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<bvernoux> hello
<bvernoux> I have finalized a comparison of Sonnet Lite vs Qucs 0.0.19 on microstrip line example
<bvernoux> See full comparison ;)
<bvernoux> just a fun stuff is Qucs_Transcalc_0_0_19 vs QucsStudio_2_5_7_transline => QucsStudio is the winner ;)
<bvernoux> azonenberg, I'm very interested by your feedback about my comparison between Sonnet15.53-Lite vs Qucs 0.0.19 see link with both project and the pdf which resume the comparison/results
<azonenberg> Looking
<azonenberg> I would be inclined to believe sonnet most
<azonenberg> Do you have experimental results to back up either?
<bvernoux> re
<bvernoux> what do you mean by experimental results to back up ?
<bvernoux> real test with real PCB ?
<bvernoux> I would like to simulate it with OpenEMS too
<bvernoux> but so far I have not tried OpenEMS ;)
<bvernoux> I'm working on this project too
<bvernoux> I have pushed a Pull Requests with some fixes as it is very interesting it shall support OpenEMS in future
<bvernoux> today it works to transform Qucs microstrip to Kicad PCB
<bvernoux> with an OpenGL display
<bvernoux> what is strange is the computation with Sonnet especially towards Impedance
<bvernoux> with about 6 Ohms errors
<bvernoux> I would like to understand why
<bvernoux> maybe my Sonnet Simulation as something wrong
<bvernoux> It is why I have provide all files for check and improve things
<bvernoux> all values used are compliant with OSHPark 4 Layers PCB
<bvernoux> using corrected values
<bvernoux> as Er is 3.33 and not 3.66 for example
<bvernoux> to be confirmed with a new production @OShPark
<bvernoux> just checked with Saturn PCB PCB Toolkit v7.08
<bvernoux> and I find Impedance of 49.74 Ohms
<bvernoux> vs about 54 Ohms with Sonnet
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