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<bvernoux> I have a very strange simulation with Sonnet Lite
<bvernoux> I'm trying to do a basic microstrip 0.4mm Width with 60mm long
<bvernoux> and the S11 / S21 is totally wrong ;)
<bvernoux> also Impedance is expected to be about 52 Ohms and it is between 117 to 128Ohms ...
<bvernoux> hmm it seems I have understood the error with Sonnet ;)
<bvernoux> it is not clear what GND means
<bvernoux> but it seems it just means bottom and not it is linked to a real GND copper plate
<bvernoux> so now I'm close between Sonnet vs Qucs ;)
<bvernoux> anyway there is about -10dBm less on S11 in qucs vs Sonnet
<bvernoux> same for S21dB @10GHz -0.6dBm with qucs and -1.3dBm in Sonnet
<bvernoux> I suspect the simulation is Qucs is clearly less good than Sonnet ...
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