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<justin_smith> marijnfs: I'd usually use "1 << N" to create the operand, then use ^ to xor the two
<Gliptic> if it's a [32]u8, you need to compute which byte as well
<marijnfs> ok then I need logic to find the right u8 and work with that
<marijnfs> yeah
<ifreund> you could consider checking out std.PackedIntArray()
<marijnfs> that sounds interesting
<ifreund> though I don't know how well it'll map to whatever else you are doing
<marijnfs> although in general I like the simplicity of [32]u8
<marijnfs> yeah I also make an AutoHashMap with it e.g.
<marijnfs> probably starts to get annoying
<justin_smith> marijnfs: to find the byte for a given bit offset, you could use "N >> 3"
<justin_smith> then "N & 7" to find the offset in that byte - I thin
<justin_smith> k
<justin_smith> but maybe PackedIntArray is easier
<ifreund> you can also cast to the PackedIntArray and back if you want of course
<marijnfs> justin_smith: yeah i'm using / and % 256 for now;)
<marijnfs> but he doesn't like my shift
<marijnfs> : LHS of shift must be a fixed-width integer type, or RHS must be compile-time known
<marijnfs> id[byte_id] = id[byte_id] ^ (1 << bit_id);
<marijnfs> bit_id is a usize
<Gliptic> you need a specific type for that "1"
<ifreund> probably @as(u8, 1)
<ifreund> and bit_id would need to be a u3
<marijnfs> zig is picky
<marijnfs> ifreund: ok that worked, has to @intCast to u3.
<ifreund> can't just make it a u3?
<Gliptic> does zig understand that x & y becomes the narrower width integer of the two?
<Gliptic> if so, you'd think x & @as(u3, 7) would work
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<kameliya[m]> that'd be neat
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