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<Turl> libv: amend can do wonders
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<hramrach> libv: no, it's correct. It's merged with previous commit during rebase which was old
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<philippe_fouquet> I very need help for the fel boot on A20 SoC
<philippe_fouquet> I can't write some big block to sram
<wens> be careful not to write too big a block
<wens> sram also has stack for fel mode
<philippe_fouquet> I try to write the u-boot-spl.bin 13kB
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<philippe_fouquet> when i log in fel process on the PC I seen that the sending request (setou size en offset) work
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<philippe_fouquet> but when sending the data it fail
<philippe_fouquet> I have the same error if I try to ask the version to quickly
<philippe_fouquet> some time
<philippe_fouquet> the brom soures are open?`
<hramrach> don't think so
<hramrach> does it fail the same way on different board?
<hramrach> with 1 sample you might have some odd hardware error and you will never find out
<philippe_fouquet> it fail on 3 board (they come from the factory never it programmed before) but it work fine in demo board (like olimex one)
<hramrach> so it's something on your boards then
<hramrach> did you try booting from a SD card already?
<philippe_fouquet> It sure but I din't see whan it could be
<hramrach> ?
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<philippe_fouquet> for the sd I'm waiting the soket
<hramrach> you don't have a SD socket?
<JohnDoe_71Rus> philippe_fouquet: find SD -> microSD converter and soldering it
<philippe_fouquet> yes I had rooting one but I din't welding one on my board
<hramrach> I don't think eGON has support for sending the file over UART. never hard of that in connection with sunxi hardware
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<hramrach> so your only option besides USB would be the SD slot
t3ngu1 is now known as t3ngu
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<philippe_fouquet> Whi if i don't powered the RTC_VCC the fel mode don't start?
<libv> Turl: oh, ok, i was under the impression that such emails were sent with the date they were actually sent
<libv> perhaps this changed with a newer git version
<libv> or perhaps i never did notice that
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<philippe_fouquet> no body with RTC_VCC
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<libv> hramrach: please check the previews of wiki changes you make
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<hramrach> what do you have problem with?
<libv> missing ]
<libv> but i'm about to fix it
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<hramrach> I do not see any
<libv> around plastic tool.
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<libv> i usually catch those while looking at a preview, or when i make a minor change, shortly after i committed it :)
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<libv> great. thanks heaps. now i get to copy paste.
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<kill_-9_1> What should I do to the Kurio 7S?
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<Kevinxp> hi guys, i need help with my tablet with a13 processor, i have succesfull runing debian with micro sd, but only boot if have uart1 conected to pc ,, if remove uart conector from board , it cant boot , i dont understan .why ..
<kill_-9_1> kevinxp: Do you need to type something to UART before it boots?
<Kevinxp> nop i dont need type. .
<Kevinxp> if have uart conected it boot normaly ..
<Kevinxp> but if not, cant boot ..
<kill_-9_1> kevinxp:Does Android works without UART?
<Kevinxp> yes.
<kill_-9_1> kevinxp: Did you try to add a resistor to ground for Tx.
<kill_-9_1> ?
<Kevinxp> no i dont try .
<kill_-9_1> kevinxp: Did you try the right script.fex?
<Kevinxp> i have converted script.bin to .fex
<kill_-9_1> kevinxp: The one for your device?
<Kevinxp> uhm i tried with A13 olinuxino and other that found in nanda
<Kevinxp> ah, i boot without uart, and when conect uart in terminal say Unknown command 'U-Boot' - try 'help' sun5i#
<Kevinxp> i tried re-build spl with a13 olinuxino , a13 olinuxino_fex , sun5i , but nothing..
<kill_-9_1> kevinxp: Normal. Add resistors ( your Rx and Tx pins are connected together)
<kill_-9_1> so the U-boot message is redirected as a command
<Kevinxp> ok a resistor ( tx to gnd, rx to gnd ?.)
<Kevinxp> resistor what value ?..
<libv> kevinxp: which tablet is this?
<libv> kill_-9_1: did you get a uart already?
<Kevinxp> hahaha is a qbex slimpad 7... HEY !! the resistors works !!
<philippe_fouquet> for me pullup to 3.3V on UART0_RX and mothing on UART0_TX
<philippe_fouquet> with 10k
<kill_-9_1> libv: I have just a array of pins.
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<Kevinxp> already used ( tx to gnd with 1K ) (rx to gnd with 1k ) its works !!
<libv> kevinxp: follow the new device howto on our wiki
<libv> kevinxp: no wiki page, no help here.
