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<libv> Turl: i should poke him some more
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<Turl> libv: heh
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<ZetaNeta> Hi
<ZetaNeta> Is there a list of all the commands uboot understands?
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<libv> ZetaNeta: do you really want a lmgtfy link?
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<ZetaNeta> no
<ZetaNeta> I could not find
<ZetaNeta> From another side....
<ZetaNeta> yes, a lmgtfy would be a good idea
<libv> ZetaNeta: type in "uboot commands" in google yourself.
<Nyuutwo> ZetaNeta: press tab?
<Nyuutwo> try help command?
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<libv> ooh, there's another wiki that i need to go edit.
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<wens> libv: hmm, a comment on cnx-soft led me to believe you finished a new blog post
<libv> nono, no blog posts yet
<libv> but there's very little stopping me atm :)
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<wens> some ranting under cnx-soft's a80 post
<libv> wens: that was a reference to my arm mpd/mali/anandtech blog entry
<wens> ah
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<libv> ...
<libv> not sure what to think of that
<libv> damage control, or do they really think they have made that happen?
<wens> very confusing
<Turl> libv: I can reply to them if you wish
<libv> Turl: nah, the fact that they play this out like this helps us
<wens> Turl: how's dma going?
<wens> ported sun6i-dma to sun8i, and it crashes :(
<Turl> wens: I should send a fresh set and/or ping vinod
<Turl> no review from the dma people so far :/
<Turl> wens: do you have docs for sun8i?
<Turl> (or code?)
<Turl> if it's really the same hw, then it may be a matter of clocking/resets
<libv> i am not sure that they thought this damage control thing through though
<libv> that twittered page is more about GPL violations than anything else
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<Turl> maybe the person managing the account doesn't know what gpl is :p
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<wens> Turl: both docs and code, which i'll go through later
<wens> feels like i'm getting non-stop interrupts or sth :(
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<Gerwin_J> Yes the have made A80 SDK today open
<Gerwin_J> Merrii have send me A80 SDK
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<hramrach> libv I have no idea if the multiple tapping thing applies to any other rom
<hramrach> android is so well documented
<hramrach> and when adding the tablet to sunxi-boards depends on the tablet fully working with sunxi there is no place for the random stuff to live before that happens other than the device page
<hramrach> unless you want to trash it, of course
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<rellla> morning
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<rellla> i have a strange behaviour of my cubietruck. it stops booting/running randomly without any message. when giving a little pressure on the a20 chip with my fingers, everything is fine.
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<rellla> how bad are the chances, that there is some broken soldering or sth. else?
<PulkoMandy> sounds like some kind of hardware problem indeed
<rellla> i think it is :(
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<rellla> seems i have no chance to fix it...
* rellla has to build some construction around the board to give permanent pressure ;)
<rellla> physis: i had this issue, too. but never investigated in it. there was some discussion/ bug report on the mailing list or irc long time ago iirc. don't remember if it ended up with a solution.
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<rellla> physis: i thinks it's a problem how xbmc implementation talks with disp in LinuxRendererA10.cpp - maybe not cedarx related at all.
<PulkoMandy> rellla: there may be a way to fix this by putting the board in an oven at the right temperature to reflow the solder. but permanent pressure sounds less dangerous
<rellla> less dangerous but less stable :p
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<longsleep> Hey whats the mainline merge status of device tree overlays? It kind of sucks to modify the compile time dt whenever i add a chip to SPI ..
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<longsleep> bbrezill1: Looks like your mtd patches make the i2c driver fail to load (mv64xxx_i2c: probe of 1c2ac00.i2c failed with error -22). This only happens if i have the your patches. Any ideas?
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<wens> longsleep: no, that's a bug in the i2c driver when the clock-frequency property is missing
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<longsleep> wens: oh thank you very much
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<stingray454> any updates on xbmc with hardware support on sunxi boards? (in my case a10..)
<kill_-9_1> stingray454: There is the GPL-violating version.
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<hramrach> is spi not capable of autodetection?
<bbrezill1> longsleep: no :-)
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<bbrezill1> longsleep: are there any conflicts in the pinmuxing ?
<longsleep> bbrezill1: looks like wens did suggest the correct fix:
<longsleep> bbrezill1: i am currently verifying
<longsleep> bbrezill1, wens: Yes i2c fixes when applying the patch
<longsleep> s/fixes/fixed
<rellla> physis: for what i can see, you can try setting fb.format = DISP_FORMAT_ARGB8888 and fb.seq = DISP_SEQ_ARGB before doing DISP_CMD_LAYER_SET_PARA here:
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<rellla> maybe some params are missing. this is the only place i could find quickly, that could be related to that issue.
