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<libv> yay, Touchscreen page has some useful content!
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<wens> mripard_: i did
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<wens> i don't know, maybe i'm missing something
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<codekipper> libv: re:sunxi-boards/meminfo/....yep, that makes sense. I'll upload my devices when I get a chance.
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<hramrach> libv: I have looked at what people have for TS and it really looks like ts support is going to be a pita. The GSL1680 driver needs a firmware which is device specific. The driver in a23 sdk may be of some help but I am still not sure if it's easier to get this working or just replace the ouch layer in hardware :s
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<n3rd_dude> hi everyone, following this guide on the official site, I seem to run into a strange error
<n3rd_dude> I get, Makefile.config:96: *** Missing library dependencies: Stop.
<n3rd_dude> after running, "make config"
<n3rd_dude> after searching for a solution for 24hrs I haven't the slightest clue what's wrong :-./
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<n3rd_dude> that's a missing library, no doubt, however, there doesn't seem to be a single trace of that lib anywhere :-/
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<wens> hramrach: what about the userspace driver?
<hramrach> it needs the firmware as well afaik
<hramrach> n3rd_dude: that library should be built as part of installation of that driver
<n3rd_dude> hramrach: I thought so
<n3rd_dude> I 'built' and installed 'libump' before that though?
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<mripard_> wens: do you have earlyprintk?
<mripard_> how do you boot the kernel? fastboot boot zImage?
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<philippe_fouquet> hi
<philippe_fouquet> on the A20 the input efuse_VDDQ what is it its function?
<mripard_> philippe_fouquet: iirc, it allows to write to the on-SoC fuses (aka SID)
<philippe_fouquet> thank
<mripard_> but most of the time (at least in all the design I've seen), it's connected to the ground, which makes it read-only.
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<philippe_fouquet> mripard_: a bad SID could be block le fel protocol? (I can't write large block)
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<mripard_> I don't see why it could, but I don't really know about FEL
<philippe_fouquet> thank
<mripard_> iirc there's board out there without the SID programmed at all
<philippe_fouquet> yes it's a board that comme from the factory it never programmed before
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<wens> mripard_: i do, and yes, fastboot boot zImage or concatenated zimage+dtb
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<mripard_> wens: stupid question. Do you have the bootargs already in your DT?
<mripard_> hmmm, judging by the one in the kernel, you do...
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<wens> i even set default bootargs in the kernel
<mripard_> I don't know about the A23, but it should work on the A31 hummingbird, I tested it a few weeks ago.
<wens> i was doing the a80, it didn't work, so i went back to the a31 to test, and it didn't work either
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<wens> but i did update the nand image on my a31, so maybe the u-boot is different :(
<mripard_> ah, yes, maybe
<mripard_> 2s
<mripard_> I'm uploading my kernel image for you to test
<mripard_> just to make sure wether it's fastboot or the kernel itself that doesn't work
<wens> thanks, i'll test it when i get home
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<wens> quite a large image :p
<mripard_> yeah, it has an initramfs in it
<mripard_> wens: it would be great if you could test the MMC clock changes on the A23 too
<mripard_> I could not test it in there, and I'd really like to get some more test coverage on that :)
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<hramrach> mripard_: what's with mmc on a23?
<wens> hramrach: mmc clock updates
<hramrach> on mainline?
<wens> yes
<hramrach> is it reasonably possible to boot mainline on a23 without uart?
<hramrach> technically I could test mmc without using the mmc0 slot because I have a sdio wifi but it's probably not supported
<wens> you have to have uart for the console, but you can skip the pinctrl part or something
<hramrach> you can have console on the mmc pins
<wens> anyway, since you only only boot from fel or fastboot atm, mmc is free :p
<hramrach> I do not have those 2 testpoints next to the cpu
<hramrach> yes, it's free but you cannot test mmc then
<wens> hramrach: i'm using r_uart on my q8h, so my mmc is free
<hramrach> what is r_uart?
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<wens> it's the uart in the rtc block, shared by the main processor and the embedded processor
<hramrach> but you still need pins for it
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<hramrach> which are not connected to any known location on my board
<libv> codekipper: thanks
<libv> hramrach: yeah, but people need to be told how to get that firmware
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<libv> hramrach: we should perhaps collect those firmwares in sunxi-boards/
<hramrach> libv: it's not clear so far
<hramrach> the module tends to include more than 1 firmware and the extract tools use some fuzzy logic to extract something
<hramrach> so you end up with multiple files some of which look like actual ctp firmware and if you are lucky one of them works if you upload it to your gsl
<libv> hramrach: there must be a way
<hramrach> there is new tool in the works which will be hopefully more precise
<hramrach> so it gets you fewer files which are very likely firmware and one of them will very likely work ten
<libv> heh that n3rd_dude did not stick around
<hramrach> +h
* libv wonders if plaes got libvfever
<libv> but nice, touchscreen seems to be getting some attention now
<libv> thanks guys
<mripard_> hramrach: it should be possible, but if it doesn't boot, you'll be in the dark
<mripard_> so you have to be quite confident to do so :)
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<hramrach> oh well. I will first try to boot the a10s olinuxino
<hramrach> looks like the memory clock in the past year made it completely unbootable
<hramrach> +changes
<hramrach> this alone is quite interesting
<hramrach> why is the mvolt set so high on axp152?