<Kevinxp> i dont understand ....
<kill_-9_1> libv: Should it be safe to try with a Pi ( 3,3V UART there)?
<libv> kill_-9_1: just order one online
<libv> kevinxp: i have never heard of the qbex slimpad before
<libv> kevinxp: it is not documented on our wiki
<libv> kevinxp: you haven't done the basics, or you might have done them without giving the sunxi community anything back for their hard work
<Kevinxp> yes this qbex have a bad nand
<Kevinxp> android corrup nand if your shutdown
<libv> kevinxp: why does that stop you from following our new device howto?
<libv> you clearly already opened the device
<libv> and found the uart
<Kevinxp> ...
<libv> read it and follow it
<Kevinxp> ok.. sorry for my english .. i speak spanish .. its hard understand.
<Kevinxp> question, always need use a resistor in uart ? or have other method
<kill_-9_1> kevinxp: I started learning Spanish this year, I do know only writing the date and a few basic things. The resistor should normally be in the PCB. Just Chinese saving every penny.
<rafaelMOD> kevinxp: its good to put a 100R in series with TX and RX, for current limiting and a 10k pullup on RX, and allways check if RX and TX are not short-circuited!!
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<Kevinxp> ok thnks. .
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<kill_-9_1> There are always weird things done by Chinese,...
<kill_-9_1> (in modern tech)
<Kevinxp> kill_-9_1: good !, i need understand more english i can read and write but so so .. sometimes need a google translate for some verbs
<Kevinxp> ok this tablet no have uart port, i have solder the pin from processor
<kill_-9_1> kevinxp: You are crazy.
<libv> kevinxp: and then you are wondering _why_ you have problems?
<kill_-9_1> ( soldering a pin like that can destroy things)
<libv> kevinxp: please stop wasting our time
<Kevinxp> sorry libv but my time is dont your time. .
<Kevinxp> i have succesfull run debian ..
<Kevinxp> its no a loss time ..
<kill_-9_1> kevinxp: Can you document what you did somewhere , with photos (bad quality is acceptable)?
<libv> kevinxp: you are here asking questions, about some bad hacks you did, and you did not document your device in any way, and you did not describe how you so badly attached a uart
<Kevinxp> men , you staring with document ??
<libv> yes.
<Kevinxp> or were born knowing that _ .
<libv> we've seen more than a hundred devices go past
<Kevinxp> ok its your ..
<libv> and we have everything nicely documented
<Kevinxp> i dont !.
<kill_-9_1> kevinxp: If you doesn't know english well, write in your preffered language.
<Kevinxp> sorry ..
<libv> kevinxp: because you did not have the patience to read our wiki
<libv> it couldn't be more splattered across our front page
<kill_-9_1> (better than nothing)
<libv> but you keep using a language barrier as an excuse
<libv> language barriers can be overcome, with patience and google translate
<libv> so instead you went ahead, and you did some really stupid shit, and now you are here asking questions as to why your device doesn't boot
<libv> you're lucky you didn't fry anything (essential)
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<Kevinxp> kill_-9_1: thnks ! allready missing the resistors .
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<Kevinxp> this my uart... sorry for bad hack but the pins are broken and I made an incision in the processor
<libv> ...
<rafaelMOD> libv: i have the datasheet in english and in chinese for the A23 PMU AXP223, and i see they are not on the A23 wiki
<libv> rafaelMOD: if you have a url where i can pull them from, or if you can mail them, i'll put them on
<rafaelMOD> how can i put it in dl.linux-sunxi/A23 ?
<rafaelMOD> libv: i dont have an url, i will mail to you ok?
<libv> sure
<Kevinxp> and this is a uart ended
<libv> kevinxp: that's just sick
<libv> kevinxp: you would've never had to go that far if you had worked through our wiki properly
<Kevinxp> emm nop
<libv> and you would've been able to find out about a microsd breakout
<rafaelMOD> libv: which email addr should i send? skynet?
<libv> rafaelMOD: yup
<Kevinxp> ok libv the history is long, so I had to do so
<Kevinxp> thnks for all again.. and bye
<Kevinxp> see you an another time ..
<libv> heh
<libv> my chip naming email just arrived.
<libv> 26h
<rafaelMOD> libv: just sent you the email with AXP223-en.pdf and AXP223.pdf
<libv> thanks :)
<libv> will upload them, i also still need to deal with 2 sdks
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<rafaelMOD> libv: glad to help
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<Turl> wow, does that A13 still work?