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<rellla> PulkoMandy: wow. did not know about that before :p
<longsleep> bbrezill1: so i now have sorted out SPI, PWM, PMU and MTD/UBI with mainline kernel. Now booting from MTD is the target - can you give me a quick overview how it is supposed to work?
<jemk> rellla: did you have some time to test interlaced h264?
<rellla> worst case is damaging a faulty board. but not sure if i should use my own oven :o
<jemk> physis: this also happens with vdpau sometimes, maybe its not a xbmc fault but in the disp driver
<rellla> jemk: not yet. moved to our new house and was busy with setting up network... i wrote some scripts for easy vdr building in the meantime.
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<jemk> rellla: ah, ok, thats enough work
<rellla> now my cubietruck got faulty which should work as the server. i wanted to set up both, ct as server and cb2 as the client from scratch and document it and then do some vdpau work again.
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<rellla> jemk: i made a simple chart btw, documenting needed and missing features of our libvdpau
<jemk> rellla: yeah, i've seen it. I build vdr myself in the meantime to do some tests, but without dvb hardware it seems to be pretty useless
<rellla> jemk: yeah, moving to another place and doing all the network setup by myself was a great thing. but putting all the cables to the patchpanels is quite time intensive. i'm glad, that i finsished it.
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<rellla> jemk: because vdr is a dvb receiver :)
<jemk> :D
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<oliv3r> libv: before ranting, we have an open communications channel with AW atm, lets use that first and see where that leads us?
<rellla> jemk: i have to finish my setup until mid of september, because i'm awaiting 2 sundtek dvb-s2 sticks :p
<rellla> then everything must work so far!
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<rellla> jemk: did you receive some samples from moorviper?
<oliv3r> hramrach: no, SPI cannot auot detect :) you can do some magic in userspace, but that's it
<oliv3r> rellla: !! where can I find your cedrus xbmc patches? :)
<jemk> rellla: no, I haven't heard anything from him yet.
<rellla> oliv3r: where can i buy your book?
<oliv3r> not for sale yet
<oliv3r> hopefully soon!
<oliv3r> but
<oliv3r> packt publishing is selling it
<oliv3r> and we are keeping it called 'getting started with cubieboard' for now
<oliv3r> and hopefully release an olimex variant too
<rellla> oliv3r: $(rellla's interest in xbmc atm) < 0 :p
<oliv3r> rellla: i thought someone said you had a cedrus patch for xbmc!
<oliv3r> i don't get you germans and your facination of VDR
<oliv3r> i used vdr for 2 or 3 years
<oliv3r> it was slow and ugly :p
<oliv3r> i'm so much happier with my tvheadend + multiple XBMC setup :)
<oliv3r> and stream all over the internet :)
<oliv3r> libv: i wonder if they are violating any openrisc-cores licenses (if they used one that is)
<physis> thank you for the tip rellla. I will try it and back with results. I'm trying to undestand the code to help a little bit ;-)
<physis> rellla:
<rellla> oliv3r: who said that? i'm interested (only) in vdr. i was never fascinated from xbmc. it's to overblown for my purposes.
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<oliv3r> rellla: said what?
<oliv3r> rellla: i just remember you working on xbmca10 :p
<oliv3r> you have a github fork!
<oliv3r> and physis talked about your cedrus branch of xbmc :)
<rellla> oliv3r: and i use vdr since 2003 - and love it. yeah, it's not that modern piece of software - but works very stable.
<oliv3r> it was a huge improvement over freevo that I used before vdr :p
<oliv3r> but it was never stable for me :(
* rellla thinks of deleting this branch...
<oliv3r> rellla: if its not cedrus, then i would yeah
<rellla> putting most of empat0's work into patches, that apply on mainstream xbmc. much better concept. but i have not tried it yet.
<oliv3r> but is it based on cedrus or cedarX
<rellla> blobs
<oliv3r> useless :p
<oliv3r> nvm then :)
<oliv3r> i'm happy your working on vdr +cedrus though ;)
<oliv3r> i saw some german forum posts abou tthat subject :)
<rellla> no one has done blobless-xbms work until now.
<oliv3r> so someone IS doing it now?
<oliv3r> or not yet?
<rellla> bad english :p - not yet. and not in the near future...
<rellla> oliv3r: great forum btw. friendly an huge. ok. is was kind of friendlier in the beginning :)
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<rellla> when coming here, i remembered your name from the vdr ml... so i thought, you dealt with vdr in the past
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<rellla> physis: start following the ioctls called from xbmc and see what they do in disp. is the endpoint. and you have to find out, why value==8
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<rellla> what is corresponding to %d-formatted "8"? should it be DISP_SEQ_VUYA or DISP_SEQ_UVUV?
