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<bvernoux> hello
<bvernoux> azonenberg, I plan to buy 2 x P-20B 12 GHz RF Probe (from I'm waiting their feedback with their USD Bank Account
<bvernoux> As i really need some SMA RF Probe for my VNA, SigGen, FreqCounter ... and in future Spectrum Analyzer/New Oscilloscope ;)
<azonenberg> bvernoux: ooh shiny
<bvernoux> I think it is the best (on paper) at an amazing price
<bvernoux> could be a good base for comparison ;)
<azonenberg> Yeah, i want to pick up one of the pico 1.5 GHz SMA probes soon
<azonenberg> i've been neck deep in my ethernet switch project the last few weeks
<bvernoux> yes I have seen the good progress
<bvernoux> amazing
<bvernoux> I have just finalized the payment of the 2 probes ;)
<bvernoux> I'm impatient to check them with my VNA, Scope... ;)
<bvernoux> Also I have found an amazing tool to view/compare multiple s-parameters files .s1p/.s2p
<bvernoux> I just use pocketVNA App ;)
<bvernoux> it i amazing to view any s-param file
<bvernoux> especially to compare them
<bvernoux> with a nice Qt GUI
<bvernoux> working on any OS Win, Linux, MacOS
<bvernoux> A must have ;)
<bvernoux> and it does not requires their HW of course
<bvernoux> as I do not really recommend it
<bvernoux> compared to xaxaVNA or even my HP ones ;)
<bvernoux> problem of pocketVNA is there is big drift on clock.
<bvernoux> when you see what's inside there is tons of crystal which are not very stable (probably cheap +/-10ppm)
<bvernoux> I still need to do some comparison with xaxaVNA ;)
<bvernoux> I'm pretty sure we can improve it
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