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<cubear> join #hackrf
<cubear> man
<cubear> hate when that happens
<libv> Turl: i am quite amazed how he got to that stage
<libv> i am even more amazed that he thought he could just ask "why does my device not boot" without mentioning any of that
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<libv> i am actually glad that he refuses to follow the ndh
<libv> i hate to undo all the damage he clearly is capable of doing
<kill_-9_1> I wonder how he soldered such small pins,...
<libv> badly
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<mripard_> still, the only issue he had was a missing pullup. It's pretty impressive
<libv> but then, with the right head, you can solder anything that attracts solder
<libv> mripard_: yeah, it is pretty impressive that it still boots
<libv> but i wonder what else he killed by doing that
<Turl> chinese chips built like tanks:p
<mripard_> probably not much. The package is much larger that the chip itself
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<libv> oh, the cut in the package is not what i worry about
<libv> it's the leads to the pcb that vanished that worry me
<libv> and what he did before he reverted to cutting open the chip itself
<kill_-9_1> He is the exact example of what NOT to do...
<libv> in many ways, indeed
<hramrach> kevinxp: I would think the Chinese use u-boot without uart support. It does not stop booting because of noise on the uart pins then
<kill_-9_1> libv: I think I would mention him somewhere in the Wiki. (what not to do in the bringing UART section)
<libv> kill_-9_1: no, it would give people ideas
<kill_-9_1> He even took pictures.
<libv> kill_-9_1: how is things progressing with your kurio 7s?
<libv> did you open up the device already?
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<libv> did you manage to get decent pictures of it?
<kill_-9_1> libv: Half-opened then reclosed. ( there is two types of screws, and I don't have the tools to open the second part)
<Kevinxp> omg its true !! yeah ! the noise cant do to boot
<kill_-9_1> As I'm a student, not much time now, may continue in holidays or week-end if I have time.
<hramrach> libv: you see, there is a part next to the CPU on the PCB so by cutting the package you make more room for soldering ;-)
<hramrach> and by pulling the pins from PCB you avoid soldering them together with the nearby pins ;-)
<kill_-9_1> hramrach: but that is not recommended.... :P
<libv> hramrach: micro-sd breakout
<hramrach> I used that, yes
<hramrach> but it sire is not that much fun :DDD
<Kevinxp> hahah
<kill_-9_1> libv: for the uSD breakout, I can't do it because I also use the uSD for booting.
<hramrach> we have nice howto for booting from USB
<kill_-9_1> hramrach: Tried it long ago. May retry.
<kill_-9_1> (with CB2,BananaPi and CT settings)
<hramrach> I could not boot from SD because of noise on uart ...
<libv> hramrach: what noise?
<libv> is this the same as the short reported yesterday?
<wens> rafaelMOD: oh nice
<hramrach> no. whatever pins used for uart are connected *somewhere* on the board
<hramrach> and with uart enabled in u-boot you cannot boot the 86vs
<hramrach> actually, the rx pins are maybe not connected when only the tx pin is used in camera or something
<libv> they tend to be connected somewhere for a reason
<hramrach> so pretty much the same as this picture
<libv> cutting them is not the sane solution
<hramrach> they may not be connected at all. just soldered to the board because it's easier to just solder everything than pick
<hramrach> but yes, there are methods of using an UART which do not require making changes to the PCB
<rafaelMOD> wens: was hard to get them!
<rafaelMOD> wens i was doing the schematics with XP221
<rafaelMOD> they are pin to pint compatible
<hramrach> pint of what?
<rafaelMOD> :)
<libv> heh, something tells me that my semitime g2 kernel failed for the same reason my mele a210 failed: the drv gpio pins for usb
<rafaelMOD> what do you think about putting some hardware schematic KiCAD project files on the wiki?
<libv> duplicate in one case, empty in the other
<libv> rafaelMOD: for your project?
<libv> rafaelMOD: make a device page
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<rafaelMOD> libv: the device is not ready yet, only schematics
<libv> rafaelMOD: then wait until the device is ready with putting the schematics online :)
<rafaelMOD> libv: still wip on the layout, its an A23 coreboard
<libv> rafaelMOD: what else does it do?
<libv> because we sure would love more hackable a23 boards here
<libv> all we have is some crappy tablets
<rafaelMOD> libv: its a coreboard deidcated to audio, specially the i2s interface. probably ready until the end of this year.
<wens> rafaelMOD: do you have standard/sample layout of a23 board?
<hramrach> it could have, like all the USB ports wired somewhere. Is there anything else the A23 has but the tablets don't?
<rafaelMOD> wens: no I dont!
