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<p12tic> tardyp: That's exactly what I'm doing :)
<p12tic> Well, not exactly, not using elasticdump
<tardyp> Cool
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<kveremitz> Zorry: I believe you were looking at some tweaks to the IRC reporter - did you change much, and are the changes posted anywhere?
<kveremitz> @team, more generally: any reason we can't have multiple IRC reporters? it seems buildbot throws a wobbly when you create a second instance of reporters.irc() .. unless I'm doing something basic wrong?
<kveremitz> someone did mention that the irc reporter needed a bit of an overhaul to a new base class? I think?
<Zorry> kveremitz: got it working with RG stuff
<kveremitz> RG?
<Zorry> Report generators
<kveremitz> ah gotcha, thanks
<kveremitz> Zorry: does that mean, roughly, that you generate a report, and then send that via XX reportEr?
<kveremitz> I think that could be the source of my mail reporter hiccup
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