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<_whitenotifier> [scopehal-apps] azonenberg 4fd8a32 - Continued work on psuclient. Now displays actual I/V plus graphs for active channels, but no control capability yet. Can't show set point.
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<_whitenotifier> [scopehal] azonenberg 56fe4f3 - Initial support for soft start in HMC804x
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<_whitenotifier> [scopehal-apps] azonenberg 7175c3f - Initial read-only psuclient UI is finished for basic functionality. Can't change any setting yet.
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<_whitenotifier> [scopehal-apps] azonenberg ba8b90f - psuclient: implemented on/off switches for channels
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<bvernoux> hello
<azonenberg> o/ bvernoux
<azonenberg> Still need to assemble the other probe, was working on the PSU stuff as that was more pressing
<azonenberg> Got any supplies you want to add drivers for?
<bvernoux> I do not have any programmable supply in fact
<bvernoux> so far ;)
<bvernoux> which is totally amazing and fully open HW / open source
<bvernoux> I'm testing my HydraNFC v2 r3 right now ;)
<bvernoux> and all seems to work perfectly so far
<bvernoux> macrofab has done an amazing job for the assembly
<azonenberg> ooh looks cool, and yes i've heard very good things about them
<azonenberg> well when you get your hands on one i'd love if you contribute a scopehal driver for it
<azonenberg> idk if you've looked at the new SCPITransport class btw?
<azonenberg> It's designed to ease porting for hardware that has rs232, ethernet, usbtmc, etc interfaces on it
<azonenberg> so you can support all of them trivially once you write the driver once
<bvernoux> ha nice
<bvernoux> i have not checked the code so far
<bvernoux> just checked the picture which is very nice with the measurement
<bvernoux> for eez-bb3 it will be Ethernet
<bvernoux> so it shall be easy
<bvernoux> do you have done some work to support USB/GPIB ?
<bvernoux> as I would love to drive my signal generator with it one day ;)
<azonenberg> Not yet, but all you'd have to do is implement a SCPITransport class for that
<bvernoux> Agilent E4432B
<azonenberg> and any other hardware with the same transport could then use it
<bvernoux> also I have a EraSynthMicro ;)
<bvernoux> but it does not really support ACPI command ;)
<azonenberg> well you can use any protocol you want, doesn't have to be SCPI
<bvernoux> protocol it very badly documented (not documented in fact but source code is available)
<bvernoux> it is also fully open source with schematic
<azonenberg> I just have some helper code around to save time for SCPI-based instruments
<azonenberg> SCPI isn't exactly super standardized anyway other than the approximate syntax
<azonenberg> so you need per device driver code no matter what
<bvernoux> yep
<bvernoux> problem on EraSynthMicro it is also over USB
<bvernoux> USB CDC in fact
<bvernoux> I plan to buy a spectrum analyzer with Ethernet ;)
<azonenberg> ooh
<azonenberg> want
<bvernoux> as anyway ETH is always better than GPIB ;)
<azonenberg> Agreed
<bvernoux> potentially I could also buy a GPIB / Ethernet dongle ;)
<azonenberg> i also am not a huge fan of text based protocols like SCPI
<bvernoux> as it is a pain to support USB when with ethernet all is better
<bvernoux> yes raw bin command are better if they exist
<bvernoux> on my VNA i'm using low level stuff to retrieve S2P or S1P data
<bvernoux> internal data format
<bvernoux> and it is > 25% faster to retrieve all data ;)
<azonenberg> yeah, also lower latency on low end embedded CPUs etc
<azonenberg> all that sscanf()'ing takes time.Lol
<bvernoux> yes
<bvernoux> what is fun on those old isntrument is the time difference with and without correction enabled ;)
<bvernoux> but anyway even if that take 2min to capture 1601points it is ok for me ;)
<bvernoux> for S2P full S11, S12, S21, S22
<bvernoux> about good spectrum analyzer I have missed one which is amazing R&S FSP7 (9kHz-7GHz) with Tracking Gen for 3799USD !!
<bvernoux> it cost more than 20KUSD new :(
<azonenberg> Nice
<azonenberg> too bad you didnt get it
<bvernoux> also in the pipe i'm checking a good scope like =>LeCroy DDA3000 WavePro 7300A 3GHz 20GS/s 4Ch Oscilloscope Memory Option -XXL
<bvernoux> it is about 4KUSD
<bvernoux> I would like one up to 5GHz ;)
<bvernoux> or a must up to 6GHz
<bvernoux> but it means > 40GSPS in that case
<bvernoux> and the price are crazy
<bvernoux> on the other side there is an amazing real-time spectrum analyzer =>
<bvernoux> I think the best for the price
<bvernoux> but it is 12KUSD ;)
<bvernoux> 110 dB of dynamic range and 1THz/sec sweep speeds is amazing ;)
<bvernoux> with realtime streaming over USB3.0
<azonenberg> ooh
<bvernoux> 160 MHz instantaneous bandwidth ;)
<azonenberg> one day i want to build a specan around the ADC12RF4000 or something, i forget the exact part number
<bvernoux> for such feature at R&S, Tek or other it cost 10x more ;)
<azonenberg> but it's a TI JESD204 ADC that's 12 bit @ 4 Gsps
<bvernoux> ha yes nice
<azonenberg> nyquist bandwidth of 2 GHz at full rate would be awesome
<bvernoux> yes clearly amazing
<azonenberg> imagine a DC to 2 GHz specan. All of it, all the time
<bvernoux> on other side cheaper version is BB60C
<bvernoux> but the SNR is bad for some test
<bvernoux> 48dB SNR in worst case :(
<bvernoux> when a 14Bits ADC we shall have 84dB in theory
<bvernoux> else it is also totally amazing for the price
<bvernoux> < 3KUSD
<bvernoux> also I shall receive some ESP32-S2 ;)
<bvernoux> so first prod sample
<bvernoux> some
<bvernoux> it is funny as inside there is an LX7 and a RISCV corprocessor ;)
<bvernoux> it is a Wifi only + USB FS chipset
<bvernoux> if you are interested by VNA i have done some measurements with my HP8753D ;)
<bvernoux> with my own Qt App
<bvernoux> I have checked my RFSpace TSA400 Antenna
<bvernoux> and it is very near measurement provided with it
<bvernoux> and the corresponding S2P file =>
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