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<Turl> mripard_: ping ping
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<BorgCuba> is there a sunxi r3p2-01-rel1 mali driver (the driver from malideveloper doesnt compile for me)
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<RzR> BorgCuba, which OS ?
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<paulk-aldrin> hi
<paulk-aldrin> I have an A20 tablet here on which the kernel crashes big time:
<libv> aha, s906
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<libv> heh, for which i just had to go create patches _myself_
<Turl> such an early crash
<Turl> paulk-aldrin: is fex loaded?
<libv> Turl: i am thinking that perhaps the u-boot setup doesn't match the hw
<Turl> 1G RAM?
<libv> paulk-aldrin: are you sure that this hw is the exact one that was documented, and that it truly has 1024MB
<paulk-aldrin> libv, well maybe not
<paulk-aldrin> I have the android kernel logs if that helps
<libv> paulk-aldrin: why did you conclude that the hbd_mid_s906 was your device?
<paulk-aldrin> libv, I built u-boot for a similar device, regarding ram config
<libv> paulk-aldrin: oh.
<libv> a "similar" device
<paulk-aldrin> it's NOT that device
<libv> completely ignoring NDH
<libv> paulk-aldrin: why should we even be talking to you?
<paulk-aldrin> :)
<libv> paulk-aldrin: what makes you believe that we should try to help you?
<paulk-aldrin> apologies
<paulk-aldrin> I'm just used to it working out of the box
<Turl> libv: you should get a tape recorder
<libv> no, you have been lurking here enough to know about NDH
<paulk-aldrin> ok so I'm an asshole :)
<libv> Turl: or a powerful laser on an orbiting satelite.
<Wizzup> the latter seems more fun
<Turl> lol
<paulk-aldrin> no but really, I thought the u-boot config was *only* about dram settings
<paulk-aldrin> which are set correctly
<paulk-aldrin> except ram size
<libv> paulk-aldrin: shut up and NDH.
<paulk-aldrin> whcih isn't reported on a10-meminfo
<libv> "working out of the box"
<libv> hah
<paulk-aldrin> I have 5/6 other devices to go btw
<libv> 1 device, 1 especially prepared image is not "working out of the box"
<libv> paulk-aldrin: start ndhing
<libv> paulk-aldrin: once you have done the first, you'll see that it really is not that much work at all
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<libv> i turn over a fresh device in 2-3h, most of which is spent googling and cutting pictures to size
<paulk-aldrin> just in case that wasn't clear, I'm using the original script.bin for my board
<libv> oh, and getting properly focussed pictures, as a 60EUR digicam is crap for that
<paulk-aldrin> NOT the one for the device I picked for u-boot
<libv> paulk-aldrin: NDH
<libv> or die.
<paulk-aldrin> well as far as I know, making wiki pages won't really make my device boot
* libv wants a aluminium suitcase, which, when opened has loads of blinken lights and a "launch" button
<libv> paulk-aldrin: goodbye then
<paulk-aldrin> I didn't say I won't do it
<libv> paulk-aldrin: you useless, stupid and openly selfish bastard.
<paulk-aldrin> I'm just saying right now I want my device to boot, and *later* I'll do the NDH
<libv> paulk-aldrin: just like everyone else.
<libv> paulk-aldrin: if we all thought like that, you wouldn't have this irc channel
<libv> you wouldn't have the repos you just used
<libv> and you wouldn't have had the wiki you referred to so often already
<paulk-aldrin> yeah, well, writing docs sucks
<libv> paulk-aldrin: good for you. goodbye.
<paulk-aldrin> I love your attitude :)
<paulk-aldrin> I wish I could do the same
<libv> you're the one depending on doc writing suckers like me.
<libv> not the other way around.
<paulk-aldrin> I maintain stuff too
<libv> not something i or many others in here seem to depend on.
