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<bvernoux> azonenberg, I have found very nice passive probe up to 12GHz for 260USD
<bvernoux> will be interesting to check that ;)
<bvernoux> more details on
<bvernoux> the details about the probe here =>
<bvernoux> they use 450 ohm resistive element but they do not details if it is multiple res ...
<azonenberg> bvernoux: ooh i'll look...
<azonenberg> is that a ballpoint pen body? lol
<bvernoux> yes maybe ;)
<monochroma> lol!
<bvernoux> anyway very interesting to check it ;)
<bvernoux> especially as they promise it work up to 12Ghz and I have never see that with any passive probe
<azonenberg> Yeah
<bvernoux> In my case I'm mainly interested up to 6GHz ;)
<bvernoux> but more is better
<monochroma> does it come with a verification test sheet?
<bvernoux> it seems it does not come with any test sheet :(
<bvernoux> but they have some "generic" measurement
<azonenberg> It looks too flat
<azonenberg> which makes me suspicious
<bvernoux> I will buy one to characterize it and to compare with azonenberg probes ;)
<bvernoux> yes it seems to good to be true
<bvernoux> there is lot of details here
<azonenberg> yeah i still have that pile of boards to send you
<bvernoux> especially the TYPICAL P-20B RF PROBE RESPONSE
<bvernoux> only 3dB ;)
<bvernoux> with direct barrel grounding response
<bvernoux> near 7 or 8GHz ...
<bvernoux> even the short ground clip seems to good to be true
<bvernoux> -3dB worst case ...
<bvernoux> near 11GHz
<bvernoux> flexible GND clip is bad after 1GHz which seems normal case ...
<azonenberg> Yeah
<bvernoux> => If the signal source IS terminated into 50 ohms, the measurement error is due to the P-20A -.2 dB loading
<bvernoux> so only -0.2dB measurement error is amazing ...
<bvernoux> spectrum analyzer give an error of +/2dB error ;)
<bvernoux> it is not the same but 0.2dB is very low amazing
<bvernoux> no in fact good spectrum analyzer have +/-0.7dB error ;)
<bvernoux> I'm checking the Signal Hound BB60C ;)
<bvernoux> seems to be one of the best for the price which reach 6GHz
<bvernoux> there is a nice review here
<bvernoux> the architecture is very nice =>
<bvernoux> also sweep speed of 24GHz/s is amazing ;)