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<libv> pffff...
<libv> many libavcodec bits, and other stuff scrounged from the net, some other bits are not kosher indeed
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<naobsd> ah, I forgot to mention
<naobsd> that patch is for u-boot
<libv> naobsd: that's clear from the patch itself :)
<naobsd> :)
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<bbrezillon> petrosagg: can you try to add nand-rnd-mode = "hw"; to your boot0 partition ?
<bbrezillon> petrosagg: and what exactly is failling when you try to use nandwrite/nanddump ?
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<bbrezillon> petrosagg: did you erase your partition before writing on it ?
<bbrezillon> petrosagg: and yes I did some test on boot0 boot0-rescue a long time ago (on the v3 of my driver), but more quitte recently managed to make it work too (read/write on this partition and boot from it after writing it from Linux IIRC)
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<oliv3r> bbl
<__builtin_trap> w 22
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<petrosagg> bbrezillon: yes, this is what I ended up doing. I had to set "nand-rnd-mode = "hw";" to my boot0 partition
<petrosagg> bbrezillon: otherwise I would write data with nandwrite and nanddump would output different data
<petrosagg> bbrezillon: even running nanddump two times without actually writing would produce different results
<petrosagg> bbrezillon: and also nandtest would always fail until I added the nand-rnd-mode
<petrosagg> bbrezillon: I did erase my partition before writing it. My current problem is that it seems like I deleted my boot0 bootloader that was in there
<petrosagg> bbrezillon: and I can't find any resources on the internet on how to bring it back
<petrosagg> bbrezillon: I found out that with the old sunxi-3.4 this NAND region wasn't even accessible
<petrosagg> bbrezillon: and that there was a special driver that allowed you to write to the fist 1k of the nand
<petrosagg> bbrezillon: I also tried using the new mtd driver to write a boot0 partition with the eGON.BT0 header both at offset 0 and at 0x2000 (which is the offset on the SD) but none worked
<ssvb> paulk-aldrin: based on reading the irc log, do I understand it right that you are having problems with dram config?
<petrosagg> bbrezillon: so I'm wondering if you have any info on how to restore this bootloader. LiveSuit on Linux did work for me so yesterday I started a windows vbox image download and I'll test that now
<paulk-aldrin> ssvb, seems like it
<ssvb> paulk-aldrin: which version of u-boot are you using?
<paulk-aldrin> ssvb, first, script.bin and meminfo don't match
<paulk-aldrin> ssvb, u-boot-sunxi master
<paulk-aldrin> so not mainline
<paulk-aldrin> s/master/sunxi/
<ssvb> paulk-aldrin: one of the risks is that boot0 and u-boot very likely have slightly different dram init code
<paulk-aldrin> oh
<ssvb> u-boot mainline should eventually get an updated dram init code with a bunch of bugfixes
<ssvb> which settings are you using now? can you pastebin them?
<paulk-aldrin> sure
<ssvb> you can try to change dram_emr1 to 0 and see if this helps
<paulk-aldrin> I willingly lowered the clock
<ssvb> and don't set "dram_odt_en" to anything other than 0
<paulk-aldrin> ok
<paulk-aldrin> in script.bin?
<paulk-aldrin> (does script.bin matter at all here?)
<ssvb> in u-boot dram_para
<ssvb> script.bin does not matter
<paulk-aldrin> right
<ssvb> "dram_zq = 0x7b" is just a default reset value (123 in decimal, which is kind of their way to say 0xbadf00d), and with dram_odt_en=1 it would be taken into use to kill your dram reliability
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<paulk-aldrin> oh ok
<paulk-aldrin> emr1 = 0 didn't help
<ssvb> does reducing the dram clock speed help?
<paulk-aldrin> lower than 336?
<ssvb> oh, you already have it hat low
<ssvb> *that
<paulk-aldrin> yep
<ssvb> how do you know that it is not a legitimate oops because of some other problem?