<paulk-aldrin> and spent a long time writing proper doc for it
<paulk-aldrin> so really, I know what you're talking about
<paulk-aldrin> I don't even disagree
<paulk-aldrin> I'm just saying, later
<libv> that later never happens
<libv> especially given the way in which you have been actively ignoring it so far already
<paulk-aldrin> I mean later *once my board boots
<paulk-aldrin> *
<libv> so your later is a pure and utter lie
<paulk-aldrin> libv, I'm planning on working with sunxi in the long run
<libv> then start now
<paulk-aldrin> collaboration
<libv> you have been lurking in here for over a year or so
<paulk-aldrin> right
<libv> no
<libv> what you suggest is not collaboration
<libv> it is parasitism
<paulk-aldrin> what I'm saying is that I will document the boards because I will not vanish away
<paulk-aldrin> my goal is to port Replicant to sunxi
<paulk-aldrin> so I'll be doing development
<paulk-aldrin> for a long period of time
<libv> bullshit
<libv> people vanish all the time
<paulk-aldrin> well I'm the lead developer of Replicant
<paulk-aldrin> I met oliv3r_ at FOSDEM
<paulk-aldrin> I'll do the docs!
<libv> and we have .fex files and uboot boards entries that can no longer be matched to any devices
<libv> 2-3h is all that it takes, per device
<paulk-aldrin> but I'll do it, god!
<libv> again, google and pictures takes the most time
<paulk-aldrin> you really think I won't do it, don't you?
<libv> i am 100% sure of it
<paulk-aldrin> wanna bet or something?
<libv> go prove me wrong
<libv> but prove me wrong _right_ _now_
<libv> or stfu
<paulk-aldrin> as soon as my board boots
<libv> bs
<paulk-aldrin> libv, well if I do it right now, which I consider highly unproductive, can I expect some help afterwards?
<paulk-aldrin> I already have UART
<paulk-aldrin> I know the hardware
<libv> oh, great
<libv> then the board picture already will be messed up enough that you cannot have a nice picture of the uart pads anymore
<paulk-aldrin> I took a photo before
<libv> then most of the work is done
<paulk-aldrin> see I planned on doing it even before talking to you
<libv> read the ndh, and start editing the boilerplate device page
<paulk-aldrin> and it's so obvious that really, it wouldn't matter anyway
<libv> it's been made real easy
<paulk-aldrin> pins on the edge of the board with "RX TX GND"
<libv> but still you refuse
<paulk-aldrin> who says I refuse?
<paulk-aldrin> I said:
<paulk-aldrin> libv, well if I do it right now, which I consider highly unproductive, can I expect some help afterwards?
<libv> that's refusal.
<paulk-aldrin> how come?
<libv> because i have heard that 100 times before
<paulk-aldrin> oh god, you know what, I'll do it right now just to make you shut up
<libv> and of those 100 times, perhaps 1 time it actually led to a useful device page
<libv> work through the whole thing, and you should have a working device at the end
<libv> if not, yes, we will look into the kernel giving up that early, but i am reasonably sure that our help will no longer be needed then
<paulk-aldrin> we'll see about that
<libv> that very strange panic + refusal to work ndh properly + "i just picked somethings which i thought matched", points to only one thing.
<paulk-aldrin> no it's not something that I think matches, it's a correct match except for ".size" which doesn't show on script.fex nor a10-meminfo
<libv> the s906 board does not have the uart pins labelled.
<libv> so you have a fundamentally different board.
<libv> so stfu and ndh already
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<lauri> Hey guys
<lauri> I am back
<lauri> Starting from monday working again on Debian vs Cubietruck stuff ;)
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<paulk-aldrin> libv, of course the board is very different
<paulk-aldrin> yeah I don't remember the password
<paulk-aldrin> one sec
<paulk-aldrin> libv, btw did you take the infobox template from wikipedia or is there a mediawiki plugin for that?
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<paulk-aldrin> manufacturer website: "Allwinnerr A20 dual core 1.5GHz"
<paulk-aldrin> lol
<Turl> typical marketing accuracy
<Turl> basically the part that gets them sales is the bit where it says tablet
<Turl> and the bit that says 50$ or so
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<wens> say a branded A23 tablet at the mall today, sells for around 100 USD
<wens> s/say/saw/
<libv> wens: ouch
<libv> idiot trap :)
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<wens> it's a 9 inch tablet
<Turl> libv: pff :) you haven't been around here
<libv> Turl: that many idiots? ;p
<libv> but yeah, shipping and customs do add quite a bit on top of aliexpress cost
<libv> heh
<libv> that's daylight robbery
<Turl> "ZENEI ZE760"
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<wens> shipping and customs add a lot
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<paulk-aldrin> libv, is it ok to skip release date?
