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<skelly> upgrading service2 to 13.0-RELEASE
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<skelly> hi verm__ :)
<verm__> hey!
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<verm__> skelly: nothing was wrong with the machine it got stuck powering down
<verm__> that happens when you're jumping major versions like that usually i just do sync && sync && sync and power cycle you can do that remotely from one of the other machines using ipmitool
<skelly> ugh, yeah
<skelly> I went straight to 13.0 but it's a big jump
<skelly> should be able to rollback if can boot the old kernel
<skelly> verm__: ^^
<skelly> and I see it's up with the new kernel
<verm__> skelly: oh yea sorry it booted fine
<verm__> nice, go for the other ones i'll be around
<verm__> the jails need to be updated too if you didn't do that already
<skelly> nope, haven't touched them yet
<skelly> service1 is at least at 12.1 but service3 is on 11.?
<skelly> I need to fix pkg on service2 first
<skelly> verm__: I'm upgrading service3 now
<verm__> okay
<skelly> also upgrading jails on service2
<skelly> verm__: service3 is rebooting now
<verm__> ok
<skelly> and yikes service2 at 96% used space on /
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<verm__> yeah i know i had to clear room the other day
<verm__> lots of logs we need to have some automated compression and offloading to storage
<skelly> a couple of the jails need to be moved back to service1 too
<verm__> oh right
<skelly> freed up almost 5 GB for all of the pkg caches
<skelly> because I ran out of space again, oops
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<verm__> heh whoops
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<skelly> verm__: looks like mail is down. nothing obvious at the moment and I don't have time to diagnose further
<skelly> it's rejecting relaying
<tuxillo> site is down, i guess that's already being discussed :)
<verm__> skelly: did you move any jails?
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