* rellla ducks for C noob questions
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<PulkoMandy> "DISP_SEQ_VUYA = 0x8" looks rather clear to me
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<rellla> PulkoMandy: sure. so somewhere it must have been set to DISP_SEQ_VUYA ...
<PulkoMandy> yes, seems so
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<oliv3r> rellla: it is true, I did deal with VDR in the past, even sent in some patches :)
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<libv> well, that's it, the wrt54gl goes back
<oliv3r> libv: i can't understand why are you having such issues with your tp-link
<libv> i cannot understand that either.
<oliv3r> i got a small wr703n and a big wdr4300 and both work perfectly with Barrier Breaker-rc3
<libv> just now was wifi down; wifi up
<libv> this screen runs on a machine over ethernet to the tp, and then it is pppoe to the dsl modem
<MY123> libv: Are the modules needed or display embedded into that kernel?
<oliv3r> iroonically, at home i put the wrt54gs i had to use again :)
<libv> oliv3r: :)
<oliv3r> also with barrier breaker-rc3 though :)
<libv> oliv3r: i'm off to .be in a few days, i do not want to deal with openwrt stupidity remotely
<libv> and i am glad that i left the wrt54gl untouched
<oliv3r> nah, i'd run the trusted image first
<oliv3r> and then try BB-rc3 on your tp-link :)
<libv> i still do not get why the irc connection dropped, that is something that's purely openwrt doing
<oliv3r> connection reset by peer
<oliv3r> so ask peer! :p
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<ZetaNeta> I wanna understand what device uboot is located on, first SD, or the second
<ZetaNeta> (Non-sunxi offtopic, sorry)
<paulk-collins> libv, I can't push my u-boot patches, so you're welcome to do it.
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<libv> paulk-collins: oh, really?
* libv goes and checks
<paulk-collins> libv, bsp team doesn't have commit access to u-boot
<libv> oh, right
<libv> fixing that
<paulk-collins> thanks
<oliv3r> paulk-collins: did you get my message last night?
<oliv3r> that the BSP takes the sys-boards name, and passes it to u-boot, so those names have to match. e.g. a rename in boards.cfg is required
<paulk-collins> oliv3r, didn't get your messages
<paulk-collins> oliv3r, sys_config names?
<oliv3r> sunxi-boards
<oliv3r> sorry
<paulk-collins> oliv3r, well I sent a patch on the list that makes the names match
<oliv3r> ah cool
<oliv3r> i didn't realize you had git access
<oliv3r> so tha'ts why i did the filename move, to not burden the ml with a simple move patch
<paulk-collins> oliv3r, I'm in the bsp team now, yes :)
<libv> oliv3r: that is in the backlog
<oliv3r> paulk-collins: *high five*
<paulk-collins> :)
<libv> paulk-collins: done now, for some reason the password i reset for github was refused again today...
<libv> and the opensuse update i let the eeepc do made the touchpad unusable.
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<libv> it's always something, isn't it?
<paulk-collins> libv, I enabled debug on the NAND driver, and I get: Nand Chip ID: 0xeb94dead 0xffffff74
<paulk-collins> what are the odds of getting "dead"?
<libv> hehe
<oliv3r> DEAD!
<libv> hrm, my wikipedia gpl violations statement got removed :(
<libv> refercing another wiki is not deemed reliable enough
<libv> so i am sending am email rehashing that wiki contents
<libv> paulk-collins: what are the markings on the nand chip itself?
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<libv> 0xeb94 doesn't seem to exist
<paulk-collins> h27ucg
<paulk-collins> from hynix
<paulk-collins> If I'm not mistaked about which chip it is
<paulk-collins> mistaken*
<oliv3r> next to the MOTO is the nand chip
<libv> {0xad, 0xd3, 0x14, 0xb6, 0xff, 0xff, 0xff, 0xff }
<libv> that's the id it shuold have
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<Wizzup> libv: Interesting that it was done from an ip and not even a user
<libv> yeah, but they're still right though
<libv> it's easy to work around
<paulk-collins> libv, looks like it's detecting "H27UCG8T2B 20nm 8G"
<libv> that's the id i just pasted
<libv> which is what it says in the nand driver
<libv> it's not what your driver reports
<paulk-collins> libv, what you pasted seems to be "H27U8G8T2B" which is not my chip
<libv> oh, ok
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<paulk-collins> but what is detected is not (exactly) my chip either
<libv> then another round of libnand REing is needed
<paulk-collins> but it's close
<libv> feel free to kick some ass on the "introduction" discussion on our mailinglist
<paulk-collins> ;)
<libv> i now get to burn another hour or two getting you that line from libnand
<paulk-collins> libv, I can do it
<paulk-collins> (or I can try)
<libv> i have done it before , just need to find out where that work lives again
<oliv3r> if the method is documented
<oliv3r> anybody can!
