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<FireFox317> even better :) however naming a file llvm.zig is pretty dangerous, because putting functions 'globally' in that file will cause stage1 to emit function names like `` which llvm considers intrinsics ;p
<andrewrk> ohh hmm is that why you originally moved it?
<FireFox317> exactly
<andrewrk> if it's in codegen dir I think stage1 will emit ``
<FireFox317> oh maybe it does yeah, let me check that
<FireFox317> andrewrk, just so you know, on the ci we do not pass the -Denable-llvm flag yet
<andrewrk> ah right
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<andrewrk> meanwhile, I got -femit-h integrated with incremental compilation :)
<FireFox317> Nice!
<pixelherodev> Very nice! :D
<pixelherodev> Ah right, I need to get more CBE work done tommorow :)
<andrewrk> I reworked all of it
<pixelherodev> CBE? Or emit-h in particular?
<andrewrk> all of it
<pixelherodev> Well okay then :)
<pixelherodev> Did you see my PR for it?
<andrewrk> yeah I merged it then reworked all of it
<pixelherodev> Ah, so I should close it?
<andrewrk> no just sit tight, I'm about to push
<pixelherodev> Gotcha :)
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<andrewrk> we're going to need the test harness to support testing updates and making sure the emit-h output is correct
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<FireFox317> andrewrk, renaming and moving of llvm backend files has been added the PR and the testing of all the targets will go in a different PR. goodnight!
<andrewrk> FireFox317, goodnight! nice work!
<pixelherodev> My PR solved the first half, at least
<andrewrk> pushed
* pixelherodev nods
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<andrewrk> and now I think it's finally time for that coding stream I said I was gonna do yesterday
<g-w1> nice, from my profiling it seems analyzeInst and analyzeBody are the most slow functions
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<mikdusan> andrew what if we introduced a new target `abi` of `apple` -> x86_64-macos-apple <- which means "use the SDK. use the apple linker.". I'm not saying to make this the *default* detection, but we need a way to fix this apple stuff and just make it work.
<mikdusan> *andrewrk
<pixelherodev> Or we could choose *not* to send the message of being willing to work around bad choices?
<mikdusan> here's an example... the bundled headers for macos do NOT work with Big Sur SDK. all stop.
<mikdusan> if you take that stance, I guarantee you frameworks will never work except for an EXACT version of framework that is compatible with zig's bundled macos headers.
<mikdusan> and it's an API surface area thing. while our tricks logic may appear to work for a trivial program, the more frameworks that are used, the more likely we get versions butting heads
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<andrewrk> mikdusan, I think you have a good point, let me think about it. I do think there is plenty of room for applications which do not depend on any frameworks
<andrewrk> and we don't bundle any framework headers, just libc
<mikdusan> to target non-framework binaries is simpler indeed. we would just need to shore up > 10.15 OS detection for < 11.0 applications and because /usr/include and libc++ includes/libs are bundled that would defacto mean "x86_64-macos-gnu" means never use Xcode, SDK or external ld.
<mikdusan> ie. in addition to no frameworks, it also means "never use SDKs"
<andrewrk> I think it's a worthy proposal. we have a similar situation happening right now with windows-msvc vs windows-gnu
<mikdusan> yeah the analog i guess would be macos-xcode and macos-gnu (macos-bsd? lol)
<mikdusan> how lame am I <-- just discovered (enabled) github dark
<fengb> Is there a github after dark? 🤔
<pixelherodev> I think I'm going with the "split one big compilation into many small ones" option - figured out a good solution which basically just involves replacing @imports with the equivalent of a header :)
<pixelherodev> Allows doing big compilations with a single root source file, but still breaking it down into one partial compilation unit per input file, then rejoining them later
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<daurnimator> mikdusan: zig treats cross compilation as a first class citizen. apple doesn't. what you're suggesting demotes one of zig's goals.
<mikdusan> I'm seeking to improve macos-hosted builds. cross-compiling to macos need not be effected
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<mikdusan> from a birds eye view, it could just be that zig gears to only require enough headers to build against libSystem (libc) with the understanding that it's limited.
<mikdusan> limited in ways like don't use macos bundled stuff like libc++, libedit, libexpat, etc etc. and of course don't use frameworks.
<mikdusan> and then the recommended way is to use a contributed library for build.zig which has xcode toolchain support.
