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<Turl> libv: pretty sure a10 meminfo is alright on a20
<libv> yeah, there were some fixes apparently
<libv> we should have this directly integrated into sunxi-tools
<Turl> I thought we did
<Turl> but if it's not the case, then I agree :)
<Turl> ssvb was working on it not so long ago I think
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<BorgCuba> has somebody successfully tried the "sunxi-mali/lib/mali/r3p2-01rel1/armhf/framebuffer/" libs?
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<ssvb> BorgCuba: are you having some troubles?
<BorgCuba> yes, but finally i got the sunxi-mali test.c working
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<BorgCuba> ssvb, maybe "EGL/egl.h" should be modified to include "EGL/eglplatform_fb.h" if EGL_TYPE=framebuffer
<ssvb> BorgCuba: if it works for you, then don't touch it
<ssvb> if something does not work, then please explain what's the problem
<BorgCuba> works, but at first i got undefined references to X11_???
<ssvb> undefined references from where?
<BorgCuba> for building test.c
<ssvb> you said that you are using the framebuffer lib
<BorgCuba> for framebuffer
<BorgCuba> yes
<BorgCuba> anyway, maybe I skipped something mandatory. I only did:
<BorgCuba> ABI=armhf VERSION=r3p2-01rel1 EGL_TYPE=framebuffer make
<BorgCuba> arm-linux-gnueabihf-gcc -L./lib/mali/r3p2-01rel1/armhf/framebuffer/ -L../libump/src -Iinclude test/test.c -lEGL -lGLESv2 -lMali -lUMP -o t
<BorgCuba> and I manually set up some symlinks
<ssvb> why -lUMP?
<ssvb> and why -lMali?
<BorgCuba> because otherwise I get undefined references for ump_???
<ssvb> references from where?
<BorgCuba> libMali and libEGL
<ssvb> try the framebuffer mali libs
<BorgCuba> does this look like I am using something different?
<ssvb> your log says ", needed by ./lib/mali/r3p2-01rel1/armhf/framebuffer//, not found"
<BorgCuba> yes
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<ssvb> it is not like the -lUMP command line option is going to help to find the missing library
<BorgCuba> but it does
<ssvb> then why are you not happy?
<BorgCuba> I am happy
<BorgCuba> I only wanted to (initially) point out that egl.h might need a little modification if you target the frambuffer
<ssvb> nobody else needs this
<BorgCuba> good point ;-)
<wigyori> morning
<ssvb> BorgCuba: in any case, usually people just install the libraries and use them in a normal way without any weird hacks
<ssvb> deviating from the installation instructions brings you to the unsupported territory
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<paulk-aldrin> mhh it seems that usb doesn't work on sun7i here
<paulk-aldrin> # modprobe g_ether : modprobe: ERROR: could not insert 'g_ether': No such device
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<libv> paulk-aldrin: yes, this is a long standing issue
<libv> sunxi-3.4 did not have all usb changes backported
<libv> so otg does not work
<paulk-aldrin> oh :(
<paulk-aldrin> but g_ether uses device mode, not host, right?
<libv> paulk-aldrin: and?
<paulk-aldrin> well why does it require otg to work then?
<paulk-aldrin> isn't usb in device mode at boot?
<libv> apparently not
<paulk-aldrin> well, when I plug an USB storage stick, it doesn't power it up either
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<libv> wow, that jason guy is selectively blind as well
<libv> i am removing the word "might"
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<paulk-aldrin> current status: USB not working, Wi-Fi not working, LCD not working
<libv> why is the wifi not working?
<paulk-aldrin> no idea
<paulk-aldrin> the module loads
<paulk-aldrin> but <6>ADDRCONF(NETDEV_UP): wlan0: link is not ready
<paulk-aldrin> I had to add usb_wifi_para
<libv> ok
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<paulk-aldrin> dhclient fails
<libv> hrm, rtl8188etv is pretty common
<paulk-aldrin> indeed
<paulk-aldrin> I use 8188eu
<libv> yeah, this still needs to be mapped properly
<quitte> I don't understand which parts of u-boots debug messages are to be configured at compile and which at runtime. any idea what i need to do to enable MTDDEBUG to be as verbose as possible?