<libv> but first i go and do the other todos of this "morning"
<libv> MY123: why are you whining about modules?
<libv> MY123: i did all the manual build howto build steps for you
<libv> MY123: you just have to work through the manual build howto and get it actually done
<libv> MY123: or should i handhold you through that as well?
<paulk-collins> libv, [SCAN_DBG] Nand flash chip id is:0xad 0xde 0x94 0xeb 0x74 0x44
<paulk-collins> so definitely a missing line :(
<libv> oh, good
<libv> that one makes more sense
<libv> will get it, but first the other todos
<paulk-collins> ah wait
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<MY123> libv: No. can do that myself.
<paulk-collins> libv, well, there is an extra 0x44 that doesn't match the table
<libv> paulk-collins: does that have an ff?
<paulk-collins> in the table, yes
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<libv> then it should work
<paulk-collins> ok
<rellla> can so give me a hint about scaler mode setting in fex? trying to understand which may be similar to all the img_sw_para_to_reg errors
<rellla> what does fex setting have to do with DISP_LAYER_WORK_MODE_SCALER? do they depend on each other?
<paulk-collins> libv, seems to be a legit problem in the code after all
<paulk-collins> libv, something to do with SUPPORT_RANDOM
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<libv> ah, crap, a20 sdk has gpl violations too
<oliv3r> right, i will take step 1 to resolve those
<oliv3r> :p
<oliv3r> i'll go send an email to AW now
<oliv3r> i have a few spare minutes :)
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<MY123> libv: The A23 has also violations.
<MY123> (and all the kingdom of Allwinner , excluding A1X)
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<oliv3r> A10 also has violations!
<oliv3r> but only 1, cedarX
<ddc> Is there any future plan to support dts on sunxi u-boot?
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<quitte_> ddc: what do you mean by that? what does or would a u-boot with dts support do?
<bbrezill1> quitte_: AFAIR, recent versions are u-boot can parse a DT and initliaze their HW according to the DT definitions
<bbrezill1> quitte_: s/versions are/versions of/
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<quitte_> i asked this in #u-boot and got a pretty clear no. still - do you think there will be support to have u-boot partitions exported to linnux again?
<quitte_> (i shouldn't have hesitated at 80€ for a model-m :-( )
<libv> what?
<libv> our own sunxi just does it.
<ddc> quitte_: u-boot supports libftd
<libv> i have simplefb working with our own uboot
<libv> which means that it talked to a dt successfully.
<libv> ddc: why don't you just go and try it?
<ddc> I've tried and I know it works but my question was is there any plan to move to dts based u-boot
<libv> dts based?
<libv> ddc: define dts based u-boot
<ddc> yes
<libv> are you just putting buzzwords together randomly, or do you actually have a definition for what you think you need?
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<polto> I want ask about Ethernet driver of new marsboard a20?
<libv> polto: new device howto on our wiki
<libv> polto: or are you just looking to buy the hw in future?
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<polto> I'm already have the hardware. But when I use ifconfig eth0 up and down it give error hardware. The Ethernet driver in kernel is sunxi-Ethernet but the chip on board is phy lan8710
<libv> or no help for you
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<libv> 4 more minutes, and an unpacked stripped a20 SDK is up, and then i can add those gpl violations as well
<ddc> libv: I meant utilising dts properties to be used by uboot drivers.
<libv> ddc: why?
<libv> ddc: can you tell me a usecase?
<libv> ddc: i know one, but do you?
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<ddc> Rather that having to deal with lots off #define and configuration all over the place
<libv> that will never change.
<libv> can never go away completely
<libv> where would u-boot read the dts from?
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<libv> and where would it load it to?
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<ddc> Those are valid questions the drivers should implement the minimal functionality to be able to load dts to memory
<libv> ddc: we are about as much dts based already as we need to be
<libv> when the idiocy on lkml finally dies down, and when i finally have been able to spend more time on a kms driver, and i have fully implemented lcd support, moved kms to mainline, then i can add lcd support to u-boot which would read the lcd info from dts
<libv> but that's a lot of logical hoops still.
<libv> right now, only my cfbconsole code cares about dts
<libv> so again, stop dreaming up combinations of buzzwords and use our sunxi-uboot
<dack> we need to shift the paradigm so u-boot can get all info from the cloud!
<dack> internet of things!
