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<markvandenborre> any suggestion on a tablet that is/should in the future run mainline?
<markvandenborre> (and support touch, etcetera)
<markvandenborre> strong video acceleration not required
<markvandenborre> but basic xorg/wayland would be great
<Ke> I was actually wondering the same
<Ke> mostly I would like to have a device without secure boot
<Ke> haven't actually seen any rk3399 tablets with availability
<Ke> this has been out of stock for ages
<markvandenborre> Ke: it's actually in stock now it seems
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<Ke> markvandenborre: where?
<markvandenborre> but I'd like to see some confirmation on the community side that the devices are actually able to run
<Ke> markvandenborre: also this was not a recommendation, just a note that this is the only rk3399 tablet I have seen
<markvandenborre> a traditional linux stack
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<markvandenborre> Ke: never mind, confusingly reports "out of stock" at the top and "in stock" lower on the page
<Ke> quite
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<Ke> markvandenborre: I would guess "you can run GNU+linux, but with some pain" applies to most Rockchip devices
<Ke> So far I have not seen any ARM with no pain devices
<mmind00> markvandenborre: When repurposing off-the-shelf devices without available schematics, you will most of the time feel some pain
<Ke> mmind00: I would guess all of those will have locked bootloaders and secure boot
<Ke> mmind00: better question is, are there hacker friendly tablets out there
<phh> I have a pipo p10, perhaps i can try mainline on it
<Ke> phh: how's the boot procedure there?Å
<phh> don't know, I think it's like rockchip linux sdk, so miniloader then u-boot
<markvandenborre> mmind00: aware of that; this is simply research for a rather large free software developer conference
<markvandenborre> we're buying a pile of tablets for it, and we would like to at one point be able to run a free stack on them
<phh> mmind00: dts is programmer's schematics no? :P
<markvandenborre> the idea is to maximise our chances here
<Ke> phh: most relevant points for me would be: is the bootloader signed, can the lowest level booloader be in SD card
<mmind00> phh: :-D ... if it would model the hardware correctly using official bindings then yes ... yet the Android device dts I have seen so far, left a lot to be desired
<phh> Ke: I doubt the bootloader is signed. any clue how to check? (yeah I could flash another one, but doesn't sound totally easy)
<phh> mmind00: which devices' dts have you looked at? it is becoming quite good those days on rockchip or qualcomm
<Ke> phh: no idea really
<wzyy2> ; - p
<mmind00> phh: some rk3229 tv box, sitting on my table right now ... Most of the time I'm just missing an acurate model of the power-tree ... but yes, it has gotten better when compared to past devices
<phh> mmind00: aren't they all just using the reference design?
<Ke> wzyy2: xga resolution in 2017 =oS
<phh> Ke: my get is that it's 2048x1536, but stupid chromeos scaling makes it half
<mmind00> phh: not sure, but probably
<phh> guess*
<wzyy2> No, it's not xga
<phh> mmind00: have you tried asking rockchip for reference design schematics?
<wzyy2> - -How can it be possible that a rk3399 device use xga resolution
<phh> wzyy2: to make the gpu fly at constant 350fps? :P
<phh> wzyy2: though erm asus c101p erm
<mmind00> phh: not yet ... but then again there isn't even any sort of pmic on the board ... right now I'm still working on uboot for it
<wzyy2> I think chrome tablet is a good choose to run full stack gnu linux.
<phh> wzyy2: yep, sounds really good
<Ke> sounds nice indeed, if the resolution is ok
<wzyy2> - -but i'd like to use chroot in ChromeOS rather than run pure linux
<Ke> I also often use tablet as a reader, so reasonable perfomance in displaying eg. A4 size pdf would be relevant
<phh> wzyy2: would you be able to say wether there will be a good keyboard, like say pixel C?
<Ke> does anyone know, whether rockchip is having problems with the supply of rk3399
<Ke> why is that pipo thing eg. consistently out of stock
<phh> Ke: well usually pipo tries to batch their products with some OEMs, to lower cost, so my guess is that they didn't find any oem customer willing to start this
<wzyy2> ;-) rockchip don't sell much rk3399, i think, so there is no problem with the supply of rk3399
<phh> markvandenborre: do you have an order of magnitude of the number of devices you'd want? and how much you would pay per-device?