<paulk-aldrin> oh great, now HDMI segfaults
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<oliv3r_> libv: a10-meminfo is a20 compatible and 'ported' i guess
<oliv3r_> libv: the name was never updated is all
<libv> yeah, i learned as much :)
<libv> oliv3r_: someone should move it to tools and rename it :)
<libv> there's little point in it living outside of tools
<libv> paulk-aldrin: my RTL8188ETVs are working just fine
<oliv3r_> libv: max what was it again, should move it: )
<libv> ok. i will mail him
<Guest38412> hi, i have a problem with mali for a13 with 3.4.90 stage/sunxi-3.4 kernel. could any one help me ?
<libv> Guest38412: you could try explaining the problem
<libv> ah, floris bos
<Guest38412> i have a working a13 with 3.0.8 kernel now i want to update kernel to 3.4.90 because i need regmap. i download 3.490 from sunxi update mali libs for android from "sunxi-mali-proprietary-master" but i receive ould not load needed library '' for '' (reloc_library[1285]: 118 cannot locate '__memset_chk'. error
<Guest38412> android is ICS
<libv> Guest38412: i don't really support android
<libv> so use those binaries at your own risk
<paulk-aldrin> libv, works well on my zatab too
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<Guest38412> what is the sunxi3.4 mali version api says 14 but version string returns Mali found r1p1. i think there is a problem there.
<libv> paulk-aldrin: ah, this page also needs work:
<libv> not much though
<libv> fel button and some pics
<libv> oliv3r_: ah, f it, i am just going to manually do that myself, as well.
<paulk-aldrin> libv, anyway, I guess I'll commit dram and sunxi-boards
<paulk-aldrin> libv, I miserably failed
<paulk-aldrin> libv, I tried to open it yesterday…
<paulk-aldrin> and do something else today, because it's getting me on edge
<paulk-aldrin> I just distorted the alu case
<paulk-aldrin> so now it looks ugly
<paulk-aldrin> libv, I found fel button yesterday
<libv> paulk-aldrin: yeah, i saw
<libv> nice work
<paulk-aldrin> so I'll take a few pictures now
<libv> and about distoring the case... that's sadly how it is
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<libv> paulk-aldrin: it's a development device, it was supposed to take a few hits, even if it was a donation
<libv> paulk-aldrin: whoever works on replicant on that hw later on will be glad to have uart exposed as well :)
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<paulk-aldrin> well, the one I distorted is the ZaTab
<oliv3r_> libv: move the a10-meminfo repo?
<paulk-aldrin> I wonder if I should try harder
<libv> but yeah, for the fatty, we only need 2 connector/button pics, and the patches
<libv> for the zatab, we need the fel button, and exterior pics
<libv> and perhaps a boot into the android in the flash, if available
<libv> or some other description of how the zatab can be recognized
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<libv> oliv3r_: i am going to grab the individual patches, clean them of unnecessary stuff, and commit them in order
<libv> i will send in a series of patches to the list
<libv> and yes, the makefile will build it statically
<oliv3r_> i thought that most of that is sorted
<oliv3r_> he integrated my pull requests normally
<libv> sure, but i prefer having it live in sunxi-tools
<oliv3r_> i think he took ssvb's patches too
<oliv3r_> absolutly
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<libv> everyone will still be the author of his own patches, and i will take him into cc when i send in the patches
<libv> i just added a mapping table for the realtek wifi devices
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<BorgCuba> I havent yet submitted a patch, but I am looking forward to do so.
<libv> the two empty slots in there i can still fill out, when i rebuild an sdcard for sun5i
<libv> i will pass over _all_ devices whenever i am doing my next kernel build
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<libv> yuck, that bitshifting and masking code is fugly.
<oliv3r_> a10-meminfo? yeah it's not pretty, it was a quick hack really
<oliv3r_> there's a few bugs in it too!
