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<petrosagg> How can the SD card be reliable since it's using a NAND flash itself? The hardware FTL it uses can't be that sophisticated, how can there not be a "good enough" FTL for linux?
<quitte> there are good enough FTL for linux. however not yet in mainline for the sunxi nand controller
<quitte> and the flash controller inside a sd-card needs to be able to handle exactly one kind of flash chip
<petrosagg> can you point me to one such FTL for linux?
<petrosagg> I'd expect that the FTL would be independent of the NAND controller
<petrosagg> After all the controller is often used with multiple NAND chips and these are the onces that need the FTL, not the controller
<quitte> okay. I cannot. I haven't looked into the abstraction enough to know those layers
<petrosagg> okay. It's really counter intuitive to me :S
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<quitte> i got openwrt to spit out ubiniuzed images :) hopefully I can get it to do the same with MMC tomorrow
<petrosagg> which device are you working on?
<quitte> cubietruck
<petrosagg> ah, nice
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<petrosagg> does openwrt have special requirements from the kernel or is it just a different rootfs?
<quitte> it's not like android. but there are a couple of patches that are necessary at least for building it.
<petrosagg> I've never played with openwrt
<petrosagg> Is it useful for applications other than routers?
<quitte> I'm planning to use it as a fileserver/printserver and such on the cubietruck
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<petrosagg> ah nice
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<oliv3r> libv: i see you started to cleanup my ndh page :)
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<oliv3r> libv: did you push your tpr4 changes to meminfo yet?
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<MY123> libv: Hi.
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<wingrime> Libv: banana pi is opensource, or pretent to be so?
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<shineworld> what is the widest display resistive touchscreen have you connected to A10/A20 TP device driver ? and what about noise ?
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<bbrezillon> petrosagg: sorry for the delay (I've lost my connection and then decided I should go to sleep :-))
<bbrezillon> petrosagg: your wiki page is a good start
<bbrezillon> petrosagg: some comments though
<bbrezillon> petrosagg: in the ECC data section => ECC are characterized by their strength and step size, not just their strength (i.e. 40 bits / 1024 bytes, where the strength is 40, and the step size is 1024 bytes)
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<wingrime> shineworld: I think there is no physical limitation you can hit with resistive ts unless you want make ts wall
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<longsleep> bbrezillon: I just saw your reply from the weekend - thanks for checking - will try to figure out how i can merge better from your branch and still keep mergability with my othe branches :)
<longsleep> bbrezillon: so i just fix that manually for now as i cannot rebase on your branch without loosing mergability with my other branches :/
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<libv> oliv3r: yeah, i do that with every device page
<oliv3r> libv: i ment you did it fast, before i got time to go over it :)
<libv> wingrime: i'd say pretend
<paulk-aldrin> oliv3r, seems like my tzx-q8-713b is not the same as yours
<paulk-aldrin> oliv3r, can you check the last digit on the PCB?
<paulk-aldrin> the one under the glue
<oliv3r> paulk-aldrin: not right now, but at home, sure thing
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<paulk-aldrin> ok
<paulk-aldrin> mine has a different accelerometer
<oliv3r> paulk-aldrin: the pcb probably can suit many differnt kinds?
<libv> oliv3r: i wrote the book on these things, i did it on 90+ pages and made them all pretty conform, it does not require much effort anymore, so don't feel bad about it
<oliv3r> libv: okay :)
<paulk-aldrin> and probably a different ts controller
<libv> mnemoc: ok, so now the thing got shipped. aliexpress is strange that way :)
<oliv3r> paulk-aldrin: with under the glue, you mean:
<oliv3r> paulk-aldrin: like says '7' there?
<paulk-aldrin> oliv3r, indeed, but it seems that the last digit can differentiate them -- and we need different script.fex anyway
<paulk-aldrin> the digit on the right of the "B"
<paulk-aldrin> yep
<paulk-aldrin> exactly
<paulk-aldrin> my board is 7 as well
<longsleep> bbrezillon: Success with the flag added: Bad block table found at page 1048320, version 0x01
<oliv3r> i think mine is probably an 8, purely guessing from my photo :p
<paulk-aldrin> same guess for me
<paulk-aldrin> looks like an 8
<oliv3r> i'll double check it tonight at home if i do not forget
<paulk-aldrin> ok
<libv> paulk-aldrin: start out with a new page
<oliv3r> so poke me often
<libv> paulk-aldrin: if needs be, we can merge later on
<paulk-aldrin> yeah, I'll do that
<libv> paulk-aldrin: pick like the name your tablet was marketted under, if at all possible
<paulk-aldrin> libv, my script.bin differs, so I doubt we'll need to merge
<libv> just so we can differentiate
<libv> right :)
<paulk-aldrin> libv, it's the generic q88 from dx
<paulk-aldrin> libv, I added dx as product page, if that's ok
<paulk-aldrin> there is virtually nothing else
<paulk-aldrin> and that page gives a good share of technical info
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<libv> paulk-aldrin: yeah, as a last resort, that is probably ok
<libv> for Q8 style tablets, there usually is nothing to go on
<paulk-aldrin> right
<paulk-aldrin> so first, I have to get NAND working on the ampe
<libv> and dx info tends to live for a while
<paulk-aldrin> yeah
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<libv> paulk-aldrin: so we probably get bit by gpl violating libnand again
<paulk-aldrin> I'll try to avoid that and blindly copy the nand settings from the tzx first :)
<wingrime> In a loclal store I saw a32 and a22 tablets
<wens> huh?
<wens> for real?
<libv> wingrime: like anyone still knows which is which ;)
<wingrime> most tablets are rk, mtk, some intel an qcom
<libv> wingrime: so they really named them ax2?
<libv> instead of ax3?
<wingrime> Not every store have soc on labels
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<libv> things are changing :)
<wingrime> They do, so I defenetly know that is
<libv> 3y ago it was close impossible to find out the SoC of any device
<libv> you'd have to wait until they'd appear on slatedroid
<wingrime> If you want I can make few shots
<libv> but since a year or two, pretty much everyone is listing the SoC at least online
<libv> wingrime: no, i believe you
<libv> the thing is, allwinner SoC naming is soo wild, that nobody knows anymore
<libv> take this sun8iw? stuff
<libv> wtf!
<wingrime> Shots can help some one, so I make some
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<wingrime> At least indentify, but thats not garantee
* libv needs a crimp tool and some crimps
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<longsleep> Can anyone point me to the mainline docs for I2C support for A20?
<quitte> but that is 4i
<libv> hrm, cons_index wasn't properly set for the pov mobii 703
* libv goes and verifies that this is what stopped it from booting correctly
<longsleep> quitte: yeah thanks i compile the i2c-mv64xxx driver, but it tells me mv64xxx_i2c: probe of 1c2ac00.i2c failed with error -22
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<longsleep> quitte: are you saying that sun7i could be another driver?
