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<nihilazo> is it possible to create a workplane on a sloped surface in solvespace?
<nihilazo> I have a surface that is sloped and I would like to cut a hole through it, but I cannot find how to create a workplane on a surface that isn't at 90 degrees
<nihilazo> this is my modell (for a mobile phone stand) https://nihilazo.feen.us/x7b33f.png and I would like to cut a hole in the rightmost part (the bottom of the "L" shaped bit)
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<sklv> nihilazo: if i understand correctly it should be totally possible
<sklv> if i understand correctly, you need to select a point and 2 lines that are in your 'desired' workplane and press shift+w
<nihilazo> the window says the line segments should be "parallel to the lines, through the point" which doesn't really make sense to me
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<nihilazo> I can't seem to select a set of edges to give me the workplane _I want
<nihilazo> ah, I have done it. Using sketch->workplane
<nihilazo> but then I get something funky and weird when I extrude
<nihilazo> ah, solved it, just had to select different edges. I think I understand how this works a little better now.
<sklv> i found it counterintuitive initially
<sklv> a thing i have seen people using is when the edge they want isn't part of their solid body they can create construction lines that come up in brown
<sklv> i don't currently know how to do that
<sklv> but you can also (somehow) create workplanes in arbitrary orientations
<jaggz> I'm completely new to solvespace... would help ya if I could :)
<jaggz> I'm trying to see if it can help me find the right dimensions for this thing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2a1cLqYYLVY
<sklv> it looks like all the dimensions are already on there
<jaggz> sklv, I made those up
<sklv> oh its your video
<jaggz> it's not "perfect"
<jaggz> yeah :0
<jaggz> :)
<sklv> it looks well within the capabilities of solvespace good luck
<sklv> i am eagerly awaiting the day freecad supports assemblies
<jaggz> like, I need the wheel to be back at a particular distance, and within a certain range of the ground, but when rotated downwards (to lift the bed) it should lift a specific amount
<sklv> although with the new spiral feature
<sklv> with a couple more constraints, solvespace would be capable of anything i'd want to draw
<jaggz> I wonder how constraint solvers work internally
<jaggz> do they iterate through and just try different things in increments?
<sklv> solving lists of equations
<sklv> no, they map your assembly to a list of equations and then solve them algebraically
<jaggz> or do they .. yeah.. set up a bunch of equations and solve them -- not sure how they'd handle ranges elegantly though
<sklv> you are describing a numerical solution
<sklv> your problem is dynamic
<jaggz> does solvespace handle you giving it min and max acceptable parameters?
<sklv> you have 2 solutions essentially (wheeldistance1,bedheight2) and (wheeldistance2,bedheight2)
<jaggz> like "this should be at most this long, but it can be less"?
<sklv> i don't think that's within the capabilities of the constraint solver (or the ui) currently
<sklv> but you can do trial and improvement much like in your video
<jaggz> or another type, "it can be from X to Y in length, and shorter (ex. X) is preferable"
<jaggz> I didn't depict some of it in the video, but for this particular mechanism I came up with a way to sort of get it, by setting one position, fixing a length, moving to the other location, fixing the length and allowing freedom in the pivot point location, etc.
<jaggz> an irritating process, and in freecad it led to parts jumping around :/
<sklv> what are you using to create assemblies in freecad
<jaggz> that's all done in the sketch desktop with constraints
<jaggz> I've not yet dealt with assemblies -- only heard about them the first time a couple weeks ago
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<whitequark> jaggz: min/max constraints is an open issue
<whitequark> i'll try to merge it soon
<whitequark> just been a bit swamped with other work lately