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<mardikene193> I get deterministic output being very consistent on the simulator, while i mark the queues full
<mardikene193> What i think is that: It call can be done, perhaps violators like daniels simply don't ever get it.
<mardikene193> that is a pitty but not all are blessed with proper brain activity.
<mardikene193> in other words, I'd this time need to make the code on my own. I may start doing that kind of work on behalf of my company.
<mardikene193> in theory there should not be very sharp problems, and mission should be possible.
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<rellla> anarsoul: actually i'm on arm64. H5 with Mali450...
<Tofe> On my side, I have just one remaining bug using lima: (look at the icons at the top right): for these images (and only these), the pixels are scrambled
<Tofe> It looks like the format is not the correct one somehow
<Tofe> I'll try to debug it but I'm not sure yet where to begin...
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<mardikene193> tolerance politics == untolerable! There are too many techhnology and some math wise entirely clueless men hired by official companies , what you do looks so freakin bad.
<mardikene193> it is questionable issue, why companies hire people below chimp/ape or dogs knowledge and capabilities, while it is known that every real technological solution is posted by one of the hundreds of talented people who do understand things too..
<mardikene193> and obviously they publicly trash me, even though not many have fallen to this scam, at least not much on streets anyways
<mardikene193> libv: this looks bad and i think he commented on this shortly, I advise or recommend not doubting in what i talk, if you want to do things correctly look at my simulation results, they are very much self-explanatory to me, but i think at least libv said himself that he belives the stuff i say, yeah you should take it easy and inevitable truth, it wasn't meant to be an insult path
<mardikene193> there is two fetch testbenches in miaow and some nvidia docs which are all consistent with multi2sim and many other sources, frankly it should be known to programmers, but whichever way they do not seem to get it at 2019 still.
<mardikene193> i just added a minor modification to the testbench to dump also buff_wfid[37:32]
<mardikene193> those six bits belong to the current fetch id
<mardikene193> i named it buff_wfid pardon, it is actually buff_tag[37:32]
<mardikene193> if you have HDL/RTL like VHDL/Verilog knowledge, people put me under pressure it was difficult on meds only and with piles of monkeys writing bans to me, otherwise the code should absolutely easily readable
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<mardikene193> when you look at effective address calculator it is in spec like all the hw code resembles real GCN isa
<mardikene193> it comes with very flexible calculator and clamping circuit before that
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<mardikene193> in other words, you can store any index in the scalar registers, BASE offset that is taken from one of the scalar regs of 40 of them for the column selector, you can have one incrementing and one decrementing wand whatever, you can load them runtime
<mardikene193> or you can preload them, you may do what the hell you want but not bully with me cause of your cluelessness
<mardikene193> even though yeah when i am on form and you are not violating you suffer under defeats anyways, but with violations added you are shortly and soon recgnized around the world as terror organisation
<mardikene193> which imo is just worse
<mardikene193> it isn't like 10years of violations have been unspotted by either scientists or average random people, those will be treated equally bad
<mardikene193> you mean gpgpu-sim authors multi2sim authors , miaow authors and all the hardware designers would not really know what i am referring to?
<mardikene193> that they missed your absolute cluelessness and are critisizing me instead, I highly doubt that
<mardikene193> all of those talents know damn well what i am referring to and talking about
<mardikene193> no scientist has unspotted Xorg people absolute terroristic behavior towards me, i am not even being assaulted anymore cause those jokes so to speak , bad bad jokes.
<mardikene193> When i am being said i have poisioness personality what could HdkR offer, he has no personality whatsoever he is treated as a shithose in worlds science a mad and clueless violator whos restoraunts obviously will not be visited in pleasureful way
<mardikene193> coming to me to further terrorise me, leads to a conflict which will be lost battle to him, there are more people who do not tolerate such violators.
<mardikene193> there are people who do not do this and there are many of them being aware of their deficiencies...but simply stay more civil and flexible
<mardikene193> i assure you the violators group is not as big as your book shows and edventually you get proper treatment
<mardikene193> i looked quentin tarantino movie called django, the movie was in content very good one, you do bad things you get bad things back sooner or later
<mardikene193> you think children will save you and keep doing nigthmares at different people never straightening up, the infamous ted bundy you know had a daughter as well, that did not keep this sick man alive...
