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<bvernoux> Woo I just discovered QucsStudio 2.5.7 is very old and latest 3.3.1 is amazing and include PCB Layout generation, EM Field Simulation ...
<monochroma> :O
<bvernoux> The only issue is QucsStudio 3.x is not available ;)
<monochroma> D:
<bvernoux> as qucs 0.0.19 is clearly totally outdated in comparison ...
<monochroma> is it not released yet, or commercial only?
<bvernoux> no any news nowhere about it
<bvernoux> official web page does not even speak about it
<bvernoux> so far I'm fixing things in Qucs-RFlayout which now work on Windows7 ;)
<bvernoux> anyway the license of QucsStudio is very strange it is not commercial not open(code not available) and freely available (except latest version) and based on GPL code ;)
<bvernoux> But it is the most advanced version as all other qucs fork are "dead" in comparison ...
<azonenberg> bvernoux: re probe test board, ooh
<bvernoux> yes a real mess ;)
<bvernoux> I can share my VNA capture if you want to see
<bvernoux> anyway it is a fail ;)
<bvernoux> I will do other board with CoPlanar & Microstrip
<azonenberg> I'm more interested in seeing you model the failure
<azonenberg> in sonnet or something
<azonenberg> Because i want to know what went wrong