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<ccaione> cool :) to be in the topic
<ssvb> yeah, let's update the topic
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<libv> ah, let's add rob as well
ChanServ changed the topic of #arm-graphics to: Everything about graphics drivers on ARM (X11, Wayland, GLES, fbdev, KMS, Mesa, ...) - Logs at http://irclog.whitequark.org/arm-graphics
<ssvb> libv: hmm, changing the topic via ChanServ seems to work, but it does not say that it was me who asked it
* whitequark nods
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<libv> ssvb: why would that be preferred? a topic is a topic
<cosm> ssvb: I think I've fixed the major colorkey problem (that the graphics layer wasn't completely transparent)
<cosm> ssvb: unfortunately, the fix is along the lines of flip-undocumented-alpha-related-bits-until-one-does-something