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<dimenus> *magic
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<qbit> i have yet to experience the magic directly :D
<qbit> mac m1 and openbsd (which has a wrapper / some patches that are needed)
<mikdusan> which version of openbsd?
<qbit> snapshots
<qbit> (0.8.0-somethin has landed in ports)
<mikdusan> my recent bouts with openbsd building llvm (not with bootstrap but my own script),
<mikdusan> (with llvm 12.0.0-rc3)
<mikdusan> is that system linker (i think it's lld) borks on a couple of really really large files and emits them without symbols
<qbit> oo - ya i don't know of llvm 12 on openbsd
<qbit> 11 is in snapshots
<mikdusan> so the workaround was to force cmake to use -O3 which caused binary size to reduce and those same files became ok
<qbit> oh whoa
<qbit> crazy
<mikdusan> and why? because cmake is system patched. to NOT OPTIMIZE. Release does not use any -O option at all
<mikdusan> here's what I ended up doing on openbsd to build llvm12.
<qbit> cool
<mikdusan> dimenus: how far did you get?
<qbit> are you on snapshots?
<mikdusan> qbit: nah just 6.8
<g-w1> TheLemonMan: ah thanks for the patch :)
<dimenus> mikdusan: still working on building llvm for serenity
<fengb> Why does it not optimize by default?
<dimenus> i should probably just try making a static elf binary and copying to the image
<mikdusan> have you ever? I've never!
<dimenus> the modifications to llvm itself for a new target are minor, but cmake on the other hand....
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<andrewrk> mikdusan, have a look at tools/update_clang_options.zig
<mikdusan> andrewrk: thanks found it. working on a patch to treat `-dynamiclib` in same manner as `-shared`
<andrewrk> mikdusan, that should be a very simple patch, adding another array element to known_options
<mikdusan> yup 5 liner
<mikdusan> it's more testing and putting the before/after in github comments :P
<andrewrk> :)
* andrewrk takes the new progress bar for a spin
<mikdusan> wha hey now pics :)
<andrewrk> hmm this is slightly worse:
<andrewrk> the part where it does not improperly wrap is nice though :)
<Snektron> How far along is the zig cc/zig c++ part of the llvm12 branch? I need some c++20 features on a remote machine which doesn't have a capable compiler (and i'm not authorized to install one), so zig is probably the easiest option.
<andrewrk> Snektron, let me sync master right now. afaik it's working fine. what target(s)?
<Snektron> x86
<Snektron> (_64)
<andrewrk> Snektron, ok master is merged in. it should work flawlessly, let me know if you run into anything
<Snektron> Alright, thanks. I need a musl version of the llvm12 libraries in order to build a musl version of zig, right?
<andrewrk> no
<andrewrk> let me sync the zig-bootstrap repo and you'll have an easy time I think
<Snektron> That was my guess as well :) thanks for syncing for me
<andrewrk> np
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<andrewrk> mikdusan, you're only supposed to edit clang_options_data.zig indirectly, by modifying tools/update_clang_options.zig
<mikdusan> ah ok will fix
<daurnimator> TIL MREMAP_MAYMOVE is a thing
<andrewrk> Snektron, zig-bootstrap, master branch, is what you want I think
<Snektron> thanks a lot
<andrewrk> np
<g-w1> so zig-bootstrap has llvm12 but zig has llvm11?
<andrewrk> g-w1, llvm12 branch has llvm12. zig-bootstrap master branch tracks zig llvm12 branch and llvm release/12.x branch
<g-w1> ah
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<mikdusan> heh byte-for-byte identical :)
<andrewrk> nice :)
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<mikdusan> it occurs to me all this .td and tbl-gen stuff... if one were to write llvm in zig today... that's all comptime stuff
<mikdusan> but if really really heavy, yeah I get it might be preferable to pregen
<andrewrk> yep
<Snektron> hm, i'm running into a problem. I've compiled everything using zig-bootstrap for target native-native-musl with mcpu=native also.
<Snektron> Zig cc now reports native-native-unknown-musl as target, and some component of my build system (meson) isn't able to deal with that.
<Snektron> It seems meson passes `-E -dM -` to `zig cc`, and it indeed reports that as problematic
<mikdusan> error: macho does not support linking multiple objects into one
<andrewrk> Snektron, what is the problem? zig cc not handling those cli args correctly?
