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<mathju> unfortunately cargo test has many errors on branch master due to "japi"
<spacekookie> jess3jane: noracodes: FYI I'm currently butchering the Service API, breaking compilation for http-api and service-sim
<spacekookie> Changes are on auth-refactor
<jess3jane> hm? what did i break?
<jess3jane> mathju
<jess3jane> I'll check when i get home
<spacekookie> jess3jane: It appears the master lockfile wa sout of date
<jess3jane> ah hell, its pulling the new version of anneal which uses the new version of japi
<jess3jane> I'll fix that when i get home
<spacekookie> jess3jane: don't worry, I fixed it already
<jess3jane> oh, thanks!
<spacekookie> Do have a look at the auth-refactor branch. I commented out the loading of http-api because otherwise everything breaks
<jess3jane> oh
<jess3jane> alrighty then
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