<hramrach> the drop from 1500 to 1200 specified in fex locks up the board
<hramrach> setting both to 1400 makes the board boot but it locks up later
<JohnDoe_71Rus> hramrach: Hi. boot with build in kernel modules
<hramrach> yes, that should work because you have all the required dependencies in kernel
<JohnDoe_71Rus> usbcore: registered new interface driver rt2800usb
<JohnDoe_71Rus> Registered led device: rt2800usb-phy0::radio
<hramrach> the hynix site says the RAM is 1.5V so it's seriously undervolted if VDD is what dcdc3 is connected to
<hramrach> and 667MHz CL5
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<hramrach> ssvb: looks like it's ddr3 rather than ddr3l and we have no option for selecting that anywhere :/
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<JohnDoe_71Rus> some fix script.bin
<ssvb> hramrach: most, if not all, sunxi devices are using normal ddr3 and not ddr3l
<ssvb> hramrach: the ddr3 power supply voltage is 1.5V everywhere if you look at the schematics of the cubie or olimex boards
<hramrach> and dcdc3 is used for that?
<JohnDoe_71Rus> but wifi don't work :(
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<stickyman> hey guys
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<hramrach> yes, it says 1.5V
<rellla> ssvb: may it be possible to re-softcode ve_size depending on the old kernel parameter? as 80MB is the default anyway?
<ssvb> hramrach: I may be wrong here (it would be great if the hardware guys from olimex could correct me), but my understanding is that VDD is providing power to the DDR chip, it heeds to be 1.5V
<hramrach> afaict from the schematics and datasheets it's so
<ssvb> hramrach: then we have Vref voltage (which is VDD/2)
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<hramrach> but it may be set to 1.2V in most cases as a safe value that should work with both ddr3l and underclocked ddr3
<ssvb> hramrach: and the DDR3 spec says that "DC input logic high" has the minimum value Vref + 0.100 and the maximum value VDD
<ssvb> hramrach: basically, the signals on the data lines must be higher than Vref + 0.1 to be interpreted as logical 1
<hramrach> that should not be a problem, should it?
<hramrach> ddr3l is supposed to operate at 1.5v regardless, and 1.4V with some loss on the PCB would be about the 1.35V ddr3l nominal, either way
<hramrach> But I guess I need to lover the speed to get this boot I guess
<ssvb> hramrach: that's the ddr3 power voltage, and it is not related to dcdc3
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<hramrach> so what does dcdc3 connect to?
<ssvb> hramrach: as I understand it, the logical "1" signal on the ddr data lines is between 0.85V (VDD/2 + 0.1) and 1.5V (VDD)
<ssvb> hramrach: the logical "0" is something below 0.75V (VDD/2)
<hramrach> an if you lower vdd it's supposed to be lower ... if the chip is supposed to operate at that value
<hramrach> in the olinuxino schematics all the vdd and vddq are connected to 1.5V rail which in other part of the schematics is connected to dcdc3
<ssvb> hramrach: why would you lower vdd?
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<ssvb> hramrach: hmm, is vdd really connected to dcdc3?
<hramrach> because somebody set dcdc3 to 1.2V in fex
<hramrach> it's what the schematic says
<ssvb> hramrach: which one? and which part of it?
<hramrach> Olinuxina A10S micro rev A - 512Mbytes DDR3 part and power part
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<wens> mripard_: mmc clk phase patches tested on sun8i, look good
<ssvb> hramrach: that's the board you are experimenting with?
<hramrach> yes, I wanted to connect it to a full HD screen
<hramrach> meh
<ssvb> hramrach: ouch, so dcdc3 is used to provide power for ddr3 chips on this board?