<wingrime> paulk-aldrin: nice to see you there))
<paulk-aldrin> I think I'm gonna start the work on replicant for sunxi
<wingrime> paulk-aldrin: thats nice, but we still not so much android frendly
<paulk-aldrin> well of course
<wingrime> We have no open cedar for android
<paulk-aldrin> yes
<paulk-aldrin> no Replicant device has hardware video decoding either
<wingrime> But vdpau work nicely
<wingrime> On opensouce stack
<paulk-aldrin> yes I'm looking forward to trying that once I can get that tablet to boot
<paulk-aldrin> I'll buy a tv stick with A20
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<paulk-aldrin> and in parallel, I'll get a quad core imx6 cubox-i
<paulk-aldrin> and see what performs best in gnu/linux for video decoding
<paulk-aldrin> using only free software
<wingrime> Cyanogen for a10 me booted from first kick
<paulk-aldrin> well maybe but the code is way dirty
<paulk-aldrin> I'll start from scratch
<paulk-aldrin> more or less
<wingrime> But there much problem with touchscreen blobs
<wingrime> Many tablet need personal fw to touchscreen
<wingrime> Thats becose sensor wirings and sizes
<wingrime> Ts ic is simple mcu)
<paulk-aldrin> indeed
<paulk-aldrin> replicant won't distribute these
<wingrime> Every time i buy new sunxi tablet I have problem with Ts
<wingrime> But with linux it does not care thus i just plug usb mouse
<wingrime> Last time I successfuly RE ts driver )
<paulk-aldrin> libv, there, happy: ?
<paulk-aldrin> wingrime, it can be a hard time
<paulk-aldrin> for my q88, the driver was nowhere to be found
<wingrime> Thats was q88
<wingrime> )))
<paulk-aldrin> ektf2k?
<wingrime> No
<paulk-aldrin> ok
<paulk-aldrin> that was mine
<wingrime> You can try re it
<wingrime> I2c is not much difficult
<paulk-aldrin> yeah
<wingrime> You can just dump init stream , than know get data command
<paulk-aldrin> indeed
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<BorgCuba> hi, I try to compile some gles demo and I get a lot of undefined references to 'shim_SomeGLFunction'
<BorgCuba> these are the libs I am linking: -lGLESv1_CM_mali -lEGL_mali -lMali (from sunxi-mali-proprietary / r3p2-01rel1 / armhf / framebuffer / )
<RzR> BorgCuba, you do you use glshim if you want to ran an ES demo
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<BorgCuba> RzR, I havent heard of glshim so far
<RzR> shim
<RzR> maybe this is not related to glshim
<BorgCuba> I will try, thanks for the hint
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<libv> paulk-aldrin: i think that topwise S785 might be its proper name, but good work on digging up the icoo link
<libv> as for date, the one in there seems good enough
<paulk-aldrin> I'm a bit worried about the ts controller
<paulk-aldrin> but I've seen source code for it around
<paulk-aldrin> accelerometer should be ok
<paulk-aldrin> I'd say cameras too
<paulk-aldrin> there seems to be a headset detections GPIO
<libv> if you have useful info on those, list those things under tips/tricks/caveats
<paulk-aldrin> alright
<paulk-aldrin> I'll keep maintaining the page as I go
<paulk-aldrin> libv, so now time to actually make it work!
<libv> yes, retrieving device information
<paulk-aldrin> libv, I just sent u-boot and sunxi-boards patches to the ml
<paulk-aldrin> libv, what is left to do?
<libv> pictures, and the page
<libv> and then working through the manual build howto
<paulk-aldrin> pictures?
<libv> yeah, so people can find this device and be certain that it is their hw
<paulk-aldrin> well I put a bunch already
<libv> ah
<libv> just refreshed the page
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<libv> wow, actual stereo speakers
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<paulk-aldrin> yep
<paulk-aldrin> not very loud though
<paulk-aldrin> mhh the emails didn't go through
<paulk-aldrin> libv, so we're at the same point than 4 hours ago, the kernel still crashes
<libv> verify that you have replaced the u-boot with the fixed version with the bootinfo dram info inserted
<libv> if needs be, rebuilt and copy again
<libv> rebuild even
<libv> as uboot builds quickly
<paulk-aldrin> libv, I used the dram info from HBD_MID_S906
<libv> which is the problem.
