spacekookie> noracodes jess3jane you have cloaks now \o/
<jess3jane> like an opera villain, ~spooky~
* spacekookie retreats into the irc basement to play the organ
<jess3jane> we have a basement :o
<jess3jane> the catacombs of irc where all the dead channels lie
<mega65> Not too bad this side, although the uni admin side of things continues to be a bit insane. Very much looking forward to escaping to the Outback for a year while it settles down.
<spacekookie> mega65: I don't think I've ever heard of someone working at a university not complaining about how admin is a "bit insane" :P
<mega65> True. I guess it is just that the insanity level has gone up several notches in quick succession.
<mega65> they are now openly having policies that actively prevent what they want us to do.
<mega65> Also only 8 or our 14 academics in our discipline, so teaching load is through the roof.
<mega65> And they have drunken the KPI coolaid, which is really the sign that the end times for the uni have started.
<mega65> But enough whinging for now :)
<spacekookie> Oh dear
<spacekookie> I didn't think KPIs were a thing outside of, like, startup culture
<qyliss> oh no
<spacekookie> Well, the Australian outback has it's charms too
<spacekookie> Currently yakshaving setting up a tool to agree on a time to sit down with noracodes and jess3jane in the next week
<jess3jane> that's a very relatable mood
<spacekookie> docker-compose intensifies
<jess3jane> maybe if we nest the computers deeply enough a schedule will pop out
<spacekookie> Clearly adding more abstractions will help... o O ( nestd containers until we hit the singularity or something )
<mega65> he he
<spacekookie> Times are all in UTC. maybe this afternoon I get around to adding some JS that converts it to browser local time
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<mega65> works well, if you don't mind a proprietary solution.
<spacekookie> I'd prefer a free solution but I guess that will require some sacrifice x)
<mega65> Totally understood. Only offering it as a pragmatic tactical solution.
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<spacekookie> Clearly time coordination should be a userspace app in ;)
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<adam_free2air> Hi mega65, good to chat with you the the camp session.
<adam_free2air> all: fyi: came across this from the IP list
<adam_free2air> got some bbc publicity here
<adam_free2air> *sigh* but note that again, it is not free software
<mega65> Put it up as a GSOC project to make an open multi-timezone meeting organiser?
<noracodes> sorry for being so unavailable, lol
<noracodes> i have classes and/or am out of town all those times except two
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<spacekookie> adam_free2air: ah yea, that was to be expected. I do like it as a proof of concept though
<spacekookie> noracodes: lol I know that feeling. But that's okay
<spacekookie> Tuesday 16:00 UTC it is!
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<noracodes> Great!
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<hazelnot_> Hi is this working
<spacekookie> Define "working"
<hazelnot_> So it's working 😅
<mega65> oh, if of interest, have a sale on their open laptops at the moment. 13" with DE keyboard 999 US (EN keyboard is normal price at about 400 US more!) Also some 15" run-out specials on the version 3 hardware.
<spacekookie> Didn't they recently announce the phone rollout as well? I'd honestly love to get one of them for testing (maybe Q1 2019? mathju)
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<qyliss> They did indeed.
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