<quitte> longsleep: i just had a look. it's enabled in my kernel and it builds just fine
<quitte> longsleep: I don't know. I was going by the commit message alone
<longsleep> quitte: yeah building works, but the driver does not load on cubietruck with said error. So i thought it could be another driver as it is listed seperately in mainlining wiki.
<quitte> it's not a module on mine, but it is in /proc/irq/[39,40,41/mv64xxx_i2c
<longsleep> quitte: ok and you got an A20 based board?
<quitte> yes. cubietruck
<longsleep> quitte: ok thanks thats promising then
<libv> btw, we have parts of the A80 SDK :)
<libv> i will be uploading that later today
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<wingrime> L
<wingrime> libv: a31 manual still not uploaded
<wingrime> libv: and, I don't get who are recived optimus board
<libv> wingrime: ...
<libv> who has the a31 manual?
<wingrime> Olv3r
<wingrime> For example
<wingrime> Mripard
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<libv> grmbl.
<wingrime> I wonder you still not aware about
<libv> anyway, a80 sdk has the same libnand issues
<libv> and libisp
<libv> oh, there's extra ones
<quitte> they must be really proud or embarassed about libnand
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<libv> i somehow feel that it has little to do with that
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<libv> mdfs, ram frequency scaling comes with 2 blobs as well.
<libv> but that's not the end of that story.
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<wens> wingrime: a31 manual was uploaded (by me)
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<wens> libv: huh, didn't they handle that with the openrisc core? (another blob)
<wens> btw, where did you get the sdk?
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<libv> via-via
<libv> like all of these things worked before
<libv> also, did anyone pull the cubietech a80 kernel when it was alive?
<wens> don't think so :(
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<libv> a80 kernel is riddled with binaries.
<libv> not just libnand and libisp
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<libv> since this working with the community and such is working out so well for allwinner, they decided to step up their efforts in violating the GPL.
<libv> 5 fold.
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<wingrime> Impressive
<libv> but nooo. _i_ should stfu about this.
<wingrime> Can be linux foundition membership revoked?
<wingrime> For that
<libv> wingrime: well, i have something cooking, let's see whether it gets a response.
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<libv> if not, i will step up the noise, to 11 as well.
<wingrime> They at least should not say that they are *frendly*
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<MY123> libv: Now available.
<libv> MY123: what is now available?
<quitte> does anyone happen to know a source for SY7056 voltage convertors? I ruined my cubietrucks
<MY123> libv: The touchscreen module in the page.
<MY123> ( I've forgotten to click on send)
<wens> quitte: ouch
<libv> MY123: your device page?
<MY123> libv: Yeah.
<MY123> ft5x_ts
<wens> what is sun8iw5.... a33?
<libv> perhaps, dunno yet
<quitte> wens: it's not that bad. it didn't actually do any conversion. However I'd like to know if that is because it was defective in the first place or some design error in the board
<wens> libAW5306 and gsl_point_id_20131111 are in the a23 sdk as well
<libv> wens: at least libAW is listed there iirc
<libv> i will pass over them again
<JohnDoe_71Rus> wingrime: yeah DNS shop
<wingrime> Thay at least write down soc
<wens> the mdfs blob looks like a small bunch of code to run from sram to deal with dram refresh, muxing, re-clocking and stuff
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<libv> wens: it is
<libv> wens: but it is still GPL
<libv> it's like 4k only
<libv> each
<libv> so easy to RE
<wens> libv: yeah, having source for this is crucial
<wens> well, RE would be possible
<wens> having commented source is better
<MY123> libv: There is no powervr series6 Linux driver.
<MY123> (A80
<MY123> ( REing PowerVR is complex, tried it with Series5)
<wens> there's probably a blob for android somewhere in the sdk
<MY123> wens: There is.
<libv> MY123: you know my history on pvr
<libv> i have been very actively discouraging people from working on that
<MY123> libv: I tried that for the Samsung S5PC110.
<MY123> Hard. Working on VC4 since the docs release ( and sometimes on etnaviv)
<wingrime> My123 optocodes are known?
<wingrime> I mean power vr instruction set
<MY123> wingrime: Series5 (partially), Series6 (not an opcode)
<wingrime> As i know power vr are tiled
<wingrime> Renderer...
<MY123> They are tiled since the first powervr
<wingrime> Dreamcast has some
<wingrime> How much difficult to upload code to it?
<wingrime> And run
<MY123> wingrime: Series5(not very easy), Series6(unknown)
<wingrime> Heh
<MY123> Series5 is in the A31 and Series6 is in the A80, wingrime.
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<libv> dreamcast is like pvr2
<libv> or was it the same as the matrox m3d/dell card?
<libv> there's little shared between those 1996 devices and the hw today
* libv got himself an m3d 4ys ago, when working on the omap on the n9, just for owning one
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<MY123> libv: I also have a 1,2MP feature phone camera , should I try?
<MY123> (Kurio 7S)
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<libv> MY123: if it gets more stable pictures, then yes
<libv> MY123: make sure the light is good, and that you take pictures on a white background to help it out
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<wens> libv: have you looked at the lcd functions in u-boot?
<wens> that part looks awfully messy :|
<libv> yeah
<libv> it will be pretty simple once i'm done with it
<libv> ooh! ooh!
<libv> new mali binaries in buildroot tree
<MY123> libv: But they have a new backdoor.
<libv> MY123: the mali binaries?
<MY123> libv: Yes.
<libv> MY123: please explain
<wens> that doesn't sound good
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<MY123> As the source code is not available and the Mali can access to all the system mem. It can contain shit as there is not a explanation of the changes.
<merbanan> hmmm, isn't the SGX driver source available "somewhere" ?
<MY123> merbanan: If you sign an NDA.
<libv> MY123: oh, that. sure.
<merbanan> hmmm, I think I actually found it online somewhere
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<MY123> merbanan: If you find it, DON'T push it. It will destroy the clean RE rume.
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<MY123> *Rule
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<merbanan> MY123: well afaik no one is working on that
<oliv3r> A33 is also called sun8i btw
<oliv3r> in case anybody was wondering :)
<MY123> libv: The another camera is much worse .
<libv> MY123: ok
<libv> oliv3r: let's call it sun10i
<libv> since a80 is clearly sun9i
<libv> if needs be, we need to start using aw16xx
<libv> as this new naming scheme is pretty broken
<MY123> libv: Should I push the script.bin on Dropbox?
<libv> we need to add the new naming scheme to the wiki still though
<libv> MY123: follow the ndh howto.
<MY123> (Google Drive)
<libv> 1:12 until upload complete...
<wingrime1> Aw16xx broken too for cedarx
<libv> wingrime1: ?