<libv> well, -Wall caught one issue already
<libv> i really dislike it when people think they know the operator order of C and then barely use parentheses
<libv> because they never really do, and it's so much harder to read
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<libv> ah, great, armhf works on android when compiled statically, el/hf is just with respect to the kernel abi.
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<libv> s/just/just fine/
<libv> argh, forgot -M -C, even though i thought that that was in my muscle memory :(
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<oliv3r_> libv: i love using parenthis as i always get confused on operator order
<oliv3r_> but other devs think you should know it, and extra parenthisis are useless!
<oliv3r_> just as i prefer 1TBS
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<libv> oliv3r_: no experienced C developer wants to worry about operator order, so it is a clear sign of experience to use parentheses
<libv> well, "some" experience at least
<libv> aha, cx-802
<libv> mk802 with a telechips soc
<libv> unmapping and closing, and the formatting show that this is mr Bos his first or second C program
<libv> paulk-aldrin: good pics
<paulk-aldrin> :)
<oliv3r_> libv: max-net being mr bos?
<oliv3r_> quite likly
<oliv3r_> paulk-aldrin: i'm happy your finally going full steam ahead :)
<paulk-aldrin> oliv3r_, well, I just completed a full rewrite of Samsung-RIL, I felt it was time for something new :)
<oliv3r_> paulk-aldrin: nice one
<libv> yeah, a brief description of what works (or not) and a pair of patches and that's another page without NDH_TODO
<paulk-aldrin> however this A20 tablet is not going to be very helpful if I cannot get LCD and USB to work
<paulk-aldrin> nor wi-fi for that matter
<libv> usb is a known issue
<paulk-aldrin> libv, patches are on the way
<libv> lcd is probably due to the weird layout or something, or... perhaps it is using lvds?
<paulk-aldrin> maybe
<oliv3r_> shoudln't script.bin reveal how it is connected?
<paulk-aldrin> the lvds bits are all set at 0
<paulk-aldrin> it uses lcd0_para
<oliv3r_> paulk-aldrin: big battery
<mnemoc> libv: hi, have you looked at the reorganisation branch of sunxi-tools?
<libv> lcd_if = 4
<paulk-aldrin> which is?
<libv> mnemoc: not in detail
<libv> paulk-aldrin: new
<paulk-aldrin> lol
<libv> mnemoc: you need a reviewer for that, i guess
<oliv3r_> paulk-aldrin: your wifi 'gnd' antenna cable looks damaged
<libv> mnemoc: lemme first dig into this new lcd interface, and then i'll review that code
<paulk-aldrin> oliv3r_, the white one?
<oliv3r_> paulk-aldrin: yeah
<mnemoc> libv: thanks. I believe that repo needs to get a decent structure before getting new tools in
<paulk-aldrin> AFAIK it's just bringing ground to the sub-board
<paulk-aldrin> it's not the antenna
<libv> mnemoc: makes sense
<libv> oliv3r_: the black one is the antenna
<paulk-aldrin> yeah
<oliv3r_> well i did say the 'gnd' bit only :)
<libv> a23 sdk: video/drv_display.h: LCD_IF_DSI = 4,
<wens> mipi dsi?
<libv> looks like it
<libv> and that on a20
<wens> didn't know a20 had mipi
<paulk-aldrin> ahhh
<paulk-aldrin> that's why there is MIPI controller on the board
<wens> huh?
<libv> aha
<libv> separate mipi controller, this is very strange hw indeed
<paulk-aldrin> the chip on the right-top of the ram
<libv> expensive too
<wens> weird combo, why not just use parallel lcd
<paulk-aldrin> the screen is pretty good though, it's IPS or something
<paulk-aldrin> looks like it's not going to be my first target
<oliv3r_> anybdoy got a33 hw yet?
<oliv3r_> eva 'said' she is sending me a tablet
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<libv> oliv3r_: she also said she wanted you to promote some hw on our site?
<libv> oliv3r_: she better first make sure that our front page no longer talks bad about her company
<wens> oliv3r_: haven't seen any on the market
<wens> oliv3r_: aren't you still waiting for your _a23_ tablet?
<oliv3r_> yes I am!