<oliv3r> hmm, I'm not sure we have any boards using the Microchip LAN8719 PHY
<libv> oliv3r: no, we don't
<libv> at least none documented
<oliv3r> yeah
<libv> which is why polto should NDH
<oliv3r> exactly
<libv> but i guess that was too much trouble for him.
<oliv3r> driver wise, it's a MII/RMII based chip, so should be fairly easy to get working
<oliv3r> oh he left
<MY123> libv: Stuck @ boot.scr . (u-boot-tools). Trying to compile it with only the needed components as I have only 60MB of free space.
<libv> MY123: pfff
<libv> where does your root partition live?
<libv> MY123: oh, you better make some seriously good pictures
<libv> because for all the time i have invested into this, i am not even getting an NDHed page
<MY123> libv: On a CompactFlash on my build system( 128MB ) . Did not get the Debian system on the tablet back. Have a chroot on the MicroSD but the rootfs is already there (ALIP) .
<libv> cf?
<libv> MY123: where does it live? on the microsd? which partition? what fs type?
<libv> is your boot fat or ext?
<MY123> libv: The boot is FAT32 . (Was not able to generate boot.scr) The rootfs is ext4 in the second partition.
<libv> ok
<libv> i will get you a boot.scr
<libv> MY123: done.
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<libv> hramrach: why are you not sticking to the template or to the ndh?
<libv> hramrach: and why are you damaging the inet_86vs page?
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<libv> hramrach: please just provide the u-boot and boards patches
<MY123> libv: Goes to Android. Included uImage, boot.scr and script.bin into the FAT part and did DD u-boot-spl and u-boot with the instructions . Apparently, that tablet uses the second SD/MMC interface for the uSD.
<MY123> If so, NAND is the only pratical choice.
<libv> MY123: nope.
<libv> not according to script.bin
<libv> but i think we spent enough time on this hw already
<libv> without uart there is no point.
<MY123> libv: Will try the UART solution after 6 months ( end of warranty ).
<hramrach> libv: how is that damage?
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<hramrach> I just added a small board picture in addition to the generic 7" tablet picture which matches like 1/3 of 7" tablets
<libv> hramrach: go read the ndh and go stick to the template
<libv> hramrach: how many people who read these pages want to open up their tablets _beforehand_?
<libv> we have an identification section for a reason
<MY123> libv: Does an Allwinner kernel support kexec?
<libv> and we have detailed pictures further down for a reason
<hramrach> if they do not open the tablet it cannot be identified by picture.
<libv> hramrach: the top left picture is not there to be a unique identifier
<libv> it's just to give a quick hint at what the device looks like
<libv> before the features are listed
<libv> it's more of a courtesy picture than anything else, just there to look good
<libv> but i am not only talking about that picture
<hramrach> that's the only recent edit to that page
<libv> hramrach: why don't you just get us a .fex and u-boot support?
<hramrach> I did provide the .fex and u-boot patches but the built images did not boot and I did not get to figuring out why before I broke the screen
<hramrach> on the inet86vs tablet
<hramrach> also reportedly it works with olinuxino images so there is some basic support if you want it
<libv> hramrach: did it break mechanically or was it something our code did?
<hramrach> I broke it mechanically
<libv> ok
<hramrach> I sent the fex file and memory parameters somewhere but they weren't 100% working so were not accepted
<libv> hramrach: please provide u-boot and .fex anyway, and add a warning that things failed with that
<libv> that's what current status is for
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<hramrach> libv: iirc I even provided links to the partially working fex file and u-boot support but somebody reworking the pages removed them
<libv> meminfo is on the page
<libv> i see no fex file
<libv> i could spend an hour plucking it from the livesuit image, but i could do so many things.
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<MY123> libv: Will try Berryboot-A20 with remplacing the SPL and script.bin.
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<ssvb> rellla: the scaler mode in fex is enabling scaler for the disp layer used as the default framebuffer
<ssvb> rellla: the number of scaled layers is limited to 2 on a10/a20 hardware and to just 1 on a13 hardware
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<MY123> ssvb: Hi.
<ssvb> libv: about simplefb, the reaction from the kernel/u-boot bureaucrats is quite expected, they also want to have some fun for themselves :)
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<dack> Is there any conceivable reason a company would NOT want to provide an flash image for their device?
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<ssvb> libv: however, your code is useful, and this is what matters in the end
<ssvb> MY123: ?
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<MY123> ssvb: For a few things about fbturbo on A31 test.
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<MY123> (middly good 2D , no 3D )
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<ssvb> MY123: we can safely forget about 3D and not worry about it on A31 :)
<MY123> ssvb: Good work ! (no 3D but I would never expect that on PVR)
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<ssvb> MY123: what is your hardware and what kind of kernel are you using with it?