<Snektron> I'm not sure whats the desired result here honestly wrt to cross compiling. Setting CXX to `zig c++ -target x86_64-linux-musl` instead of `zig c++` makes everything work.
<daurnimator> oh that reminds me; we need to add support for x86_64-v2 and v3
<daurnimator> or at least figure out our equivalents
<Snektron> if i run `echo | zig cc -E -dM -` on my local build everything works, but the same doesn't work with the native-native-unknown-musl version.
<mikdusan> daurnimator: is that a clang or gcc or both thing?
<daurnimator> botg
<daurnimator> both
<andrewrk> daurnimator, that's already supported with -mcpu=x86_64_v2
<mikdusan> i was just looking at llvm triples source code and x86_64_v2 is not an "arch"
<andrewrk> Snektron, what's the meson error message?
<Snektron> Note that that error is generated by `zig cc -E -dM -`
<mikdusan> i don't think "native" is understood by clang. is meson passing it because you told it to?
<Snektron> No, this is `CXX="zig c++" meson ..` with zig cc obtained from zig-bootstrap with `build native-native-musl native`
<Snektron> zig cc -> zig
<mikdusan> oh so when the file is read from stdin, we're not converting the target triple
<daurnimator> andrewrk: okay cool :)
<Snektron> Im not sure the file being read in from stdin has anything to do with it, its invoked without stdin
<andrewrk> Snektron, can you run `ZIG_VERBOSE_CC=1 zig cc -E -dM -` with the broken build?
<andrewrk> I want to see what we're passing to clang
<Snektron> No output
<andrewrk> give it a ctrl+d
<Snektron> (Apart from the error message, that is)
<Snektron> This is all there is
<mikdusan> put a `-v` on the zig cc command line
<Snektron> Seems like the rc3 version of llvm is still missing a feature required for my project, though master seems to contain it according to godbolt. I think its a problem in libcxx, would i just be able to update the libcxx sources in the zig directory to master and expect it to work?
<mikdusan> Snektron: and what I saw before is if I switched from `-E ... -` to `-E ... empty.c` a valid -triple is sent to cc1
<Snektron> yep, it seems you're right
<andrewrk> is zig passing 'native-native-unknown-musl' to llvm or clang? we have a function for passing a proper llvm triple and it won't have "native" in it
<andrewrk> I want to know where that 'native-native-unknown-musl' string is getting generated / passed to llvm/clang
<mikdusan> all we see is the cc1 so can't tell
<mikdusan> wait. strace. lol
<mikdusan> oh that won't work. embedded.
<andrewrk> it will work
<andrewrk> Snektron, re: libcxx that is worth a try
<Snektron> Alright, will try that tomorrow.
<andrewrk> Snektron, I have a workaround for you - in build script change -DLLVM_DEFAULT_TARGET_TRIPLE="$TARGET" to x86_64-linux-unknown-musl
<andrewrk> but we should really find out where zig is incorrectly allowing llvm to use this value instead of overriding it
<Snektron> Especially strange since its only the case when reading from stdin. At least it narrows the places to look.
<andrewrk> zig unconditionally passes -target. I think it's an llvm bug
<andrewrk> but I expect the workaround to work
<Snektron> Anyway thanks for the workaround. Ill also try that tomorrow, its getting late
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<mikdusan> go go zig1.o
<mikdusan> punt_to_clang
<mikdusan> exits before nativeTargetInfo is used and all that jazz
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<andrewrk> ah yep there it is
<mikdusan> looking into it. tricky. -target can come before -E or after.
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<mikdusan> heh when drone ci times out at 2 hours:
<mikdusan> docgen example code 233/267...OK
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<mikdusan> not highlighting
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<mikdusan> oh hah press-share-button
<mikdusan> that is nice
<mikdusan> I wish github has a selective highlighter for syntax-colored langs. tired of overloading `diff` and losing subject syntax colors
<mikdusan> andrewrk: #8232 is pr for `zig cc -E -` bug with Snektron; was kind of hoping it would be fewer lines :(
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<s-ol> is there any way to generate functions as decls in a struct (at comptime)?
