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<q3k> hm, has anyone tried to export a solvespace model (as .step?) into kicad/horizoneda?
<q3k> export -> 3d wireframe (stp) seems to create 'empty' (no visible geometry to horizoneda and some rano online viewer) files
<q3k> oh, do i need to export -> surfaces instead?
<whitequark> yeah
<q3k> hm, horizon still doesn't like that
<q3k> (it uses opencascade iirc)
<q3k> okay, at least betasharecad.org seems to like it now
<q3k> although no colours.
<q3k> i'll ask the horizon dev then
<whitequark> no colors are expected
<whitequark> solvespace uses a handwritten step exporter
<whitequark> it is very bad
<q3k> hm
<q3k> does any of the export formats support colors, so I can string some unholy abomination of format conversions?
<q3k> that doesn't look right
<q3k> (flipped normals? do step files even have normals?)
<q3k> (this is the autodesk online viewer)
<whitequark> q3k: stl should support colors
<whitequark> step files have... issues
<whitequark> this is well known
<q3k> i see
<whitequark> the format is an unholy abomination
<whitequark> look at it
<q3k> i have accidentally vimed it
<q3k> i'd rather not do that again
<whitequark> this isn't even a bad step file
<whitequark> it had most of the junk trimmed from it
<whitequark> most of them are much worse
<whitequark> this also explains the lack of step import btw
<q3k> let's see if reeCAD can take care of the STL->STEP conversion
<q3k> *FreeCAD
<q3k> although that's also an appropriate name
<q3k> hm, freecad sees no colors in the .stl
<whitequark> hrm
<q3k> apparently colors in stl are an extension and freecad don't support that
<whitequark> I *think* the colors are there
<whitequark> oh
<whitequark> yeah it is
<q3k> hrmpf
<q3k> oh no
<q3k> it's one of _those_ standards
<q3k> whitequark: although it doesn't look like there's colour in the stl exporter, either https://github.com/whitequark/solvespace/blob/master/src/export.cpp#L849
<q3k> and .obj exports colors as .mtl, but freecad can't load them
<q3k> argh
<whitequark> hm
<whitequark> oh right, that was .obj
<whitequark> not .stl
<whitequark> sorry