<MY123> ssvb: A Kurio10S tablet with a stock Android kernel.
<MY123> ssvb: Will you add libhybris support?
<ssvb> MY123: for X11 integration? no
<MY123> ssvb: OK. What would you do for A80(PVR)?
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<wens> would be good for a native build machine at least
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<MY123> I see Pi-side that GLAMOR runs( anholt ). Where Xegl has gone?
<MY123> wens: +1
<ssvb> wens: yeah, if I did not have reasonably fast exynos hardware already :)
<ssvb> wens: my next high end arm board is likely going to be 64-bit, nothing else is interesting
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<MY123> ssvb: The AMD Opteron A1100 dev board is interesting and is already on sale (but is expensive).
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<MY123> (ARM Cortex-A57 8-core)
<libv> with an ami bios.
<ssvb> MY123: something reasonably priced is going to become available eventually
<ssvb> MY123: yes, the Raspberry Pi hardware should be a particularly good for GLAMOR, its CPU has no SIMD and the memory bandwidth available to the CPU is pathetic
<buZz> GLAMOR?
<buZz> whats this
<MY123> ssvb: It already runs but with some glitches.
<ssvb> MY123: not being able to beat software rendering with GLAMOR that would be an epic fail :)
<buZz> oooo
<buZz> > The glamor module is an open-source 2D graphics common driver for the X Window System as implemented by It supports a variety of graphics chipsets which have OpenGL/EGL/GBM supports.
<buZz> ahhh nice
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<buZz> its 'do 2d gfx with opengl'
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<ssvb> MY123: do you run it yourself already?
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<MY123> ssvb: The performance of that running on Mesa for VC4 is higher than your fbturbo driver.
<libv> i am amazed by the glamor code myself
<libv> surely the rpi has a 2d engine as well
<MY123> ssvb: Did try it.
<libv> and one would expect work to be done on a mesa driver primarily, going from gles test to gles test
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<MY123> libv: It has only a high-latency DMA 2D engine
<libv> but then, mr anholt is firmly stuck in the "we can do it all on the 3d engine"
<libv> MY123: and the 3d engine is better?
<ssvb> MY123: Interesting, I sohuld try it myself then. Higher performance for what use cases?
<libv> MY123: anholt is definitely stuck in the glamor world
<libv> plus, glamur versus sna versus uxa... that's an intel internal fight
<libv> now exported to the rpi
<libv> err, glamor world, "we can do it all on the 3d engien world"
<MY123> ssvb: Filling triangles. And dragging windows. It still has glitches.
<ssvb> libv: there is nothing wrong with glamor, except that it is just yet another API layer between the application and the hardware
<wens> ssvb: :)
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<libv> which was the mantra for x86 descrete gpus, but wrong for arm where every bit of hardware should be used and big expensive engines should only get fired up when needed.
<libv> ssvb: it is wrong in that it excludes more efficient use of the whole of the SoC
<MY123> libv: The 3D engine have batches but the 2D one can only do a job at a time and the latency destroys the point)
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<libv> MY123: why do you think it took so long to get dma-buf and dma-buf-fences?
<libv> you'd think that such things would've been done a decade earlier
<ssvb> MY123: filling triangles? is it really a typical linux desktop 2D workload?
<linkmauve1> libv, having working but less-than-optimal 2D acceleration is better than having it someday, maybe, if someone writes a specific driver for it.
<libv> instead of dealing with interengine communication properly, people have been claiming "we can do it all in the 3d engine"
<MY123> ssvb: There is memory leaks when running a real workload.
<libv> linkmauve1: anholt is not one to come up with the right solution
<linkmauve1> Currently he’s just implementing 3D, and then when it’ll be time to get a faster 2D acceleration he’ll surely look at it.
<libv> he never has done that
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<linkmauve1> Maybe he won’t, but then some other people will be able to.
<libv> he's part of why modesetting is such a mess today
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<linkmauve1> I know, I read your article about that.
<ssvb> linkmauve1: the typical problem is that the driver authors are trying to move the pixels using the GPU no matter what (and call it a "good start"), even if it is often several times slower than software rendering
<MY123> libv: Let him make that more messy to finish with totally drop the API and the Intel drivers. :-)
<MY123> ssvb: As I'm the Freeblob developer, I think that X on the VPU is better.
<linkmauve1> ssvb, what I mean is that I see no harm in concentrating on the Mesa part right now, even if the DDX will have to be replaced later when they’ll want a more efficient solution.
<libv> actually, the whole display engine still exists on the videocore only afaict
<libv> even though i cannot see why that is not free yet
<libv> that should've been much much easier to liberat
<libv> +e than the 3d engine
<MY123> libv: There is HDCP code there.
