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<companion_cube> funny how these things happen
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<LewisGaul> Is it possible for a Zig function to return a tuple, and if so how do you declare the return type?
<g-w1> std.meta.Tuple iirc, but it might not work
<LewisGaul> ah is that what's used by formatting calls like `print("{s}", .{"hi"})` ?
<g-w1> no, it just uses anytype since it is an argument
<g-w1> anytype isn't allowed for return types
<g-w1> (yet)
<ifreund> I think that proposal got rejected?
<LewisGaul> yeah that rings a bell. I can just use an array for now if there's no native support for returning tuples
<g-w1> does std.meta.Tuple not work?
<LewisGaul> I haven't tried it to be honest, I only wanted to reach for tuple as I thought it was a native zig concept and seemed a better fit, but using `std.meta` feels like overkill in this case
<g-w1> iirc in the future it will be `struct { u32, usize, ...... }
<g-w1> but not sure
<LewisGaul> from looking through issues that seemed to be an accepted proposal - wasn't sure what the status on it was :)
<ifreund> yeah I think `struct { u32, usize, ... }` is planned
<LewisGaul> I will await that, LGTM
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<andrewrk> g-w1, that field is *zir.Inst in master branch - it's not new
<andrewrk> when you reference an identifier, if it matches a LocalVal in scope, it will be a reference to that ZIR instruction
<andrewrk> ifreund, g-w1: I'm about to take on a new task. any toes to avoid stepping on?
<ifreund> andrewrk: I'm done for the night, don't have anything WIP here
<andrewrk> cheers!
<andrewrk> regarding test suite, it's test/stage/* and `zig build test-stage2` runs it
<andrewrk> oops, test/stage2/*
<andrewrk> once stage2 gets further along, we'll start running the regular behavioral tests on it
<andrewrk> we can even do some code coverage analysis to help come up with more test cases :)
<g-w1> im trying vardecl rn
<g-w1> kinda there
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<ifreund> I think I'm equiped to do if/for/while when I get time
<g-w1> also porting the zyg test suite to bash at the same time, so we'll se which one gets done first :P
<ifreund> might try and unify everything like we do in zig fmt
<ifreund> (i cleane up that code recently as well :D
<andrewrk> ifreund, it would be sweet to unify test/stage{1,2} and have a declarative way to specify a test and say like, "this one passes for both", "this one passes for 1 but not 2", "this one passes for 2 but not 1"
<andrewrk> at least for, e.g., compile errors
<ifreund> yeah that would be nice
<ifreund> we'll need that infrastructure long-term to maintain the bootstrapping compiler as well
<andrewrk> yeah. also would be nice to have a way to load test cases at runtime so we don't have to rebuild the test harness all the time
<ifreund> indeed, stage1 is slow :/
<g-w1> yeah ive had that problem a lot
<andrewrk> lots of ergonomic improvement potential in the test harness
<g-w1> have you done anything with start2 yet?
<andrewrk> not yet
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<powerofzero> Hi, I was reading #8284 on GitHub, and that proposal, by my reading, assumes a model where the end binary's package manager will resolve all transitive dependencies. Is this something that has been decided for the official package manager?
<andrewrk> powerofzero, it has not been definitively decided yet
<andrewrk> I will say that I am amenable to the idea that the end binary has final say about such things
<powerofzero> Thanks
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<g-w1> andrewrk: it seems like you partially updated varDecl already? is this true?
<g-w1> like some of the things deal with LazySrcLocs
<andrewrk> yeah I did that for 1 or 2 things
<g-w1> ok cool
<g-w1> hopefully alomst done with varDecl
<andrewrk> nice. I'm moving on to `if`
<g-w1> andrewrk: im off to bed, but it probably needs a review, although it works with my prelimanary tests on the cli
<g-w1> its a nice exersize to understand a codebase to kind of rewrite it :)
<andrewrk> indeed! good night
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<powerofzero> Is there a conviently packaged way to build and link C dependancies of C code built with build.zig?
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<txdv> what is the song in the beginning ?
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<txdv> Nypsie: <3
<jokoon> what's the most commonly used zig 3d engine used around here? didot?