<oliv3r_> so i have my doubts :)
<oliv3r_> libv: singinx or something a31s dev platform
<wens> sinlinx a31s dev board
<Guest38412> libv: enyway to use regmap with sunxi 3.0.8 kernel ?
<wens> oliv3r_: a31s is easy to support
<wens> it's just a trimmed down version of the a31
<oliv3r_> yeah
<libv> oliv3r_: if she wants this hardware promoted, she better sends out several devices to several sunxi developers.
<oliv3r_> well only some wiki support, nothing major
<libv> oliv3r_: and, she better get the big fat warnings off of our wiki as well
<wens> i already ordered mine
<libv> but even then, it will not become community hw
<libv> only olimex still can hold that title
<libv> now that cubietech has lost its key open source friendly players
<wens> anyone know where benn is headed?
<oliv3r_> starting his own company
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<wens> hmm
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<oliv3r_> i think he wants to do an arduino yun kind of device using mediatec soc
<libv> it in any case seems that our days of being close to cubietech are over
<oliv3r_> looks much like it
<paulk-aldrin> there you go
<paulk-aldrin> patches sent
<paulk-aldrin> I'll update the wiki as soon as they're merged :)
<libv> paulk-aldrin: ok
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<libv> paulk-aldrin: are you sure that the patches hit the ml?
<paulk-aldrin> libv, to=<>,[]:25, delay=2.4, delays=1/0.15/0.66/0.55, dsn=2.0.0, status=sent (250 2.0.0 OK 1407680805 d9si851613wie.3 - gsmtp)
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<paulk-aldrin> libv, they show up on!forum/linux-sunxi
<paulk-aldrin> it's probably just dispatch that's taking a while
<libv> seems like it :)
<libv> ah, there the first one is
<mnemoc> they were held for moderation
<libv> ah
<libv> paulk-aldrin: subscribe already
<paulk-aldrin> well I did…
<paulk-aldrin> I'm subscribed for a year or so
<paulk-aldrin> I've already sent patches
<mnemoc> first post is always moderated, but these were flagged as spam
<libv> oh, ok
<paulk-aldrin> yeah that's because google is an asshole
<paulk-aldrin> because my mail server's IP address is listed as ADSL access
<paulk-aldrin> which, for google, means botnet or something
<mnemoc> libv: I just marked you as owner of the ML
<libv> mnemoc: uh-oh
<mnemoc> so you get moderation spam too :p
* libv pouts
<libv> paulk-aldrin: i am looking to source this exact device now too, just like i got the inet k100c for its lvds display
<libv> paulk-aldrin: so i hope to get this working on both sunxi-3.4 and sunxi kms
<paulk-aldrin> cool!
<libv> i just need to make _very_ sure that the aliexpress seller really has the exact hw
<paulk-aldrin> but it's out of stock apparently
<libv> yeah, sadly, dx would've been nice
<paulk-aldrin> libv, at least it has a specific name and brand, not like q88
<paulk-aldrin> libv, else I can always send you mine
<libv> paulk-aldrin: q88 is also a very specific device, at least the way we have it in our wiki
<libv> i am eyeballing one on ebay atm
<paulk-aldrin> well yeah, but look how many different models are labelled that way
<libv> oh, yeah, the format is pretty widespread, and has tons of different motherboards indeed
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<paulk-aldrin> worst case scenario, I can send you mine and you give it back to me at fosdem or so
<libv> paulk-aldrin: wait and see :)
<libv> i asked for build and device numbers
<paulk-aldrin> ok
<paulk-aldrin> bbl, gotta cleanup the place, mom coming back soon
<libv> now patches, then sunxi-tools, then back to dealing with simplefb clocks
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<paulk-aldrin> 384 appears to be correct btw, I had corruptions in ubuntu using 408Mz
<libv> paulk-aldrin: you might want to do a full run of mem calibration as ssvb suggested
<libv> paulk-aldrin: also, it might pay to try the 8188eu driver from the a23-sdk
<libv> and see whether there are any diffs there to help you fire up the wifi
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<libv> paulk-aldrin: what segfault do you get on hdmi?