<MY123> (They are cleaning the code)
<libv> MY123: why not just throw out docs?
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<wens> mripard_: i see some suspicious code in sun6i dma interrupt handler, will test a bit with debug on
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<ssvb> MY123: Raspberry Pi is a very special case with its very weak ARM core and relatively powerful GPU
<MY123> libv: They fired everyone working on the VC4 except Anholt. The docs were not written. ( the code is given to licensees).
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<libv> MY123: i somehow doubt that
<libv> that would've been very very stupid
<ssvb> linkmauve1: yes, 3D drivers are surely important and very nice to have, nobody is arguing about this
<MY123> libv: Another reason: The 3D unit was 100% designed by Eben Upton.
<MY123> ( and he apparently written the docs for that )
<libv> i again doubt that
<libv> he might have been involved, and he might have been involved with the docs for that
<MY123> libv: I had a mail exchange with him ( for some questions)
<MY123> ( and he has mentionned that on the forums.)
<libv> they i at least would've expected his wife to have been more clued in about the code release in 2012
<ssvb> libv: why would she be expected to be more clued?
<MY123> libv: Freeblob will re that but it's low priority.
<MY123> libv: The display init code is nonfree but the rest is FOSS. There is about 70 lines of assembly to RE.
<ssvb> MY123: this discussion has drifted a bit too far away from the sunxi topic :)
<MY123> ssvb: And Upton E. designed the VideoCore V VPU which was never released.
<MY123> ssvb: Now more on-topic.
<ssvb> MY123: yeah, I know that it really sucks when your work is scrapped and never released
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<MY123> ssvb: I never got linux-sunxi working on my A20 tablet.
<MY123> (trying since a while)
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<MY123> ( now trying the last resort, BerryBoot)
<MY123> ssvb: Yes and libv helped me an awful lot building the binairies.
<MY123> ssvb: It is the
<MY123> ( support merged into u-boot-sunxi and sunxi-boards)
<ssvb> MY123: how does it fail for you?
<MY123> ssvb: Boot to Android
<arete74> i try to use usb with mainline kernel 3.17.0-rc1-13328-g779b646
<arete74> with mainline i have this lsusb output
<MY123> arete74: It is supported except the OTG port.
<arete74> with 3.4 i have
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<ssvb> MY123: I think almost nobody cares about Android here
<arete74> the usb-to-serialis connect to normal usb port,not otg
<ssvb> MY123: does at least the traditional GNU/Linux work properly?
<MY123> ssvb: There is Android and I stored Linux on the SD card (Ubuntu ALIP) but only Android boots.
<wens> arete74: did you build the ohci driver?
<arete74> this is my kernel config
<wens> # CONFIG_USB_OHCI_HCD is not set
<wens> enable it and try again
<MY123> I don't care about Android, I can flash GNU/Linux on the NAND, ssvb .
<wens> and ohci platform as well
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<ssvb> MY123: smells like the SD card is not prepared correctly, be sure to erase it first and then accurately follow the instructions
<ssvb> MY123: do you have the serial console?
<arete74> wens: ok, now try
<MY123> ssvb: No serial. I did dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/block/mmcblk0 bs=1024 before following the instructions.
<quitte> wigyori: Hi again. do you happen to know where to attack openwrt to make sysupgrade work?
<ssvb> MY123: in any case, if Android boots, then your SD card is not recognized as bootable by the BROM
<ssvb> MY123: if the SD card slot is not defective, then the SD card is just not prepared right
<MY123> ssvb: In earlier trys, it corrupted the NAND and stayed black screen.
<rafaelMOD> Elefante69
<MY123> ( luckly, FEL worked)
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<rafaelMOD> ups, wrong chn
kuldeepdhaka_ has joined #linux-sunxi
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<dack> MY123: I feel your pain! It's really hard to diagnose issues without that serial console, though.
<ssvb> MY123: but you have a HDMI connector, right?
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<arete74> wens: ok,work fine with CONFIG_USB_OHCI_HCD=y
<ddc> quitte: what seems to the problem sysupgrade, .
<arete74> wens: sunxi-usb option must depend CONFIG_USB_OHCI_HCD
<quitte> ddc: it's not supported on sunxi. but I now found out how to do it. "just" needs some base-files added
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<MY123> ssvb: MiniHDMI but I can't seem to find a MiniHDMI to DVI cable.
<libv> MY123: your statement about it booting from SD2 is false
<libv> MY123: the sdcard is set up exactly like another a20 tablets
<MY123> dack: That tablet is rooted. I can give any info.
<libv> one that i know works
<libv> you must have messed something up.
<MY123> libv: Or wrong DRAM setting?
