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<warpme_> guys: I gave run for current mesa on mali450 (s905) and I see hell of entries in dmesg:
<warpme_> is this know issue?
<warpme_> know->known
<enunes> warpme_: there havent been many recent lima changes, what did you update/change from a working setup?
<warpme_> oh - not much. kernel is 5.8-rc5 now.....
<rellla> warpme_: i never had that issue yet, but i'm on Allwinner H5 with Mali450...
<rellla> enunes: btw, are you familiar with GLES userspace?
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<rellla> chewitt: open for questions?
<chewitt> rellla busy with work stuff .. and @jernej is the person you need more than me :)
<chewitt> I'll be free in a couple of hourss
<rellla> :)
<rellla> i just need anyone, that can answer me a few questions, about how gles and drm planes work together :)
<rellla> the more i read, the more complicated it seems to get ...
<chewitt> jernej is the person who implemented most of the Allwinner bits for LE
<chewitt> along with lrusak, butt he's not here
<rellla> ok thanks, maybe jernej wants to ping me, or anyone else of course :p
<chewitt> warpme_ might another person to ping .. he's been working on minimyth which does similar things
<daniels> GLES has no interaction with DRM planes per se
<daniels> if you have a client which displays GLES rendering on DRM planes, such as Weston or GNOME or kmscube or whatever, the way that works is: the client opens the DRM/KMS device for the display controller, enumerating all the planes. it creates one gbm_device for the device.
<jernej> rellla: what do you want to know?
<daniels> it then creates an EGLDisplay (using Mesa) which works together with GLES to give contexts
<daniels> for each plane that it wants to render on, it creates a gbm_surface, then wraps that gbm_surface in an EGLSurface, which lets you use buffers which are acceptable for planes as a render target
<daniels> the combination of gbm_surface/EGLSurface is where the buffer allocation happens; GLES just requests a current buffer to render into, and GBM/EGL ensure that those buffers are suitable for display
<daniels> once that's done, the user calls eglSwapBuffers, then requests a handle to the current buffer via GBM, then passes that handle to KMS as part of an atomic modesetting request to finally have it displayed
<rellla> daniels: thanks for that explanation... i have to think about that.
<rellla> is the hacky piece of code i'm on.
<rellla> let me explain what it does and what i want it to do:
<rellla> the author adapted a plugin for to use v4l2request for cedrus video decoding and to use drm ( to get it displayed on a DRM_PLANE_TYPE_PRIMARY
<rellla> vdr composes it's gui by adding pixmaps together in memory and when finished it renders the result to a dedicated DRM_PLANE_TYPE_PRIMARY
<rellla> atm with memcpy.
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<rellla> there has been some code in the past, where the whole gui composition was done with GL (GLES). framebuffers are bound as a texture (if that is explained correct)
<rellla> vdpau interop feature was hacked in, and the surface was used to be rendered on (again bound as a texture iirc) libvdpau was then responsible to get that to screen.
<daniels> it's written as a commented reference for people trying to do exactly what you're trying to do
<daniels> but goes through how to allocate surfaces to render on, how to bind those into EGL -> GLES, then how to get them displayed through KMS
<jernej> rellla: is this on DE1 or DE2/DE3?
<rellla> daniels: sounds good, thanks! will look into it. as you can see, i'm missing the basics :)
<rellla> jernej: H3
<rellla> jernej: it's zille, which complained about the not-working deinterlacer on LE forums...
<rellla> s/which/who/
<jernej> I have test image with working deinterlacer :)
<rellla> vdr?
<jernej> ?
<rellla> libreelec then :)
<jernej> yes
<daniels> rellla: hope that helps!
<rellla> my VDR (see above) instance works fine with patched ffmpeg and deinterlacer. now i want to bundle that with lima :)
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<jernej> anyway, H3 has only one plane which supports YUV formats - bottom one and it's type is overlay
<jernej> that one you want to use for video
<jernej> for OSD you can use primary plane
<jernej> which is on top of that for video
<rellla> jernej: it doesn't matter for me, which one is primary or overlay, as long as the OSD is on top an can do ARGB8888
<rellla> does it?
<jernej> in theory yes but in practice there is a bug in driver :)
<rellla> daniels: thanks for the link, i think this is what i need at first.
<rellla> jernej: as long as i don't run into that bug ...
<jernej> currently primary plane has to be the same size as screen resolution
<rellla> jernej: thats no problem for my usecase. video_size == osd_size == screen_size
<jernej> rellla: offtopic here, but nevertheless, can you point me to your ffmpeg deinterlacer code?
<rellla> jernej: it's yours iirc
<jernej> ah :)
<rellla> deint-v2-prime
<rellla> and the cedrus_improvments_patch from LE patches on top of a 5.8-rc kernel
<rellla> that's it
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<warpme_> realla: i see jernej & daniels perfectly (definitely better tham me) answered your Q regarding DRM & GLES!
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