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<vidak> yo!!
<vidak> I FOUND IT
<vidak> that was a task
<spacekookie> Hey! :D
<spacekookie> I'm confused why it didn't show up in your search. But also, can't actually remember the last time I searched for an IRC channel x)
<mega65> I ordered one of the phones for testing, as well.
<mega65> initial phones are shipping from this quarter. I have no idea which batch my order will be in yet. They apparently email individually to ask what the earliest batch you are willing to be in is, as the earlier ones will be less refined in various ways.
<spacekookie> Yea that makes sense. Production pipelines are hard :P
<mega65> Indeed...
<mega65> have you heard of ?
<mega65> They are also making (or trying to make) open phones etc
<mega65> I'm due to have a chat with them on Thursday.
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<spacekookie> Ooh, no I have not!
<spacekookie> Let's see if the train internet permits me to load the website ;)
<spacekookie> (another advantage of an irc chat: it works over a wet shoelace)
<spacekookie> Their website feels very enterprise-y. What are you gonna chat to them about?
<hazelnot> Test
<spacekookie> hey
<hazelnot_> Test
<AureliaSL> I'm not sure where it is in the app, but IRCCloud has an option to set the nickserv password in the server config
<spacekookie> Maybe kick your evil clone :P
<hazelnot> Lemme figure out how 😂
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<hazelnot> Ok
<spacekookie> Naw, I was about to enjoy opping myself to kick someone :P
<hazelnot> This should fix it
<hazelnot> Hahah
<spacekookie> Does irccloud automatically do the whole nickserv register thing?
<hazelnot> I think so
<spacekookie> ^ AureliaSL
<hazelnot> Yeah I added my password in the app settings
<AureliaSL> yep
<AureliaSL> it does if you tell it to
<spacekookie> Ah nice
<AureliaSL> but it's all ZNC in the end so you can technically also query *nickserv
<hazelnot> ,11Funky
<hazelnot> Very funky
<AureliaSL> (or not?)
<AureliaSL> (apparently not anymore)
<hazelnot> 🤷‍♀️
<hazelnot> I'm too young for any of this 😂
<spacekookie> Pff, never too young for relay chat
<spacekookie> Also I should fix the emoji rendering on my laptop
<hazelnot> Lmao
<hazelnot> Beep
<hazelnot> Gdi
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<spacekookie> What now?
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<hazelnot> Bloop?
<hazelnot> Eh whatever
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<hazelnot> Oh how about now
<hazelnot> Nice
<spacekookie> I'm trying to download and compile the server but I have a 25 second ping and no bandwidth, help
<hazelnot> A crate server is called a warehouse
<hazelnot> :^)
<hazelnot> Or is it a forklift 🤔
<spacekookie> Unfortunately the software is just called
<spacekookie> But I'd be extremely here for writing an alternative (more lightweight) one called warehouse
* spacekookie adds it to the long list of open TODOs
<hazelnot> 😂
<qyliss> would be a great name for our public key based non-registry
<spacekookie> qyliss: as for a regular crate index, is available and kinda cheap :P
<jess3jane> piratecrates.arrrrrrrrr.s
<spacekookie> Good morning btw jess3jane
<jess3jane> mornin
<spacekookie> Oh damn I'm almost in London, I should pack up :P
<jess3jane> its like normal people time for morning here for once, I'm almost disappointed
<spacekookie> Hehe, yea I was gonna say, you're up early :o
<vidak> this is fun :-)
<vidak> my name is blair. i live in perth, western australia. i have been hacking computers as an amateur for years, but i am now doing a computer science degree. i like lisp and smalltalk, i run a pleroma server, and have a blog and run a peertube server etc etc
<vidak> what is the project that this channel is based on?? i'd love to help
<vidak> wow this is amazing!!
<vidak> i love it
<vidak> i'll stay in the loop about this
<vidak> :-)
<spacekookie> vidak: the website doesn't have an amazing amount of info on it, but I guess it explains the basics
<spacekookie> Lots of effort is also just routing protocol research
<vidak> mmmm
<vidak> i am learning a lot about this at uni
<vidak> i we learned abour CSMA in this unit, but not CDMA
<vidak> and i fucking love CDMA
<vidak> just looking up routing protocols now
<vidak> can you tell me about the research you have so far on routing protocols?
<spacekookie> vidak: thoughts and ideas for our protocol are documented here:
<vidak> awesome :-) :-)
<spacekookie> Also, feel free to poke around the other files on there, most of them are public
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<spacekookie> Oh hey endocrimes
<spacekookie> This is officially ##spacekookie now x)
<qyliss> nah, it's logged
<spacekookie> Fair point
* spacekookie registers
<spacekookie> f
<qyliss> who are we paying respects to?
<spacekookie> My laptop compiling several rust crates at once and my workspace switcher not coming up quickly enough
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<spacekookie> jess3jane: currently master doesn't seem to build because of a failure in json-api:
<spacekookie> Mind taking a look?
<jess3jane> ugh I'll fix that when i get home in a couple hours
<spacekookie> Cool, thanks. No rush
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* spacekookie yells at css grid
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<jess3jane> spacekookie: i know why it's failing but i don't know how it wasn't failing before 😅
<jess3jane> in fact i can't get that error on my local machine
<jess3jane> i'll push a fix in a minute or two
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<jess3jane> annnnnnnnd fixed i think
<jess3jane> re: website the header is intense in 16:9 and the bar at the top kinda gets lost cause there's no color difference
<jess3jane> other than that it looks fine