<paulk-aldrin> well no, because my device has the very same config
<paulk-aldrin> I'm saying u-boot config, not script.bin
<libv> have you verified this over fel?
<paulk-aldrin> I verified using the fex and a10-meminfo
<libv> a10 meminfo does not work on a20
<paulk-aldrin> so what does it do?
<libv> take the fel route
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<libv> this way, you can also fill in the fel button
<paulk-aldrin> indeeed
<paulk-aldrin> so I presume that what's in script.bin about DRAM is not actually used?
<libv> yup
<paulk-aldrin> I doubt the kenrel would init the ram again anyways
<libv> it is often empty as well
<libv> bootinfo is where it is at
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<libv> a10-meminfo has, afaik, not been ported to a20 yet
<paulk-aldrin> it does show the same stuff as script.bin though
<libv> oliv3r_ had some initial port somewhere, but i doubt it got brough back to sunxi-tools
<paulk-aldrin> well anyway, it suits me well if that's the problem
<BorgCuba> RzR, I got it, seems like I had the wrong libraries
<libv> try the fel/bootinfo route anyway, to make sure
<libv> as documented in retrieving device info
<BorgCuba> now this line "egl_dpy = eglGetDisplay((EGLNativeDisplayType) fd);" gives egl_dpy = EGL_NO_DISPLAY
<BorgCuba> libv, do you have a demo for gles on framebuffer?
<paulk-aldrin> ok got it
<paulk-aldrin> jump to fel
<paulk-aldrin> since I have UART, it's easier than the buttons
<libv> BorgCuba: did you follow our wiki?
<libv> paulk-aldrin: but we want to know the button anyway
<paulk-aldrin> yeah yeah
<libv> paulk-aldrin: usually, it is vol+
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<paulk-aldrin> thing is, to have the buttons I need to put the case back and to do that, I need to unsolder uart
<libv> paulk-aldrin: just look at the case, and press the buttons directly
<BorgCuba> libv, no. Is there a wiki for this?
<libv> also, it pays to make a hole in the case for the uart cable
<libv> BorgCuba: did you try looking at our wiki?
<paulk-aldrin> ID 1f3a:efe8 I presume?
<libv> paulk-aldrin: all my devices have a cable dangling through an extra hole in the case
<BorgCuba> libv, yes
<libv> this is great as then the whole thing is protected as normal
<libv> and can be used as normal
<paulk-aldrin> libv, actually I could use the two screw holes
<libv> just has an extra cable hanging out
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<paulk-aldrin> but I would lose tx
<BorgCuba> I tried your lima tests and compiled the shaders using malisc which worked
<paulk-aldrin> libv, how do you get gnd/rx/tx in one cable?
<libv> paulk-aldrin: just take a soldering iron and burn a hole in the plastic :)
<libv> paulk-aldrin: check the uart howto
<BorgCuba> there maybe a slight discrepancy in my setup - kernel driver r3p2-01-rel2 and binary drivers for r3p2-01rel1 (but both report 20 according to version.c)
<paulk-aldrin> libv, how come the script.bin I read with fel is not the same as the one in nanda?
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<libv> really, hrm, usually there are several copies sitting around, but i thought they were copies
<libv> paulk-aldrin: take the one you got over fel
<libv> paulk-aldrin: but more importantly, what does bootinfo tell you?
<paulk-aldrin> libv, sadly, same thing
<paulk-aldrin> as for DRAM
<libv> really? hrm :(
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<libv> ok, seems i should go building 3.4.90 and throw that on my a20 tablet
<paulk-aldrin> nice, thanks
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<paulk-aldrin> btw can't the SPL do fat?
<paulk-aldrin> i.e. why does u-boot need to be installed raw instead of as a file?
<wingrime> File can be anywhere
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<wingrime> But spl too stupid for fs parsing
<wingrime> So, it need to be in specifited place
<paulk-aldrin> ok
<paulk-aldrin> sometimes, primary loaders do have fs support
<paulk-aldrin> for instance X-Loader on OMAP
<paulk-aldrin> it can live in SRAM (64k) and still have fat support
<libv> paulk-aldrin:
<wingrime> In our case it has burn in soc
<libv> paulk-aldrin: which toolchain are you using?