<libv> you should have a kernel panic
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<libv> paulk-aldrin: pushed
<libv> paulk-aldrin: feel free to remove the warning on the top and the NDH_TODO category as well
<paulk-aldrin> nice, thanks
<diego71> hi
<diego71> I'm looking a the dram calibration page
<diego71> but the raccomended git repository for u-boot supports only cubie boards...
<diego71> it make sense to use uboot-sunxi repository or better to wait for support of other board (like olinuxino-a20-micro)
<paulk-aldrin> damn I'm really luck with UART
<paulk-aldrin> I open up an A10 tablet and there again, Tx/Rx/GND pads on the side of the board
<libv> paulk-aldrin: thank you, it's pretty cool to have a device that well documented and tested, and now we even found out that this hw is very special
<libv> paulk-aldrin: :)
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<libv> paulk-aldrin: probably karma or something :p
<paulk-aldrin> yep
<libv> i had a few devices where it was very easy too
<paulk-aldrin> libv, and guess what? there is a little push button right next to that
<libv> and then i got my a10s stick
<libv> where the uart pads are wrongly routed
<paulk-aldrin> ouch
<libv> it happens
<libv> ok, reset or u-boot?
<libv> paulk-aldrin: start ndhing ;)
<libv> so i can look at board pictures
<paulk-aldrin> yep I'll do that
<paulk-aldrin> that a10 tablet sucks though, I can see the screen flicker
<paulk-aldrin> but it has a modem and hdmi
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<paulk-aldrin> FYI I still have: 1 Q88, 1 A10, 1 A13 GPS, 1 A20 7" and 1 A13 7" to submit
<paulk-aldrin> and the zatab to complete
<paulk-aldrin> the A13 7" doesn't ship with root though, so I'll have to do with FEL
<libv> oh, the actual q88?
<paulk-aldrin> the one sold on DX
<paulk-aldrin> not exactly the same as the one on the wiki
<libv> oh, ok
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<libv> anyway, one at a time :)
<paulk-aldrin> right
<paulk-aldrin> I'll get back to bootloader development on my LG Optimus Black in the meantime
<paulk-aldrin> can't get I2C3 to work, but it's required to enable a regulator that powers on mmc
<paulk-aldrin> I have this one actually:
<libv> ah, ok, that needs very little work actually
<libv> just test fel and get the android strings
<libv> oh, and a look at the original psu amperage
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<MasterChief4942> Hello, building sunxi-mali driver test, when running ./test/test getting error Error: failed to open X display. How to compile it without X11 for frame buffer?
<BorgCuba> MasterChief4942, I did exactly that today
<BorgCuba> hwo did you proceed?
<MasterChief4942> BorgCuba: just "make test"
<MasterChief4942> BorgCuba: without running "startx" getting error "failed to open X display". after starting starting getting error "eglInitialize failed"
<BorgCuba> okay
<ssvb> MasterChief4942: very likely the sunxi-mali build got EGL_TYPE autodetected as x11 and installed the x11 variant of the blob
<BorgCuba> yes, you need to link against the right libs
<MasterChief4942> and how?
<BorgCuba> prefix the make with EGL_TYPE=frambuffer
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<BorgCuba> or edit your
<ssvb> MasterChief4942: as for the "eglInitialize failed" error after startx, either you have an xorg ddx driver without mali dri2 support or mesa is getting in the way
<BorgCuba> MasterChief4942, do you have appropriate kernel drivers?
<MasterChief4942> yes, I know it will not work with such X11, but I don't need X11 at all, framebuffer would be good. now making with EGL_TYPE=frambuffer
<ssvb> MasterChief4942: do you want to use Mali for Qt5?
<MasterChief4942> ssvb: exactly, you guess :)
<ssvb> MasterChief4942: well, it's not difficult to guess, because GLES currently is not very useful for anything else :)
<MasterChief4942> now getting this:
<ssvb> MasterChief4942: try "framebuffer" instead of "frambuffer"
<MasterChief4942> ssvb: thanks :D :D hah, such error
<ssvb> MasterChief4942: also beware of some Qt5 specific quirks, and maybe check,173.0.html
<ssvb> MasterChief4942: they really should document the Qt5 stuff in the linux-sunxi wiki instead of using that forum
<MasterChief4942> ssvb: why still same ?