<libv> wingrime1: please explain
<wingrime1> A20 report same id like a10
<libv> 16xx would be the version hardcoded in the register, the one i read in from meminfo
<wingrime1> In cedarx regs
<libv> wingrime1: which is ok, as the engine probably is exactly the same
<libv> so we better document that this register should not be used as the chip wide version
<wingrime1> Thats ,true,
<MY123> Ok.will send my changes.
<oliv3r> libv: the a33 tablet i got is blurped ufll of sun8i internally what i'm guessing, since sun8iw3 was suna23
<wingrime1> I have notice in cedarx pages
<oliv3r> is that sun8iw<something else> is A33
<libv> oliv3r: yeah, you're right
<libv> oliv3r: but this new naming scheme is pretty broken and confusing
<oliv3r> i even saw in an asdk what the w stood for
<libv> oliv3r: so we better document things nicely on the SoC pages
<libv> and pick our own
<oliv3r> with unified drivers, it won't be a big problem, as it's all sunxi :)
<oliv3r> yeah probably
<libv> either sun10i to continue our naming scheme
<libv> our throw our naming scheme out entirely and go for aw16xx
<oliv3r> well the internal aw16xx names are probably nicer, but we don't have all names do we?
<libv> like i did for unichrome back in the day
<libv> we have the names the second we get the hw
<oliv3r> i think a33 really is sun8i with quad cores instead of dual cores
<oliv3r> i think everything else is identical
<wingrime1> More one schene will make confuse worse
<libv> wingrime1: yes, and no
<libv> wingrime1: having a completely different scheme, one which is very unlikely to be influenced by marketing bs, one that actually matches the hw, one that will last quite long, might be worth the initial pain
<wens> oliv3r: sun8i-a33?
<oliv3r> we should have done something for sun5i tbh
<wingrime1> Sunxi-a20
<oliv3r> like a13 and a10s
<libv> oliv3r: take a look at my posted meminfo code
<libv> oliv3r: no
<libv> oliv3r: nononono
<libv> oliv3r: a13 and a10s are one and the same
<oliv3r> libv: have you posted the meminfo code yet?
<libv> oliv3r: check our mailing list
<wingrime1> sunxi-a32
<wens> and what about a31 and a31s?
<libv> oliv3r: a13 are one and the same, perhaps a few minor changes
<libv> just the packaging is different
<libv> turl pointed that out to me
<libv> and the a13 really does have hdmi
<wingrime1> I prefer sunxi prefix, as there much hw called a10
<libv> as the engine is there
<libv> it's just not available to the outside world
<wingrime1> Libv: cedarx somehow different in a13
<libv> wingrime1: but a13 vs a10s?
<libv> wingrime1: that's what i am talking about now
<libv> so both are sun5i, just in a different package
<libv> i even think that we shouldn't have a different dtsi for both
<oliv3r> so what if a23 and a33 are fully the same, except for the number of cores
<wingrime1> Libv: I have no a10s so I have nothing to say
<oliv3r> (e.g. a23 had maybe lower yield so 2 cores got binned for example)
<oliv3r> wingrime1: i got a10s recently!
<wens> mripard_: has your mmc phase clk series received any attention?
<libv> oliv3r: check the hw id
<libv> oliv3r: then we'll continue the discussion ;p
<wingrime1> Oliv3r: you can read cedar version?
<oliv3r> what's nove's IRL name/email?
<oliv3r> wingrime1: if you tell me how, sure
<mripard_> wens: some
<oliv3r> libv: where can I find that?
<wens> mripard_: i'd like to use some of the factors cleanup patches in my sun6i/sun8i pll6 series
<mripard_> I need to repost a v2
<libv> oliv3r: the meminfo code i posted!
<oliv3r> libv: ok ok :)
<oliv3r> i'll pull the patch
<wens> oliv3r: just get a shell and use busybox devmem to poke a register :)
<wingrime1> oliv3r i have uboot cedarx init sequnce
<libv> oliv3r: it's safe to run the full meminfo rewrite
<oliv3r> ok i can check it, but i can spend like 30 seconds on it :p
<libv> oliv3r: it'll bail and state the id
<oliv3r> what's the title of the mail?
<oliv3r> found it
<oliv3r> v2
<oliv3r> libv: you don't happen to have a git tree of those patches do you? 'd have to pull it from googlegroups which is horrid
<libv> oliv3r: let me mail you the binary
<petrosagg> bbrezillon: wiki fixed
<libv> oliv3r: it's been a while since you mailed the ml :p
<oliv3r> libv: ok that's even better
<oliv3r> libv: yeah it has been
<oliv3r> i do have some patches for 3.4 ready :)
<mripard_> iirc, sun8iw1 is A31, sun8iw2 is A31s, sun8iw3 is A20, and I guess w4 is A23, and w5 A33
<wens> # busybox devmem 0x01c00024 32 0x8100
<wens> # busybox devmem 0x01c00024
<wens> oliv3r: ^
<oliv3r> mripard_: i thought sun6i was a31 :)
<mripard_> they changed the naming halfway
<oliv3r> wens: ok running that
<mripard_> so it's both :)
<oliv3r> sunA10i :p
<wens> oliv3r: they changed it in the A23 SDK... sun8iw1 is A31(s), sun8iw3 is A23
<oliv3r> highly confusing for us
<oliv3r> we should rename them all!
<wens> and sun9iw1 is A80
<libv> haha
<libv> they don't even know themselves anymore!
<oliv3r> i think the W stood for 'wafer' run or something
<mripard_> the point was to change the sunNi for a generation of chip, and then have the wafer revision
<wens> yup, wafer (for whatever reason)
<libv> btw, i would still like to see someone give the ok for meminfo patches
<oliv3r> wens: root@android:/ # busybox devmem 0x01c00024
<libv> if anyone is bored
<oliv3r> 0x16258100
<mripard_> so all A7-based SoCs are sun8i, and all big.littles will probably be sun9i
<wens> 0x1625 = A13
<libv> urgh
<wingrime1> But hdmi
<oliv3r> oh this is my a10s usb stick :p
<oliv3r> hdmi stick
<petrosagg> are you guys going kernel recipes in September?
<libv> oliv3r: !!!!
<oliv3r> i have the tablet at home
<oliv3r> i'll try a33 at home :)
<wens> oliv3r: i thought you ran it on your a33 tablet :p
<oliv3r> i thought it was for wingrime's cedar check
<wens> oliv3r: oh, cedar will require cedar init stuff from wingrime
<wingrime1> Yeax
<wens> was following libv on that discussion
<oliv3r> wingrime1: if you sort me a staticly compiled binary i'll run it
<oliv3r> wingrime1: what was your e-mail address again
<oliv3r> i have so much crap i can't find it
ricardocrudo has joined #linux-sunxi
lkcl has joined #linux-sunxi
<MY123> libv: Pastebin of meminfo above.