<paulk-aldrin> well, I don't
<paulk-aldrin> but last time, Unable to handle kernel paging request was because of a dram misconfiguration
<ssvb> does it fail after initializing the nand driver?
<paulk-aldrin> yes
<paulk-aldrin> could it be the nand driver?
<ssvb> you can try to disable nand and boot from the sd card
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<paulk-aldrin> it does say: "wrong Rb connect Mode, chip = 255 ,RbConnectMode = 1 "
<paulk-aldrin> sure
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<paulk-aldrin> ssvb, good call, it was the nand driver
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<quitte> Hi
<quitte> bbrezillon: is that actually what you meant to give me to increase the bitflip threshold?
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<bbrezillon> quitte: I haven't taken a look at the whole file, but given this line
<bbrezillon> quitte: mtd->bitflip_threshold = mtd->ecc_strength + 1;
<bbrezillon> quitte: I'd say you've correctly applied this patch
<bbrezillon> ;-)
<quitte> bbrezillon: there is no drivers/mtd/nand.c in my kernel source tree. nor drivers/mtd/nand/nand.c
<quitte> i did not get a patch from you. that is the actual thing you gave me. which will be a pain because if i wget it there is all kinds of html mess-up in there
<bbrezillon> quitte: well, actually it's nand_base.c, don't why it's name differently in your head comment...
<quitte> this is your head comment. thanks. I know where to put it and that it's the right thing now.
<bbrezillon> quitte: this is what I was supposed to give you: :-)
<bbrezillon> quitte: sorry if I pasted the wrong thing
<quitte> this is _way_ nicer
<quitte> thanks
<bbrezillon> petrosagg: I don't know where you can find a proper boot0 (I'd say you should get it from u-boot, it's the spl part)
<bbrezillon> petrosagg: but quitte should be able to help you
<quitte> it's in the sunxi git somewhere
<bbrezillon> quitte, petrosagg: I have to go
<quitte> okay. have a nice weekend-end
<bbrezillon> quitte: can you help petrosagg with his boot0 problem ?
<quitte> sure. but He'll have to explain it again
<bbrezillon> quitte: perfect!
<bbrezillon> petrosagg: I'll let you expose your issue to quitte
<quitte> petrosagg: from what little information I have I don't know wether you need boot0 as it comes with the livesuite images, or the one for mmc?
<bbrezillon> quitte, petrosagg: Bye!
<quitte> bye
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<naobsd> hmm
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<naobsd> in board/sunxi/MAINTAINERS in u-boot custodian tree,
<naobsd> there are 2 groups, SUNXI BOARD and CUBIEBOARD2 BOARD
<naobsd> how should I write a patch to add A20 LIME config?
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<naobsd> ijc: ping
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<MY123> is there one here ?
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<petrosagg> bbrezillon: bye, have a nice weekend
<petrosagg> quitte: I'd like to boot my cubie from NAND
<petrosagg> quitte: and specifically use the u-boot spl
<MY123> Is there one here going to help bringing my Allwinner A20 tablet to GNU/Linux? (Does have the script.fex)
<petrosagg> quitte: but even though I do write the u-boot spl in the boot partition the device doesn't boot
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<quitte> petrosagg: what device is that?
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<petrosagg> quitte: cubieboard2
<quitte> that's a20?
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<petrosagg> yes
<MY123> (MY123) Is there one here going to help bringing my Allwinner A20 tablet to GNU/Linux? (Does have the script.fex)
<MY123> (It is the Kurio7S)
<quitte> petrosagg: this will make mksunxiboot output a spl file that has the proper checksum and length
<quitte> not sure if the memset is necessary. feel free to try ;)
<petrosagg> quitte: the question is, how do I write the spl file to the boot partition?