<mikdusan> that would mean for example the issue that got me back on this,
<mikdusan> that a project depending on 3rd-party { src/deps/imgui, src/deps/sokol },
<mikdusan> would need to build those 3rd parties with build.zig using xcode toolchain support
<mikdusan> that's probably not such a bad thing
* mikdusan shakes magic 8 ball
<mikdusan> apple will continue doing things like this; one day they'll realize /usr/lib is aniquated and drop it completely to make everything frameworks. That can't happen for Big Sur, but could for macos 12.x or 13.x
<mikdusan> s/realize/classify/
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<koakuma> Continuing the sparc64 f128 debugging from yesterday
<koakuma> I found that the cause is what appears to be a miscompilation of the bitcast in compiler_rt.addXf3
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<koakuma> So, the load happens before the result is stored, resulting in garbage values
<koakuma> I'm not familiar with the Zig codegen part, any hint on where should I look?
<ifreund> well, stage1 uses llvm for its codegen so either there's a bug in what it tells llvm to generate or you've found an llvm bug
<ifreund> either way I'd recommend opening a zig issue with all that information as a first step
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<koakuma> Mhm, opened issue 7706 to track this
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<koakuma> The weird thing is that if I make a simple bitcasting function, it gets compiled correctly
<koakuma> It's just that one bitcast in addXf3 that gets miscompiled
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<oats> running 'zig fmt main.zig' gets me this error on windows, for any file:
<oats> error: unable to open 'main.zig': error.Unexpected
<oats> any ideas why that may be?
<oats> oh, seems to be an open issue
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<mikdusan> have an old school function that will either succeed or fail. don't care about reason. return type `bool` or `!void` and `return error.Failure;` ?
<mikdusan> s/old school/simple
<fengb> If the function name indicates the returned status, a bool is fine
<fengb> If it's more mutation based, I'd prefer !void
<ifreund> !void lets you use try
<mikdusan> it's a detection function. param is pointer to struct that gets modified on success. yeah sounds like !void gets thumbs up. thanks
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<pixelherodev> ifreund: try is sugar, code shouldn't be deliberately written for the sake of using sugar, it's there to make other pieces easier to use when you're already using them...
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<justin_smith> pixelherodev: I think the idea here is that you can communicate a "failure" with a true versus false, or by returning an error state, and depending on what you are attempting one or the other might communicate design intent better
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<pixelherodev> justin_smith: I agree with that completely.
<pixelherodev> I don't think "!void lets you use try" should be factored in at all, though.
<olabaz> Hi, I am brand new to zig and I'm trying to compile the hello.zig example in the documentation but it fails.
<ifreund> s/lets you use try/lets you return the error up the call stack if you want/
<pixelherodev> That is, I don't think language features should be considered relevant
<olabaz> the error is: ./test.zig:4:38: error: no member named 'writer' in struct 'std.fs.file.File'
<pixelherodev> olabaz: what version of the compiler?
<ifreund> the sugar is irrelevant here
<olabaz> pixelherodev: how do I check?
<pixelherodev> ifreund: sure, but that's not how you phrased it - I agree with it as rephrased
<ifreund> zig version
<pixelherodev> olabaz: `zig v` ^
<olabaz> 0.6.0
<ifreund> pixelherodev: fair :D
<pixelherodev> Yeah, too old :P
<olabaz> wtf I got it from apt
<pixelherodev> Yeah, that's your problem.
<ifreund> debian is always out of date
<pixelherodev> Debian version is too old :P
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<pixelherodev> To be fair to Debian, that's normally a good thing
<fengb> Try upgrading to 0.7.0 or 0.7.1
<olabaz> can I upgrade from zig or do I need to reinstall the newer version
<fengb> Yeah Debian is always at least 6 months behind
<pixelherodev> I do wish that rapid changes weren't the norm :(
<fengb> has master builds that you can unzip
<pixelherodev> Ideally, Debian would always be up to date because software wouldn't keep chucking in new features
<ifreund> olabaz: zig can't upgrade it itself, you can download a statically linked recent build here:
<fengb> Not packaged but you can run it from anywhere
<fengb> Yeah Debian is designed for stability, not edge :P
<ifreund> pixelherodev: how does software progress then? I for one am not satisfied with the current state of the "linux desktop"
<pixelherodev> ifreund: neither am I, which is why I'm likely going to nuke my last Linux box today.
<fengb> Hell its unstable repo is more stable than most other distro’s lts
<olabaz> should I just grab 0.8.0 or is 0.7.1 stable the better choice
<pixelherodev> There is no 0.8.0...
