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<bluezinc> :P
<bluezinc> azonenberg: to be fair, I've decoded i2c by hand enough time that I don't really need that decoder (although it is really nice)
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<azonenberg> bluezinc: i want to add chip specific decoders down the road
<azonenberg> like for 24c eeprom logging addr/data separately
<azonenberg> etc
<azonenberg> Since it's a filter graph architecture you can easily make a decoder that takes i2c frames as input, rather than digital signals
<bluezinc> cool.
<bluezinc> now if only I could actually follow anything in scopehal
<azonenberg> bluezinc: have you got it running yet? or are you having trouble understanding the code? or what
<azonenberg> i forget how far you got using it
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<bvernoux> for those who like NFC stuff from scratch
<bvernoux> I explain how to capture correctly and demodulate NFC Vicinity Reader/Tag communication from scratch ;)
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