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<lejonet> Because if it is, maybe have a gander at how socks5 works to get an idea on how it could be implemented
<lejonet> (it even has an auth step in it, so its not impossible that it would help you decide which ratman IDs which is allowed to use the proxy and so too)
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<spacekookie> Pretty much, although there shouldn't be a reqeeried auth. If you share a proxy on the network then everyone can use it
<lejonet> I was thinking more locally, not externally
<lejonet> Because iirc the auth in socks is on the local-side
<spacekookie> Oh interesting? I should look into that some more then
<lejonet> spacekookie: has a good primer on it, it was a while since I fiddled with socks proxies, so it could've been just me that have mixed up what represents the server in the protocol section in the wikipedia article (iirc, the server referred to is the socks proxy, which in many cases is locally)
<spacekookie> Ah right, so yea mean the local, input side should implement a socks proxy?
<lejonet> So kinda what I've imagined is: client -> local socks proxy -> local socks proxy establish some type of circuit to the exit -> exit node
<lejonet> Yeah
<lejonet> Dunno if that is the use case you envisioned, hence my question above on asking for what more precisely you're trying to accomplish with it, as the case I've described might not be something that can fullfill the goal you're trying to achieve
<spacekookie> Yea that sounds cool actually
<spacekookie> No, yea that's pretty much the use casey
<spacekookie> I'm only on my phone right now. Mind putting some stuff into the pad?
<lejonet> Because iirc, socks is already agnostic to the protocol it proxies
<lejonet> Sure, I need to check out from my hotel and find somewhere to "loiter" while waiting for my train anyway :P
<spacekookie> Haha, thanks :)
<spacekookie> Where did you stay?
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<lejonet> Lund, was at a friends dissertation defence yesterday :)
<spacekookie> Nice!
<spacekookie> Did it go like this?
<lejonet> spacekookie: sadly no :( xD
<lejonet> But he crushed his opponent figuratively :P
<spacekookie> That's a good start :P
<lejonet> so now he's a Dr :)
<lejonet> spacekookie: I've added a SOCKS section on the pad
<lejonet> oh and I can't seem to get the chat in the pad to work, in case you sent any question there :P
<spacekookie> Oh, I don't think I've ever used that chat. IRC is better for that :P
<lejonet> Ah okay, good, saw the icon flash and thought someone let a comment or some discussion there, which I can't access for some odd reason