<rafaelMOD> when the board is ready i am going to send some samples for you guys
<rafaelMOD> also with a baseboard
<philippe_fouquet> I don't know if interest some body but I have android 4.4 ready for A20 but my last jobs it to work with fel mode
<hramrach> There are probably people interested
<libv> rafaelMOD: that should really help a23 support, thanks
<hramrach> maybe put some links to repos and images to the wiki?
<hramrach> I am not an android fan but having a working repo as a starting point is always useful
<wens> rafaelMOD: ah, too bad
<wens> anyway, will wait for the axp223 datasheet upload
<wens> then i'll compare against axp221
<rafaelMOD> wens: whant me to send it to you by email?
<rafaelMOD> wens: its even translated to english
<libv> wens: it is already on
<rafaelMOD> libv: i am getting: "403 Forbidden"
<libv> ok
<libv> will fix
<kill_-9_1> philippe_fouquet: Interesting. (got FINALLY KitKat running on a Raspberry Pi , on my side)
<libv> fixed permissions now
<rafaelMOD> libv: the core will have only 512MB of RAM, need to keep it cheap, 4GB of nand and thats all
<hramrach> I doubt A23 supports more
<libv> rafaelMOD: what will it have for display?
<kill_-9_1> rafaelMOD: No problem for NAND ( SD boot,).
<hramrach> did not see any a23 board with 1G so far so debugging would be insane
<rafaelMOD> libv: none, sorry, need to keep it cheap, and is for an audio product, not a mini-pc
<libv> ok :)
<libv> still, if it has uart, we should be able to do some hacking on it
<hramrach> hmm, routing the pins for a display connector would be probably needless pain if you do not intend to use it
<philippe_fouquet> kill_-9_1: for my part i have kitkat aosp ether patch valid when I have lot of time for put it on repo but before I must to try to used fel mode that it fail
<kill_-9_1> rafaelMOD: For an audio project, a PIC would be cheaper (with USBTiny and a SMSC LAN controller)
<kill_-9_1> philippe_fouquet: CyanogenMod Androidarmv6 here.
<rafaelMOD> libv: it will have all the 4 uarts, i2s, lots of gpios. i will try select the gpios so i can put a basic lcd on the base board.
<libv> rafaelMOD: :)
<rafaelMOD> kill_-1_9: really? for runing LV2 plugins and an I2S Hi-Fi Cirrus Codec?
<philippe_fouquet> in this mode read but I can't write (and for that no livesuite)
<rafaelMOD> and RT linux?
<hramrach> rafaelMOD: if you can make a connector like on the Olimex boards you can have off-the-shelf LCDs ;-)
<kill_-9_1> rafaelMOD: Linux needs more expensive hardware, AVR32 :-)
<hramrach> but the connector they use is huge - 40 pin IDE
<philippe_fouquet> kill_-9_1: it's a custom version (from scratch)
<rafaelMOD> kill_-9_1: we are using allwinner A23
<rafaelMOD> We will also assemble some with A33, it would be great to have a quad core running on it, as they are pin to pin compatible
<kill_-9_1> rafaelMOD: How expensive the chip is? ( should be cheaper than the expensive A10s.
<kill_-9_1> )
<rafaelMOD> USD5,00 maximum
<rafaelMOD> with the PMU AXP223
<rafaelMOD> no match for that
<hramrach> good luck with the design :)
<kill_-9_1> rafaelMOD: For help, you have Olimex/Cubieboard designs
<rafaelMOD> I have a offivcial quote from Wits: A23+AXP223: 100 units USD$5,50; 1000 uints USD$4,90; 5000 units USD$4,80; 10000 units USD$4,70
<libv> nice
<rafaelMOD> really nice! no match fo that
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<rafaelMOD> I have official quote for A20 also: A20+AXP209: 100 units USD$6,50; 1000 uints USD$5,90; 5000 units USD$5,80; 10000 units USD$5,70
<libv> oh wow, a10s is soo dead with our sun5i defconfig
<rafaelMOD> I am more a hardware person, thanks for all the kernel help you guys provide. I will try to share all hawrdware info i can to compensate!
<hramrach> I use the Olimex images for a10s
<libv> rafaelMOD: keep up what you're doing, and perhaps linux-sunxi gets another community member next to olimex :)
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<libv> as cubietech really should get demoted these days
<hramrach> but then I do not use defconfigs at all because they do not support anything
<libv> hramrach: that's not right
<libv> we need to have a defconfig which works on a10s
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<libv> it's what i am going to figure out next
<rafaelMOD> libv: :), would be great! we are decided to open the coreboard and baseboard, even with kicad project files, just need some more time
<hramrach> I can try if my config boots on it, heh
<libv> heh, could this be an issue with the uart...