<libv> MY123: again, follow the ndh howto :)
<wens> btw, fun thing is A23 has lower soc id than A20
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vineetg has joined #linux-sunxi
<oliv3r> libv: i was thinking of renaming it to sunxi-meminfo :)
<oliv3r> libv: dram_size = !!! FIXME !!!
<wingrime1> Olv3r: i don't remember now but, cedar2.c do cedarx init
<oliv3r> and tpr4 is 0
<vineetg> Hi, I had a question about the integrated l2 cache on A20
<libv> oliv3r: how would meminfo find out about dram size from registers?
<vineetg> is it possible to disable it at boot
<libv> oliv3r: before this code, dram_size was just not printed
<oliv3r> libv: chip density + something wasn't it
<libv> i think this way is better
<oliv3r> ah it was ignored, ok roger
<libv> oliv3r: u-boot goes and detect its
<vineetg> A7 TRM is pretty sparse on that topic
<oliv3r> i'm not sure if u-boot detects it
<oliv3r> wingrime1: your name + email :p
<wingrime1> Wingrime@gmail
<libv> oliv3r: it does.
<oliv3r> wingrime1: i'll use your sunxi address then
<wingrime1> Shestacov Alexsey
pwhalen has joined #linux-sunxi
pwhalen has joined #linux-sunxi
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<libv> the dram_size value isn't really used
<oliv3r> libv: if i am not mistaken, u-boot uses it
<wingrime1> Oliv3r:i still have no
<libv> oliv3r: go and verify then
<libv> oliv3r: i just did when i rewrote meminfo
<oliv3r> wingrime1: i think it may have been deleted with a move a while ago
<oliv3r> libv: it's been a long while that i looked at that code, but i think the memtest that checks for valid address range uses dram_size
<oliv3r> but it's been a really long time
<oliv3r> mnemoc: pign
<wens> mripard_: i'll cherry-pick the cleanup bits of your v1, and then rebase after you post v2
<wingrime1> Oliver: cedar2.c do open /dev/cedar and some ioctl before an read operations, so you can read cedarx regs with it
<oliv3r> wingrime1: i need a statically compiled binary to run at this moment :)
<oliv3r> anybody have David Lanzendorfer 's email address handy?
<wingrime1> Oliv3r can you uboot commands?
<oliv3r> wingrime1: nope :)
<oliv3r> only /dev/mem on android i got
<MY123> libv: They wrote that patches without a full device page are not accepted . Is that true?
<oliv3r> (+ whatever goes before that obviously) i got
<libv> MY123: They being libv.
<libv> MY123: send them in
<libv> MY123: also, get better pictures of the exterior, please
<oliv3r> Ah right, nove; i need nove's real name + email
<wens> mripard_: hmm, doesn't apply to sunxi-next, will wait for v2 then
<oliv3r> wingrime1: do you have nove's details?
<wingrime1> He have bitbucket repo
<wingrime1> And may be that have his name
<oliv3r> i'll check the wiki
anthony_emtrion has left #linux-sunxi [#linux-sunxi]
<oliv3r> wingrime1: what is his bitbucket url?
<oliv3r> it's not 'nove' :p
<wingrime1> Don't remember
<wingrime1> But wiki should have
<oliv3r> Manuel Braga!
<wingrime1> Thats I taked about))
<oliv3r> he awas nice enough to have his copyright in the header
<oliv3r> ok, 16 users
<oliv3r> anybody wanna go over the list to see if i hdind't forget anybody important?
afaerber_ has joined #linux-sunxi
<wens> what list?
<oliv3r> you have voulenteerd!
<oliv3r> thanks
<wens> huh?
* wens is clueless
<oliv3r> once you see it you'll figure it out :p
<oliv3r> see your pm :p
afaerber has quit [Ping timeout: 260 seconds]
skoperst has joined #linux-sunxi
<MY123> libv: Will now send the first part
<MY123> libv: Did the patches arrive?
<wens> the patches seem messed up
<skoperst> Is there someone who maintains an android kernel for sunxi(not that lichee BS with fex, blobs and hacks)?
<wens> mainline with DT? not a chance
<wingrime1> F-droid maintrainer try some effors to in
<wingrime1> By our 3.0 3.4 should run android without problem
<skoperst> wingrime1: link?
<paulk-aldrin> skoperst, I'll try to cleanup the sunxi-3.4 defconfigs and add android-specific configs soon
<paulk-aldrin> but it's not mainline…
<MY123> paulk-aldrin: Did my patches arrive?
quitte_ has joined #linux-sunxi
<paulk-aldrin> looks messed up
<paulk-aldrin> make one patch with everything
<wingrime1> Paulk, personly I installed cyanogen mod on my a10 tablet and replaced kerenel with sunxi's without any problems except missing ts
<MY123> I had to copy them in my window.
<wens> MY123: you should send them as is, not copy-paste
<MY123> wens: How?
<wens> git send-email
<MY123> wens: How to type the username and password for SMTP handling ?
<paulk-aldrin> wingrime1, sun4i is probably not too messed up
<paulk-aldrin> wingrime1, I'm starting to properly port Replicant there
<paulk-aldrin> but there is work to do for the sun5i config
<paulk-aldrin> if anyone is interested in making a CM port out of it, feel free
<paulk-aldrin> I'll send a RFC with details soon
<paulk-aldrin> MY123, command line arguments
<quitte_> petrosagg: about your wiki page - eGON is not boot0. eGON is what loads boot0
<paulk-aldrin> read the man :)
quitte has quit [Ping timeout: 245 seconds]
quitte_ is now known as quitte
<wens> MY123: see the man page, it's --smtp-<something>
<wens> something being server, user, pass, and whatever else
vineetg has quit [Quit: Leaving]
<libv> MY123: thanks, i will have to alter that patch though
<skoperst> cd ..
<Turl> Password:
<skoperst> jesus.. i need to stop doing it
<Turl> oliv3r: I can volunteer :p
<Turl> skoperst: happens
<oliv3r> Turl: awesome
<oliv3r> paulk-aldrin: in the case of sunxi, replicant vs CM would be only mali?