<jokoon> I wish I could use zig on android
<jokoon> Zig seems to borrow some "pythonic" features
<jokoon> It's really a cool language
<jokoon> it's like C++ but simpler and without the complicated stuff, only the simple things that are in C
<jokoon> It's hard to describe the feeling I have towards zig, but it seems to be the language I was looking for a long time
<companion_cube> jokoon: what's pythonic about it?
<jokoon> the 'f'*4
<jokoon> results in a string
<ifreund> I think you mean "foo" ** 4
<txdv> seems like its spring agian
<txdv> yeah, zig is a clean uped version of C
<companion_cube> heh, fair enough
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<jokoon> so array are always static sized, right? there aren't containers like std::vector or std::map?
<txdv> Currently I am looking at raylibs api: void SetWindowState(unsigned int flags)
<txdv> I realized that flags in C are implemented using macros
<dutchie> jokoon: std.ArrayList
<txdv> And now I'm looking at the API and I have no idea how to search for the actual flags, because the type is unsigned int and there is nothing in the type system that argument to the macros
<dutchie> and std.AutoHashMap and friends
<dutchie> most of the time if you want a variable sized array in signatures you use slices though
<daurnimator> jokoon: the standard library is full of container types
<jokoon> their doc lack examples
<jokoon> oh wait nevermind
<ifreund> jokoon: look at the tests in the same source file for examples
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<dutchie> at the moment, reading the source code is much better than the generated docs
<dutchie> as a side bonus, you get to see examples of idiomatic zig code
<companion_cube> is it the plan that the stdlib would also be specified (like the STL) and have several implementations?
<companion_cube> or should only the language have a spec, and the stdlib be shared
<ifreund> what would be the benefit of multiple stdlib implementations?
<companion_cube> the same as having multiple compilers?
<companion_cube> (in particular, not depending accidentally on implementation details)
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<daurnimator> Is there nothing in build.zig to let you pass extra arguments to the compiler?
<g-w1> like what?
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<daurnimator> g-w1: e.g. -Bsymbolic
<g-w1> the build system should probably have a flag for that
<daurnimator> yeah. but there seems to be several options that it doesn't have a flag for
<daurnimator> an escape hatch would be useful
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<txdv> Is it possible to do object introspection with zig of C code? Like I want to do @import("somelib.h"), then find a function which is name "somefunction" and it should tell me how many arguments there are in it?
<txdv> has the name* sorry for poor grammar
<ikskuh> yep
<ikskuh> just @cImport() it :)
<ikskuh> you get a normal zig namespace with all comptime introspection available to other zig code
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<txdv> what are the introspection primitives?
<txdv> the API for introspection?
<ifreund> @typeInfo
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<powerofzero> std.builtin has the TypeInfo type that you get from @typeInfo()
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<FireFox317> ifreund, you didn't see ?
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<forgot_password> What's the proper way to convert `[_]c_int{3}` to a `[*:0]const c_int`?
<ikskuh> @intCast([*:]const c_int, &[_]c_int{3,0})
<ikskuh> you need to guarantee zero-termination somehow
<forgot_password> Okay, I'll try it out. Thank you :)
<dutchie> did you mean @ptrCast
<forgot_password> Works like a charm :)
<ikskuh> YES :D
<forgot_password> Obviously not with the @intCast :P
<ikskuh> well
<ikskuh> :D
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<v0idifyy> isn't resolvePosix ignoring '.'? isn't that wrong?
<v0idifyy> relative("./hello", ".") returns ".."
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<forgot_password> Can I somehow cast a []const u8 to a [:0]const u8 when I know that the null-terminator is appended at comptime?
<forgot_password> I can't use @ptrCast, because it's not a pointer, right?
<dutchie> slices are pointers, so it should work i think. but better would be just to always have the null-terminated slice
<ikskuh> yeah, ptrCast is the right tool here
<forgot_password> But that doesn't work
<ikskuh> oh
<ikskuh> wait
<ikskuh> slice[0..:0] is the right thing i think
<forgot_password> So I have `( ++ [_]u8{0})[0.. :0]` now, but I get the error `slice-sentinel is out of bounds`
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<forgot_password> I just do some allocations at runtime now. It's not ideal, but I got some compiler crashes, so I guess it's fine for now
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<ifreund> FireFox317: oh shit, no I did not :(
<ifreund> FireFox317: that's 100% my fault, you had the PR up before I started working on it, I just didn't think to check.