<petrosagg> quitte: I'll try the method I've used already (nandwrite -a /dev/mtd0 u-boot-spl.bin)
<quitte> you have bbrezillon's patch running? please show me the partitioning in your dts,too
<petrosagg> quitte: yes, I've got his patches. uploading my dts
<quitte> that should work, as long as the dts is okay. there was a line missing. i don't know if bbrezillon changed that already
<petrosagg> quitte:
<libv> why would there be exe files for an SoC version to enable "fastboot", whatever that is
<petrosagg> quitte: I've changed my dts to include the nand-rnd-mode = "hw"; if that's the line you're referring to
<quitte> exactly ;)
<quitte> petrosagg: I assume you are using the full set of changes, not the V4 RFC for mainlining?
<quitte> (of course, after all you have bbt)
<petrosagg> quitte: I'm using this branch sunxi-nand-pre-v5 from bbrezillon's repo
<quitte> great
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<petrosagg> quitte: ok, I compiled your repo and got the sunxi-spl.bin
<petrosagg> quitte: Do I just nandwrite that to my boot partition?
<quitte> yes. maybe erase before that
<petrosagg> ok, trying
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<libv> androiders, is anyone familiar with fastboot?
<petrosagg> quitte: nothing. I first did a flash_erase on /dev/mtd0 and then ran this "nandwrite -p /dev/mtd0 sunxi-spl.bin"
<petrosagg> quitte: I did a hexdump on /dev/mtd0 before rebooting and confirmed that the eGON.BT0 header was there
<libv> some never before seen wiki editor added a link to dropbox to a .exe (which isn't a zip file), with the claim that it is for a80
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<libv> Turl: php mail error again
<libv> what my googling tells me is that fastboot is as generic as adb
<RaYmAn> pretty much. There are some minor differences between devices, but nothing that requires a seperate host binary
<quitte_> petrosagg: wait a minute. I'll try that myself here. maybe you can send me that sunxi-spl? q....e at gmail dot c.m
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<petrosagg> quitte: done
<petrosagg> quitte: do you have the same dts file?
<libv> RaYmAn: ok, thanks, then i did right in reverting that wiki edit
<libv> an exe, from dropbox, for a80 hw that's barely shipping...
<libv> from a user with no history, and this stuck in front of everything else...
<libv> that just smelled fishy
<libv> RaYmAn: thanks for confirming
<RaYmAn> it's impressive it's actually a vaguely relevant binary name
<RaYmAn> I'd expect stuff like that to usually come from bots, but that seems unlikely here
<quitte_> petrosagg:
<MY123> libv: Lima?
<RaYmAn> libv: tbh, if allwinner was to implement fastboot finally, I wouldn't be surprised if they messed it up so much it required a seperate fastboot exe ;)
<libv> MY123: what?
<libv> RaYmAn: :)
<petrosagg> quitte_: I see you have a uboot partition as well. If I have no uboot written on the nand would I see any output to my serial port?
<libv> RaYmAn: in such a case, we need more than "here is a dropbox link to a windows binary with no history or nothing"
<petrosagg> quitte_: because if not, then it might be loading fine but not be able to continue and no way of giving me logs back
<quitte_> petrosagg: you would get output from boot0 alone
<MY123> libv: Is Lima in good shape?
<quitte_> err sorry sunxi-spl
<skoperst> libv: i'm that guy who uploaded the fastboot.exe
<libv> skoperst: ok, good, as the wiki email didn't work
<MY123> (I'm currently REing the VideoCore)
<libv> skoperst: what is this, where does it come from, what is its history, why is there only a windows binary, why is there just this .exe?
<libv> MY123: then why are you here, in linux-sunxi?
<MY123> libv: Because I asked about how to port GNU/linux to an A20 tablet ( I have the script.fex)?
<petrosagg> quitte_: when you say boot0 you mean the u-boot-spl.bin I just compiled, right?
<libv> MY123: new device howto
<libv> MY123: it is referenced from the front page
<quitte_> petrosagg: no. the spl/sunxi-spl.bin
<quitte_> petrosagg: i guess that's your problem
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<petrosagg> quitte_: sorry, that's what I meant
<libv> paulk-aldrin: so it was a nand problem?
