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<topi`> now it seems some RK3399 boards are selling for $75 in china... anyone gotten their hands on these by chance?
<topi`> this does seem like a clone of the rockchip evaluation board... so perhaps the firefly-rk3399 specific .dts files could still work?
<topi`> ah it seems those boards are limited to a small batch... maybe need to wait until the Pine64 folks come with a RK3399 based ROCK64 board :)
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<paulk-gagarine> topi`, the excavator+sapphire is a dev board from rockchip
<paulk-gagarine> topi`, and rockchip is sending dts support for it
<paulk-gagarine> topi`, it also has a lot of documentation on their open source website
<topi`> yeah, I'd like to have 10pcs of those but they are on limited supply
<topi`> a beowulf cluster of rk3399's :)
<paulk-gagarine> hehe
<paulk-gagarine> the good thing about this board is that it has pretty much all the i/o exported
<topi`> I just need gigabit ethernet and plenty of RAM for a cluster :)
<topi`> also it wouldn't be a bad thing if ASUS would release an updated version of the Tinker board with RK3399 on it
<topi`> for some PCIe goodness
<wens> topi`: I wouldn't bet on it
<wens> I heard the main reason to do it was to get rid of extra rk3288 inventory
<topi`> the rk3288 wasn't used in many products.. mainly just in some chromebooks
<phh> err, no, not really
<phh> it was used in many tv boxes
<phh> many android tablets
<topi`> all those chinese products...
<stdint> topi`, as I know ASUS don't have such plan of rk3399
<phh> topi`: even on non-chinese SoC have mainly chinese products, so a chinese SoC, that's kind of impressive they went to chromebooks
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<paulk-gagarine> stdint, wait, ASUS is definitely launching the Chromebook Flip C101 with rk3399 (bob), right?
<stdint> paulk-gagarine, but it is not the development suite
<paulk-gagarine> so no board like tinkerboard?
<stdint> paulk-gagarine, maybe not the rk3399 but the other chip from rockchip
<paulk-gagarine> okay
<paulk-gagarine> stdint, by way, congratulations for it is really awesome!
<stdint> the price of the rk3399 is a little high and not suitable for used as development suite
<paulk-gagarine> maybe rk3328
<paulk-gagarine> or rk3368
<stdint> I will tell those editors about that
<rperier> Hi, we are agree that these difference are not normal, right ? This one is with a working kernel: , and this one with a non working kernel:
<rperier> (same kernel built with the same config , one is loaded from NAND via rk bootloader, the other one from sdcard via uboot)
<stdint> pll_gpll
<rperier> yeah, this is my feeling too, but as this is the first time I work on clk tree, I wanted another opinion :)
<wzyy2> "I suppose it was bought from RK for designing a product and then someone decided to make some extra cash selling the “spares” when done"
<wzyy2> - -i think it's the truth....
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<wzyy2> It would be interseting if someone can produce it..
<wzyy2> It reminds me of my college time, me and my friend had sell many unauthorized home-made opensource boards to earn pocket money... repent ;-)
<wzyy2> uhmm... The oneline documents have BOM list, gerber, sch, process-requirements.....
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<topi`> the rk3399 has an interesting match of good single-threaded perf (the 2x a72 cores) and fairly good multithreaded perf because of 6 corew
<topi`> the rk3368 is a nice product, but aside of some niche use cases with properly multithreaded workloads, the single-thread perf just isn't there
<topi`> I'm not interested in running android, but running linux stuff, ./configure && make
<topi`> perhaps dedicating a node for some cryptocoins, which demands good ST perf because the coin daemons are usually poorly multithreaded
<stdint> well I think both of them having a hardware acceleration device for cryptography
<topi`> the armv8a specifies aes instructions, and all the 64bit rockchip products implement them
<stdint> but if you want cryptocoins, choose a GPU solution would be better
<topi`> as opposed to amlogic s905 and others
<topi`> I did not mean mining them; just running a full node which also consumes cpu cycles and lots of ram+disk
<topi`> with a full node you can build sites like a block explorer, etc
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<LongWork> stdint: i have a question. Would adding AFBC to VPU something possible ? is that a lot of work ?
<phh> LongWork: afaik vpu on rockchip is really hard-wired, it doesn't have a firmware or anything, so it definitely looks not possible
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<LongWork> ah :/
<rperier> mmind00: I think that the fix is mostly in uboot rather than the kernel itself. Because technically the kernel still has to run from the rk bootloader and uboot, right ? so I think that a first fix is to fix clk tree in uboot
<rperier> (for rk3188)
<rperier> that's what I am investigating
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<mmind00> rperier: if the actual clock definitions are wrong in uboot yes ... but on the kernel side we should also make sure, clocks are setup correctly and not completely rely on the bootloader to set everything up
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<rperier> mmind00: that's something I wanted to check with you (I mean , confirmation). Can the kernel override pll rates and aclk/hclk/pclk stuffs completly ?
<mmind00> rperier: yep (except the dpll rate used for dram of course)
<rperier> yes, technically the kernel should be bootloader independant and works in all cases, that's just I have read and the default PLLs values in clk-rk3188.c (uboot) are wrong
<rperier> mmind00: ok, good to know
<mmind00> rperier: look at board dts files ... in the cru node we often have assigned-clocks sections setting core pll rates and such
<rperier> looking
<rperier> not for rk3188 and rk3xxx, only for rk3288
<rperier> I will adapt the dt and investigate on this
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<rperier> mmind00: it seems better with, the clock tree looks more coherent, even if I still have blicking, but I think that's a part of the solution
<rperier> :)
<rperier> I still get weird stuffs on the cpll branch and but the rest looks good, compared to the working kernel
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<Myy> Meow
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