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<v0idifyy> i'm pretty sure relativePosix is broken and i have no clue on how to fix it
<g-w1> im working on async astgen stuff rn
<ifreund> v0idifyy: first step is to make a failing test case
<v0idifyy> ifreund, try testRelativePosix("./file.html", ".", ".");
<v0idifyy> i would have to setup a dev environment (i
<v0idifyy> (i'm just editing into lib/std)
<g-w1> just run zig test path.zig
<v0idifyy> oh!
<FireFox317> ifreund, ah yeah no problem, these things can happen. I did learn more about this new structure, so that's good anyway xd
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<v0idifyy> well yes, it fails. the logic of the function confuses me tons though so i can't seem to find a way to fix it
<ifreund> v0idifyy: pretty sure passing a file to fs.path.relative() a misuse, it expects two directory paths
<ifreund> FireFox317: thanks for your understanding, I'll definitely be checking the PR list before I work on things in the future
<v0idifyy> not documented anywhere if that's the case
<v0idifyy> even then, doing (".", ".", ".") fails, it returns an empty string
<ifreund> that's what it's supposed to do
<ifreund> FireFox317: yeah wrapping your head around the data structures involved is the hard part, if you decide to apply that knowledge and send more code feel free to ping me for a speedy review :)
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<v0idifyy> why? passing an empty string to join fails last time i checked
<ifreund> v0idifyy:
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<ifreund> if the string is empty the paths are the same and you probably don't need to do anything
<v0idifyy> sorry, my brain is fried and skipped through that part (i did read the comment..)
<v0idifyy> so i should if(eql(relative(), "")) "." when passing to join?
<FireFox317> ifreund, thanks! :)
<v0idifyy> nevermind
<v0idifyy> i
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<danyspin97> can I get a constant slice?
<ikskuh> danyspin97: of what?
<danyspin97> i.e. a []u8 const
<danyspin97> from a string literal
<ikskuh> a string literal is already a const slice
<ikskuh> (kinda)
<ikskuh> []u8 is a non-const slice, but it coerces to a const slice
<ikskuh> @as([]const u8, @"my []u8")
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<danyspin97> ikskuh: not working :/
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<ikskuh> can you share some code
<g-w1> it should be `@as([]const u8, "my []u8")`, no?
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<danyspin97> g-w1: tried that too, not working
<ikskuh> g-w1: @"my []u8" is a variable name :D
<danyspin97> ahhh
<g-w1> oh lol
<ikskuh> danyspin97: that won't work
<ikskuh> you're trying to "un-const" a value
<ikskuh> and remove the const
<ikskuh> "afoafasd" is a const value, it cannot be coerced to []u8
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<ikskuh> do you need mutability of the string?
<ikskuh> if not: ArrayList([]const u8)
<danyspin97> yea
<danyspin97> my bad :D
<danyspin97> I really should define an alias
<ikskuh> if you need the []u8, you have to clone the string with an allocator
<danyspin97> yea, which is what I've done till now
<g-w1> wont dereferencing it also work?
<danyspin97> using @as is way better (provided that I have also added the const)
<dutchie> g-w1: yeah but then it'll be on the stack so putting it into an ArrayList won't work too well
<noam> Hmm, is lazy analysis supposed to affect locals, also?
<noam> `var c = true;` ← unused, should it be analyzed?
<g-w1> yes it should be analysed im pretty sure
<noam> Important because the rfs can have effects, yeah
<dutchie> actually, i guess it'll copy there too, but you don't really want ArrayList([n]u8)
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<g-w1> i think only declarative scopes are lazy
<noam> Makes sense
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<danyspin97> g-w1: [0..] also works
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<g-w1> could someone review this. I tried to add async stuff to the new layout, but I had 2 confusions:
<ifreund> g-w1: for the block thing, see boolBinOp for an example
<g-w1> im mostly confused about how to use zir.Inst.MultiOp{} with a suspend_block
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<ifreund> g-w1: The only difference between block and suspend_block is the tag, everything else can stay the same in how the instructions are created
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<ifreund> i.e call gz.addBlock(.suspend_block, ...);
<ifreund> and then copy over the instructions after genreating them in a child scope
<cepheus> weird question, but is it possible to get a function pointer for a BoundFn? i'm writing a structure of sorts atop a C library that makes use of function pointers for callbacks with user pointers, and the code i'm writing to wrap it is type-parameterised, so i need a way to reference the type itself in the callback's context
<g-w1> ifreund: ok ill try that
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<txdv> Hi guys! That talk with the handmade nasa guy was amazing, I didn't know such an awesome community existed
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<cepheus> whoops, i know where i was going wrong, i was accessing the function via the instance rather than the type
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<andrewrk> powerofzero, can you elaborate on your question about build.zig and C dependencies?
