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<vagrantc> hanetzer: what distro?
<vagrantc> i think systemd should automatically bring up an interface relevent for the kernel's console=
<vagrantc> but maybe that's just on debian
<hanetzer> vagrantc: gentoo, actually. how should I specify console, btw? console=/dev/ttyS2, or just console=ttyS2 or what?
<vagrantc> i usually do console=ttyS2,115200
<vagrantc> otherwise you're stuck at 9600 baud, usually
<hanetzer> and /etc/agetty?
<vagrantc> hanetzer: been a while since i've set it up manually
<hanetzer> hehe
<hanetzer> because, I only get as far as console [ttyS2] enabled with no further interaction
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* vagrantc waves to mbakke
<vagrantc> hanetzer: mbakke also has a c201 and is interested in experimenting with it
* mbakke acts confused
<vagrantc> hanetzer: any new developments regarding u-boot ?
<hanetzer> vagrantc: well, I can't yet boot directly from external sd/usb, but I have written the kernel/initramfs I ymodem'd over directly to the emmc so that's a bit faster now
<vagrantc> wow
<vagrantc> is your machine running stable ?
<hanetzer> no clue, like I said I don't have any more output after a certain point :P
<vagrantc> heh
<vagrantc> it was so exciting to see u-boot working on the LCD ... and everything seemed great ... and then it crashed and i've never seen output on the display from u-boot since ... though switching back to coreboot still displays to the screen
<hanetzer> yeah. its a bit hinky, will need to look into that a bit
<mbakke> Is that a "native" firmware or a coreboot layload?
<mbakke> *payload
<hanetzer> u-boot on the spi. pure.
<vagrantc> native u-boot
<mbakke> Woah.
<vagrantc> although a coreboot/libreboot payload would be another route to explore
<mbakke> I have libreboot on mine, but want to buy GRUB.
* vagrantc gets the impression everything in libreboot except the de-branding is now in mainline coreboot
<vagrantc> yeah, depthcharge is ... limited, to say the least
<hanetzer> grub can be used as a coreboot payload on this, however keyboard input doesn't work.
<vagrantc> though really, at this point, i'm pretty much just looking for something that works :)
<mbakke> What about librecore? I haven't been following development.
<hanetzer> no idea.
<mbakke> hanetzer: Oh, really. I'll take missing keyboard input over black screen any day :P
<hanetzer> now, if I could get a console login to work, that would be great.
<mbakke> How are you connecting a console?
<hanetzer> ../configure --host=x86_64-pc-linux-gnu --target=armv7a-hardfloat-linux-gnueabi --with-platform=coreboot host_alias=x86_64-pc-linux-gnu target_alias=armv7a-hardfloat-linux-gnueabi --disable-werror << compile grub
<hanetzer> pkgdatadir=. ./grub-mkstandalone --grub-mkimage=./grub-mkimage -O arm-coreboot-veyron -o default_payload.elf --dtb /home/hanetzer/Projects/linux/arch/arm/boot/dts/rk3288-veyron-speedy.dtb --modules="cbfs ehci ext2 fat part_gpt part_msdos usb_keyboard usbms usbserial_usbdebug normal" --install-modules=affs afs all_video bfs btrfs cbfs configfile cpio cpio_be cryptodisk date datetime disk diskfilter
<hanetzer> echo eval exfat gfxterm_background gzio halt help hexdump hfs hfsplus iso9660 jfs jpeg keystatus linux ls memrw minicmd minix minix2 minix2_be minix3 minix3_be minix_be newc nilfs2 normal ntfs odc png probe reboot regexp reiserfs romfs search serial sfs squash4 syslinuxcfg test testload testspeed time udf ufs1 ufs1_be ufs2 usbserial_ftdi usbserial_pl2303 usbtest videoinfo videotest xfs zfs --fonts=
<hanetzer> --themes= --locales= -d grub-core/ /boot/grub/grub.cfg=../coreboot.cfg << make a payload
<mbakke> Ooh, nice.
