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<telemach> is there any way to get struct's declaration similar to @field?
<telemach> oh, it seems to work for declarations
<telemach> @fields I mean; however, now I run into expected type 'fn(*comparable.Comparable, *comparable.Comparable) comparable.Comparison', found '(bound fn(*const comparable.Comparable, *const comparable.Comparable) comparable.Comparison)
<telemach> in the place where explicitly passing declaration doesn't cause type error
<telemach> ah, got it, I need to use @typeOf for my var first
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<kurufu> Does cImport do anything special to get linkages working? I fixed up a translate-c and used that as a normal @import but any calls to c functions end up segfaulting at 0x0 so i assume they just never got linked correctly.
<kurufu> (my fixup was only removing some offending enum members)
<mq32> kurufu: manually using the result of translate-c should work
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<kenaryn> Hello, I want to install zig-mode plugin for Emacs editor. I added the stable MELPA repository into .emacs file, then I updated the package list with `M-x package-refresh-contents` and type the following in order to retrieve the zig plugin: `M-x package-install RET` (i.d. ENTER key pressed) and zig-mode RET.
<kenaryn> Unfortunatly, the package is not found so I tried manually by browsing the repository with `M-x list-packages` RET but there is no "zig-mode" in the repository.
<kenaryn> I am using Debian stable 10.1 and Emacs 26.1 and I want to add that I followed the instructions noticed here: like the github zig-mode repository suggests. Any suggestions please?
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<daurnimator> kenaryn: sorry; I don't think many of the people here are emacs users...
<n_1-c_k> kenaryn, I seem to have a working zig-mode. I think I downloaded it directly from and put it under my ~/.emacs.d.
<n_1-c_k> How to get past this in order to build zig?
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<daurnimator> n_1-c_k: which os?
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<n_1-c_k> daurnimator, debian unstable.
<kenaryn> Thanks for trying to help me. I downloaded zig-mode.el and moved it to "~/.emacs.d/" (nothing happened), then I moved it to "~/.emacs.d/elpa/" but it did nothing. Do you remember whether you ran a command before re-opening Emacs?
<n_1-c_k> kenaryn, ah yes there is another bit, minute...
<kenaryn> :)
<kenaryn> daurnimator, since you declare being a electrical engineer, you opinion matter to me, which editor do you use to develop any software?
<n_1-c_k> kenaryn, I run this at startup, HTH
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<kenaryn> So it is the same code than the 'git clone' alternative, thank you n_1-c_k, I will try it immediatly.
<daurnimator> kenaryn: I use sublime text. I got in the habit of using sublime's multiple cursros and now can't live without its exact semantics
<daurnimator> I don't necessarily recommend it for others; I'm only on it due to muscle memory/inertia at this point
<kenaryn> Allright, I am using sublime-text too but I installed emacs this morning :) It's entry barrier is unbelievable.
<kenaryn> Agreed, it is user-friendly once the keyboard shortcuts are memorized.
<daurnimator> people often find it hard to believe that I don't use/like vim
<bgiannan> kenaryn, doom-emacs is a pretty good emacs distrib if you're looking for an easiy way to install packages and still have a sane configuration
<bgiannan> easy*
<kenaryn> It is not hard to believe but you using vim was indeed my assumption :)
<mq32> just to comment the editor topic: I use Visual Studio Code for Zig because of ceymards autocompletion package :)
<mq32> it's quite handy to have at least basic autocompletion working
<kenaryn> Ahah thanks for sharing mq32 and bgiannan, but I'm determined to learn Emacs(GUI) and use it for the next decade. Its embedded terminal emulator seems very useful to do REPL without resorting to another tool and thereforce decrease the distraction and cognitive load (once well understood of course).
<daurnimator> why embed a terminal in your editor? your editor can already be in a terminal....
<daurnimator> alternatively, use a tiling window manager
<kenaryn> I do not understand, how can I embed sublime-text into a terminal?
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<kenaryn> n_1-c_k Adding the code you pasted (same as the github repository) produce the following error: File-mode specification error (void-variable <!DOCTYPE)
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<n_1-c_k> kenaryn, my bag of ideas is empty... try in #emacs perhaps, g'luck
<kenaryn> After moving 'zig-mode.el' to '$HOME/.emacs.d/lisp/' and editing the path in the same way.
<kenaryn> Allright, thanks again. I'll stay silent or will talk about #zig only.
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<xyproto> I think Go is pretty great for small servers, C++ is pretty great for 3D engines. Where does Zig shine the most? Anything that C is currently used for today?