<wingrime1> Paulk, you can ask quarx about cm port
<paulk-aldrin> oliv3r, Mali would be a big part, I'm also thinking about CedarX
<paulk-aldrin> but I'm not sure they ever released proper android binaries for cedarx
<oliv3r> good luck getting that to work at all anyway :p
<oliv3r> to bad vdpau won't work on android
<paulk-aldrin> Android uses OMX, AFAIK
<paulk-aldrin> I haven't looked a lot into it
<paulk-aldrin> maybe I could implement an OMX plugin based on the vdpau code
<paulk-aldrin> looks simple enough
<paulk-aldrin> oliv3r, I'm probably not going to do the CM port myself though :)
<paulk-aldrin> even though my mom would probably like fast graphics on her sunxi tablet, I don't want to deal with blobs, it's such a pain
<oliv3r> paulk-aldrin: i don't blame ya :)
<oliv3r> paulk-aldrin: but we got the secret weapon called libv :p
<paulk-aldrin> hell yeah :)
<oliv3r> so maybe we can get him excited enough :)
<paulk-aldrin> I did get mesa to run on Android in the past
<oliv3r> paulk-aldrin: i think vdpau atm requires X, so va-api might be an interesting avenue too
<paulk-aldrin> ah ok
<paulk-aldrin> I'd have to look into details
<oliv3r> i'm no vdpau expert, but last time i read aynthing about the matter was that vdpau only has X as possible output, with the rest 'open for impelmentation'
<MY123> libv: Neat patch sent.
<MY123> paulk-aldrin: Is the new patch good?
<paulk-aldrin> MY123, The From line looks weird, but the rest seems normal
<paulk-aldrin> however, it can be stripped manually, so I suppose it's fine
<MY123> paulk-aldrin: It was using git send-email ,I can't do more
<wens> the options line was wrapped
<paulk-aldrin> did you do it as root?
<MY123> paulk-aldrin: Yeah.
<paulk-aldrin> do it as regular user next time
<MY123> libv: Did you just disappear?
<paulk-aldrin> libv, maybe don't harass people too much like this :p
<paulk-aldrin> oops
<paulk-aldrin> MY123, maybe don't harass people too much like this :p
<paulk-aldrin> oliv3r, btw, the Build number on my tzx-q8-713b has: "713B7"
afaerber_ has quit [Quit: Verlassend]
<paulk-aldrin> so the next digit is definitely relevant
<oliv3r> yeah looks like it
link0_ has joined #linux-sunxi
<MY123> paulk-aldrin :-)
<MY123> :p
<libv> MY123: the fex is needed as well
huehner_ has joined #linux-sunxi
<MY123> libv: Where should the fex be transferred.
<MY123> ?
focus_it has joined #linux-sunxi
zumbi has joined #linux-sunxi
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<paulk-aldrin> MY123, sunxi-boards
<paulk-aldrin> send the patch to the mailing list as well
<libv> MY123: again, that's in the ndh
bsdfox_ has joined #linux-sunxi
<petrosagg> quitte_: I know, I didn't mean to imply that. I couldn't link to the specific stage of the boot process
<petrosagg> quitte_: is it confusing?
bbrezill1 has joined #linux-sunxi
<paulk-aldrin> MY123, /home/paulk/projets/replicant/sunxi/u-boot-sunxi/.git/rebase-apply/patch:27: trailing whitespace.
vbmithr_ has joined #linux-sunxi
<libv> paulk-aldrin: never mind that
<libv> paulk-aldrin: i need to make some further changes
massi_ has joined #linux-sunxi
atsampso1 has joined #linux-sunxi
keebler_ has joined #linux-sunxi
<libv> like rename the dram file
<paulk-aldrin> ok
andoma_ has joined #linux-sunxi
<paulk-aldrin> yes indeed
<libv> and alphabetical order
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bsdfox_ is now known as bsdfox
<libv> i will do so later, first the SDK
<libv> wow, a server went down it seems
jelly-home has joined #linux-sunxi
huehner_ is now known as huehner
lynxis has joined #linux-sunxi
<paulk-aldrin> right
<paulk-aldrin> lol
discopig has joined #linux-sunxi
kelvan has joined #linux-sunxi
<skoperst> a noob question, why so many branches in the linux-sunxi repository in github? what branch should I start with if I want to compile it for my sunxi Android board?
<libv> skoperst: that is explained on our kernel page
<skoperst> libv, right? what about sunxi-next? its not mentioned
<oliv3r> the internet exploded
<wens> skoperst: sunxi-next is the stuff that is merged for the next mainline release
<wens> skoperst: like linux-next
<skoperst> what is "next mainline release"?
<MY123> libv: Sent.
<paulk-aldrin> MY123, maybe read the NDH guide more carefully :)
<paulk-aldrin> Step 6: Add support to sunxi-boards
<MY123> paulk-aldrin: Did not have the time to compile sunxi-tools.
<MY123> submitted the script.bin
<paulk-aldrin> well, take that time if you want support to be accepted
<paulk-aldrin> and properly follow the steps
<paulk-aldrin> nobody's going to make the fex for you
<libv> skoperst: sunxi-next is mainline
<MY123> paulk-aldrin: OK. Now compiling.
<paulk-aldrin> MY123, also, have you tested the fex with sunxi-3.4? is everything working
<paulk-aldrin> is UART enabled, etc?
dack has joined #linux-sunxi
<MY123> paulk-aldrin: In the manual build guide, U-boot does not init so no kernel.
afaerber has joined #linux-sunxi
<paulk-aldrin> MY123, so you u-boot build doesn't work?
<libv> paulk-aldrin: i'll deal with it
<libv> MY123: nvm, i'll fix this up later
<paulk-aldrin> libv, okay
<MY123> It is the first time I had Allwinner hardware so doesn't know much.
Quarx has joined #linux-sunxi
<libv> MY123: our wiki is, compared to anything else, pretty solid
Quarx has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
<MY123> libv: Coming from the BeagleBoard world,...
<libv> and it explains these steps in great detail
<MY123> libv: Should I resend the patch with the .fex?
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kelvan has joined #linux-sunxi
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lynxis has joined #linux-sunxi
<libv> but as i said before, i'll handle it
<MY123> hoping the RAM settings are the right ones.
discopig has joined #linux-sunxi
<MY123> ' meminfo did not show everything'
<arete74> libv: in the was is the branch what i to use for have fb console?
<arete74> for uboot
<wingrime1> My123: power vr have conigurable amount of raster, texture units?
<MY123> wingrime1: Seems to be.
xavia has joined #linux-sunxi
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Nyuutwo has joined #linux-sunxi
<MY123> libv: Why meminfo does not show everything?
lkcl has quit [Ping timeout: 240 seconds]
<libv> arete74: just patches for now
<wens> hmm, i2c seems broken in 3.17-rc1
<wens> s/3.17-rc1/sunxi-next
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<quitte> petrosagg: it is indeed confusing. I remember having a hard time understanding how booting works. With sunxi things are especially bad since there always are two ways. fex/dtb spl/boot0 boot1/nothing u-boot/u-boot libnand/mtd and probably more
techn has joined #linux-sunxi
<quitte> and there are even two mtd implementations
ptitnuage has joined #linux-sunxi
lkcl has joined #linux-sunxi
<ptitnuage> Hello everybody. I'm trying to follow the building guide, i would like to know if the part of defining the mac adresse in the fex file is mandatory or if it can be ommited
kuldeepdhaka has joined #linux-sunxi
<MY123> ptitnuage: If you want to disable Ethernet, yes.