<quitte_> oh
<petrosagg> quitte_: That's the file I wrote. spl/sunxi-spl.bin
<libv> skoperst: if you do not like explaining this in public, feel free to msg me
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<libv> *sigh*
<petrosagg> quitte_: I'm just verifying that by boot0 you didn't mean the stock firmware from allwinner
<quitte_> petrosagg: i'm getting errors trying to nandwrite right now. i forgot to update that, i guess. I'll send my sunxi-spl.bin as a reply in the meantime
<MY123> libv: Seen that. It just boots with with no screen and USB-OTG doesn't have the microHDMI. ( it's the Kurio 7S)
<paulk-aldrin> libv, indeed. I'll need to fix that however
<libv> paulk-aldrin: so the meminfo stuff was ok?
<petrosagg> quitte_: ok. I'm also trying again using your dts
<libv> paulk-aldrin: seems like we both need to work with libnand today
<MY123> * microHDMI cable
<libv> MY123: that's not on our wiki
<libv> MY123: start working through the new device howto
<paulk-aldrin> libv, well I'm still running with a very low dram clock, but it seems alright
<MY123> Started, I even generated a BSP.
<libv> MY123: start with documentation
<paulk-aldrin> libv, I probably won't work on it in the next few hours, I'm writing docs…
<libv> like the ndh prescribes.
<libv> MY123: bsp is pretty late in the process
<libv> pictures need to be taken soon
<MY123> libv: I can't void my warranty for UART/
<libv> MY123: why can you not void warranty?
<MY123> ( there is still a year and a half)
<libv> it's a 50EUR tablet
<libv> especially the images that google turns up...
<MY123> libv: It's 200EUR. The Kurio 7S.
<libv> that looks like one of the 2012 mid forfactors
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<libv> 99usd
<libv> and even that is overpriced because of the marketing bs
<quitte_> petrosagg: this is what it looks like with the sunxi-spl i just sent you when it works. tryying with yours, next
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<libv> so a20, 1gb, 1024x600
<MY123> libv: In France, it's named "Tablette Tactile 7 pouces by Gulli" and expensive.
<skoperst> libv: How can I explain it in public? write it in the wiki page?
<libv> skoperst: just seconds before your connection dropped, feel free to msg me as well if you are not comfortable with this
<libv> skoperst: well, anything but "here is some random windows binary for your windows, who knows what it does" will do
<libv> MY123: ouch
<libv> MY123: so android doesn't light up anymore?
<petrosagg> quitte_: tried with your sunxi-spl and it worked
<petrosagg> quitte_: meaning I see some output :D
<quitte_> okay. i noticed that yours is bigger
<quitte_> ...oh!
<petrosagg> quitte_: lol
<wens> the stock A31 uboot has fastboot, and you can use the stock fastboot tool with it
<quitte_> you used the Cubietruck_defconfig?
<MY123> libv: Android did lose the serial number in the first trys.
<petrosagg> quitte_: I used Cubieboard2_defconfig
<quitte_> err Cubieboard2_defconfig
<petrosagg> quitte_: yes
<MY123> (Making the preloaded games useless)
<quitte_> okay. try the Cubietruck_defconfig
<libv> MY123: did you try fel?
<MY123> I have the script.fex
<libv> ok
<quitte_> shouldn't be a lot of changes that are needed.
<libv> MY123: how about the memory info?
<petrosagg> quitte_: the sunxi-spl you sent me is using the Cubietruck_defconfig?
<quitte_> yes
<MY123> libv: It was the same as the 1gb CubieBoard 2 ?
<quitte_> just compare the two. basically you need to add NAND to the cubieboard config, i think
<MY123> ( did find it)
<libv> ah, ok
<petrosagg> quitte_: ok, now that I have a starting point I think I can make it work :D
<MY123> libv: Now, it is acting as a ZNC bouncer .