<hramrach> where does it stop?
<libv> it never seems to start :)
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<hramrach> what device?
<libv> early printk didn't do anything either
<libv> mele a210
<libv> some olimex image did work, but with some workarounds
<hramrach> does that have an uart?
<hramrach> hmm, maybe recycle configs from those then
<libv> hramrach: ye-es
<libv> it's why i bought it
<libv> and... it's already on our wiki
<hramrach> I think our sun5i configs are for a13 anyway
<hramrach> like with no hdmi
<hramrach> olimex stopped selling the a10s olinuxino
<hramrach> it's just museum SoC by now I guess
<libv> it still is important that _we_ support it.
<libv> the hw is out there.
<hramrach> since we have the HW we can
<libv> and we have 6 in our wiki, and 10 in sunxi-boards
<hramrach> as for cubietech I would say it demoted itself. Without Tom's leadership it kind of lost steam
<libv> yes, but give them a slight chance still with the a80
<kill_-9_1> libv: Is buying A80 hardware worth the price?
<libv> kill_-9_1: not yet
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<hramrach> odroid is cheaper and probably better hardware
<hramrach> when it comes to devboards at least
<hramrach> I am not sure there is real use for this CPU in a tablet
<hramrach> but then my rk3188 tablet is still kinda slow
<kill_-9_1> hramrach: For a tablet, a mono-core Cortex-A8 @1GHz is fast. (Samsung Galaxy Tab)
<kill_-9_1> S5PC110
<hramrach> I am just not sure that an A80 can do better. Actually reading the PVR developer tips I guess not
<kill_-9_1> hramrach: Where are those tips?
<hramrach> sounds more menacing than software developer manual for Netburst processors
<kill_-9_1> (apparently, the Pi is still the king for high performance hardware, 24 GFlops 3D and 21Gflops DSP)
<kill_-9_1> *cheap
<kill_-9_1> hramrach: Error HTTP/503
<hramrach> Samsung processors are probably fast because they do not cut costs on memory bus.
<hramrach> but then they cost more than the Chinese chips, too
<hramrach> also they use PoP so you get consistent bus configuration. no per-board memory controller tuning
<kill_-9_1> hramrach: And BCM did choose to cut space for the ARM and PoP.
<kill_-9_1> (BCM2835=1GByte BCM21154=2Gbyte)
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<hramrach> I cursed this PoP thing because it makes it impossible to make a Samsumg SoC device with a decent amount of ram. And you could actually use that ram there
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<hramrach> but in practice AW chips are limited to .5G with two!! external chips
<kill_-9_1> hramrach: Why? 512MB is decent.
<hramrach> depends on the use. For decent desktop I need like 8G
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<hramrach> I can split the desktop tasks somewhat if the device takes 5W but that only gets you so far
<kill_-9_1> hramrach: The AMD Opteron A1100 manages 128G.
<kill_-9_1> (ARMv8)
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<hramrach> I do not need 128G unless I was trying to set up a VPS farm
<hramrach> but yes, my desktop fits within that limit
<kill_-9_1> hramrach: The Opteron A1100 manages DDR3 and DDR4.
<hramrach> at this CPU size an Intel i3 of the last generation would be probably a better bet, though
<kill_-9_1> hramrach: In performance, the A1100 is still winning ( 4 or 8 cores)
<kill_-9_1> ( doesn't need a chipset, unlike Intel)
<ssvb> hramrach: which chips are limited to 512MB? a13?
<hramrach> and probably a23 as well
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<ssvb> hramrach: the a23 datasheet says "Support 1GB address space"
<hramrach> nice. A10 is supposed to support 2GB but no such device exists. I will believe it wheh I see it
<kill_-9_1> ssvb: There is the IO registers space,...
<ssvb> hramrach: A10 supposedly can support 2GB when using two ranks
<ssvb> hramrach: but everyone seems to only use single rank configuration
<hramrach> and olimex did not get the dual rank configuration working
<ssvb> hramrach: it could be a software problem, because some of the DRAM controller configuration knobs might be needed to set up correctly
<hramrach> it can be any number of problems
<hramrach> and since there is no docs and no reference design that is a problem
<ssvb> hramrach: or it could be some hardware errata, but we don't have any errata lists available to us :-)
<hramrach> or it may be that the board should have some different passive parts for which there is no reference design
<hramrach> were the AMD processors even released?