<mardikene193> most oftenly talked stuff imo, that i have a family and i have responsibilities, when you are a violator no one cares about your family either, one engaged directly in 10assaults back times arranged to me
<mardikene193> tries to say one is a changed personality now only cause one managed to fuck someone
<mardikene193> i hardly doubt it is the case
<mardikene193> i have evaluated the probablity and would be more happy to drop this case, it just i have not seen improvements in her mental situation and hard feelings to keep her away from scamming in the world, once outsider did it the chanches are bigger one will keep scamming
<mardikene193> rather then facing stuff and straightening up
<mardikene193> probably requires interference or interveaning to stop this shit one does
<mardikene193> being a violator is easiest thing in the world, or punish someone without worrying about it injustifyingly, all legal stuff which i target is much more complex, but once i need and take a decision to punish someone for their lifetime poor activity it will be carried out
<mardikene193> and in the movie tjango, when things go out of hands and too dirty no one cared at least not the bounty head hunter what will happen anymore as long as he gets the rotten mad/bad skulls under his belt, there
<mardikene193> is a chanche always that something can happen to you as well, when you go to punish a criminal
<mardikene193> my moto has always been even though i did not suffer under extreme injuries at birth, even if i did i would understand perfectly well that it becomes/falls short to punish another personality who did have more luck
<mardikene193> what happened to you does not give rights to punish innocent people
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<mardikene193> programmatically when you can not overcome the thread awakening without interconnect or something similar broadcasting rst signal to the chip
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<mardikene193> obviously what remains possible is just to kill the object, or the blob is held and carantine until the queues are done with all their iterations
<mardikene193> memory protection could also work of course, it just needs to block reading from those addresses it needs to pagefault and not even forward results from instruction cache
<mardikene193> and yes bcos may have seemed to be straightening up on #osdev after some lowsy comments to attack me, which is lot better then insistive end persistive violations all the time like a fucking coward
<mardikene193> however i think his comment on jumps in queues being slow is not the case, since there is a column selector and all wfids in the column are handled by chips instances in parallel as told
<mardikene193> jumps inside the queues are very fast hence
<mardikene193> that sort delicate brainfucking apologising and sorrying and scamming to act as civil men pisses me off more than what bcos did getting to the point that he drives my enemies against me to knock me off
<mardikene193> since you claim to have no name playing ettiquete of some programmers respecting standard
<mardikene193> you have some idiotic freenode rules like the judges and doctors have , but you are annoying cunts actually and such tend to violate in lot bigger degree
<mardikene193> if you have something inside then shout it out don't keep it in to brew that
<mardikene193> as much as a hate vandalism and on the street screaming, i think i am worth of speaking directly to and honestly still, this does not mean you go vandalising on streets though
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<mardikene193> playing such tricks as with your banners to thank them for banning me and advising some new methods how to keep me away, really delikate dickheads
<mardikene193> you must sense the irony yourself at times, cause you are not making sense and can not control your dopamine flow neither obsessions to violate
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<rellla> enunes, anarsoul, cwabbott: nice talk!
<enunes> never do demos, I guess
<rellla> was a great demo. small screen though :)
<anarsoul> rellla: thanks
<anarsoul> I swear it was working 20 mins before the talk :)
<piggz> anarsoul: still struggling away!
<anarsoul> piggz: I saw your comment to the issue
<piggz> im not actually certain the right compiler is being used
<piggz> reading the logs, i cant tell what compiler it was, because it was wrapped with ccache
<piggz> though, according to the ninja docs, i did specify the compiler correctly
<anarsoul> strings | grep gcc?
<enunes> piggz: I think at this point we can't do much even if you bisect it to an old commit... can you get to work with a different distribution where it works?
<piggz> enunes: i did find the commit
<piggz> no, im developing sailfish :)
<enunes> yeah but it works on every distribution on every board and that commit is very old, I don't see anything we can do about it
<piggz> any thoughts on being a 32bit usersspace ... it looked lke we migh be the only 32 bit users,
<piggz> the guy anarsoul thought was 32bit, i think he said he was 64
<enunes> I run piglit nighly automated tests on 32-bit
<enunes> we don't have any major problem on it
<anarsoul> I wonder if it's incompatibility between 32-bit userspace and 64-bit kernel
<anarsoul> IIRC libreelec is doing the same
<anarsoul> but if it works for them I'm really not sure how to help you
<piggz> what does the 'bad' commit do?