<MasterChief4942> in such case "make test EGL_TYPE=framebuffer" too
<ssvb> MasterChief4942: maybe you have the x11 mali libs installed in the system?
<ssvb> MasterChief4942: try to run ldd on ./test/test to check what libraries it tries to use
<ssvb> MasterChief4942: it could be a stale x11 mali blob from your previous attempt, or it could be even mesa from your distro :)
<MasterChief4942> ssvb: yes, it's using x11 :(
<MasterChief4942> ssvb: what to do?
<ssvb> MasterChief4942: try a clean rebuild of sunxi-mali with EGL_TYPE=framebuffer and install it in your system
<MasterChief4942> ssvb: OMG :) :) SEEMS LIKE IT WORKS!!!!
<MasterChief4942> ssvb: now will connect LCD backlite
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<ssvb> hi diego71
<ssvb> you can run a10-tpr3-scan (and get a html report) on a system booted with any release of u-boot
<MasterChief4942> ssvb: YES IT WORKS!!!!! HUGE THANKS TO YOU. Thanks THANKs thanKS :)
<ssvb> MasterChief4942: you are welcome :) still successfully running Qt5 needs a bit more efforts (check the link that I provided earlier)
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<ssvb> MasterChief4942: wickwire is the right person to ask about it, and he is sometimes available on irc
<MasterChief4942> ssvb: thank you, will find him, just some info about my project: building A13+Linux+QtQuick smartphone, with LTE USB modem IC.
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<MasterChief4942> ssvb: So far done just graphics (UI, skin), built Kernel successfully and got Linux running, also works, FM module BT and uBlox GPS
<ssvb> diego71: the linked u-boot repository just has optimal dram settings for the cubietruck as an example, and also u-boot dram bugfixes for the impedance configuration and other stuff
<ssvb> diego71: this is not strictly necessary to get started
<ssvb> diego71: feel free to ping me if you have more questions about
<ssvb> MasterChief4942: a smartphone needs good power management
<ssvb> MasterChief4942: and sunxi is not particularly great in this respect yet
<MasterChief4942> ssvb: huh, at first smartphone needs working UI :D what I'm trying to make. I'm sure if I'll get QtQuick running on A13 everything will work fine. at least will use HUGE LiPo RC helicopter battery
<ssvb> MasterChief4942: :)
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<libv> mnemoc: how does nand-part get built?
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<libv> mnemoc: plain make fails
tonyctl has joined #linux-sunxi
<mnemoc> libv: iirc it's not finished. but there is a pull request from something to finish it...
<libv> mnemoc: finish it, and then we'll talk again ;)
<mnemoc> my head doesn't let me code anymore
<libv> yeah, that's fine, this doesn't need to happen right away
<libv> as for meminfo, it's completely standalone
<libv> it's just a git-mv away
<mnemoc> ok
<libv> so it barely adds any extra overhead
<libv> i am glad that this thing is getting more structure
<MasterChief4942> trying to run Qt5 test getting: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
<MasterChief4942> yes
<libv> what, yes?
<libv> that's pvr crap
<libv> img for imgtec, and google gives me nothing else
<MasterChief4942> libv: do you mean it's named instead of ?
<libv> MasterChief4942: why are you trying to run code compiled solely for powervr?
<libv> to point out the prefix of the standard library name
<MasterChief4942> libv: I took this Qt from BeagleBone
<libv> s/of/against/
<libv> MasterChief4942: no fucking miracle then
<libv> pvr crap.
<MasterChief4942> libv: huh, right, that's part of SGXs driver
<MasterChief4942> libv: so, this Qt is useless with A13?
* libv his jaw drops
<libv> MasterChief4942: yes?
<MasterChief4942> hm, goo news :D
<libv> ?
<MasterChief4942> libv: that it will not work with Allwinner A13
<libv> ...
<MasterChief4942> libv: so I need to build it myself again
<libv> again?