<pixelherodev> Ahh, master build is labeled as 0.8?
<olabaz> yeah
<ifreund> I guess you're saying "ideally software was already perfect" which would be nice, but sadly not the case
<pixelherodev> ifreund: not what I'm saying at all
<fengb> Most of us run against master
<pixelherodev> ifreund: I'm saying bug fixes and actual improvements only, no feature expansion
<fengb> But 0.7.1 should be pretty stable for a few months
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<pixelherodev> fengb: unless upstream decides to do 1717 at the same time I did ;)
<olabaz> is master the same as master on github?
<ifreund> yes
<fengb> Yes
<ifreund> though the automated builds will lag behind slightly
<olabaz> ok I'll just do that and rebuild every once in a while
<fengb> The “official” versioned release is just a snapshot, not a contract if stability
<olabaz> (clone github)
<pixelherodev> note that building requires LLVM installed
<pixelherodev> Though, if you're on Debian, that's less ofa n issue :P
<fengb> Not yet anyway. 1.0 will be the first actual stable release but that’s in a few years
<pixelherodev> ifreund: to use a better example: a C compiler. My ideal linux distro would reject all patches to a C compiler other than bug fixes for Debian-lengths of time. No optimizations would be added until there's been at least a year without a single bug report about it, for instance.
<olabaz> oh I don't have llvm
<pixelherodev> ifreund: A better way to put it is that I don't want *my OS* to be giving me code others wrote to experiment.
<pixelherodev> Linux distros don't curate finely enough in my opinion
<pixelherodev> Alternate distinction: I like Arch's split of the AUR.
<fengb> I wish Arch offered easier ways of distributing binaries
<pixelherodev> I want the core official repo to be fully usable with actual software (not minimal, but *curated*)
<pixelherodev> I want a repo for which every package is *actually inspected* fully by the distro - anything for which that's unreasonable gets rejected out of hand
<pixelherodev> I want, in short, Oasis Linux :P
<fengb> Nobody in Arch really distributes prepackaged stuff like .deb
<fengb> Even though it’s possible
<pixelherodev> Maybe I should switch to Oasis+Nix instead of nuking it entirely...
<pixelherodev> Or Oasis+bespoke-package-manager :P
<pixelherodev> ... or, you know, oasis and that's it? That actually sounds perfectly reasonable for me
<ifreund> pixelherodev: you might be interested in this nix/guix-inspired but with less C++/glib package manager:
<ifreund> though it is admittedly quite obscure currently
<companion_cube> Let me guess, it's written in Janet?
<ifreund> C and Janet
<ifreund> Janet is used for the package definitions
<justin_smith> in a test I'm using an array literal to provide input to a function that takes a slice, I see the message "error: array literal requires address-of operator to coerce to slice type '[][]Placement" - what does that look like syntactically?
<fengb> &[_]Placement{}
<justin_smith> fengb: great, thanks
<justin_smith> fengb: I'm still having trouble - it's a 2d array and I can't seem to combine the declarations and nested declarations that make the compiler happy
<ifreund> &[_][]Foo{&[_]Foo{}}
<ifreund> whoops, need a const there
<justin_smith> I got expected type '[]Placement', found '*const [2]Placement'
<ifreund> &[_][]const Foo{&[_]Foo{}}
<justin_smith> ahh
<justin_smith> ifreund: I think this is getting closer but the error looks a lot like what I started with:
<ifreund> justin_smith: your place_tile function requires mutable slices
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<justin_smith> ifreund: oh right, of course it does, and I can't do that with literals
<ifreund> you need to declare each inner array as it's own mutable stack variable
<pixelherodev> companion_cube, ifreund: janet?
<ifreund> pixelherodev: the most sane lisp ive seen so far:
<ifreund> justin_smith: here:
<ifreund> pixelherodev: sorry, that link probably doesn't work with your browser:
<justin_smith> ifreund: I think it's a good sign that that looks like what I ended up with, still getting: "error: expected type '*[][]Placement', found '*[2][]Placement'"
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<ikskuh> marler8997: i assume you didn't see/follow the PR that created the original problem in the first place?
<ifreund> why does place_tile expect a pointer to a slice?