<scientes> 'small"
<xyproto> or large :)
<mq32> xyproto, Zig is also pretty great for game engines :)
<mq32> but i think it shines in "simplicity". it's easy to write and even more easy to read
<kenaryn> n_1-c_k For information, the zig-mode was in the MELPA bleeding-ede branch repository, not the stable one... lol :) Now I'm a Emacs user :D
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<FireFox317> andrewrk: You forgot to rename the std/special/doc folder to std/special/docs. Currently the -fgenerate-docs cannot find the index.html and main.js to copy to the target directory
<FireFox317> Nice proof of concept btw, looks cool!
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<daurnimator> so.... zig packages.... what will a "package" be?
<daurnimator> e.g. a tarball of sources?
<daurnimator> (given that there isn't an ABI for zig libraries)
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<mq32> daurnimator: i think support for something like "tarball" and "git repository+commithash" would be reasonable
<xyproto> mq32: cool. But if you write a vector library in Zig, is there something like operator overloading for "+" and "-"?
<mq32> nope
<mq32> it's a bit annoying, but i can live with that
<mq32> just fyi, i'm writing game stuff right now, progress of the weekend is this:
<mq32> only dependency to extern code is SDL2 for creating OpenGL context and the window
<daurnimator> mq32: I'm assuming there would be some sort of package metadata format to go with it....
<mq32> as soon as sdl-window is "good enough", i can drop SDL2 as well and be fully set up with zig code only
<mq32> daurnimator, i like packages that just require some "i am a package.filename"-file
<fgenesis> well you COULD reinvent .deb, .rpm, or whatever, and die in metadata hell :B
<xyproto> mq32: if you manage to get zig and sdl2 to work together nicely, I would love a pull request to :)
<mq32> xyproto: "just cInclude SDL.h" :D
<xyproto> mq32: That's one way. :) There are no Zig-friendly SDL2 wrappers?
<mq32> but if you want, i can hack you some example together tomorrow
<xyproto> mq32: that would be appreciated!
<mq32> i don't think someone wrote one
<mq32> because SDL2 is a quite conventient library to be used with zig
<mq32> maybe i'm writing some wrapper one day :D
<mq32> because something like
<mq32> while(SDL.pollEvent()) |event| { switch(event) { .mouseButtonDown => |mbd| { … }, else => { } } }
<mq32> would be aweomse
<mq32> *awesome
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<xyproto> mq32: that would be nifty
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<tgschultz> andrewrk: re: bmp lib being broken w/ LLVM error. Are you ok with a 40MB package or should I trim the test data?
<andrewrk> tgschultz, no problem
<tgschultz> it compresses well, 218k in 7z
<tgschultz> run `zig test bmp_test.zig` to produce the error.
<scientes> looks like you develop on windows
<tgschultz> that's because I do?
<andrewrk> tgschultz, thanks
<tgschultz> it feels odd to be thanked for dumping a bunch of un-simpified code on you
<andrewrk> I should be able to figure it out by looking at the llvm ir code
<scientes> it should be double-star here
<scientes> %9 = getelementptr inbounds %"rgb.PackedBgra(5,5,5,1)", %"rgb.PackedBgra(5,5,5,1)"* %8, i32 0, i32 0, !dbg !8244
<scientes> oh its a struct that has the same type, but it needs a ptrcast from rgb.PackedBgra(5,5,5,1) to [2 x i8]* %9)
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<n_1-c_k> Is this along acceptable lines for suppressing color in runtime error messages?
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<nrdmn> n_1-c_k: I'd write it in multiple lines instead of nesting ifs in a single line
<n_1-c_k> nrdmn, I did! But that's what 'zig fmt' turned it into.
<nrdmn> n_1-c_k: did you use curly braces {}?
<n_1-c_k> nrdmn, no - is that the trick? I'll try it...
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<nrdmn> hmm.. are all those |_| required?
<n_1-c_k> nrdmn, compiler says yes
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<fengb> n_1-c_k: /// Caller must free returned memory.
<fengb> Those functions are designed to be memory managed. The whole error juggle was an attempt to force memory deallocation
<fengb> Each of the `getEnvVarOwned()` calls is a memory leak
<n_1-c_k> fengb: oh! How does one plug that leak?
<fengb> Inside the if (cond) |item|, the "item" needs to be freed by the allocator
<fengb> The else |err| returns an error state, which probably should be checked
<fengb> Since it can error out with OutOfMemory (which isn't falsy), or EnvironmentVariableNotFound (which is falsy in this case), or InvalidUtf8 (which I don't know what this means)
<fengb> I wonder why the Windows version is so complicated
<n_1-c_k> blimey, this is turning into a major project
<fengb> `os.getenv(key)` doesn't require an allocator so it looks a lot simpler, but it doesn't account for Windows
<n_1-c_k> works for me :D
<tgschultz> I think some of the Windows stuff could be cleaned up in std by removing the need for allocation at the cost of a static buffers because env vars and args have known limits.
