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<xdarklight> narmstrong: jbrunet: do you know anything about the GP PLL which could explain the following comment in Amlogic's GPL kernel sources for the p281 board (S905W SoC): "max gp pll for gpu is 650M, temporarily disabled" ?
<xdarklight> mali 1 1 0 744000000 0 0
<xdarklight> it seems to work with 744MHz fine as well
<xdarklight> (I didn't try kmscube yet, I just booted a kernel with the lima driver)
<xdarklight> I'd assume that the PLL would not lock above 650MHz (Amlogic even uses 666MHz...) if that comment was true - but maybe you know about another symptom that would indicate that 744MHz are really not supported :)
<narmstrong> xdarklight: it’s only written for the p281 SoC ? I never had issues with the gp0 pll on the s905x, s905d and s912 at 744MHz
<xdarklight> narmstrong: yep, that comment is only in gxl_p281_1g.dts
<jbrunet> Not aware of this restriction. It's probably more about the Mali than the gp pll. I'm pretty sure the gp0 can even higher if necessary
<xdarklight> Yixun once mentioned that he'd be surprised if it's something on the Mali side
<xdarklight> maybe this is just marketing stuff -> lower GPU freq = reason to buy a more expensive SoC
<narmstrong> Yeah I think so
<narmstrong> xdarklight: wow I missed I put the wrong compatible in the gxl-mali.dtsi...
<xdarklight> narmstrong: it doesn't change anything so far - that's why I didn't put in a fixes tag
<narmstrong> xdarklight: is there also a comment/restriction in the p241 ?
<xdarklight> narmstrong: p241 notes: /*max gpu is 650M*/
<narmstrong> xdarklight: yeah they have the same integration
<xdarklight> I don't understand the difference between S805X (p241) and S905W (p281) SoCs yet...
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<narmstrong> Price ?
<afaerber> xdarklight, a Fixes tag is not restricted to an actual bug fix - that's for stable maintainers to decide
<xdarklight> narmstrong: heh, probably
<xdarklight> afaerber: fair enough, I think it's still not worth adding a fixes tag because there's no driver for the mali-450 upstream yet which would use that binding
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