<ifreund> that seems very odd
<ifreund> justin_smith: this is how you would do that though
<justin_smith> ifreund: probably because of my relative ignorance of the language, it's probably fixable
<marler8997> ikskuh, I believe I followed it but I didn't realize SocketNotConnected was a compile-time error (not a runtime error)
<ifreund> but I'd be surprised if this is really what you want
<marler8997> but then why is it a SendToError? would it also be a codebug when returned by sendto as well?
<justin_smith> ifreund: what likely happened was I was shotgun debugging an unexpected result and ended up changing the slice into a pointer to slice and never changed it back
<ikskuh> Because you can call sendto on both UDP and TCP sockets
<marler8997> not following
<marler8997> why would it be a runtime bug for sendto, but not send?
<marler8997> a *runtime error (not bug)
<g-w1> is this correct? it works (top level) `const x: u32 = {return 5;}; pub fn main() void {@compileLog(x);}` (stage1)
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<pixelherodev> ifreund: uhh
<pixelherodev> the github link worked fine lol
<g-w1> that seems like a stage1 bug to me
<pixelherodev> Github is trash on *any* browser, but it's *viewable* trash even w/o JS :P
<pixelherodev> is still muchhhh nicer on mothra though
<ifreund> g-w1: indeed :D
<g-w1> it was found by a beginner on discord who just stumbled across it because they didn't know the blk: syntax yet. probably should be fixed
<g-w1> and it segfaults stage2. :)
<marler8997> ikskuh?
<ikskuh> i am here, but occupied
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<olabaz> is there a difference in either compile time/exe size if I @import("std") vs just @import("std").debug.print
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<ifreund> olabaz: no
<ifreund> the zig compiler analyzes all code lazily
<pixelherodev> Not remotely, no
<pixelherodev> I'd even say that any system in which it made a difference was poorly designed :P
<lf94> > using mothra to browse the web
<lf94> you just just be mounting remote fs :)
<pixelherodev> not when the remote is a HTTP server I don't ;)
<lf94> that sucks :D
<lf94> does have an api?
<lf94> for example, to list projects
<ikskuh> marler8997: not sure why that decision was made
<ikskuh> imho it should be a mistake in both cases
<olabaz> when I run zig test tests.zig I only get "All 1 tests passed" but it doesn't say the name like in the docs 1/1 test "string literals"... OK
<g-w1> thats because it is piped in the docs so the terminal escape codes dont work. you can pipe to less: `zig test test.zig 2>&1 | less` to get everything
<olabaz> I see, thanks
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<marler8997> ikskuh, ok thanks for clearing that up
<marler8997> although, I'm not sure on all platforms and in all cases, it's not possible for send to return ENOTCONN or WSAENOTCONN because of a disconection (i.e. it would be a runtime error in this case)
<marler8997> documentation seems a little hazy on it
<olabaz> why is S.x in the namespaced_global.zig example in the doc a global variable. Shouldn't S not exist after exiting the function foo()?
<olabaz> I would expect you need a keyword like "static" in C?
<fengb> All container variables are global
<ifreund> S is just a name for the type of the struct declared there
<ifreund> the struct type itself is "static" if you will, and variables declared within it are also static in the C sense/globabl
<ifreund> note that files are also structs
<olabaz> oh so S is a definition of the struct it's not an instance of one
<ifreund> right, @TypeOf(S) is type
<olabaz> can I redefine S?
<olabaz> oh I guess not cuz it's const
<ifreund> indeed, and types are required to be const by the language
<olabaz> so I can't change the number/types of the fields but I can change their default values
<olabaz> ?
<g-w1> no, you cant change anything
<g-w1> think of it as defining a struct
<olabaz> but it seems like S.x += 1 is changing the value of x
<olabaz> field
<olabaz> so if I were to declare something of type S before and after calling foo() one would have its .x = 1234 and the other .x = 1235?
<g-w1> no, S is the type of the struct. do`var t = S { .x = 5}; t.x= 6;`
<fengb> S.x is a declaration, not a field. It’s like a static variable in Java
<g-w1> a field looks like this `const S = struct { x: u32 };`
<olabaz> ah I see
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<olabaz> ok I think I get it. And this value S.x can only be accessed from within foo() and only by calling S.x?
<g-w1> check this example out.
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<marler8997> ikskuh, I'm looking into removing SocketNotConnected, however, I think there are use cases for it
<marler8997> for example, when you have multiple threads that have a socket handle, the way to signal the socket to be closed is to call shutdown on it
<marler8997> that can cause the program to call "send" or "recv", and that may produce an ENOTCONN
<marler8997> right?
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