<petrosagg> quitte_: I spent my whole day yesterday trying to make this thing boot..
<MY123> (on Android)
<quitte_> petrosagg: include/configs/sunxi-common.h is where work is needed. I'd recommend having the env on sd-card
<MY123> libv: How to do now? I can upload the script.fex for anyone interested.
<MY123> (The tablet is rooted=
<quitte_> petrosagg: also you need a couple of environment variables in u-boot for the mtd and nand commands to work.
<libv> MY123: run through NDH
<libv> MY123: just leave the internal picture placeholders as is
<libv> and leave the uart section as is
<libv> all the other information is valuable still
<libv> and perhaps someone else will fill that in in future
<quitte_> petrosagg: of those only mtdids is really important iirc. after that you should be able touse mtdparts
<libv> also...
<libv> if you are very careful, and use a plastic tool, you might get away with opening that device without damage
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<quitte_> petrosagg: is the cubieboard2 blessed with mlc, too?
<MY123> libv: It has a some screws to open it.
<petrosagg> quitte_: yes, it's mlc
<quitte_> :(
<MY123> Just has not the good size
<petrosagg> quitte_: now that you mentioned, which is the best option for a filesystem on an mlc nand?
<quitte_> petrosagg: probably ubi. jffs2 doesn't work.
<petrosagg> quitte_: also, why do I need to use mtdparts when I have the partitions defined in my dtb? plus in mtdparts you can't define the randomiser values
<libv> MY123: start filling in the ndh, and take all round pictures :)
<quitte_> petrosagg: u-boot stores it's partittion information in its environment
<quitte_> it does not tell linux about the partitions. so you have to make those match yourself. mtdparts is just a fancy way of setting environment variables
<petrosagg> quitte_: oh, ok. got that
<petrosagg> quitte_: So basically I have to give sunxi-spl the right configuration to find and load u-boot with the correct environment
<petrosagg> quitte_: and then u-boot will load linux with a dtb
<quitte_> as it is now it will try to load u-boot from offset 2MiB off the nand
<quitte_> the README of u-boot has good information about the variables in sunxi common config
<petrosagg> ok, one last question. What read the uEnv? the spl part of the uboot part?
<quitte_> I actually don't recall. I'd have to check
<petrosagg> nvm, I think I have what I need
<quitte_> never mind, too ;)
<quitte_> petrosagg: if you want to access u-boot and env partitions from linux you'll have to disable the randomization
<quitte_> (do yourself a favour and put env in mmc)
<petrosagg> quitte_: but I just wrote the spl with randomization on and it worked
<petrosagg> quitte_: I'm trying to make the cubie work without an SD card. Is there a reason to store my env eslewhere?
<quitte_> petrosagg: everytime you write to the env the whole 2Mib erase block containing env is erased
<quitte_> so it makes sense to have it in it's own partition
<MY123> libv: : started
<quitte_> and since there will be lots of read errors it's a lot nicer to have it in mmc - since that works reliably
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<quitte_> having u-boot in the spl partition would be nice, however. I haven't tried but it should work. just write spl with randomization and u-boot without
<mnemoc> libv: feel free to unpack the SDKs in /srv/http
<petrosagg> I don't understand why u-boot doesn't need randomisation. Doesn't it use the special 0x4a80 value as well?
<quitte_> petrosagg: the reason that spl exists is that in the early boot stages sdram is not accessible. so everything needs to work with 24K of sram
<libv> MY123: cool!
<quitte_> so spl basically just enables ram and loads the next program into it
<libv> mnemoc: turl has unpacked the important bits already
<libv> mnemoc: which suits all our needs :)
<quitte_> this sunxi-spl reads the next part from a partitin with randomization disabled
<MY123> libv: Another edit.
<petrosagg> quitte_: is this what disables randomisation in your dts? nand-randomizer-seeds = /bits/ 16 <0x00>;
<MY123> How to embeed images?