<ssvb> hramrach: but as for A23, it looks like it has DA0-DA15 address lines (A10 and A13 only had DA0-DA14)
<ssvb> hramrach: so the 1GB RAM size limit seems to be believable
<hramrach> something like this looks more realistic for a desktop
<ssvb> hramrach: just take an A20 and remove half of the RAM chips (and we know that A20 can handle 2GB)
<hramrach> nice. They should start putting that into tablets
<hramrach> since they want to have more cores than competition why not more ram which would be actually useful?
<hramrach> but I heard android 4.4 introduces swap support so maybe not that much
<kill_-9_1> hramrach: They search numbers.
<kill_-9_1> ( what the customer sees in the front page, the CPU)
<ssvb> hramrach: but 4 cores feeding from the 16-bit memory bus? the performance might be not very great
<hramrach> that's the point. more cores is not that useful
<ssvb> hramrach: iirc, cosm had some problems with software decoded video playback performance on a quad cortex-a9 rockchip with a 16-bit memory interface - :-)
<ssvb> hramrach: getting a better device with a 32-bit memory interface resolved this
<hramrach> sadly I have no idea what memory bus the tablets have
<hramrach> but memory bandwidth tends to be the most limiting factor with these mobile SoCs and the A10/A20 HD display issues show
<kill_-9_1> It is bizzare that the cheaper Raspberry Pi has a better memory bus...
<kill_-9_1> (and the more expensive Exynos)
leviathanch has joined #linux-sunxi
<ssvb> kill_-9_1: afaik, Raspberry Pi has a 32-bit memory interface, so its theoretical bandwidth is roughly comparable to A10/A20 (also with a 32-bit memory)
<hramrach> I tried running a flash game on a rk3188 tablet and it was really slow
<hramrach> but without looking furthere into it I cannot tel if it's the flash player, network, memory, graphics or what
<kill_-9_1> ssvb: When using the Pi in 4K@60fps with turbo mode, there should be a low latency controller,... ( for a 2011 chip...)
<ssvb> kill_-9_1: however, the ARM core in the Raspberry Pi has some sort of a slow path to the DRAM controller and its performance sucks
<kill_-9_1> ssvb: I crunch 1GBps from the VPU.
<kill_-9_1> (not ARM)
<ssvb> kill_-9_1: hmm, 1GBps is not really much
<hramrach> hmm, it says 32bit in the log
<ssvb> kill_-9_1: but yes, the VPU/GPU parts should have faster access to dram
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<kill_-9_1> ssvb: 1GBps with 4K at the same time(30fps through)...
<kill_-9_1> I'm too lazy to compute the used bandwith from video,...
<ssvb> kill_-9_1: Allwinner is quite a bit faster even at moderate DRAM clock speeds -
<hramrach> I have the very same problem with rk and a23 kernels. The makefiles for manufacturer drivers reference files in different directory and the kernel build system is not designed to handle that. So it does not build
<ssvb> kill_-9_1: 4K is how many pixels by how many?
<hramrach> probably around 4kx2k
<hramrach> 3840x2160
<ssvb> then it is 3840 * 2160 * 4 bytes per pixel * 30 frames per second = ~1GB/s
konradoo77 has joined #linux-sunxi
<ssvb> roughly the same as driving two 1080p monitors at 60Hz (and Allwinner chips can do this)
<hramrach> which ones?
<hramrach> people had problems driving even a single 1080p display from a10 or a20
<hramrach> the ML is full of complaints about that
<ssvb> hramrach: A10-Lime with a 16-bit memory interface is another story
<ssvb> hramrach: and the DRAM host ports arbitration used to be misconfigured earlier, which caused big troubles on A10
<hramrach> so it was resolved. missed that part
<hramrach> is there something somewhere abut that?
<ssvb> hramrach: it is partially resolved (with the 'scaler' mode only)
<kill_-9_1> On the Pi, the whole display unit use is mandatory. ( the 1Gbps should be multiplied by two)
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<hramrach> thanks
<ssvb> hramrach: and for the glmark2-es2 benchmark improvements when everything is configured right
<kill_-9_1> ssvb:Is zerocopy useful for performance?
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<ssvb> kill_-9_1: the Raspberry Pi does not have any memory bandwidth advantage over A10/A20 with 32-bit dram, the theoretical bandwidth is comparable and the practical memory bandwidth is in the same ballpark
avsm has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
<ssvb> kill_-9_1: yes, zerocopy is naturally useful, because we don't want unnecessary copies
<hramrach> hmm, ok. so we use some hardware that was there for some video acceleration to get any graphics output at all. Makes the hardware unavailable for the actual acceleration but gets you a usable desktop
<hramrach> that's a cool hack
<ssvb> hramrach: the A20 does not have this problem in the first place :-)
<hramrach> how about sun5i?
