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<spacekookie> lejonet: train links are very encouraged
<spacekookie> And yea, we were trying to get the Snälltaget one in the winter and were sad
<spacekookie> The train it shows me there is just a ner al connection though, not a night train that goes non stop :(
<lejonet> spacekookie: true :( it seems like night trains isn't much of a thing anymore, at least in Sweden
<lejonet> You could check, I think they have a english mode, its being an ass towards me atm, so its not really letting me search anything -.-
<spacekookie> There's a night train from Stockholm to Narvik, but I don't think that's run by a Swedish company (we're taking that train in January!)
<spacekookie> Apart fram that though, generally night trains seem to be making a comeback a bit
<lejonet> Yeah, luckily :)
<lejonet> I like going by train, its much nicer and less stressful than traveling by plane, even if I love airplanes :P
<lejonet> Basically in sweden, you have 3 choices when it comes to train companies, SJ (the state one), Snälltåget and MTR, and both Snälltåget and MTR have a lot more limited stretches they service
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<spacekookie> I see, yea that always felt confusing to me
<spacekookie> Good to know for the future :P
<lejonet> if you need any help navigating the homepages or so for when traveling to sweden, just poke me and I'll do what I can to help :)
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