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<alyssa> ....I'm supposed to get a render node for a rockchip DRM device, right...?
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<alyssa> ----Or is that just a ChromeOS weridness?
* alyssa will look more Later
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<mmind00> alyssa: nope, only a cardX for the kms device ... the render-node supposedly comes from the render-only device (panfrost in your case obviously)
<mmind00> alyssa: at least that is how it looks on my mali-utgard based boards
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<ezequielg> mani_s: we need to enable tsadc on rock960
<ezequielg> do you think 95C default shut temp is ok?
<mani_s> ezequielg, in the vamrs kernel tree, it has been 110C
<mani_s> So we should stick to it
<ezequielg> that is higher than 95C
<ezequielg> sounds quite high
<mani_s> ezequielg, yeah but it does generate a lot of heat
<mani_s> I can check with Tom regarding this value
<ezequielg> yeah, let's check that.
<ezequielg> just in case.
<ezequielg> mani_s: fwiw, I had to add a cooler here to avoid shutdown when doing some builds on the board.
<ezequielg> the thermal sink is a bit small i think.
<ezequielg> mani_s: mmind00: little patch for audio sent.
<mani_s> ezequielg, turns out to be very simple ;-)
<DuClare> I wonder if anyone ever booted mainline kernel with op-tee on rk3288..
<mmind00> DuClare: don't think so ... but converting to either atf (their armv7 support) or optee providing psci support sounds quite tempting :-)
<mmind00> instead of rolling the kernel-side smp + suspend (especially as deep suspend involves the sram)
<DuClare> Oh atf has armv7 support?
<DuClare> Everything I read said otherwise :(
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<alyssa> mmind00: Alright, wonder where the render nodes are coming from on the CrOS kernel then :p
<alyssa> (It turns out it doesn't matter but w/e :P)
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<ezequielg> alyssa: render nodes for what?
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<alyssa> ezequielg: Unclear
<alyssa> One is vgmem and the other is the VOP, maybe?
<ezequielg> my question is: why do you need render nodes?
<ezequielg> currently in mainline, the kms driver (drm/rockchip) won't give you a render node.
<ezequielg> you can get one from vgem.
<ezequielg> unclear what for.
<ezequielg> alyssa: ^
<alyssa> ezequielg: I don't. I thought I did when I posted the message; turns out I misread the code. I don't know why we're still talking about it :p
<ezequielg> lol
<ezequielg> you don't indeed
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