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<bvernoux> azonenberg, I have found amazing slides about probes effects on measurements
<bvernoux> very interesting ;)
* azonenberg readsd
<bvernoux> I'm designing some new PCB Test Fixture ;)
<bvernoux> to clearly characterize probes
<bvernoux> especially to test coplanar also
<azonenberg> :)
<bvernoux> I have already pushed those ones
<bvernoux> based on your work but adapted to OSHPark to match 5Ohms
<bvernoux> I'm now designing similar to RF Experimenter PCB Panel which match OSHPark 4Layers
<bvernoux> mainly the version with 2 SMA not the one with 3 SMA which I do not need
<bvernoux> especially with a VNA 2ports
<bvernoux> azonenberg, what do you think about Oscilloscope LeCroy WavePro 760Zi 6GHz ?
<bvernoux> I'm very tempted to buy it on Ebay ;)
<bvernoux> but it is about 10KUSD used ....
<bvernoux> it is a must a 6GHz 50Ohms scope for that price
<bvernoux> it is an hybrid scope mixing normal probes and 50Ohms probes
<azonenberg> let me look, i think i was eyeing that one too but didnt have the cash
<azonenberg> includes some pretty nice probes too
<azonenberg> and less than i paid for my waverunner
<azonenberg> it's an older model but looks solid
<bvernoux> yes it includes probe
<bvernoux> especially a 6GHz Diff Probe which cost > 2KUSD
<bvernoux> and some nice options (but spectrum analyzer option is not in package :(
<bvernoux> anyway there is way to add SW options for minimal cost ;)
<bvernoux> I contacted the seller with some questions but he does not answer ...
<bvernoux> especially to know latest calibration date, and some details about self test...
<bvernoux> azonenberg, also I have found an interesting offer for a Spectrum Analyzer + TG but the guys does not want to sell outside USA :(
<bvernoux> Seems amazing for the price even if I would like to negotiate something like 4KUSD ;)
<bvernoux> else the must have (which is too expensive as it is new) is
<bvernoux> but it does not have tracking gen ...
<bvernoux> but FSL have a better noise figure ;)
<bvernoux> bye
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