<anarsoul> it lowers all the integers in shaders to floats since hardware doesn't support integers
<anarsoul> but kmscube shaders don't use integers
<anarsoul> so it's a no-op for kmscube
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<mardikene193> yes, well earlier hw did not indeed support integers.
<mardikene193> have not looked what the precision is on es2 chips, desktop ones did have ieee754 floating point standard.
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<mardikene193> the latest was 2008 spec maybe or something similar
<mardikene193> it is an old spec, some bits for mantissa and some for the exponent
<mardikene193> I think it is still shocking what why are those Xorg men struggling cause everything is offered pretty nicely in the web, in no mistakes done whatsoever manner, it is not important that a cranks like this should earn money , but instead that users could be able to use somewhat performant code.
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<mardikene193> I don't think too many open questions have been left, by say the attila catalonyan guy, neither by rafael ubal or tor aamodt who is some quite good canadian guy
<mardikene193> they have all long long since figured out how things work
<mardikene193> i do not think there was too few human interaction to generate the simulators, so that they might had missed the queues and the brilliance of VLIW superiority or whatever i have been mentioning
<mardikene193> and people have talked much about mantissa and exponent bits, to put it in easy terms, they are integer, one is bits after the floating point comma, and one before obviously
<mardikene193> i.e base number and the fraction
<mardikene193> so when you have some format of course the scanout is something that hw supports
<mardikene193> and you have a framebuffer formats of different kind, maybe colors go upto 255 in 32bit or something, i have not delt with it, since it seems this is something rare you can manage your own
<mardikene193> so it's 7 bits probably before the comma
<mardikene193> and you do not have to worry about GPUs neither CPUs not complying to say ideas from quantum technologies, cause they had it crammed in early allready the some of the flow ideas of quantum tech, is available at every chip actually
<mardikene193> at/in
<mardikene193> quantum tech does bigger calculations at time, but it's base idea is similar to some amount of ternary states which GPU does in similar fashion
<mardikene193> they are not the deprecated tri-state methods in verilog, but similar as the deprecated can be managed with just ternary ops.
<mardikene193> well quantum requires those states also, to do such paradigma something like insanely fast and fewer resources, they need certain crystals and switching speed probably when they want to be innovative enough, one norways scientist told such semiconductors which are naturally 1000of times faster can be found in our countries reserved resources.
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<mardikene193> soil metals so to speak developed in some layers of coal in the mix
<mardikene193> but silicon as an element of selenium can be processed as in doping stage quite well and it is naturally very abundant in earths crust as well, there are some research done for manganease oxides, which is highly capable natural magnetic material
<mardikene193> if it rains into the earth planet we expect to have lots of managanease in the outer space
<mardikene193> meteorites and such.
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<mardikene193> we still reach to the point that human as flesh and blood well programmed metals are in totally other class of frequency than that of human brain, they are long since programmed almost correctly, no matter if it was an old programming paradigm or not.
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<mardikene193> it is only that you do somewhat not correct in the driver, hw has been fine for ages.
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<mardikene193> when i opened human brains et wikipedia link (I personally have not researched human brain in greater detail) than the first link allready says major differences between different human brains, it appears to be total plynomial curve of boost on thinking on some, and totally
<mardikene193> handycapped for soe others...some do not even develop sensation or emotions, the difference is huge, one some 10000 neurons communicate with a neighboring one and on some only 1000
<mardikene193> it is somewhat what i call a raw brainpower, you either have it or not, even though even if you have the braincaps you also gotta train them imo.
<mardikene193> on daniels it appears lots of unneeded jabbering and not properly controlling the resources as of yet, i am unsure if one has the caps, instincts reflexes and obsessions are something that refer to other things in my book than that of raw brain power in comfort zone
<mardikene193> as if you may talk about flawlessly like a parrot would, having lovely voice but you may struggle showing your resilliance still and proper accurate thinking
<mardikene193> how many of the US ladies actually could find out how the chips work is another question above how beautifully they can express themselves or talk
<mardikene193> cause all this would require some commanding control center and resillience also
<mardikene193> imo the similar things with vocal choords as previously shortly mentioned, you can not train them out of nothing when you have no good ones, you either have good vocal choords genetically or not, same with brain
<mardikene193> those gifts is given to some while not to others etc.
<mardikene193> you may not capitlize on most of your capabilities or powers, it is just all different game once you reach to some level in contrast to being majorly capped down and limited throughout the life, it is the way it , whole different strategy and choices need to be done when having caps of some kind, sometimes still does not play out :(