<hramrach> seems so
<hramrach> you have no other 1.5V source so I have no idea what you would power it with otherwise
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<ssvb> hramrach: now I wonder if dcdc3 voltage is also used for the DRAM controller part in the SoC on this particular board
<ssvb> hramrach: or some other 1.2V source is just used instead
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<hramrach> it's connected to 1.5V in the schematics
<hramrach> the VCC_DRAM pins on the SoC
<hramrach> wow, cubietech finally made a usable case for CT
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<ssvb> hramrach: on A10 lime, dcdc3 seems to be connected to VDD_DLL and VDD_INT (and is labeled as 1.2V_INT)
<hramrach> hmm
<hramrach> I wonder which is more broken
<ssvb> hramrach: on your A10S board, dcdc3 seems to be indeed labeled as 1.5V
<hramrach> but then again you have only so many power rails on the AXP
<ssvb> hramrach: and the SoC VDD_DLL/VDD_INT are labeled as 1.2V_INT and come from dcdc4 on A10s
<hramrach> yes, and dcdc4 is set to 1.2V so that looks ok
<ssvb> hramrach: somehow I don't believe that your ancient kernel was really setting 1.2V for dcdc3, maybe somebody just hacked the kernel code to suppress that :-)
<ssvb> hramrach: and now you are trying to solve the puzzle
<hramrach> it seems the same on CB. VDD and VDDQ on RAM Are from the same rail and that's also connected to the SoC VCC_DRAM
<hramrach> ssvb: since dcdc3 defaults to 1.2 on other AXP I suspect you just need to underclock the ram more
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<hramrach> hmm, on CB the schematic suggests that DRAM_VCC is suplied by separate regulator from DC-5V and has nothing to do with AXP at all
<ssvb> hramrach: all board are providing 1.5V for DDR3 power regardless of their use of dcdc3
<ssvb> hramrach: the A10s board from Olimex might be an oddball hardware
<ssvb> hramrach: do we have schematics for any other A10s devices?
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<hramrach> I doubt. And using dcdc3 is just saving on regulators on the part of Olimex. Even Cubietech provides separat chips independent of AXP
<hramrach> dcdc3 is used for DLLVDD on cb
<ssvb> hramrach: in any case, the reliability of the DRAM controller in the SoC is dependent on VDD_DLL/VDD_INT voltage for A10/A20 hardware and we are configuring it with dcdc3
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<ssvb> hramrach: the DDR3 power is always 1.5V
<Seppoz> hi
<hramrach> and DRAM_DLL does not connect to the chip in the cb schematic at all /o\
<hramrach> maybe a schematic bug
<hramrach> or I missed something
<ssvb> hramrach: it looks like you just need to set 1.5V in fex for dcdc3 on this A10s board
<hramrach> anyway, same AXP config for dcdc3 is used on the tablets - atarts on 1.5V as set by u-boot and then set to 1.2V
<hramrach> but we have no idea what it's connected to there
<hramrach> ok, so 1.5V it is
<hramrach> incidentally, u-boot sets dcdc3 to 1.5V by default too
<hramrach> on axp152 only
<ssvb> still it does not make sense to set it to 1.5V in u-boot and then drop to 1.2V in the kernel, one of these settings must be wrong
<ssvb> yes, for the Olimex A10s board both of these very likely need to be 1.5V according to the schematics
<ssvb> but for A10s tablets 1.5V in u-boot might need a special investigation
<hramrach> and a13
<hramrach> because the chip is the same on these, right?
<ssvb> can we trace the axp152 dcdc3=1.5V setup back to boot0 sources?
<hramrach> it was in the initial AXP152 support commit and never changed
<hramrach> other voltages were bumped
<hramrach> b8823f80
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<ssvb> hramrach: so Simon "theRat" must know something about it?
<hramrach> or hans or henrik
<hramrach> or they just patched it round and round until it booted ;-)
<ssvb> rellla: yes, it is possible to rely on the kernel cmdline parameter for ve_size again
<ssvb> rellla: but what is your use case?
<rellla> ssvb: there is a special use case regarding libvdpau, where it runs out of memory when too many frames are reserved.
<rellla> sure, first this prog has to be fixed, but just in case ...
<ssvb> rellla: thanks for the link
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<hramrach> hmm, with 1.5V it started rsyslogd
<hramrach> and sshd
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<hramrach> so that was it I guess
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<quitte> Hi. I feel tempted by the Onda v898...
<hramrach> hehe
<wens> quitte: for?
<wens> hmm, who was it that also had an optimus board
<hramrach> I feel more tempted by the odroid if I were to buy A15
<quitte> wens: that's the problem. I don't care about android at all. I'd like to run eclipse on it with a keyboard pouch
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<quitte> and the powervr situation seems to be worse than mali - even if i accept non-free drivers
<hramrach> you do not need vr to run eclipse
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<hramrach> disp should suffice
<quitte> hramrach: i kind of like gnome3. but yes. I could live with gnome 2
<hramrach> tell us about your experience :)
<hramrach> I kind of see tablets as toy only devices with no practical use
<hramrach> which means that the onda is way too expensive for that
<quitte> I really like netbooks. but I also need high resolution. and seeing the price difference between china tablets and ultrabooks ...
<wens> mripard_: ok just tested with your image
<wens> it does not work :(
<wens> then nothing
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<libv> wens: i pushed my q8h info as well now
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<mripard_> wens: weird...
<wens> mripard_: btw, that sun6i-i2c dt fix is still missing :|
<mripard_> do you have the old image?
<hramrach> a10s progress ...