<hanetzer> add it to coreboot as elf payload, and you get a grub menu
<hanetzer> mbakke: I've got a google 'servo' which is a sort of combo jtag/uart/flasher hardware
<hanetzer> mbakke: In other words, I'm using ttyS2, at 0xff690000
<mbakke> hanetzer: Ooh, the servo looks nice.
<hanetzer> mbakke: yeah. too bad you can't buy them anywhere :P
<mbakke> I'm familiar with `grub-standalone`, having worked on the Guix EFI stuff. Will try making a libreboot payload.
<mbakke> *mkstandalone
<hanetzer> oh, and you also have to pass it a valid path to a dtb file; this goes into the grub.elf payload, not into the cbfs
<hanetzer> though getting it into the cbfs would be a very useful trick.
<mbakke> Ah, yes; dtb. Any good documentation somewhere? :P
<hanetzer> assuming CONFIG_ROCKCHIP or whatever is enabled in .config for a kernel, they will be built
<mbakke> Right.
<hanetzer> rk3288-veyron-speedy.dt{s,b} are what you're interested in. the former is source, latter is compiled :)
<hanetzer> gfd. why console, why
<mbakke> Ooh, right. Do you know any good resources on the format? The partition layout of depthcharge was also confusing.
<mbakke> dts/dtb format that is. Perusing the 4.16 dts now.
<mbakke> But really, flashing U-Boot sounds much more fun. How do I get started :P
<hanetzer> get a clone, lemme give you some patches
<hanetzer> however, it can't read from external usb/mmc yet...
<hanetzer> dunno why
<mbakke> Any public repository?
<hanetzer> not yet. I should, tho.
<mbakke> And what are the current limitations. How screwed am I without any SPI gear?
<hanetzer> very. don't fug with it without.
<hanetzer> fscking hell. why no console!
<hanetzer> also, half the time you have no output to the screen. will look into that later
<mbakke> Heh. I'm afraid of what might lurk in the depths of firmware development.
<hanetzer> its a cool place
<hanetzer> I'm losing my mind over this :<
* vagrantc surely lost a day or two here and there
<vagrantc> mbakke: i don't know if this is the official project, but doesn't seem very active
<hanetzer> ugh. if I could just get this damned thing to do what I want it to.
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<hanetzer> finally. got ssh access workin :)
<hanetzer> now, why does the internal mmc not work as far as gpt tables
<hanetzer> << several issues with the emmc, any tips?
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<hanetzer> someone got a c201 running stock chromeos?
<sphalerite> vagrantc: awesome to see other people are interested in both the nix model and rockchip stuff! I'm running nixos on my C201 myself.
<sphalerite> aw, they left again
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<hanetzer> sphalerite: heh
<hanetzer> sphalerite: hey, you know anything about io errors on the embedded emmc?
<sphalerite> yes, I know they're a pain in the neck
<sphalerite> >.>
<sphalerite> I've basically got two different cases for them: 1, it errors early on during the boot and just becomes completely unusable, returning I/O errors for every attempt to access it
<sphalerite> and 2, it sort of works but very unreliably, and will hang the kernel (typically) between 10s and 30min after booting
<hanetzer> for some reason, any attempt to partition it once linux is booted gives me io errors. and any attempt to deal with it in u-boot gives invalid header errors
<sphalerite> I prefer 1, and just use an SD card instead of the eMMC. I'd really like to have it working, just have no idea how.
<sphalerite> is the patch that makes the difference between the two cases FWIW
<hanetzer> well, problem is I can't see my sdcard from u-boot
<sphalerite> ah.
<sphalerite> During my earlier experiments with my c201, I just booted from a USB stick, idk if u-boot can do that?
<sphalerite> but yeah, if you're trying to get u-boot working I wouldn't bother with the eMMC, or maybe use the chromeos kernel where the emmc works
<sphalerite> or just fix the emmc in the mainline kernel, in which case I would be extremely grateful :D
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<hanetzer> hmm... blkdevparts=mmcblk2:stuff,more(stuff)@stuff,things seems to be useful
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<hanetzer> broke mah shit.
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<hanetzer> if anyone here knows how one could nuke out an emmc with a busted u-boot flashed on it I would appreciate the knowledge :P
<Ke> yeah have done that too
<Ke> did I mention I hate eMMC partially because of that
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