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<Snektron> Is cache_hash.zig ready for usage in build.zig? i'm trying to write some code generation stuff
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<andrewrk> probably not quite yet
<Snektron> Right. Do you have a recommendation for an alternative approach?
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<leeward> Oh cool, llvm isn't filling in the interrupt vectors when it generates this code. That explains a bit.
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<andrewrk> lemmi, in your hash map example code for Euler 14, is the ensureCapacity intended to be a true upper bound? or is it just a heuristic?
<andrewrk> I'm observing 22022059 puts even though the ensureCapacity sets it to 2000000
<leeward> Right, of course. The linker does that, and llvm uses gcc's linker for avr.
<leeward> \o/ executing Zig code on an AVR, it's not crashing, and functions are working.
<leeward> It's an awful pile of hacks on top of kludges, but it works.
<leeward> And it works in debug mode!
<leeward> Next step: simplify this linker command.
<leeward> andrewrk: It looks like some of the experimental llvm targets use GCC's ld to link. Does Zig have any way to deal with this? If not, I think we'll have to emit .o files and link them in a separate step. I'm certainly not in a hurry to add ld as an actual Zig dependency, but maybe it could use it if it's available?
<andrewrk> it's not planned for zig to ever be a driver of external system tools
<andrewrk> we'll gain support for linking avr within the zig project itself
<andrewrk> our goal is not to catch up to gcc; it's to surpass it :)
<leeward> Ok, so for all the llvm targets that use gcc as a linker the plan is to implement (or add a configuration for) a linker in Zig?
<leeward> I'm guessing that's ultimately true for all the targets llvm has, regardless of how it handles them.
<andrewrk> yes, or ditch the llvm backend altogether in favor of the pure self hosted one
<leeward> Ok, cool. Ambitious, but cool.
<leeward> found a 3A USB power supply, so it's time to try building Zig on an RPi 1B again.
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<yeti> leeward: do you have some public notes about zig+AVR in the net?
<leeward> yeti: not yeti
<yeti> sleep on it... ;-)
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<yeti> is there a way to ask zig/llvm on a system to detect the nedded cpu settings?
<leeward> needed cpu settings for what?
<leeward> like, for targeting your build host?
<yeti> I stlll have crashes on Pi2 and Cubietruck
<leeward> 'cause that's native-native-native
<leeward> or just no -target
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<yeti> te downloaded armhf zig crashes compiling some c files
<yeti> the self build one needes some extra flags not to use wrong instructions
<yeti> zig-bootstapp -j# native-native-native native would work?
<yeti> I've bootstraps running with arm-linux-musleabihf baseline (and nativ) on 2 Pi2 and 2 Cubietrucks but am not really sure that it is the right triple
<yeti> raspian on pi2, devuan on cubie3
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<andrewrk> I need some more hash map benchmarks to figure out if #5786 is an improvement or not
<yeti> Lets hope for no blackouts by thunderstor,... I'm prpard to maybe need to wait a week
<lemmi> andrewrk: i was running straces and just put in a number such that only one allocation was necessary.
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<lemmi> andrewrk: my thought was to not benchmark the allocator, so i just tried a couple of numbers and 2M were good enough.
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<yeti> \o/ thanks!
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<andrewrk> lemmi, makes sense, thanks
<andrewrk> hmm yes I think that is a bug. also you can use @splat(16, true) instead of the array cast
<lemmi> andrewrk: yeah, i had about 10 versions of this and was just short of doubting my sanity :D
<andrewrk> lemmi, it appears to be a bug in @bitCast which you can work around with @ptrCast
<andrewrk> const u = @ptrCast(*const u16, &v).*;
<lemmi> ok, good to know
<lemmi> thx
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