<wens> i suppose i can download it
<mripard_> it's in the fix branch of arm-soc, so it should be merged quite soon
<hramrach> crashes in lcdc_clk_on
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<wens> mripard_: i might as well get the old sdk and do a diff first
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<wens> nothing's different :(
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<mripard_> wens: hmmm
<mripard_> I'll double check this weekend that this image works
<mripard_> but I'm pretty sure it did
<hramrach> can you use LCD and HDMI at the same on a10s?
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<hramrach> or rather is it supposed to work? because it crashes the kernel
<hramrach> will try hdmi only later
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<wens> mripard_: could you grab the output from u-boot as well?
<mripard_> wens: yep, sure
<mripard_> but it doesn't look like yours :)
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<naobsd> mripard_: where can I see A20 Lime dts you merged?
<mripard_> in linux
<mripard_> *linux-next, or in sunxi-next on my github
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<hramrach> something is broken on olinuxino
<hramrach> power button does not generate any event
<mripard_> naobsd: sorry, I forgot to push the branch
<mripard_> it's done now
<naobsd> mripard_: really thanks!
<hramrach> why does it set a 50Hz mode when it successfully parses a 60Hz mode?
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<hramrach> hmm, works with fullHD screen at least
<ssvb> hramrach: do you have a 50Hz mode configured in fex?
<hramrach> probably
<hramrach> why it parses the edid then
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<hramrach> also console no longer works for me
<hramrach> on uart
<hramrach> cannot type
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<hramrach> and cannot resolve hostnames
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<ssvb> hramrach: you seem to have it tough...
<ssvb> hramrach: are you the only a10s olimex board owner around here?
<hramrach> what do you need to build memtester?
<ssvb> hramrach: cmake and nothing else
<hramrach> not that I can get meaningful results because the driver would not use the screen native mode
<ssvb> native mode?
<hramrach> I guess I can hardcode to fullhd
<ssvb> yes, 1920x1080, 60Hz refresh rate and 32 bits per pixel
<ssvb> anything lower than that makes the issue much more difficult or impossible to reproduce
<hramrach> the emac somewhat works but for some reason I get no name resolution
<ssvb> does /etc/resolv.conf have the right nameserver ip address?
<hramrach> no
<ssvb> you can even try google's "nameserver"
<hramrach> that's why I ask dhcp server for it, right?
<ssvb> afaik dhcp should identify the nameserver ip address and generate the /etc/resolv.conf file
<hramrach> hmm, setting nameserveer from another machine does not help
<hramrach> so it was different from dhcp but not necessarily bad
<ssvb> try to ping and if it works, just use it as a nameserver
<hramrach> does not work
<ssvb> hmm
<hramrach> probably expected
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<hramrach> I mean who would enable access ot google nameservers?
<ssvb> well, google conveniently provides a free dns server (probably with the ulterior motive to spy on people) :)
<hramrach> when I run ./lima-textured-cube the screen goes blank, and that's it
<ssvb> but if you can't reach ip addresses outside of your local network, then probably the default gateway is misconfigured?
<ssvb> goes blank?
<hramrach> I cannot resolve them. not neccessarily cannot reach
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<hramrach> but yes, the nameserver is out of the subnet
<hramrach> yes, goes blank
<hramrach> with backlight on
<ssvb> and it keeps running? or the device deadlocks/reboots?
<hramrach> you can press ^C to stop it
<hramrach> is there some powersave feature that can interfere?
<ssvb> "going blank" could be a symptom of the same problem on a10s instead of the "shaking screen" on a10
<hramrach> it stays blank
<ssvb> can you try to run "lima-memspeed fb_scanout gpu_write"?
<ssvb> this should actively prevent the screen from blanking and also show the fade-in/fade-out effects
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<libv> plaes: feel free to add FIXME templates similar to Remove/Edit
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<hramrach> actually, it goes like gray
<hramrach> it seems blacker when the console starts
<hramrach> hmm, bad contact I guess
<hramrach> disassembling and reassembling uart fixed console
<hramrach> lima-memspeed fb_scanout gpu_write changes screen color
<hramrach> but fbcon no longer works when it is done
<hramrach> ssvb:
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<hramrach> I guess the console problem is due to wrong buffer left after memtester
<hramrach> the console appears momentarily at the start of next run
<ssvb> hramrach: yes, the disappearing console is likely caused by double buffering
<hramrach> now I interupted memtester in the middle once and console works again, even after running once more fully
<hramrach> so the textured cube draws grayscreen
<ssvb> hramrach: does "lima-memtester 10M" show a rotating cube? or it also shows the gray screen?
