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<azonenberg> I think i'm gonna be adding some low-speed trend analysis features to glscopeclient soon
<azonenberg> it's going to be a couple of filters: first step is to parse I2C/SPI transactions reading a sensor so that you can get the raw sensor value
<azonenberg> then convert that to an analog reading
<azonenberg> then have low-speed trend analysis showing realtime graphs of the various sensors over time
<azonenberg> i.e. every time the protocol decoder gets a new reading you get a point on the graph
<azonenberg> across triggers
<azonenberg> This is in addition to the digital-to-analog filter that will let you graph say a DAC output by sniffing the spi bus
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<bvernoux> just a big warning on those whuch buy old things on Ebay ;)
<bvernoux> which
<bvernoux> The product arrive seems to be in good condition but fail with HW errors ...
<bvernoux> So far I do not recommend Spaulding SURPLUS LLC as they are not serious guys anyway I'm waiting their feedback
<bvernoux> They promise things they do not do like fresh calibration ... and calibration was done 2 years ago and is expired
<bvernoux> with defectuous HW after few power on ...
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<azonenberg> bvernoux: ouch
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<bvernoux> yep ;)
<bvernoux> if that continue I will buy SignalHound SMB200B ;)
<bvernoux> the only drawback is it is limited to 20GHz and I want up to 26GHz ;)
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