<hramrach> do you have some data for that?
<ssvb> hramrach: luckily, sun5i has no HDMI and can't use really high resolutions to trigger this problem
<ssvb> hramrach: oh, A10s has HDMI, so somebody probably needs to run some tests
<hramrach> what kind of test?
<ssvb> hramrach: take an A10s device, connect 1080p monitor to HDMI and try to run
<hramrach> hmm, ok
<ssvb> hramrach: if the screen starts shaking vertically, then we have a problem
<hramrach> should be possible
pwhalen_ has joined #linux-sunxi
<hramrach> need to get the board near a full HD screen
<ssvb> hramrach: the screen shaking effect and the severe memory bandwidth drop are the symptoms of the same problem
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<ssvb> kill_-9_1: btw, Allwinner A10/A20 can still leap ahead with a DRAM clock speed increase -
<kill_-9_1> ssvb: Thanks. (the Pi also supports that ,sdram_freq in config.txt)
<ssvb> kill_-9_1: yeah, you are right, overclocking DRAM to 600MHz is possible for the Raspberry Pi too
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<diego71> ssvb: hi. I'm testing the zq parameter, but looks like it's always = 0x7b, even if I set to different value i u-boot
<ssvb> diego71: hmm, do you set 'odt_en=3'?
<diego71> ssvb: no
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<ssvb> that's it
<diego71> ssvb: when i tried, kernel paniced during boot
Skaag has joined #linux-sunxi
<ssvb> diego71: it probably means that the selected 'zq' value was unreliable
<ssvb> diego71: which one have you tried?
<diego71> 3c and 6c
<ssvb> diego71: maybe try to temporarily reduce the dram clock speed for making it bootable
<diego71> ssvb: what does it mean odt_en=3 ?
<diego71> (and = 0)
pietrushnic has joined #linux-sunxi
<ssvb> diego71: it has two bits, one is enabling ODT for DQ lines (data) and another is enabling ODT for DQS lines (strobe)
<ssvb> diego71: you could test different combinations of these bits, but odt_en=3 just enables ODT for everything
<diego71> uhm, so zq values with odt_en=0 have some meanings?
<ssvb> diego71: odt_en=0 means that you don't want to enable ODT
<ssvb> diego71: I suspect that the 330 ohm RZQ in your board makes the optimal 'zq' value a bit different from the good values for Cubieboard/Cubietruck (with 240 ohm RZQ), so starting with '3c' initially degrades reliability
<ssvb> diego71: maybe '4f' would be better
<diego71> ssvb: it's a wild guess or an educated guess?
<diego71> (is it ...)
<ssvb> diego71: 330/240 = 1.375
<ssvb> diego71: to get the same impedance as with /3 and /12 divisors for 240, they need to be adjusted
<ssvb> diego71: yes, it is a somewhat educated guess :-)
afaerber has joined #linux-sunxi
<ssvb> diego71: actually /12 is a bit problematic, because it needs to be corrected to /16.5 under these assumptions, which is out of range
<diego71> ssvb: meanwhile i'm testing your u-boot on a13. It looks it works fine with default dram settings ...
<ssvb> diego71: maybe the two-digit 'zq' value is not going to work well for A20-Olinuxino at all
<diego71> ssvb: 4f seems good. At least it boots :)
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<ssvb> diego71: the two-digit 'zq' value is ZPROG data -
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<ssvb> diego71: for A20-Olinuxino it might be necessary to directly program ZDATA and bypass ZQ calibration
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<ssvb> diego71: the result of ZPROG->ZDATA conversion is shown in the brackets after 'zq' parameter in a10-meminfo log
<ssvb> diego71: this value can be used for the 'zq' parameter too
<diego71> ssvb: uhm. I'm not sure to have understand it. Usually you set the divisor, and then the dram controller find out the right value?
<ssvb> diego71: the DRAM controller is using the 20-bit ZCTRL settings (4 coefficients, 5 bits each)
<ssvb> diego71: these coefficients are used for the on-die resistors inside of A20
<ssvb> diego71: but because these on-die resistors are supposed to be not very accurate, they are calibrated against the external high precision resistor
Andy-D has joined #linux-sunxi
<diego71> that is the 240ohm resistor?