<ptitnuage> MY123
* MY123 waits ptitnuage
<MY123> (reponse)
<MY123> *response
<ptitnuage> MY123: thanks for answer, i was wondering if the board may refuse to boot if the mac defined is not the same as the board (as seen on android)
<ptitnuage> MY123: typed to fast the first time
<MY123> ptitnuage: It works when disabling the Ethernet module in the kernel compilation.
<ptitnuage> MY123: so if ethernet not disabled (i didn't changed anything form the tutorial) it may refused to boot because i didn't set MAC adress?
<MY123> ptitnuage: It MAY.
lkcl has quit [Ping timeout: 245 seconds]
kuldeepdhaka has quit [Max SendQ exceeded]
<ptitnuage> MY123: thanks for answering
<ptitnuage> i'm still trying to build my SD card
<ptitnuage> hehe :-)
<ptitnuage> see you later
<MY123> ptitnuage: I also failed the SD card test
kuldeepdhaka has joined #linux-sunxi
Quarx has joined #linux-sunxi
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<ptitnuage> MY123: but did you succeed then?
techn_ has joined #linux-sunxi
<ptitnuage> MY123: or do you still not booting linux at all?
<MY123> ptitnuage: Still Android only
bonbons has joined #linux-sunxi
<ptitnuage> MY123: is your board a Q8?
<MY123> ptitnuage: The Kurio7S tablet.
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<ptitnuage> MY123: but don't you know witch board is it?
<MY123> ptitnuage: Will never open it.
<libv> ptitnuage: i think i found the issue
<libv> ptitnuage: the u-boot options should read: sun5i:POV_TAB_P703,SPL,CONS_INDEX=2
<libv> i still need to go verify that it fails without that
<MY123> libv: Should I retry now?
<MY123> (Linux on Tablet)
<libv> MY123: no, this only applies to ptitnuage
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<petrosagg> quitte: fixed
<ptitnuage> libv: did you spoke about compilation options or about runtime options?
<libv> ptitnuage: boards.cfg
bengal has joined #linux-sunxi
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<ptitnuage> libv: my boards.cfg states: Active arm armv7 sunxi - sunxi POV_TAB_P703 sun5i:POV_TAB_P703,SPL
<ptitnuage> libv: or did i opened the wong file?
<ptitnuage> libv:
<ptitnuage> libv: sorry typed too fast
<MY123> libv: Can you push u-boot Kurio7S support?(or there is a coding rule)
<ptitnuage> libv: so i should add ,CONS_INDEX=2 at the end of the line, this is it?
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<ptitnuage> libv: another question: does having a correct boot partition is enought to lead the tablet lightin the backlight, or will a correct root filsystem also be mandatory for this (beacouse it contains modules for example)
<MY123> ptinuage: You can use a big initrd.
konradoo77 has joined #linux-sunxi
<ptitnuage> MY123: my question was not "will the system boot without rootfs", but "will it ba able to light on the backlight without rootfs". I'm trying to localte where i'm doing wrong (witch stage) knowing that my backlight still drak...
lkcl has joined #linux-sunxi
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<MY123> libv: U-boot built
ptitnuage has joined #linux-sunxi
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<MY123> libv: Will reboot now for trying the SD card.
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netlynx has joined #linux-sunxi
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<MY123> libv: Android is now broken !
<MY123> Worse & worse
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<MY123> paulk-aldrin: Broken Android.
<MY123> (When trying linux-sunxi)
<MY123> It really has destroyed stuff
<libv> MY123: i warned about that yesterday
<MY123> libv: Will have access to a Windows system in a few days, so I can reflash
<MY123> Currently, the goal is to get that working.
<MY123> It boots after factory reset !
<MY123> libv: It boots after factory reset!
<MY123> It is just Android getting mad.
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<MY123> libv: Any suggestion? Android works(TM).
<ptitnuage> MY123: did you broke your system juste by booting off with SD card?
<ptitnuage> or did you intentionaly touched the nand?
<MY123> ptitnuage: Just by booting off from the MicroSD.
<MY123> (I did halt the tablet properly)
<MY123> There was not useful data.
<MY123> What should I do?
<MY123> Will try the A20-olinuxino-micro image as the Android one boots.
lkcl has joined #linux-sunxi
FreezingCold has joined #linux-sunxi
<ptitnuage> MY123: did you get something on the screen or kept black screen?
<MY123> ptitnuage: Black screen
<MY123> Will try the A20-Olinuxino-Micro images.
<ptitnuage> did you try long push on power button? (at least 20 seconds)
<ptitnuage> MY123: did you try long push on power button? (at least 20 seconds)
<ptitnuage> MY123: (and of course, remove the SD card)
<ptitnuage> MY123: when i have black screen my tablet seems to sucks at some stage of the boot, it still on even if the screen is black
<ptitnuage> MY123: so i have to romve Sd, long push power button (at least 20 seconds) then power it up again (2 seconds push)
<MY123> ptitnuage: Did that and remove that then it was stuck in a bootloop. Going to the recovery and doing a factory reset rebrings it back to life
<ptitnuage> MY123: good, so you went back to android?
<MY123> ptitnuage: Yes, but now cooking another image.
<MY123> (I will not leave it until it works)
<MY123> ptitnuage: As the A20-Olinuxino-Micro Android image work , I will try Linux ones.
<ptitnuage> GOT IT RUNNING!!! (sorry for shouting, but... finaly.... it's works)
<ptitnuage> MY123: is your processor a A20?
<MY123> ptitnuage: Yes. sun7i .
<MY123> And dual-core
<MY123> With HDMI
MY123 has quit [Quit: AndroIRC - Android IRC Client ( )]
<ptitnuage> MY123: ok, sorry, i thought we had the same board, so i could help...
MY123 has joined #linux-sunxi
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MY123 has joined #linux-sunxi
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<MY123> Is there one here?
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<oliv3r> libv: Error: unknown or unhandled Soc: 0x1667
formruga has joined #linux-sunxi
rellla has left #linux-sunxi [#linux-sunxi]
<oliv3r> paulk-aldrin: i'll check build.prop in a sec, but the PCB reads 6 (six)
<oliv3r> wens: 0x16678100
rellla has joined #linux-sunxi
<MY123> oliv35: What is your problem.
<MY123> ?
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TheSeven has joined #linux-sunxi
<oliv3r> MY123: problem?
<oliv3r> hmm, i got a sun5i tablet with inverted screen
<paulk-aldrin> oliv3r, the android build version might help, too
<oliv3r> battery app was running, and bam it was inverted, booted it, still inverted
<oliv3r> paulk-aldrin: from build.prop?