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<hramrach> I tried 100M and it showed black screen momentarily and then gray
<ssvb> hramrach: sigh, I have observed this gray background glitch after the commit
<ssvb> hramrach: but it was rather difficult to reproduce
<hramrach> 100% here
<ssvb> I guess, reverting to the vertex shader generated by the proprietary shader compiler is necessary
<ssvb> lima_compiler is not good enough yet :(
<hramrach> I cannot do commit revert
<ssvb> yes, some other changes piled up
<ssvb> just try to replace the "shader_v.h" file with the older version
<ssvb> the shader source is not really used and kind of serves as a comment
<ssvb> hramrach: if you can confirm that this fixes the problem, it would be a great help
<ssvb> hramrach: I spent a lot of time trying to reproduce this bug and can't be even 100% sure that it was really this commit
<hramrach> yes, reverting shader_v.h works
<hramrach> I can see a cube
<ssvb> hramrach: thanks for confirming!
<hramrach> what issue would I see when I have memory bandwidth issue?
<hramrach> and would it show with 400MHz ram clock?
<ssvb> I guess, I will just move the current 'master' to the 'libre' branch and take the old vertex shader binary into use
<hramrach> hmm, just rebooted
<libv> heh, i think my semitime g2 might just work now
<hramrach> 432 even
FreezingCold has joined #linux-sunxi
<ssvb> hramrach: as for the memory bandwidth, if you have 1920x1080-32@60Hz mode, then the whole screen is shaking up and down vertically if there are some issues with DEBE scanout
<hramrach> I have that. The screen is 1920x1200 but it can apparently do 1080p as well
<hramrach> when I have scaler disabled in fex debe is used, right?
<ssvb> ok, maybe sun5i also has this problem fixed, just like sun7i
<ssvb> yes, the disabled scaler is the most problematic setup
<ssvb> hramrach: as for the reboot, it likely means that your dram settings are unreliable (testing the dram reliability is the primary purpose of the 'lima-memtester' program)
<hramrach> the ancient rom probably has 384MHz and 300MHz mbus so much lower
<hramrach> fb0_scaler_mode_enable = 0
<ssvb> ok, thanks for running all these tests
<hramrach> I also learned that A10 can actually scan out fullhd after all those problems
<hramrach> thanks :)
nabblet has joined #linux-sunxi
<hramrach> hmm, now it does not reboot
<hramrach> maybe I touched the power cord or something the first time
<hramrach> I have only mini USB for power and that's not exactly pinnacle of reliability
<hramrach> testing 11WRITE FAILURE: 0x00000000 != 0x00ff00ff at offset 0x00229918 (solidbits)
<hramrach> heh
<ssvb> then this is definitely not a power cord :)
<ssvb> regarding dram reliability in general, increasing VDD_DLL/VDD_INT voltage up to something around 1.3V may help (you have it currently set to 1.25V from dcdc4, right?)
<hramrach> board.c: power_failed |= axp152_set_dcdc4(1250);
<ssvb> or just reducing the dram clock speed until it can pass the test may be a reasonable action (and then reduce it by one more 24Hz step to have some extra safety headroom)
<ssvb> anyway, we are trying to eventually have a good dram configuration guide at
pwhalen has quit [Ping timeout: 240 seconds]
<hramrach> this is for testing screen configuration not for top performance
<ssvb> yeah, I understand
<hramrach> incidentally the a10s seems much faster than the a13 tablets, though
<ssvb> dram corruption is a rather serious issue by itself if you are going to use this board for anything practical
<ssvb> that is unless you enjoy occasional oopses, mysterious crashes and deadlocks :)
<hramrach> yes, that's why setting the clock lower is the first thing to try
F1skr has joined #linux-sunxi
<hramrach> but the a10s support is seriously bitrotten. first the console thing that prevented libv from booting then the regulator thing that prevented me from booting, then the memory is clocked too high to run the board, and the board crashes in dualscreen configuration
<wens> mripard_: i still have some patches for sun8i, mind if i just post them?
<libv> hramrach: oh, dualscreen, yes, i get that too
<libv> i have to set it to 0 each time
<libv> i have no idea why it is set to 4
<libv> anyway, i am unpacking my cubietruck now to go chase the libnand issue
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<hramrach> ssvb: with 384MHz I get the jumping
<hramrach> only the cube jumps and not the background but it's quite obvious
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<hramrach> enabling scaler seems to fix the issue but *decreases* bandwidth reported by lima-memspeed fb_scanout gpu_write from 958 to 912
FR^2 has quit [Quit: Connection reset by peer]
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<ssvb> hramrach: :)
philippe_fouquet has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
<libv> heffer: your SDK-758 is just 2 patches away from being complete
<ssvb> hramrach: this only eliminates the shaking issue for the scaler mode alone (which seems to be already fine for you), but may still increase the performance
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<hramrach> crash..
akaizen has quit [Ping timeout: 272 seconds]
<ssvb> hramrach: just at 384mhz? or after tweaking the DEFE host port priority?
<hramrach> just 384MHz
<ssvb> hramrach: this sucks
<hramrach> I try bump dcdc4 some more
konradoo77 has joined #linux-sunxi
<hramrach> hmm, I actually should do that in fex rather than u-boot
zeRez has quit []
<hramrach> it's not in fex?
<ssvb> hramrach: it was in the kernel log though?