<s-ol> I want to wrap a C library that wraps C++ code. It has lots of struct types that contain function pointers (which are optional when cImport'ed) in different sub-structs
<s-ol> I want to generate a wrapper-type around one such struct that lifts up that creates one decl-function for each vtable-field that is a function-pointer. The decl-function should then delegate to the vtable-fp
<s-ol> I can use @typeInfo() to look into the vtable and get the fps and their types, but can I even declare functions? Do I need to generate zig code in a separate build step and then import it in a later one to make this happen?
<ifreund> I think you would need to get close to that, though I'm not sure if event that would be enough
<ifreund> I bet there's another way to achieve what you want though. Code generation in a build step would certainly work but I'm not sure it's necessary
<ifreund> s-ol: is the issue just that the function pointers are optional so they aren't very ergonomic to call directly?
<s-ol> ifreund: that, and there are two layers of C pointer-nesting to get to them
<s-ol> the base type is struct{ vtable: [*c]struct{ IfaceA: [*c]struct { method: ?fn(...), ... }, IfaceB: [*c]struct { ... } } }
<s-ol> ah, I didn't know #6709 wasn't implemented, that explains what I hit the other day doing something simpler. So this kind of type-generation is a nogo currently then
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<ifreund> s-ol: what library is this out of curiousity?
<s-ol> they have a C interface, but its built on vararg-defines which zig doesn't translate
<s-ol> the methods are "wrapped" like this:
<s-ol> # define IEngineFactoryVk_CreateDeviceAndContextsVk(This, ...) CALL_IFACE_METHOD(EngineFactoryVk, CreateDeviceAndContextsVk, This, __VA_ARGS__)
<s-ol> # define CALL_IFACE_METHOD(Iface, Method, This, ...) (This)->pVtbl->Iface.Method((I##Iface*)(This), ##__VA_ARGS__)
<s-ol> both macros aren't translated, so I'm just left with the base struct type (the "This")
<s-ol> My first thought was just to make a proper C wrapper with a header file, but there's no easily machine-readable info about arguments and argument-types, so zig's cImport is actually the best starting point I have atm
<ifreund> hmm, yeah I see the problem
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<s-ol> going down the code-gen route, whats a good way to replace the module name in an @typeName() like "[*c].cimport:3:11.struct_IRenderDevice" with a known constant?
<s-ol> e.g. here I would like to replace '.cimport:3:11' with just 'c' and emit a 'const c = @cImport...' above
<s-ol> what are the :3:11 there? it looks like a position in a file but they are all the same
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<ifreund> s-ol: I think that's the location of the @cImport() in your zig file
<ifreund> s-ol: also one workaround to avoid the codegen I thought of, this should be possible:
<ifreund> fn call(self:*IEngineFactoryVk, method: Method()) (function pointer type)
<ifreund> Method would be an enum of all the methods of the interface
<ifreund> and the function pointer return type would be determined at comptime based on that enum
<ifreund> usage would look like, arg2)
<ifreund> not ideal, but maybe better than codegen?
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<ifreund> s-ol: also with regard to the cimport type, struct_IRenderDevice would be what you actually use in code
<ifreund> the line numbers are just for the compiler error message since type names may not be unique
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<ifreund> actually, translate-c should generate an alias for the type so just IRenderDevice should work
<mps> is it possible to build zig 0.7.1 without some targets (hexagon in my current case) and how?
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<s-ol> ifreund: that sounds comfortable enough actually, i will give it a try
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<txdv> Can I comptime read a file, parse the json and embed the values into my binary?
<ifreund> txdv: @embedFile() will give you the file contents as bytes at comptime
<ifreund> so yes
<ifreund> as for parsing the json at comptime, that's actually the example on the homepage:
<txdv> This is crazy, I have seen so many times when people generate C code from XML or another annotation language, where they have listed for example OP CODE of their virtual machine and in zig it seems like you can do that within zig
<txdv> That example is comptime?
<txdv> O, since everything is just an expression it can actually do that
<ifreund> txdv: all global variables must be initialized at comptime
<ifreund> so yeah the json parsing in that example happens at comptime
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<dimenus> the simplicity you get from everything being the same language cannot be overstated
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<ugla> I was reading about a new Rust feature (const generics) and tried it in Zig, and it just worked. I also tried some of the planned future features to expand on const generics, and that also worked.