<paulk-aldrin> from the settings app
<oliv3r> paulk-aldrin: build-number
<paulk-aldrin> that one
<oliv3r> imm76d-20130909?
MY123 has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
<paulk-aldrin> nothing related to 713b?
<oliv3r> nop
<paulk-aldrin> ok
<paulk-aldrin> so your device should be moved to 713b6 and mine to 713b7
<paulk-aldrin> oliv3r, is the fex in sunxi-boards from your device?
<oliv3r> yeah think so
<paulk-aldrin> ok
skoperst_ has joined #linux-sunxi
<oliv3r> 31c8e01d0aae50a6e730e0453998894cbad46b88
<oliv3r> check that hash
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bengal has joined #linux-sunxi
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<paulk-aldrin> yep
<paulk-aldrin> not further change until my UART patch
<paulk-aldrin> which is relevant for your device, too
<oliv3r> cool
<oliv3r> well it's my GF's
<oliv3r> which you met lol
<paulk-aldrin> ah yes :)
<oliv3r> i can't wait for replicant to work on all these sunxi devices
<oliv3r> finally a proper android
<paulk-aldrin> it's in the works
<oliv3r> (i know, i'm encouraging you!
<paulk-aldrin> well, keep that for when I'll have switched priority to some other project
<paulk-aldrin> I have a lot of other interesting stuff going on ;)
<oliv3r> :p
<oliv3r> nono no, sunxi needs you
<oliv3r> fosdem is just around the corner
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<paulk-aldrin> right, right!
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<paulk-aldrin> only 5 months left! the pressure is at a climax!
<MY123> Hello.Will now reboot. ( Android in Sdcard)
<paulk-aldrin> nah, I'll think I'll have something to show by then
<paulk-aldrin> else I'm just really bad at what I do
<oliv3r> :)
<oliv3r> i'll be at fosdem, this time for my employer
<paulk-aldrin> wow, that's nice
<paulk-aldrin> who's your employer if I may ask?
<MY123> oliv3r: Who is your employer?
<MY123> )))))(((((()))))))((((((((()))))))(((((
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<dack> anyone here going to FSOSS?
<paulk-aldrin> where is it?
<dack> Toronto, Canada
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<oliv3r> paulk-aldrin: ultimaker
<paulk-aldrin> cool, didn't know about it
<MY123> kill -9 1
<MY123> Oops , kill -SIGSEGV 1
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<oliv3r> paulk-aldrin: ah, yeah it's pretty cool :)
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<libv> oliv3r: ok, stick 0x1667 that and other aw33 information in our wiki
<libv> heh, smallcloud now got his solution it seems
<libv> without much feedback apart from "it works"
<petrosagg> bbrezillon: PR sent for cubieboard2 NAND support
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<libv> A80 SDK is now available
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<Gerwin_J> libv: how did you get it?
<libv> i found a lamp, and i rubbed it
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<petrosagg> lol
<Gerwin_J> i talk today with Merrii about a80 SDK
<libv> only one wish though: give me more gpl violations ammo
<Gerwin_J> he told me it's not ready for public to me...
<libv> Gerwin_J: if merrii wants to hand out the sdk, then'll happily put that up as well
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<paulk-aldrin> "But with A80, Allwinner decided to step this up a notch, or two, or all the way to 11." lol :]
<libv> this couldn't come at a better time tbh
<paulk-aldrin> well, now we just have to wait and see if they react to this
<libv> "we do not care about these gpl violations"... they better start caring now.
<paulk-aldrin> has there been any private response from Allwinner after their collaboration promise?
<libv> say goodbye to usb3 for instance
<paulk-aldrin> seems like they didn't write to the list yet
<libv> paulk-aldrin: _i_ must've spooked them.
<paulk-aldrin> I was a bit puzzled to read that GPL violations shouldn't be mentioned with them…
<paulk-aldrin> that's the first thing to mention
<libv> and now this wonderful world of endless possibilities, opened up by an email and 2 email addresses, will never be ours *sniff*
<petrosagg> I'm trying to understand what is going on. Is allwinner violating the GPL and we're threatening them with releasing their SDK?
<libv> petrosagg: the sdk is out
<libv> but it contains gpl violations, and way more than with previous SDKs
<libv> each time this seems to get worse
<libv> in the beginning, we had nand code
<libv> then we didn't and nobody complained
<libv> now we don't have a whole lot of other code
<libv> and nobody is allowed to complain.
<petrosagg> is the sunxi group taking the case to court or is there some other course of action?
<paulk-aldrin> libv, honestly, you weren't even that harsh. I would have expected proper insults :p
<paulk-aldrin> I mean, take torvalds, he's doing that all the time and people have nothing but respect for him
<libv> paulk-aldrin: oh, i am used to playing this role, and used to get proven right on the big topics that i still stick with after many days/weeks
<libv> but also used to people just remembering me only for whining, and being told off
<libv> with this role, i do not mean linus his role
<libv> just the role of the unpopular guy with the unpopular or inconvenient viewpoints, who does make certain facts happen
<paulk-aldrin> well, thanks for doing that
<libv> it's in my nature, so no need to thank me, i cannot help it
<paulk-aldrin> if it weren't for people like you, we'd miss many great opportunities
<petrosagg> is this discussion about gpl violations public?
<libv> petrosagg: i still hope that allwinner will start acting upon it
<libv> petrosagg: our ml is public
<libv> but the amount of noise is just a fraction of what it could be
<libv> and i found something close to a small nuclear device a few days ago
<petrosagg> I trying to understand what our pressure points are and why would Allwinner even bother if there is no legal action
<libv> petrosagg: allwinner is now a member of linaro and the linux foundation
<petrosagg> aha
<libv> and its competition is also getting up to speed on this linux stuff these days (it only took all of them 4 years so far though...)
<libv> i think i will be typing up a blog entry on the train to .be on friday, and then see if allwinner has bothered by, say tuesday
<libv> and then open up the sluices :)
<paulk-aldrin> nice
<libv> oh, and i managed to pluck another cheap tablet off of ebay, so hopefully next week, another device will be NDHed
<libv> one that's been open for a while, the MID format with capacitive buttons
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<paulk-aldrin> got a link?
<libv> it might be broken though
<paulk-aldrin> ok
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<libv> but for 10+6EUR, who cares :)
<paulk-aldrin> wow
<libv> the owner said he didn't know whether it worked or not, as he lost the psu
<libv> this is early 2012 tablet hw
<libv> about the earliest with an allwinner inside
<libv> paulk-aldrin: was there any todo for me from your side btw?
<paulk-aldrin> libv, tzx uart patch is pending on the mailing list
<paulk-aldrin> that's about it
<libv> u-boot-sunxi/sunxi-boards?