<MasterChief4942> anyone please Tell me "libv" is real or a bot? can't determine from his profile
<libv> MasterChief4942: i am a bot
<Nyuutwo> MasterChief4942: build again - you don't have building automatized?
<libv> MasterChief4942: i automatically slam everyone with references to the wiki
<libv> i am programmed to react to subtle hints of the person asking questions might be doing something stupid, and tend to pull at the thread until the core of the issue is painfully clear
<Nyuutwo> libv: will this pain be lethal in this case?
<libv> Nyuutwo: my programming is not complete yet as i still lack that orbital laser
<libv> aliexpress has not been able to help me either :(
<Nyuutwo> MasterChief4942: could you say which thought process resulted in copying binaries from BeagleBone to Allwiner board?
<MasterChief4942> Nyuutwo: just tried if it will work, ages ago
<Nyuutwo> do you have automated creating rootfs?
<Nyuutwo> if not you really don;t know what is there
<MasterChief4942> Nyuutwo: no copied RootFS from zip archive, Olimex wiki article
<MasterChief4942> Nyuutwo: also don't know what is that :)
<Nyuutwo> on clean card?
<Nyuutwo> rootfs?
<MasterChief4942> no, why clean. at firs build uboot, and wrote with dd, than kernel uimage and script.bin to first 16 mb FATFS an than Rootfs to second EXT3 volume
<Nyuutwo> ah, i meant only formatting ext3 and unpacking data
<Nyuutwo> + zip smells like problems with permissions
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<MasterChief4942> no, zip contained full SD image sized 4gb, I wrote it to another one card and than copied from there to this
<Nyuutwo> or you ask why you need is so much trouble to do this
<MasterChief4942> to have original Olimex card, just in case
<Nyuutwo> you have 4GB image which was extracted on SD1
<Nyuutwo> and how you have created SD2?
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<Turl> libv: lol, orbital laser
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<oliv3r_> Turl: packt wants to take the generism out of the book and make it more a cubieboard focused book
<oliv3r_> cause cubietech is interested in working on translations
<oliv3r_> i'm not sure i'm too happy about that
oliv3r_ is now known as oliv3r
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popolon has joined #linux-sunxi
<Turl> oliv3r: ouch :(
<Turl> oliv3r: you just make me remember I haven't turned in my reviews yet too :p
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<oliv3r> :)
<oliv3r> Turl: so how do YOU feel about hat? :)
konradoo77 has joined #linux-sunxi
<libv> hah
<libv> cubieboard only?
<libv> just when cubietech is losing all credibility?
<Turl> oliv3r: I mean, I already read the book so I'm alright :P
<Turl> but what else can you make to make it more cb focused?
<Turl> you're going to release it by CB8 EOL if they keep on this way :p
<oliv3r> aye
<oliv3r> i like how the book is now
<oliv3r> its generic
<oliv3r> i suggested allready adapting the title
<oliv3r> or release it dual-titled ;)
<libv> wouldn't talking about olimex as well increase the longevity of this title?
<oliv3r> the book is full of olimex stuff
<libv> it won't be long before cubietruck is forgotten
<oliv3r> i personally favored olimex where i could
<libv> and you cannot adapt it for your own projects, whereas with the lime and such you can
<libv> cubietech will be starting a big noisy (and useless and baseless) marketing push for the cb8
<libv> making sure that everyone knows that the cubieboard, cubieboard2 and cubietruck are almost obsolete
<libv> as the next best thing is there
<diego71> ssbv: thanks, i've started with sunxi-uboot and looks like clock >= 432 doesn't work reliable
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<ssvb> diego71: are you using the current default dram settings for your a20-olinuxino-micro?
<diego71> ssbv: with the default work fine (384), so i tested before 432 e now 408
<diego71> ssbv: yes
<ssvb> diego71: are you trying to run lima-memtester and see whether fails?
Vanfanel has joined #linux-sunxi
<diego71> ssbv: now i'm trying to use a10-tpr3-scan
<diego71> ssbv: when it's finished, are you interessed in the report.html generated? Can be useful?