<libv> "Upload file"
<quitte_> petrosagg: supposedly it is. however i never tried that. I wrote u-boot to nand from within u-boot
<libv> on the left menu
<quitte_> petrosagg: which should make writing a non-randomized u-boot to the spl partition a lot easier
<mnemoc> libv: cool :)
<libv> MY123: there is this thing called "Recent Changes" on our wiki, i spent many a bored moment watching that, so i see the changes you make
<quitte_> petrosagg: having a tiny kernel image is important because of the missing read-retry support. when you try to nand boot it use one that is xz compressed. doesn't fix it, but makes it bearable
<libv> quitte_, petrosagg, bbrezillon: can you guys write up a separate wiki page about the mtd driver, its status today, how to use it and what are the pitfalls?
<petrosagg> quitte_: I remember reading about read-retry issues in past logs and also remember reading about in my NAND's datasheet
<libv> you seem to be spreading a lot of info around here on irc, but that will be lost pretty soon
<petrosagg> libv: I've acquired a huge amount of knowledge the past week that I'm trying to make that work
<libv> petrosagg: document as you go
<petrosagg> libv: I'll make a draft with what I know
<libv> petrosagg: otherwise bits will get lost
<petrosagg> libv: should I just register in the wiki?
<libv> petrosagg: definitely!
<petrosagg> libv: cool, I'll do that
<petrosagg> quitte_: where should this read-retry logic be? in sunxi_nand.c?
<libv> anyway, you will find yourself referring to what you documented just a few days earlier, pretty quickly, instead of having to wonder or having to dig through irc logs
<petrosagg> libv: that's true, working memory is limited
<quitte_> petrosagg: you'll have to ask bbrezillon about that. however I don't think it makes sense to patch that in. the proper course of action would be to port or merge brezillon's driver.
<MY123> libv: Adding photo.
<petrosagg> quitte_: wait, you mean the linux drivers handles that properly but the read-retry logic is only missing from u-boot?
<quitte_> I'm not even sure if the dma headers are free. those should be taken from the dma mainlining thing for that reason alone
<quitte_> petrosagg: yes
<petrosagg> libv: quitte_: ok, I'm making a skeleton wiki page now
<quitte_> petrosagg: thanks. please don't hesitate to ask about anything, especially if you're going to put it on the wiki
<MY123> libv: Did you see the back picture? The quality is quite bad.
<libv> MY123: those pictures are very bad quality indeed
<libv> MY123: provide decent all round lighting, stick some white paper underneath the device
<libv> and get in close enough but far enough to allow for focus
<libv> and try to get the hw from straight above
<libv> in case of the front, but without leaving a reflection
<petrosagg> libv: I can't seem to be able to create a User:petrosagg/nand_draft page in the wiki
<libv> cut down the image in a image editor to just show the device
<libv> MY123: and try not to get smudged pictures (this is my biggest problem, i smudge due to pressing the button)
<libv> petrosagg: just a sec, i need to make you a into a real boy
* petrosagg waits to become a man
<libv> petrosagg: and don't bother with a user page
<libv> petrosagg: just don't name it nand
<MY123> libv: They are taken from a 3,2MP tablet sensor. For the image editor: Okay.Smudged pictures, will apply the retardator to 5sec.
<libv> petrosagg: MTD_Driver perhaps
<MY123> (I have not a camera)
<petrosagg> libv: alright
<libv> MY123: i actually get better pictures out of my cameraphone that with a dedicated but cheap camera
<quitte_> libv: do you think you can do the same for me, jsut in case I actually can force myself to add content some day?
<MY123> libv: The first Galaxy Tab. Bought it in December 2011.
<libv> petrosagg: "a real boy" is a reference to pinocchio :)
<quitte_> "I want to be a real doll!"
<petrosagg> libv: ah, it's been a long time since I saw it :)
<libv> quitte_: done
<quitte_> thanks
<libv> quitte_: add to that page as soon as petrosagg has set up the basics
<libv> so that you do not generate too many conflicts
<petrosagg> libv: I'm getting a permission error
<petrosagg> libv: do I have to logout/login ?