<andrewrk> cepheus, we're trying to get rid of the BoundFn type in the language actually
<cepheus> hah, in this case i'm largely only aware of it's existence through these edge cases. i did notice there are efforts to eliminate the distinction though
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<g-w1> im still very confused about the block thing. if someone wouldn't mind, could you finish that part of the pr? I think I can do everything else
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<andrewrk> g-w1, sure thing
<g-w1> and do you think we should have a seperate suspend scope so that it can have nice src locations?
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<andrewrk> not sure what you mean, what does the scope have to do with source locations?
<g-w1> genzir scopes used to have sources: right now, nosuspend scopes still have them, but genzir doesn't. there are 2 options here: make a suspend a type of scope, or make genzir have a src
<g-w1> does that make sense to you?
<ifreund> g-w1: errNote() takes a LazySrcLoc now, you should have enough data to make one
<ifreund> you probably want to default to node_offset
<ifreund> ... which you do a few lines earlier for the errMsg() call. I'm confused what you're confused about
<g-w1> the notes have to show where the previous suspend blocks are located
<g-w1> not the current one
<g-w1> they were are on the scope, and are still on the nosuspend scopes
<ifreund> seems pretty clear to me that we should have a Suspend scope then
<g-w1> yeah, just wanted to get another opinion :)
<ifreund> part of me wonders why we bother with async await stuff in self-hosted yet
<g-w1> its just astgen, vexu added it around a month ago iirc
<ifreund> that could all be @panic("TODO") until we have the compiler building itself with the cbe
<g-w1> hmm, ig
<ifreund> yeah it's just astgen, but it causes maintenece burden as demonstrated right now
<andrewrk> IMO rip it out if it's not covered by test cases
<g-w1> rip my work. its fine tho I learned so thats all that matters ;)
<ifreund> g-w1: you itching to do some ripping or shall I?
<g-w1> rip away
<ifreund> :)
<andrewrk> as a hint, the c backend is probably the simplest way to get test coverage for frontend improvements
<g-w1> yep, thats how we did runtime error stuff
<g-w1> ill close my pr as its being ripped
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<andrewrk> I think we should probably do all of async stuff at once, astgen, Sema, codegen, rather than trying to split it up
<ifreund> I agree
<ifreund> and I also think it should wait until the compiler can build itself with the c backend at least
<ifreund> andrewrk: would you rather have the current async-related zir instructions commented out or deleted?
<andrewrk> agreed about building itself too
<andrewrk> deleted
<ifreund> +1
<ifreund> we can always go back in the git history to see them
<andrewrk> yep. hopefully it won't annoy vexu too much. I'll have a chat with him and make sure :)
<andrewrk> (but go for it)
<ifreund> cool, it'll probably take me a bit
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<andrewrk> this untagged union safety is real nice
<dimenus> my favorite thing to come out of zig recently is userspace SoA
<andrewrk> the API is not bad!
<dimenus> that's a pretty great solution without adding more complexity in the language itself
<dimenus> i like the strategy to move towards DoD for stage-2, but i think having indexes / handles into everything makes it harder to debug under eg gdb
<dimenus> i could just be tired / stupid though
<andrewrk> you're right, we are taking a bit of a maintenance hit here
<andrewrk> I think it's worth the pain though because this is a pretty reasonable use case for the language
<andrewrk> so if it leads us towards lang changes, that's good
<ifreund> andrewrk: i'd kill for distinct types for all these different kinds of indexes tbh
<andrewrk> I'm feeling the same way
<andrewrk> SpexGuy told me to try using a non-exhaustive enum but idk it felt awkward to try to do that, I gave up after like 20 min of refactoring
<ifreund> yeah non-exhaustive enums feel like a hack for this, @enumToInt() everywhere makes little sense as you're not using it as an enum
<dimenus> limiting footguns is a good thing. +1 for distinct types
<dimenus> ifreund: agreed