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<spacekookie> Thanks!
<spacekookie> So regarding a tcp/ethernet netmod, realistically there's two things to do but they don't have to hap'en at the same time
<spacekookie> One is just keeping a routing table of local IPs (in whatever range and interface the netmod operates on) and map'ing those to ratman IDs
<spacekookie> The other is then actually a service that exposes this information via new routing IDs so that it would be possible to tunnel arbitrary protocols through qaul
<spacekookie> This requires IPs to be advertised somehow
<spacekookie> But also, it's much later down the road and okay if our beta doesn't do that
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<lejonet> Advertising IP shouldn't be all too hard to fix, iirc you already had some type of discovery, just append the current IP to that phase
<spacekookie> We have a discovery but it's very low level and it doesn't really convey other payloads and propably shouldn't
<spacekookie> The external IP spce discovery should probably be handled via some service
<qyliss> Async/await is stable :)
<spacekookie> On the wire this won't look much different. I guess it just means not every node needs to run an IP space discovery :P
<spacekookie> Yaaay!
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