ChanServ changed the topic of #lima to: Development channel for open source lima driver for ARM Mali4** GPUs - Kernel has landed in mainline, userspace driver is part of mesa - Logs at and - Contact ARM for binary driver support!
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<anarsoul> linkmauve: it means that likely vertex shader is too complex
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<linkmauve> Hmm, what are the limits?
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<kwizart> hello here, I'm experiencing a crash for lima on 5.8.18-300.fc33.aarch64 (fedora 33 userspace) with AML-S805X-AC
<kwizart> My current workaround is to use rd.driver.blacklist=lima (when initramfs is created with dracut). That prevent lima from been loaded during the initramfs (and specially after the full meson stack is loaded as meson_dw_hdmi is within the initramfs)
<kwizart> Questions: 1/ Is there a bug tracker to properly report this issue ? 2/ any idea for a fix ?
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<kwizart> thx, reporting...
<kwizart> slowly advancing, is it expected to use libva_v4l2_request with meson_vdec ? Seems like I'm missing a /dev/media0 to work with it...
<linkmauve> Oh, TIL about /dev/media0, so this is the rumoured new v4l2 request API?
<linkmauve> On 5.8.9 (but on an Allwinner SoC) I have this device.
<jernej> kwizart: meson_vdec implements stateful v4l2 codec, not request api
<jernej> so no, it won't work with that lib
<jernej> besides, that's not lima related :)
<kwizart> thx for the tips about stateful/stateless I will fail to remember each cases
<kwizart> I wonder which player would support the stateful v4l2 codec yet ?
<kwizart> but indeed, not a #lima issue (wonder where meson would live)
<linkmauve> kwizart, any using ffmpeg’s *_v4l2m2m codecs.
<xdarklight> kwizart: there's #linux-amlogic for Amlogic things
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