<andrewrk> haha
<ugla> I like Rust for some things, but it's so sweet how a few carefully chosen features can replace a whole ton of them.
<andrewrk> comptime is a really nice language simplification
<ugla> Yeah :)
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<dimenus> andrewrk: i submitted a very small pr for zig-bootstrap fyi, just adding a line to cmake. I was unable to get llvm12 to build when my host had llvm11
<dimenus> it matched the wrong llvm-config
<andrewrk> dimenus, hmm interesting. we're actually wanting cmake to hit the last block in the else-if chain tho for the zig-bootstrap case
<andrewrk> we might need another cmake option to force it
<dimenus> andrewrk: in this case i was building native baseline so it triggered the native case rather than the last else block
<andrewrk> yeah I see
<dimenus> another cmake option is probably better
<yyp> I think it should be submitted to upstream ziglang/zig repo instead of zig-bootstrap which just vendors it
<andrewrk> dimenus, do you mind handing this off to me and I solve it a different way?
<andrewrk> thanks for the initial investigation :)
<dimenus> andrewrk: not a problem
<dimenus> i figured it might not be the most optimal solutoin and might just start the conversation
<dimenus> *solution
<andrewrk> yeah you did the hard part already
<dimenus> yyp: understood, i thought about that but this is an interesting case since the zig folder isn't a submodule, its just a specific snapshot in time
<yyp> Yeah, that's werid. Submodules do the same (snapshot in time)
<dimenus> true
<andrewrk> dimenus, mind testing this for me?
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<mps> andrewrk: sorry for impatience but have you seen my question above, i.e 'is possible to build zig 0.7.1 without some targets (hexagon in my current case) and how?'
<mps> people on alpine waits and asks about 3 months for zig 0.7.1, when it will be upgraded
<mps> llvm11 on alpine disabled hexagon target because some tests failed on some arches
<andrewrk> since a primary use case of zig is cross compiling, you have to patch/fork zig if you want to disable targets. it's not officially supported
<mps> ah, ok. will wait few days, maybe someone will fix llvm in meantime
<mps> if not, patch is only option
<mikdusan> andrewrk: wrt #8218, what is the goal of -fcompiler-rt; to resolve what is _needed_ of compiler-rt and thus just have local defs, or embed _all_ syms and have global defs?
<mikdusan> I slapped together a "_ = @import("compiler_rt.zig") thing in start.zig, based on a new builtin.embed_compiler_rt and it works, but it _all_ syms are there right now.
<yyp> mps: how did you even get LLVM 11 on Alpine?
<ifreund> uh, alpine has an llvm package?
<yyp> Yes but it only gives llvm10
<yyp> Even on edge I think
<yyp> wut
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<yyp> Looks like my apk configuration got messed up and it didn't find it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
<mps> yyp: I didn't, some other developer made it and for long time, from llvm3 iirc
<mps> yyp: sorry, misunderstood your question
* yyp realizes that entire three hours of bootstrapping LLVM were useless as it already was in the repos
<mps> llvm11 is pushed last night
<yyp> that was too late
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<mps> heh, Date: Sat Mar 13 09:22:44 2021 +0100
<mikdusan> andrewrk: here's where I am at; if this is wrong approach let me know :)
<mps> git commit
<andrewrk> mikdusan, interesting idea, doing it with start.zig. So let's break this problem down:
<andrewrk> when building a static library, -fcompiler-rt means there should be a compiler_rt object inside the static archive
<mikdusan> and 100% syms ?
<mps> yyp: no, sorry, date is Fri Mar 12 22:51:34 2021 +0100
<andrewrk> note that we build it with -ffunction-sections so that the linker can strip unused functions, and we also export all the symbols weak, so that someone can override any of the symbols if they want to
<mikdusan> yup with you so far
<andrewrk> for ELF, LLD actually supports linking two object files together into one. we currently take advantage of that right now. this is nice because the -ffunction-sections applies only to compiler_rt and not the rest of the zig code
<andrewrk> for the use case of build-obj combined with -fcompiler-rt, likely the situation is that the user is plugging zig into an existing build system, and perhaps a different linker. they just want the .zig code to work, which requires compiler-rt functions
<andrewrk> ideally the unused functions would get stripped, but if that's not possible, we'd rather have them all than none
<mikdusan> ok how about this. do we have ability at comptime to export vs. not export
<andrewrk> yes
<andrewrk> but we don't know until LLVM's optimizer finishes running (at the very end) what compiler_rt functions we need
<mikdusan> effen llvm.