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<teksal> I get 0 sized script.fex, details
ikeeki has joined #linux-sunxi
<teksal> and script.bin is just 00s followed by FFs then 00s again
<ssvb> diego71: yes, you can upload the result somewhere to the linux-sunxi wiki
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<teksal> can I use the script.bin at nanda instead of using fel read?
<libv> ssvb: is this just dram calibration? or should this be an ndh?
<ssvb> libv: it's just dram calibration (to configure optimal dram clock speed and verify its reliability)
<ssvb> libv: not strictly necessary for ndh right now, but may become a part of it eventually
<libv> ssvb: how much work is dram calibration today?
<ssvb> libv: I still need to update thr dram calibration instructions at the linux-sunxi wiki (preferably based on users feedback) and prepare an updated u-boot branch
<ssvb> libv: the updated u-boot is needed for 'zq' settings to take effect
<paulk-aldrin> the zatab's board is actually not the same as the Gemei G9 btw
<libv> paulk-aldrin: the usb-hub is the difference iirc
<ssvb> libv: so it's still a little bit experimental for unprepared users
<libv> ssvb: is there a way to automate this, perhaps have 1 u-boot for each sunXi version, and then the mainline kernel with a special rootfs?
<libv> so people can dd a special image to an sd-card and just let it rip for an h or so?
<ssvb> libv: yes, I'm trying to figure out what can be done to automate it further
<libv> ok :)
<libv> it's hard enough to get people to ndh as is :)
<paulk-aldrin> I mean, the hardware is nearly the same, but the PCB is *very* different
<paulk-aldrin> I have another A10 device which is just as similar
<libv> but perhaps if we can tell people that the calibration will get optimal performance out of their hw
<libv> paulk-aldrin: ok, new page it is then
<ssvb> libv: the sd card is a bit problematic because we have many watchdog reboots and they can corrupt the filesystem
<libv> ssvb: is there a more resilient fs?
<libv> ssvb: how else would you store intermediate results?
<ssvb> libv: yes, there should be a way to mitigate this problem
<ssvb> diego71: html markup works fine in the wiki, so you can copy-paste the a10-tp3-scan report
<ssvb> diego71: are you using nfs setup for running the test right now?
<libv> mnemoc: ooh wow, our ml does seem to be getting a lot of bs
<Turl> ssvb: you could remount ro and sync; it won't catch all of the corruption but it may make it less probable
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<ssvb> Turl: I'm already doing sync, but additionally using remount may be indeed a good idea
<ssvb> Turl: also storing the intermediate results in a separate partition
<jemk> ssvb: I used a readonly root partition and a small ext4 for the results and didn't have any problems
<ssvb> jemk: great, thanks
<quitte> just in case someone else wants to see for himself how there is a problem with erase block alignment on the Cubietruck
<quitte> Also I'd love to know how it behaves on the Cubieboards
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<diego71> ssbv: it's running from a sdcard, but nfs should be better. In the next days, I think i'll set up a nfs server with everything...
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<ssvb> diego71: as jemk mentioned, sdcard may work just fine
<ssvb> diego71: I'm just being a little bit paranoid and don't want people to blame me if they corrupt their precious rootfs sdcard with useful data :)
<libv> pregenerated throwaway images should make it easy enough for people :)
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<diego71> ssbv: it makes sense :)
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<quitte> libv: any idea how I can get the MTDDEBUG() stuff to actually output something in u-boot?
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<libv> quitte: nope
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<quitte> I tried defining that in various places but didn't get any output from it,yet
<quitte> oh. simply adding it to the board configuration works. however it outputs very little
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<astr> (asked on #olimex btw) should the lcd just work? should it light up with the desktop env? a10lime
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<libv> astr: what do you mean with "just work"
<astr> libv, display something, show some life after ./change_display
<libv> change_display is olimex specific.
<libv> go ask there
<libv> you clearly are following some olimex specifics, so follow them to the letter
<astr> I have but there more people here so I was cheeky and also asked here
<astr> there isn't much info from olimex
<astr> I have follow them to the letter but for a tired me connecting the lcd to gpio-3 instead of lcd pins opps
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