<hramrach> [ 1.916070] axp152_dcdc4: 1250 mV
<ssvb> hramrach: also you can check the 'emr1' parameter in 'dram_para' in u-boot, it is typically set to 0x0 or 0x4 (and you can try a different value)
<hramrach> dram_emr1 = 0x4
<ssvb> hramrach: you can change it to 0 and check if this improves reliability in lima-memtester
<netlynx> hi
<hramrach> hmm, setting the port priority gives 1024.9 MB/s
<hramrach> that's more than with 432MHz initially
zeRez has joined #linux-sunxi
<hramrach> but cube jumping is back
<hramrach> so I guess the number does something different on sun5i
<ssvb> hramrach: yeah, that's weird
<hramrach> it's actually worst I have seen
<hramrach> changing fex changes the voltage in dmesg so that part works
<ssvb> hramrach: for the host port, you can try to change 0x5031 -> 0x6031 (basically, increase the value in the high byte until the jumping disappears)
<ssvb> hramrach: I only tested it on lime with the dram clocked down to 408MHz, but your clock speed is even lower
<ssvb> hramrach: and are you still using 1920x1200 screen resolution? it is tougher than 1920x1080
<hramrach> but I got from no jumping to very bad jumping by this:
<hramrach> so either it's the wrong value or it works differently on this hw
konradoo77 has quit [Ping timeout: 255 seconds]
<hramrach> and no, I ma not using 1920x1200 because the kernel just ignores the EDID it reads and decodes
<ssvb> hramrach: this change reduces priority for DEFE to make it equal with the CPU/GPU, but increases the allowed bandwidth use percentage
<hramrach> what is that 0x0735 part?
<ssvb> hramrach: if DEFE priority is higher than the priority of CPU/GPU, then the dram controller can't reorder requests from DEFE and CPU/GPU relative to each other, and may result in a pathologically bad performance
bsdfox has quit [Quit: ZNC -]
<hramrach> but with reordering you get pathologically bad display performance on this hw
konradoo77 has joined #linux-sunxi
<ssvb> hramrach: the CPU/GPU is just starving DEFE, and you may fix this by increasing "Host port command number"
<hramrach> so like f031?
<ssvb> hramrach: yes
<ssvb> hramrach: we don't have proper documentation, so it's a bit of black magic
<hramrach> you have some idea what the 0x0735 value is for?
<ssvb> hramrach: the host port is enabled, has high priority, and "Host port command number" is set to 7
<hramrach> yes but it's third value so is set for what device?
zeRez has quit []
<ssvb> hramrach: what do you mean third value? each hex digit is 4 bits
<hramrach> this is not jumping cube. it's wobbly cube. compiz desktop ftw!
<ssvb> if it's not jumping, then it's fine
<hramrach> indeed. and there are four values of 4 digits. Presumably the first two are for CPU and GPU since they are same priority as the fourth
<ssvb> and you may see tearing effects, which look like some square tiles are out of place
<hramrach> anyway, wobbly is an euphemism for jumping really bad so this might be the wrong port on sun5i
bertrik has joined #linux-sunxi
bsdfox has joined #linux-sunxi
<hramrach> because it jumps so much it seems to like stretch and bend
<ssvb> has some information about host port indxes
<ssvb> DRAM_HOST_CPU = 16,
<ssvb> DRAM_HOST_GPU = 17,
<ssvb> DRAM_HOST_BE = 18,
<ssvb> DRAM_HOST_FE = 19,
avsm has quit [Ping timeout: 272 seconds]
<ssvb> so the "third" value would be DEBE
<hramrach> do we have something similar for sun5i?
<ssvb> we believe that the host ports assignment is exactly the same
<ssvb> and the changes you make are clearly taking effect (you can see some difference), so you are changing the settings for the right port :)
<hramrach> indeed, it did not shake with the original value
<hramrach> actually, it did slightly shake
<hramrach> so increasing priority of the wrong port would have this effect too
MY123 has joined #linux-sunxi
<hramrach> which looks like what is happening here
<hramrach> can you program this at runtime?
<ssvb> hramrach: yes, I believe so
F1skr has quit [Quit: WeeChat 1.0]
<ssvb> hramrach: but ultimately, your current dram clock speed may be a bit low for FullHD, considering that A10s has 16-bit bus width
<ssvb> hramrach: FullHD needs at least 500MB/s of the memory bandwidth for screen refresh
lkcl has quit [Ping timeout: 276 seconds]
<ssvb> hramrach: but because of inefficiencies here and there, the bandwidth is not 100% perfectly utilized, so the screen refresh in practice costs more
<hramrach> I set the 4th value to 1031 and the shaking .. makes slightly different cube patterns than f031 so does not appear as wobbly but that's it
zeRez has joined #linux-sunxi
<hramrach> well, the reported total bandwidth is 1023.5 MB/s with this value as is with and xx31 value
lkcl has joined #linux-sunxi
<hramrach> so that port is used in the test at least
Nyuutwo has joined #linux-sunxi
<ssvb> hramrach: when you have half of your memory bandwidth wasted on screen refresh, it is not very healthy in general
<ssvb> hramrach: if we find a way to configure this device for faster dram clock speeds, then it may improve the situation
<hramrach> without doing screen refreshes the board is useless so even if 75% of bandwidth was used that's fine
<MY123> hramrach: Lower res?
