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<cosm> ssvb: have you ever seen mplayer crashing with "X11 error: BadAccess (attempt to access private resource denied)" followed by a segfault before putting the first XV frame?
<cosm> there are no useful messages in the vebose mplayer log
<cosm> no messages at all in the X log
<cosm> XV-related functions in fbturbo return
<cosm> and the same thing works just fine with another kernel
<cosm> it calls xGetPortAttributeOverlay and then xQueryImageAttributes
<ssvb> cosm: no, I haven't seen that myself
<ssvb> cosm: but google says that some people have encountered something similar
<cosm> ssvb: I've searched a bit before but I didn't find anything useful
<cosm> but I think I did now
<cosm> I think I need CONFIG_SYSVIPC, let me try it
<cosm> yeah, that was it
<libv> ssvb: it's bad form to keep ops
<libv> chanserv should always be there
<libv> if it's not, chanserv is down and should be up shortly, and the channel will be reclaimed.
<ssvb> libv: ok, I'm just a noob at managing irc channels
<libv> the trick is to do no managing at all.
<libv> and just be around in the rare case anything is needed
<libv> there are only two reasons to have this sort of access, 1) change the topic 2) toss people out if they are too obnoxious, which is pretty rare, and needs to be very dire
<ssvb> libv: is ChanServ going to join this channel eventually?
<libv> i think it only joins as needed
<libv> i guess i can set it to always be present
<libv> it's not really necessary
<ssvb> ok