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<jernej> out of curiosity - is it possible to implement PBO extension (from 3.0) on mali400?
<linkmauve> jernej, there is already GL_ARB_pixel_buffer_object being exposed on GL 2.1 here.
<linkmauve> Do you not have it?
<linkmauve> Also GL_EXT_pixel_buffer_object, and on GLES GL_NV_pixel_buffer_object.
<jernej> oh, I'm not the end user, we're just talking future direction for Kodi, idea is that newer version should require PBO
<jernej> and as a LibreELEC maintainer of boards which mostly have mali400, I'm researching what can be done
<jernej> so you say it's already there?
<linkmauve> So based on the extensions I can see, it’s already implemented yes.
<linkmauve> (I’m on an Olimex Lime atm, PinePhone soon.)
<linkmauve> jernej, is Kodi using GLES or GL btw?
<jernej> both, depending on the build configuration
<linkmauve> Oh, so it needs to be rebuilt to switch between them? :(
<linkmauve> That sucks for most distributions. :(
<jernej> GBM works with GLES only and X11 with GL
<jernej> this part is a bit convoluted, yes
<linkmauve> Oh, weird.
<linkmauve> Do you have a Wayland backend too?
<jernej> it is, yes
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<jernej> linkmauve: regarding Kodi - with v19 you'll have runtime option for gbm, x11 and wayland, but GL/GLES will still be build time option
<linkmauve> :(
<jernej> I think GL/GLES switch will eventually become runtime option, but not for next release
<jernej> anyway, lima doesn't support GL much, right?
<linkmauve> GL 2.1 mostly.
<linkmauve> That’s due to GPU limitations, not much the driver can do to improve that.
<jernej> is there a list of all supported extensions?
<linkmauve> jernej, on my Olimex Lime, using Mesa 20.2.1.
<linkmauve> jernej, and in non-GLES mode.
<jernej> great, thanks!
<jernej> what do you mean by non-gles mode?
<linkmauve> GL 2.1, instead of GLES 2.0.
<linkmauve> I’ve managed to run gtk4-demo for the first time on Lima, but it prints “gpir: Failed to allocate registers” and renders a part of the window in black.
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