<diego71> (330 on olinuxino)
<ssvb> diego71: yes
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<ssvb> diego71: so the two 4-bit divisors from 'zq' are used to find the matching four 5-bit coefficients for the internal on-die resistors
<ssvb> diego71: but if we load these four 5-bit coefficients directly, then the external resistor is not used and we don't care if it is 240 or 330 ohm
<ssvb> diego71: now the main question is how big is the deviation of these on-die resistors for different chips
<diego71> ssvb: so we need the coeffient because different revision of olinuxino have different resistor...
<ssvb> diego71: not quite, these on-die resistors are inside of A20 chip (that's why they have the "on-die" name)
<ssvb> diego71: but due to manufacturing differences, in theory different A20 chips may have slightly different on-die resistors
<diego71> ssvb: still I don't full understand (and that's an understatement) how the divisor works during the calibration ...
<ssvb> diego71: the divisor is applied to the external resistor
<diego71> ssvb: that is used as a reference, right? So it should have just 1 correct value...
<ssvb> diego71: and then the A20 chip tries to pick the right ZCTRL coefficients to get the closest match to this value
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<ssvb> diego71: regardless of how it is done, the external resistor is used as a reference for finding the right coefficients, and then these coefficients are used with the on-die resistors
<ssvb> diego71: we can bypass this step and load the ZCTRL coefficients directly
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<ssvb> diego71: but in this case we are relying on the accuracy of the on-die resistors and on the fact that they must be similar enough in different A20 chips
<diego71> I have another olinuxino. At the end of the calibration, I can run a test on the other, and looks if autocalibration give the same value
<diego71> s/calibation/round of test/
<ssvb> diego71: this makes sense, thanks
<ssvb> diego71: actually the results of ZQ calibration are also temperature dependent, so that's another factor to take into account
<diego71> ssvb: zq calibration is done at u-boot stage, right?
<ssvb> diego71: yes
<ssvb> diego71: it is also possible to enable periodic re-calibration (during refresh), and I see that the ZCTRL value changes at runtime (as seen by running a10-meminfo)
<hramrach> can the coefficients be read back?
<ssvb> diego71: however the reliability becomes bad
<hramrach> because you could set some value, read back the calibration result, and write back a corrected value based on calibration
<ssvb> hramrach: that's what we already can do
<ssvb> hramrach: when running 'a10-meminfo' tool from the repository
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<ssvb> hramrach: not "write back", but just report the value which can be written to the 'dram_para' struct
<ssvb> diego71: anyway, based on the latest meminfo dumps and also on inspecting the rockchip dram sources, it looks like everyone is loading ZDATA, so it may be probably a preferred option in the end :-)
<ssvb> diego71: in the case if ZQ calibration itself is implemented poorly, then calibrating against the external high precision resistor may result in inaccurate values
<hramrach> the thing is that if you do calibration against 330 ohm resistor instead of 240 you know that the calibration is off so you can recalculate the coefficients based on that
<ssvb> hramrach: yes, in principle we can detect the nominal of the RZQ resistor based on reading back the calibrated data
<ssvb> hramrach: this can be used for A20-Olinuxino board revision identification :-)
<ssvb> hramrach: and maybe added as an extra safety check to u-boot
<hramrach> I think I can get an A10 olinuxino somewhere but presumably that is not interesting
<hramrach> lime
<diego71> hramrach: why not?
<hramrach> does it also have odd resistors?
<hramrach> I guess I could find out by running the tools on it
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<ssvb> hramrach: what is your revision of A10 lime?
<ssvb> hramrach: you can download schematics and check the resistor nominals there
<ssvb> hramrach: all A10 lime revisions are different
<hramrach> heh
<hramrach> I have to look at the board
<ssvb> is it in a box?
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<libv> yes, i slam people with NDH just because i am evil
<libv> i have no other reason to do so
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<libv> *sigh*
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<rafaelMOD> anyone knows why this patch,, was not applied to the 3.4.103? It fixes lots of I2S problems!
<rafaelMOD> nobody submited it?
<libv> rafaelMOD: probably
<libv> rafaelMOD: dig through our ml
<rafaelMOD> Jon Smirl even talks about it
<rafaelMOD> I think it was only submited to cubietruk kernel
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<rafaelMOD> And seems like it makes i2s works on 3.4 for A20
<rafaelMOD> I will try to reach nikkov so he can submit it in linux-sunxi
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<libv> heh: s/CONFIG_SW_DEBUG_UART=1/CONFIG_SW_DEBUG_UART=0/ is the trick
<libv> at least on our 3.4.61 kernel
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