<paulk-aldrin> libv, android one
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<paulk-aldrin> replicant-4.2/prebuilt/linux-x86/toolchain/arm-eabi-4.4.3/bin/arm-eabi-
<libv> paulk-aldrin: can you give this a try with another toolchain?
<paulk-aldrin> libv, I built for A10 with the same toolchain, no problem
<paulk-aldrin> libv, I guess I'll do that
<paulk-aldrin> I'll try on another host though
<paulk-aldrin> the one on which A10 worked
<paulk-aldrin> and I won't pull
<paulk-aldrin> so that I'm sure it's the same state
<libv> ok, yeah, makes sense
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<libv> if it works for a10
<wingrime> Our bool chain comes directly from soc, we have no any stages more
<libv> but you should be able to just stick that other toolchain somehwere, and adjust the path
<libv> no need for another host, you just need to adjust the bash environment
<paulk-aldrin> well it was the same toolchain
<wingrime> So, have fs support build in soc in rom is too expensive
<libv> at least, if you pick
<paulk-aldrin> but on another host/another distro
<paulk-aldrin> I'll try that right next
<wingrime> But or soc rom can boot from nand/mmc/spi nor, thats nice
<libv> grmbl, i hate kernel git trees. you just cannot have enough ram these days to do useful work on multiple kernel versions at the same time
<wingrime> And usb
<wingrime> So, you can have only soc with only ddr and boot system))
<paulk-aldrin> it's surprising that the boot order is static, that's usually done with resistors
<wingrime> Not fully
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<wingrime> It nice, that mmc always in first order than nand, you can insert card and boot linux without flashing anything
<paulk-aldrin> yep
<libv> ow, i have 3.4.90
<libv> hrm...
<paulk-aldrin> e37d760 ?
<wingrime> Also there much undocumented stuff towards soc debug
<wingrime> I find undocumented stuff related with SRAM BIST
<wingrime> soc have full ability to test itself after production
<libv> paulk-aldrin: yup
<wingrime> L
<libv> paulk-aldrin: but i only ran that on cubietruck so far
<libv> which shouldn't matter, actually
<wingrime> libv: are a31 and a31a manuals are in /dl/ ?
<libv> wingrime: why ask me?
<wingrime> You are always there
<libv> wingrime: check for yourself, especially since i do not use a31 myself
<wingrime> I have no both, but man always have nice new stuff
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<libv> paulk-aldrin: another thing worth trying is throwing out all those sunxi mem_reserve things from your command line
<paulk-aldrin> right
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<paulk-aldrin> also the sdcard I'm using was originally set with fedora for A10 and I just did dd with spl+u-boot and changed uImage for A20
<paulk-aldrin> so maybe I'll start with a fresh sdcard, too
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<libv> no, that should be fine...
<libv> although, did you clear sectors 1-1023?
<paulk-aldrin> no
<libv> the second dd line
<libv> this keeps the partitioning table
<libv> but clears everything else
<paulk-aldrin> ok thanks
<libv> try these things one by one
<libv> so if something does work, we know what it was and we can document it
<paulk-aldrin> ok
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<paulk-aldrin> libv, build from the other computer didn't do and making a fresh new sdcard didn't help either
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<paulk-aldrin> oh great, and sunxi-3.0 doesn't have sun7i support
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<libv> paulk-aldrin: ok, let me go replace things on my a20 tablet then
<paulk-aldrin> thanks
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<libv> paulk-aldrin: did you try the altered commandline?
<paulk-aldrin> yes, I'm back to the default commandline
<paulk-aldrin> the one in the defconfig
<paulk-aldrin> with no uEnv.txt
<paulk-aldrin> nor boot.scr
<libv> ok
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<libv> paulk-aldrin: android boots correctly, right?
