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<alyssa> Has anyone had luck with ath9k_htc on RK3288 laptops? I have tried both mainline and deblobbed CrOS kernels and both seem to have issues with USB...
<vagrantc> i've only had bad luck with ath9k_htc :/
<alyssa> vagrantc: :/ anything better you can recommend
<alyssa> (I know the adaptor is fine, because I'm using it on my other machine to send this message right now!)
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<vagrantc> i haven't had luck using it on any machines, so you're better off that i am...
<vagrantc> i've got 3 or 4 of them
<alyssa> Hmm
<alyssa> vagrantc: for any x86 machines, they should be pretty easy to get working. The only issue I've had is systemd naming, which can be disabled and then they work fine.
<alyssa> But this chromebook has been a nightmare o_o
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<alyssa> Oh, this is interesting -- someone at Google (veyron kernel maintainer?) sent in a patch to LKML last week fixing some USB issues. Building a mainline kernel to try this :)
<alyssa> Their work seems to be for certain UART devices, but maybe it's the same issue causing all the wifi trouble :tada:
<vagrantc> would be interested to know ... i've got a veyron-speedy that would be nice to put to use
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<alyssa> vagrantc: Yeah. If it works out, I might finally have a 100% libre machine so that'd be nice
<vagrantc> last i tried, i still had massive issues with the eMMC, though
<alyssa> I've heard about that, haven't encountered it
<vagrantc> microSD is reliable enough, although it also has some issues
<alyssa> meh
<alyssa> vagrantc: eMMC is the internal storage, right?
<vagrantc> yeah
<alyssa> I remember it being fine with mainline when I was using it, but maybe my machine rev is just special ;p
<vagrantc> or maybe mine is special
* vagrantc would like to think "working" isn't a special quality
<alyssa> mainline booted first-try -- I must be getting good at this :^)
<vagrantc> but, arm devices are a bit pesky
<alyssa> I wish CrOS would just be mainline in general..
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<alyssa> vagrantc: progress? progress!
<alyssa> That patch seems to make the wifi work, work well even :^)
<vagrantc> nice!
<alyssa> vagrantc: okay, okay, work "well" is a stretch, our router is awful no matter what combination of wi-fi adaptors / kernels you try :) but it doesn't seem worse than anything else!
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<alyssa> vagrantc: I found another recent patchset relating to dwc2 bugs; might try those
* vagrantc hopes they're on their way to mainline
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<DarkKnight> hello
<DarkKnight> anyone up for a little chat about a flashing problem i have on RK3128?
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<vagrantc> alyssa: got links for these patchsets?
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