<paulk-aldrin> I'll try to finish a76 u-boot/fex/wiki tomorrow
<libv> ok
<paulk-aldrin> and split tzx-q8-713b
<paulk-aldrin> so patches will come soon
<libv> is that patch suitable for both boards?
<paulk-aldrin> yes, and it's not splited yet
<libv> ok
<paulk-aldrin> so I'll also apply it to the new other fex (out of my device)
<libv> ok, will push then
<paulk-aldrin> thanks
<paulk-aldrin> already 1am here -- I'll call it a day, now that xubuntu is running on the tzx
<libv> ok :)
<paulk-aldrin> I'm surprised how fast it is for a single core using only fb
<libv> sleep well
<libv> fbturbo?
<paulk-aldrin> not even
<libv> ok
<paulk-aldrin> well, try to sleep at all :)
<paulk-aldrin> bye
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<nedko> i'm trying to boot my new olinuxino and i cannot find how to pass kernel parameters to the uImage
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<nedko> i'm loading it with bootm, is this the correct way?
<nedko> so far i want to only the console arg, so i can see the kernel messages
<quitte> setenv bootargs console=....
<quitte> hopefully the kernel won't override those
<nedko> quitte: it doesnt work
<quitte> is fdt_high set to 0xffffffff ?
<nedko> how do i check this?
* nedko has almost no idea what fdt is
<quitte> i'm assuming that "doesn't work" means you don't get anything at all?
<quitte> flat device tree
<nedko> quitte: it means i dont see the linux prink()s
<quitte> u-boot has a built-in help. just enter help
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<quitte> printenv shows you all environment variables
<nedko> i did that
<nedko> bootm help text tells me about subcommands
<nedko> i dont understand how to use them
<quitte> oh.
<quitte> what kernel are you using?
<nedko> is fdt required to boot a linux kernel?
<nedko> the one i'm using on my older olinuxino
<quitte> 3.4?
<nedko> quitte: Linux-3.4.67+
<libv> so no dt
<quitte> okay. booting those is different. sorry, i can't help you with that
<libv> quitte: don't assume people have dt
<libv> quitte: and at least point people to our wiki'
Black_Horseman has joined #linux-sunxi
<nedko> libv: thanks, but i dont see anything that i don't know already. the problem is that this u-boot is different from the older one i used, it tries to boot from sata for example. i cleared almost all of the env because i want something simple
<nedko> i have: bootargs=console=ttyS0,115200
<nedko> i have the uImage loaded, i verify it with iminfo
<libv> it cannot boot from sata iiirc
<nedko> and when i do "bootm ${kernel_address}" i dont see the printks
<libv> nedko: was this working without the sata stuff?
<nedko> libv: it is a new board...
<libv> if you don't know, start with sdcard, just don't give it a rootfs
<nedko> i'm setting it for first time and i'm trying to reuse the uImage from my older board
<nedko> the older board is a olinuxino-micro
<nedko> a20
<libv> nedko: you want rootfs on sata, and the rest on sd-card
<nedko> the new one is also olinuxino a20, but a lime
<libv> the boot stuff on sd-card really is the way to go today
<quitte> doesn't that mean script.bin is the wrong one?
<nedko> libv: this is how i have it in my older board, i know how to do it.
<libv> nedko: you will need to change the bootloader as well
<nedko> libv: what i don't know is how to pass the boot args...
<libv> as you need to do with the script.bin as quitte says
<libv> like in the example i gave you a link to
<nedko> unfortunately the old bootloader didnt work on the new board
<libv> just rootfs somewhere else
<nedko> so i built a new one
<libv> did you properly clear and then reinstall the boot area?
<nedko> yes, with dd
<libv> do you see any serial output from u-boot?
<nedko> yes
<nedko> it boots the kernel
<libv> but...
<nedko> i want to do setenv/saveenv commands to make it pass the bootargs
<nedko> and it doesnt work
<nedko> just setting bootargs in the env doesnt work
<libv> nedko: mkimage?
<libv> boot.cmd, mkimage
<nedko> libv: it makes a binary script, right? why i need it?
<nedko> i want to know the commmands in it...
<libv> you can just strings it
<libv> nedko: try with a boot.cmd and a boot.scr, and see if that works, then move on to uEnv.txt which i haven't used myself
<nedko> libv: i already tried quite a few things...
<libv> nedko: try creating the boot.cmd as described in our manual build howto
<quitte> nedko: how do you know passing bootargs doesn't work?
<libv> and altering to rootfs to read /dev/sda
<nedko> quitte: because i dont see kernel printk()s
<quitte> nedko: that doesn't mean assing bootargs didn't work
<nedko> libv: the setup is quite different from the one in the wiki. for example i have only one partition, ext4 one
<nedko> quitte: it means, because the bootars are: console=ttyS0,115200
<libv> nedko: where is that partition?
<nedko> quitte: and the same args on same kernel work on my other board
<libv> nedko: on sd or on sata?
<nedko> libv: on the microsd card
<nedko> libv: i dont have sata so far on this board, and i know how to put rootfs on sata, it is just that i don't have sata disk for this board yet
<quitte> nedko: unless ttyS0 is something different on the new board and the kernel does not know about it
<nedko> quitte: both boards are A20...
<libv> nedko: then why did you talk about sata?
<libv> quitte: the script.bin should take care of that i guess
<nedko> libv: because the uboot that works most on this board tries to boot from sata (i think so)
<libv> quitte: "should" :)
<nedko> libv: by default, i cleared most of the default env vars and it doesnt anymore
<libv> nedko: the uboot that works most?
<libv> nedko: where did you get "the uboot"?
<libv> nedko: bye now.
<nedko> v2014.10-rc1-sunxi
<nedko> that u-boot is the only one that seems to have config for my board, and it indeed works
<nedko> i can set default params in the kernel and rebuild it, but i prefer to learn how to pass them in uboot...
<libv> quitte: i wish there was a way to charge for time wasted
<libv> start reading
<quitte> that uboot doesn't work with script.bin?
<nedko> meh :(
<quitte> libv: do i understand that correctly: fex files are compiled into script.bin. and script.bin is similar to fdt, but u-boot "interprets" script.bin ?
<nedko> libv: what git version should i use to have the "A20-OLinuXino_Lime" target? i don't see it in the wiki
<libv> quitte: uboot just loads script.bin at a specific address
<libv> nedko: master.
<nedko> libv: thanks
* libv refrains from typing out the next answer
<libv> quitte: then the kernel is loaded at another, and the kernel reads in the script.bin
<nedko> libv: what repo? the one i originally clonned u-boot-sunxi doesnt have a branch called master
<libv> nedko: then it's sunxi, which is the default branch