<paulk-aldrin> yes
<paulk-aldrin> it's a 3.0 kernel though
<libv> sure
<paulk-aldrin> ah wait, it's 3.3 actually
<libv> just to make sure that the hw is not at fault
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<paulk-aldrin> what bothers me is that the crash happens in a very generic part of the kernel
<libv> paulk-aldrin: which is why i blamed wrong ram setup
<paulk-aldrin> makes sense
<paulk-aldrin> but it's the same place everytime
<paulk-aldrin> and u-boot runs flawlessly
<paulk-aldrin> I suppose it runs in RAM
<libv> paulk-aldrin: as for your device, all you need is a picture of the buttons/connectors (as buttons/connectors is usually a subtle difference between different tablet models)
<libv> and then the two patches, and then that page is golden
<libv> you really should think about melting a hole in the case and closing your device up
<libv> especially since you will be using it as an android device
<paulk-aldrin> buttons and connectors are a good idea
<paulk-aldrin> I'll use the screw holes
<paulk-aldrin> for the cables
<paulk-aldrin> or just keep the device open when I need UART
<paulk-aldrin> once the kernel works, I'll mostly be working on Replicant
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<paulk-aldrin> USB is just fine for that
<libv> are you planning on selling this hw on afterwards?
<paulk-aldrin> well it's not mine
<paulk-aldrin> it belongs to the Replicant project
<paulk-aldrin> donations money
<paulk-aldrin> and also the case is aluminium
<libv> the full case?
<libv> ok, a soldering iron might be a bit underpowered then :p
<paulk-aldrin> well I would try making a hole in the front plastic
<paulk-aldrin> wouldn't*
<libv> indeed
<libv> drilling is not fun
<paulk-aldrin> yeah anyway it's not like I'm going to do pm or bootloader work
<paulk-aldrin> on most devices I work with, UART is harder to get so I usually do without
<paulk-aldrin> (those would be Android phones)
<paulk-aldrin> libv, btw, nand 8/16/32Gib was because there are different versions that I assume to have the same hardware, with either 16 or 32 Gib
<libv> paulk-aldrin: i read the message on the icoo page
<libv> paulk-aldrin: let's deal with that when some user reports it differently :)
<libv> 16GiB costs more
<paulk-aldrin> m'kay
<libv> so chances of this hw existing irl is low
<libv> it's easy to change the hw, just solder on a different flash module
<libv> but they'd have to do this for 10k units or so
<libv> and i do not see that happening on a 100eur tablet :)
<paulk-aldrin> well this one was more expensive than the others
<libv> sure, and even that one comes with just 8GB, right?
<paulk-aldrin> yes
<libv> so if you go even more expensive, you'd buy a google nexus 7 :)
<paulk-aldrin> lol
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<paulk-aldrin> I'll have to buy one anyway actually
<paulk-aldrin> than and a kindle fire
<paulk-aldrin> that and*
<paulk-aldrin> kindle fire is as good as sunxi btw
<paulk-aldrin> regarding free software
<paulk-aldrin> libv, oh and btw, the resolution is not 1024x768, it's 768x1024
<paulk-aldrin> it's in portrait mode
<paulk-aldrin> natively
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<libv> ok, strange
<libv> the script.bin confirms that?
<paulk-aldrin> yes
<libv> interesting
<paulk-aldrin> I tried to buy exotic sunxi hardware :)
<libv> :)
<paulk-aldrin> I have one with GPS, one with a modem inside, one with an external modem
<paulk-aldrin> external modem but PCM too
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<libv> ok, fresh build just runs here
<libv> panics due to no rootfs
<libv> but otherwise it's fine
<paulk-aldrin> right
<paulk-aldrin> well, crap
<libv> paulk-aldrin: can you upload the two files you retrieved over fel somewhere?
<paulk-aldrin> yeah
<paulk-aldrin> dram settings are: dram_sun7i_432_1024_iow16.c
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<libv> paulk-aldrin: what happens if you edit: include/configs/sun7i.h:16:#define CONFIG_CLK_FULL_SPEED 912000000
<libv> to read 712000000
<libv> it will then choose a lower cpu clock speed
<libv> oh, in u-boot-sunxi
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<paulk-aldrin> ok
<paulk-aldrin> mhh meal's ready
<paulk-aldrin> libv, mind if I come back in ~20 minutes?