<mikdusan> what's an example code path I can use in .zig to force llvm to need a compiler_rt sym?
<andrewrk> target a 32 bit architecture and do multiplication on a u64
<mikdusan> ok. I'll tinker with this a bit
<andrewrk> I think the null hypothesis here is to have -fcompiler-rt used with build-obj to, in stage1, do the equivalent of `_ = @import("compiler_rt")`
<andrewrk> then we would do that for non-ELF targets
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<andrewrk> mikdusan, btw thanks for taking a look into this :) I happen to know rtfeldman - the one interested in this working - and he's working on an interesting project that I think will be announced soon, rumor has it there is some zig powering it :)
<mikdusan> nice
<andrewrk> mikdusan, also thanks for #8232 - give me a bit of time to look into whether we want to try to go through the rest of addCCArgs as well, maybe punt_to_clang would have other issues as well
<andrewrk> we might need to make the control flow go through the main way that clang is invoked
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<mikdusan> sure. #8232 smells for sure. if you want the control flow reworked let me know.
<andrewrk> mikdusan, I have another approach for you to try- punt_to_clang is only supposed to be called for trivial stuff like --help and "no input files"
<andrewrk> I think all we need to do is adjust the logic that detects if there are no input files to include `-` as counting as an input file (stdin)
<mikdusan> ok so let it fall thru and hit the cases below. got it.
<andrewrk> then `clang_preprocessor_mode = .stdout` happens and I think everything else will work correctly
<andrewrk> because we already have the "passthrough_mode" concept, which will be enabled in this case
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<dimenus> andrewrk: will do
<andrewrk> dimenus, hold on I already found a problem and fixed it and am pushing the fix
<andrewrk> dimenus, pushed. I'm pretty sure the issue is solved now
<dimenus> andrewrk: sounds good, thanks for your help
<andrewrk> np, thanks for the initial exploration
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<aconbere> Hi! I'm new to Zig and wanted to try out some network programming. I figured I would just do some simple open socket, read bytes, write bytes stuff to get a feel for the language. I saw that zig has the net library the std lib, and thought I would copy from that to get a simple address list and start messing around.
<aconbere> However, I can't actually get the code from the std lib to compile?
<aconbere> This line in particular fails on my box because AI_NUMERICSRV isn't in std.os.linux (which is seems is what os.system is referencing?)
<aconbere> I don't see this error if I build zig from scratch
<aconbere> Can anyone help me grok what's going on? :-D
<waleee-cl> aconbere: the key point was "build zig from scratch". Did you try the code from the github repo on zig 0.7 ?
<aconbere> hmmm, I built off of master which I assume is 0.8 + some in progress stuff?
<aconbere> I'm running 0.8 locally
<aconbere> 0.8.0-dev.1431+c760532be
<waleee-cl> that looks sufficiently sparkling new at least
<aconbere> If point at `std.c.AI_NUMERICSERV` my compiler can find the value
<aconbere> I see the same issue with getaddrinfo
<aconbere> anyway I'm just kinda... wondering if lib/std/net.zig does something special here
<aconbere> I figure worst case this is a good learning opportunity
<waleee-cl> I think you might be better off looking at for usage of
<aconbere> Hmmmm to be clear, is a subset of the unix sockets api
<aconbere> I was looking to mess around with the sockets api directly
<aconbere> and so I was using to learn how to ... make syscall and interface with underlying os apis
<aconbere> But! What I found was that, when I tried to do what they did in it didn't work when I tried to compile it :)
<waleee-cl> Pastebin the stuff you tried out?
* aconbere tries to clear a number of other errors haha
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<aconbere> This is the error I get when trying to compile
<aconbere> (along with errors about how it can't allocPrint)
<aconbere> I get further if I switch to std.c.* but it says I need to say I'm using libc in the build
<aconbere> but the help for build doesn't seem to say how haha
<waleee-cl> wrong paste
<aconbere> ah lovely
<aconbere> right there in the learning site derp
<aconbere> Still leaves me confused about why net.zig compiles :-D