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<bvernoux> hello
<bvernoux> I have just received my MegiQ UFL&Balanced Calibration Kit
<bvernoux> it is expensive for connectors but it is custom with 3D printed parts ;)
<azonenberg> bvernoux: :)
<azonenberg> i just ordered a pico ta061
<azonenberg> not as nice as the fancy gigabit probes but i wanted a transmission line probe for general use, it's fast enough to use with my lecroy (but not freesample)
<azonenberg> and more importantly will let me sanity check my probes against a commercial one
<bvernoux> ha nice
<bvernoux> yes it is great to compare it with other probes
<bvernoux> On my side I need to build some PCB fixture to check the probes with full 2port VNA
<bvernoux> I plan to send some PCB test fixture to jlcpcb
<bvernoux> as they are very cheap / fast and they also offer impedance details for different PCB stack
<bvernoux> (only for 4 layers or more)
<bvernoux> but there is no unit for trace ;)
<bvernoux> I do not know if it is mils or mm ;)
<bvernoux> I suspect it is mils
<bvernoux> yes it is mils as when computing with Impedance + trace space with Impedance value in ohm let say 50
<bvernoux> Type1 trace width 11.55mil
<bvernoux> 38.37Euros for 5 boards with Impedance check ;)
<bvernoux> Finally I have opted for OSHPark for 21.1USD for 3 boards ;)
<bvernoux> with traces width modified to 0.345mm in order to match Z=50 Ohms with 4 Layers OSHPark
<bvernoux> Link for info
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