<libv> 912MHz becomes 960MHz as there is no entry for 921MHz
<libv> paulk-aldrin: nah, ok
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<paulk-aldrin> back
<paulk-aldrin> time to try another toolchain
<libv> let me see whether the s906 dram config works on my device (clock and tpr are different)
<libv> yup
<libv> works as well
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<paulk-aldrin> libv, with the CONFIG_CLK_FULL_SPEED change, it fails at kmem_cache_alloc
<paulk-aldrin> only memory-related stuff…
<libv> grmbl
<libv> gunzip it first, of course
<paulk-aldrin> ok
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<paulk-aldrin> not working
<libv> paulk-aldrin: try again
<libv> and this time sync before removing the sdcard
<paulk-aldrin> I did
<paulk-aldrin> but yes, mmc error, I get it
<paulk-aldrin> it might be a bad card also
<libv> the version is correct
<libv> let me md5sum my image
<libv> 1b038b4a07d4058e1addf1702cc609bd
<paulk-aldrin> with toolchain: gcc version 4.6.3 (Ubuntu/Linaro 4.6.3-1ubuntu5), it doesn't work any better
<paulk-aldrin> libv, U-Boot starting now
<paulk-aldrin> so it was the card
<paulk-aldrin> hangs after DRAM: 1016 MiB
<libv> that's really strange and really erratic
<libv> does the checksum match?
<paulk-aldrin> yes
<paulk-aldrin> 1b038b4a07d4058e1addf1702cc609bd libv_boot_for_icoo_fatty.img
<libv> try dding it off again: dd if=/dev/mmcblk0 of=/tmp/libv_bleh.img bs=1M count=33
<paulk-aldrin> I don't think this card is faulty
<paulk-aldrin> the previous one probably was
<libv> dd it off, and md5sum the result
<paulk-aldrin> 1b038b4a07d4058e1addf1702cc609bd /tmp/libv_bleh.img
<libv> hrm :(
<libv> with a different script.bin, that boots just fine here
<paulk-aldrin> libv, did you change something to dram_sun7i_432_1024_iow16 in your build?
<libv> nope, it just has the u-boot console stuff included
<paulk-aldrin> why does it say "DRAM: 1016 MiB"
<paulk-aldrin> instead of 1024
<libv> 8mb is hidden for the console
<paulk-aldrin> ok
<libv> try the inet_k70hc u-boot
<libv> same layout, different tpr, lower clock
<libv> the next line is supposed to say "MMC: SUNXI SD/MMC: 0"
<libv> so i wonder why it stopped there
<paulk-aldrin> I just tried with 480Mhz clock
<paulk-aldrin> it stops at the same point
<paulk-aldrin> right after "DRAM:"
<libv> try a lower clock
<libv> if that fails, try this:
<paulk-aldrin> 384Mhz: U-Boot boots, but kernel crashes, at some other point though
<paulk-aldrin> "memcpy"
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<paulk-aldrin> what does usb boot change?
<libv> takes mmc out of the equation
<paulk-aldrin> ok
konradoo77 has joined #linux-sunxi
<paulk-aldrin> well guess what
<paulk-aldrin> it works at 312Mhz
<paulk-aldrin> <0>Kernel panic - not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(179,2) :)
<libv> yes, this image lacks a rootfs
<paulk-aldrin> trying 360
<paulk-aldrin> working too
<paulk-aldrin> 384 works as well
<libv> keep going up, if you now reach 408 now, something else was wrong
<paulk-aldrin> 408 works
<paulk-aldrin> mhh
<paulk-aldrin> I'll go with 432
<paulk-aldrin> and 432 fails
<paulk-aldrin> so I guess it is 408
<paulk-aldrin> I did try 480 before
<paulk-aldrin> not 408
<paulk-aldrin> should I try 416?
<libv> i think it must be multiples of 24
<libv> not sure though
<libv> ssvb knows much more about tuning dram parameter
<libv> parameters
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<paulk-aldrin> I'll stick with 408
<paulk-aldrin> libv, so I make a dram config with the device name?
<libv> paulk-aldrin: try to find a matching one
<ssvb> paulk-aldrin: if 432 dram clock speed is so bad that it fails to boot, then 408 is likely not safe either
<paulk-aldrin> nice
<paulk-aldrin> no rootfs so far
<paulk-aldrin> should I set 384 for safety?
<paulk-aldrin> does it matter a lot performance-wise?
<paulk-aldrin> libv, thanks a lot for your help!
<ssvb> paulk-aldrin: 384 would be safer, and you can revisit dram configuration later after you get everything else up and running
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<paulk-aldrin> ok
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<paulk-aldrin> well, I'll call it a day
<paulk-aldrin> thanks again for your help!
<paulk-aldrin> expect patches tomorrow
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