<markvandenborre> phh: really small numbers, <10, and we'd rather spend some time debugging mainlining issues
<markvandenborre> than money troubleshooting them
<phh> ok
<markvandenborre> phh: it's an issue close to some of our hearts
<markvandenborre> as an organising team
<markvandenborre> can't really organise the biggest free and open source developer conference in the world and use closed android tablets, right?
<markvandenborre> that would be somewhat ... inconsistent
<phh> yeah
<phh> how fully supported do you need it to be?
<markvandenborre> I guess we could relatively easily get some x86/amd64 tablets
<Ke> x86 has almost exclusively closed source firmware
<phh> for instance pipo p9/archos 101 oxygen works, except for sleep, touchscreen and panel needs an out-of-tree opensource module
<Ke> well
<markvandenborre> phh: 10", somewhat high res, and a browser
<Ke> tianocore is opensource
<phh> and 3d accel is closed source
<markvandenborre> phh: no real need for strong 3d accel if browser performance is somewhat usable without
<phh> or well, there is asus c100pa
<Ke> I use rk3288 daily as desktop without acceleration
<phh> if convertible is ok for you
<markvandenborre> nope, convertible isn't ok
<Ke> some pages can get very slow at times
<Ke> like lxr
<markvandenborre> sleep is not really an issue
<Ke> video playback with rescaling requires also some tunign
<markvandenborre> no need for video playback
<nobe> humm as far as i know, Pine64 is working on a rk3399-based dev board, which should be released in a few months
<markvandenborre> nobe: looking for a here and now buying recommendation
<Ke> also dev boards are dime a dozen
<nobe> if it's here and now, the only devices i know are the samsung chromebook plus and the firefly
<nobe> no clue if those could meet your needs though
<wzyy2> You should wait new rk3399 chrome tablet. I think it will have a good support with mainline kernel.
<wzyy2> and possible to run gnu linux
<phh> wzyy2: I guess you can't give us any date? :P
<wzyy2> I also don't know.. I am not involed with it.
<wzyy2> = =I just have borrow one to play fun.
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<Ke> at least for me rk3288 crypto unit stopped working in linux-4.12 in 4.14 it actually corrupts data
<mmind00> Ke: you could "git bisect" it from your last known-good state to 4.12 to see which commit actually broke it :-)
<Ke> nah, I reported which commit broke it
<Ke> I am not quite sure the unit works at all anyway for anyone
<Ke> you can try eg. luks with xts
<Ke> I could have probably fixed it, if it wasn't my rootfs
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<markvandenborre> phh: is there any description online of the steps required to get these devices (p9& archos 101 oxygen) running mainline?
<phh> markvandenborre: not, really though you could just zero-out the eMMC, and apply generic rockchip's linux doc. I have (iirc, it's missing audio, sleep, bt) though it's getting very old, many patches are no longer needed. I can provide, privately, the schematics. But I'd say it's not an easy target, and I agree with wzyy2 that the scarlet tablet should be much easier to deal with
<phh> (for the debug serial port, you'll need to dismantle the device and solder it, but the pads are fairly easy to solder)
<markvandenborre> scarlet tablet?
<markvandenborre> new rk3399 chrome tablet?
<phh> yes
<markvandenborre> that is not there yet?
<phh> yes
<markvandenborre> first impressions tell me it'll be a 7" device with only 1024*768 ...
<phh> 7.9", 2048x1536, but indeed not 10"
<markvandenborre> oh, more recent specs than I'd seen
<markvandenborre> where did you find those?
<phh> well 2048x1536 is just my guess, but wzyy2 just confirmed it's not 1024x768, and 7.9" 2048x1536 is a common screen format
<phh> erf, p9/archos 101 oxygen are also missing mainline battery gauge driver
<phh> (and ricoh, the IC manufacturer doesn't want to give a datasheet, and the available sdk/opensource driver is horrible)
<markvandenborre> when is this thing rumoured to come out?
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<amstan> Ke, phh: chromeos resolutions don't really work like that, when you pick a resolution you're just changing the ui scale
<amstan> the hardware still pushes all the pixels, stuff (like images) will still probably be at the high resolution
<amstan> unless you zoom them in
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