<ssvb> hramrach: you always have an option to use lower screen resolution, lower color depth or lower refresh rate :)
bengal has joined #linux-sunxi
avsm has joined #linux-sunxi
<ssvb> hramrach: btw, you may actually use a10-dram-timings-calculator from
_massi has quit [Quit: Leaving]
<hramrach> nice :)
<hramrach> so the thing is that you cannot actually do fullhd with stable memory timings
<ssvb> hramrach: if your current dram settings have .cas=9, then the timings are way too wasteful for such low clock speed
<hramrach> hmm, probably
<ssvb> the cas=9 timings are supposedly for 667MHz (!) and you are clocking the memory at only 384MHz
<hramrach> they are probably wasteful for 432MHz too
<ssvb> sure
<hramrach> I use whatever was for olinuxino in u-boot
<ssvb> you can run "./a10-dram-timings-calculator 384" and use this as a template for the u-boot dram_para struct
<ssvb> actually you can use it as-is and only add your own 'emr1', 'zq', 'odt_en' and 'trp3' parameters (if you want to do additional tuning)
<hramrach> so
<hramrach> I set the port to f037 and my cube is crisp and clear
<plaes> libv: you're welcome ;)
<hramrach> and bandwidth reported dropped to 913
<hramrach> so the memory bandwidth provide by the board suffices, more or less
<hramrach> but why do you have to raise DEFE above DEBE when DEBE is supposedly not used?
<ssvb> not above DEBE, but above CPU and GPU
<ssvb> because CPU and GPU are competing for the memory bandwidth
<plaes> libv: does this ({{Remove:TODO:}} [[Touchscreen#Device|Manufacturer Device]]) look ok?
<hramrach> the third is GPU?
<ssvb> the first and second are the CPU and GPU
<hramrach> I tried 2033 and it did not work. not sure if I tried f033 anymore
<MY123> plaes: I seen you have done an edit to the page.
<MY123> (does FocalTech produce the full touchscreen or controllers?)
<ssvb> hramrach: you also have the a10-lime, right?
<hramrach> yes, it was here somewhere
<ssvb> hramrach: having both a10-lime and a10s, you can collect much more experimental data about the best host ports configuration for FullHD resolution than I can
<hramrach> ssvb: there is some threshold there. setting the value to 6033 does not have visible result but 6037 does although technically either is above anything else with DEBE set to 0301
<hramrach> ssvb: you can run the lime on 384MHz or did you have to tune it to run at higher clock to be able to scan out fullhd?
<hramrach> even 1037 does it
<ssvb> hramrach: lime runs dram at 480mhz by default, that's why I artificially reduced it to 408mhz in order to have some headroom for the screen shaking effect elimination
konradoo77 has quit [Ping timeout: 276 seconds]
<hramrach> when I raise the priority of DEBE to some high value like 1037 I get a bit less bandwidth total in lima-memspeed but working scanout
<hramrach> interestingly, 1033 or 1031 gives similar result.
<hramrach> that is when it fails to scan out I get about 1025MB/s and when it works about 912MB/s
<hramrach> with 384MHz
konradoo77 has joined #linux-sunxi
<hramrach> at 432 there was no issue at all with the default setting
<ssvb> the bit number 1 is reserved according to the information that we have, that's why 1033 and 1031 are supposed to be identical
bonbons has joined #linux-sunxi
<hramrach> but the original value of 1035 did nit work either
<hramrach> is that supposed to be identical to 1033?
<ssvb> no, 0x5 = 0101 in binary format, and 0x3 is 0011 in binary format
<hramrach> well, there is some unknown here
<ssvb> the lowest bit 0 is "port enable", it needs to be set to 1
<ssvb> the next bit 1 is reserved
<ssvb> the bits 3:2 are setting the port priority
<ssvb> so 0x5 means "port is enabled with priority 1", and 0x3 means "port is enabled with priority 0, and the unused reserved bit is set to 1"
<hramrach> and 1037 and 1035 should be identical except for the reserved bit
<hramrach> but behave differently so it looks like it is not reserved on sun5i but actually does something
<ssvb> maybe
quitte has joined #linux-sunxi
<hramrach> anyway, value 1037 works for me even with very low clock
quitte_ has quit [Write error: Broken pipe]
<ssvb> so flipping the supposedly reserved bit does all the magic? sounds great
<hramrach> seems so
<ssvb> we may want to check if this helps for the a10 too
<hramrach> but you need to have high priority port for it to work. does not work with 1033
<hramrach> but you have it in the current config anyway
<hramrach> not using high priority gives you more overall bandwidth but does not suffice on 384MHz
<hramrach> hmm, ok
<hramrach> I guess it's time to look into setting the value at runtime
<lauri> Hi guys
<hramrach> there are too many to reboot every time
<hramrach> hello
<lauri> I am having VDPAU artifacts with dan-3.4.103 and libvdpau-sunxi 0.2
<lauri> It appears that with fast moving scenes it's flipping between prev/next frame
<lauri> hard to explain
<hramrach> I think jemk did something with cedar?