<fengb> Oh heh
<fengb> wantTtyColor
<fengb> This uses FBA so it handles the leak by shoving it onto the stack
<fengb> Oh so you don't need to handle it! >_>
<fengb> Still probably should handle OOM though since that's a real edge case
<tgschultz> Maybe I should take a look at cleaning up args and env for Win while I'm waiting for bugs to be fixed
<fengb> I wonder if in this case, we should have a different function for 'hasEnvVar
<fengb> Since that's all it's doing, that could be a simple boolean instead of this crazy allocator thing that gets thrown away
* n_1-c_k likes the sound of "simple boolean"
<tgschultz> it would only require a 40k buffer on the stack in _start to just automatically grab the env and arg memory in windows. should be a way to avoid doing that if it is never used though...
<andrewrk> if this buffer is accessed during the call to main() it would not be thread safe
<andrewrk> s/accessed/populated/
<tgschultz> maybe a build option then? checked using @root or whatever it is called?
<andrewrk> that seems fine. it would be on by default and you could disable it, which would turn std.process.getEnvVar & friends into compile errors
<tgschultz> do we have a naming convention for such vars?
<andrewrk> no
<n_1-c_k> Is @root a post-0.5.0 thing? Can't find it in langref.
<tgschultz> I probably didn't call it the right thing
<fengb> "An environment variable has a maximum size limit of 32,767 characters, including the null-terminating character."
<fengb> That seems a little excessive per env var
<tgschultz> env vars share that space
<fengb> Oh it's global space?
<tgschultz> "All environment variables must live together in a single environment block, which itself has a limit of 32767 characters."
<tgschultz> and all args share an 8192 block...I should verify if that is bytes or ucs2 characters though. sounds like it might be ucs2, so that'd total 80k
<andrewrk> ucs2 can still have > 2 byte characters right?
<andrewrk> so that would actually be 128 KB
<tgschultz> I don't think so, UTF16 can, but UCS2 pre-dates the surrogate pairs
<fengb> UCS2 is fixed
<tgschultz> IT's why Windows can have unpaired surrogates in filenames and whatnot
<fengb> But not sure if this is actually UTF16 with bad docs (like JS)
<tgschultz> and it is in chars. the byte limit is 64k, one segment.
<tgschultz> oh wait, I see, the issue is we have to convert whatever windows hands us into UTF8
<tgschultz> ....which could be problematic
<tgschultz> at least in theory.
<mps> anyone can help me with building zig for Alpine linux? build log is here
<mps> and APKBUILD is here
<mps> I must tell that I don't have experience with zig but want to build it for alpine, and start to play and learn
<mps> on alpine default build option is PIE, afaik
<andrewrk> mps, I will create a patch for you to try
<mq32> tgschultz: afaik is windows using UTF-16
<mq32> or an arbitrary 8 bit multibyte-codepage, including support for utf-8
<mps> andrewrk: thanks in advance
<andrewrk> mps, try this patch:
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<mps> ok, will do now
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<fgenesis> mq32: win32 is UCS-2 but with support for surrogate pairs
<fgenesis> (one reason why WTF-8 exists)
<mps> andrewrk: looks like it worked, build goes without error
<mps> now comes hard work to prepare proper apk
<andrewrk> mps, I will run tests and then commit this patch to master
<mps> nice, thanks for help
<mps> btw, any good and simple (ask to much) introductory to zig for C programmers
<mq32> read the docs and then "just do it"
<nrdmn> note that some older docs call UCS-2 "UTF-16"
<mq32> you have to grasp some concepts like "null-pointers in C are optional pointers in zig", "types are just expressions"
<mq32> nrdmn, yeah encoding is a very confusing world
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<mq32> just use codepage 65001 everywhere
<mps> mq32: ok, will do
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<mq32> andrewrk, do you already have some plans about #2915 (unpacked option aliasing)?
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<mps> got it, I mean alpine apk, now in crude form but will refine it in a few days
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<kenaryn> daurnimator, are you there? I would like to ask you a question with regard to sublime-text path environment variable.
<nrdmn> andrewrk: what's the policy for changing or deprecating functions in the standard library? Should I make them output compile time warnings until next release instead of simply removing them?
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<andrewrk> nrdmn, you can break std lib
<nrdmn> alright
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<samtebbs> andrewrk: Thanks for the feedback on my i386-linux PR. I gave it a try and we don't get the same register allocations issues on release-fast, so should I make a new issue for the frame pointer detection? I'd be very happy to give it a try but would like to let anyone interested take it on.
<andrewrk> samtebbs, thanks, yes that sounds good
<samtebbs> andrewrk: Cool :)
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