<libv> MY123: nope
<libv> MY123: this is the last time i gave you any hints on this
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<libv> MY123: any further questions will require a working uart and good pictures for even the internals of your device
<MY123> ssvb: Is there GNU/Linux PhoenixSuit A20 images?
<quitte> shouldn't model = "Cubietech Cubietruck"; from the dts appear in proc/cpuinfo?
<MY123> libv: internals -> not before 6 months ; UART -> Depends of internals
<libv> MY123: then there is no helping you.
<libv> MY123: and i have gone to quite extreme lengths already
<MY123> dack: On the A10, there is the automated Berryboot installer not on a A20.
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<MY123> libv: Are bad quality internal photos acceptable?
<MY123> (that tablet won't have any use )
<MY123> if not opening it, apparently
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<quitte> MY123: do you have a scanner? some have a good enough depth of field to make great pictures of boards.
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<MY123> quitte: No.
<Turl> quitte: not really, but you can find that on /proc/device-tree or whatever the path is
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<quitte> Turl: any idea why on openwrt's lantiq port there is this check: model=`grep "^machine" /proc/cpuinfo | sed "s/machine.*: \(.*\)/\1/g" | sed "s/.* - \(.*\)/\1/g"` ?
<quitte> Turl: but device-tree will be fine
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<dack> MY123: your issues are happening before you have a working Linux up and running. In order to see the messages related to that you need a serial console. There's not really any way around that.
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<MY123> libv: It may be a bad SPL. A cubieboard2 SPL produces a blackscreen.
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<MY123> ( will search a Bananapi one)
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<MY123> libv: Bananapi=stall
<MY123> Kurio_7S= android
<__builtin_trap> w 25
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<MY123> libv: There is an error in the wiki or the Github pagd
<MY123> *Page
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<quitte> does anyone know how to fastmap convert ubi when it's not a module?
<quitte> does the debug erase badblock thing work that doesn't need patching and unpatching of the kernel?
<quitte> I'm getting to the point where I need a way to bootstrap a mtd system into nand
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<lukas2511> hey, uhm, i kinda remember that i had to change u-boot branch or something if i want both A20 cores available on mainline kernel, but i can't remember what exactly, can someone help me?
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<quitte>;a=summary ?
<dack> lukas2511: on my A20, /proc/cpuinfo reports 2 processors and I made no change to uboot
<lukas2511> dack: are you using mainline kernel?
<dack> lukas2511: oh.. I'm not using mainline, though...
<dack> lukas2511: ^_^
<lukas2511> yea, well, that's the problem.
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<dj9pz> I'm running Linux Mainline (3.17.0-rc1) on an A20 and /proc/cpuinfo reports only one CPU. dmesg shows "CPU1: failed to boot: -38" during boot...
<dj9pz> I'm just checking that I'm running the most recent u-boot-sunxi...
<sehraf> dj9pz: you need this version
<sehraf> this should work, too (but it's an older version)
<dj9pz> Thanks for this info, I'm running
<sehraf> with 2014.10 there should be SMP support
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<quitte> sehraf: when was that released ?
<sehraf> it isn't
<quitte> okay. how old is it?
<quitte> newer than 2014/08/13 ?
<sehraf> which repo?
<sehraf> just check the github log
<quitte> shouldn't I use denx for mainline?
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<sehraf> this is running on my cubietruck
<quitte> I'd rather follow mainline unless I desperately need something else
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<libv> is simos telling me to go play with another SoC or what?
physis has joined #linux-sunxi
<libv> or does he really believe what he just wrote?
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<oliv3r> quitte: i'd use sunxi-u-boot, mainline is still pretty much WiP
<oliv3r> it needs a few bits and pieces still
<oliv3r> on the upside, not much
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<quitte> is it possible to have a g_serial u-boot, yet?
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<libv> mnemoc: let's see if emails work properly again :p
<mnemoc> *g*
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<mnemoc> always testing the wiki's capability to send educational messages :p
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<libv> hramrach: even with an extra set of hints on the main page, this idiocy still happens :)
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<libv> i wish codekipper would send in at least the fex file.
<libv> does anyone have any objections to the changes to meminfo still?
<libv> i am thinking about just dumping the whole dram mem range on a31, a23 and a33, and the dram clock.
<libv> that will at least give us the ability to add u-boot device support in future
<libv> without having to pester people until they finally come back and finish that off
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<libv> ah, there's a fex there, good.
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<libv> ah, i hear the swan song of my tplink router.
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<libv> i love my old brick!
<quitte> sigh. could someone please help me? this creates an empty target package uboot-sunxi-Cubietruck. How can I add files to that package? I want u-boot and spl in the rootfs so they can be flashed easily
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