<hramrach> heh, can't test this at home because I have no fhd screen
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<lauri> I am not sure but it might affect only certain h264 profiles?
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y0g1 has joined #linux-sunxi
<lauri> yep, it seems 1080p high bitrate files are okay
<lauri> lower resolution h264 files are jerky
<jemk> lauri: what player? mpv?
y0g11 has joined #linux-sunxi
<lauri> yep mpv
y0g1 has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
<lauri> I am not sure but it also seemed for 1080p playback vsync was broken?
<jemk> lauri: then update to libvdpau-sunxi to the latest git, see here:
<lauri> I am pretty sure I have the latest
<jemk> lauri: you said v0.2
<lauri> v0.2 + the tree commit
<lauri> I can rebuild of course
<lauri> I don't remember what I put into the last deb
<lauri> I'm pretty sure I have it
<lauri> lemme rebuild
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<lauri> okay I lied :P
y0g1 has quit [Quit: brb]
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<lauri> yay it's fixed :)
<lauri> sorry for bothering you
konradoo77 has joined #linux-sunxi
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<jemk> lauri: np ;)
Herm has joined #linux-sunxi
<lauri> freshly built
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<rellla> lauri: maybe you want to take a look at and fill it :p
philippe_fouquet has joined #linux-sunxi
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BluesBoy has joined #linux-sunxi
<lauri> rellla: I am aware of the repo, I wish someone would give me access :P
<rellla> mnemoc ^
Renard- has joined #linux-sunxi
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<mripard_> wens: yes, go ahead :)
<libv> lauri: there is a packages page on our wiki
<lauri> libv: you're suggesting adding my instructions?
<libv> lauri: nah, i suggest that you look at the history of that
<libv> and how i, as usual, ended up doing that on my own
<libv> feel free to come up with a working system
<lauri> ehm?
<libv> i have been waiting for that for a year
<lauri> I don't understand exactly what you're saying
deasy has joined #linux-sunxi
<mnemoc> rellla: i can give accesses, but the community needs to agree first
<mnemoc> rellla: with packages it's specially complicated because they need to be signed
<libv> last year there was talk, but the only person doing anything was the usual suspect again.
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<libv> is anyone able to run livesuite from under linux?
<libv> or am i on my own there again.
Renard- has quit [Ping timeout: 260 seconds]
<lauri> usual suspect?
<libv> you might have heard of him, whiny bitter fellow who is always rude to people who don't work the wiki
<libv> who is still waiting for additions to
<libv> oh, that was only 9 months ago when i created that page
<lauri> dude you're talking so figuratively I have no clue what you're talking about :D
<libv> my bad.
eagles0513875 has joined #linux-sunxi
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<libv> heh, even a80 sdk still uses livesuit306
Black_Horseman has joined #linux-sunxi
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<Herm> hi! who is responsible for the wiki? I would like to contribute some content regarding the LVDS interface but it says "Your username or IP address has been blocked. The block was made by DNSBL. The reason given is Your IP address is listed as an open proxy in the DNSBL used by"
<Herm> my IP is not actually an open proxy, but the AFTR (ipv6 to ipv4 translation) from my cable company. They don't provide native ipv4 access anymore
mmarker has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
<libv> when does it say that?
<libv> when you try to register?
mmarker has joined #linux-sunxi
<Herm> when trying to edit any page
xavia has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
<libv> so you already have a valid account?
<Herm> no
<Herm> but trying to register gets the same error message
<Herm> Login error
<Herm> Your IP address is listed as an open proxy in the DNSBL used by You cannot create an account (
<libv> ...
<libv> so how does it then _NOT_ say that when you try to register?
<Herm> it says I can't create an account
<libv> and why are we not ipv6 reachable?
<Herm> doesn't have an ipv6 address
<libv> apparently
<libv> Herm: you must be getting blacklisted like this all the time
<Herm> actually this is the first site I expecienced this problem
<Herm> experienced
<libv> hrm, you seem to be in germany, right?
<libv> if so, which isp is this?
<Herm> kabel deutschland
<libv> heh, the previous tennant here had that installed. i am glad i chose a more normal provider
<libv> is your scribus email address still valid?
<libv> if not, /msg me a valid one
physis has joined #linux-sunxi
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<libv> ok, so apparently, in this case, creating an account for someone else gets that someone past this barrier
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