<libv> petrosagg: on your user page?
<libv> petrosagg: perhaps, but be sure to copy the content in some text editor first as to not lose it
<petrosagg> libv: no, on the MTD_Driver page
<petrosagg> libv: I thought I shouldn't use a user page
<libv> ok, so non people cannot create pages, at all
<libv> that i didn't know
<petrosagg> libv: ok, I'll create a user page
<libv> petrosagg: try logging out and in
<petrosagg> I just need somewhere to do a brain dump
<petrosagg> ok
<libv> but keep the current tab open
<petrosagg> libv: same issue
* libv digs around
<petrosagg> libv: I guess you can create an empty page and then I'll edit it
<libv> petrosagg: i would like to get to the bottom of this
<petrosagg> libv: no prob :)
<libv> petrosagg: could you keep your first edit open in a tab
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<libv> then open a new tab to create the page
<libv> and then copy paste the content over?
<petrosagg> libv: I haven't written any content yet
pwhalen has quit [Ping timeout: 245 seconds]
<libv> MY123 just created a page
<libv> and he's not people yet
<libv> strange.
<libv> petrosagg: please go here:
<libv> and press "Create" which is the top right of the page
* libv creates a second wiki account so he can test some things as a wooden toy
<petrosagg> libv: same permission error
<MY123> libv: Is the new image better?
<petrosagg> oh wait
<petrosagg> "You must confirm your email address before editing pages. Please set and validate your email address through your user preferences."
<petrosagg> But I tried doing that
<petrosagg> And it said that php mail() had a problem
<quitte_> could not send your confirmation mail. Please check your email address for invalid characters.
<libv> aaah
<libv> of course
<quitte_> Mailer returned: Unknown error in PHP's mail() function.
<libv> petrosagg: indeed
<libv> which ties in with my not being able to send wm mails
<libv> mnemoc, Turl: please look into this again
<mnemoc> uhm... msmtp got broken?
<MY123> libv: Is my new image better?
<libv> MY123: still pretty smudgy
<libv> MY123: try multiple times, you can filter out a good one in the end
<libv> MY123: and give these things decent names once you have a good one
<libv> also, edit these files beforehand
<mnemoc> Aug 22 01:27:50 .... exitcode=EX_OK
<libv> don't throw them straight onto the wiki
<mnemoc> Aug 24 15:20:41 .... smtpmsg='535 5.7.8 Error: authentication failed: authentication failure' errormsg='authentication failed (method PLAIN)' exitcode=EX_NOPERM
<mnemoc> uhm....
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<mnemoc> gzamboni: around?
<libv> petrosagg: next time, when you get a permission error, also mention the next line of the complaint :p
<mnemoc> gzamboni: mx is rejecting wiki@'s login :(
<mnemoc> libv: changed the config to send mails through google. can you test?
<petrosagg> libv: yeah, I didn't read it sorry :P
<mnemoc> petrosagg: or you, can you ask for the verification done again?
pwhalen has joined #linux-sunxi
<libv> " could not send your confirmation mail. Please check your email address for invalid characters. "
<libv> "Mailer returned: Unknown error in PHP's mail() function. "
<mnemoc> uhm
<libv> the first line of the error barely matches the second :p
<mnemoc> but why does it keep trying to use the aaaarg
<libv> :)
<mnemoc> manual tests from command line work...
<PulkoMandy> even when using php-cli?
<mnemoc> it's fpm + msmtp
<Turl> the auth probably went down, it happens from time to time for some reason
<Turl> if you grep the log you'll see it's not the first time :p
<mnemoc> petrosagg: try
<mnemoc> Turl: :(
<mnemoc> sending mails as is not cute... but works :(
<mnemoc> Turl: had to change the order of the accounts in .msmtprc
<Turl> mnemoc: I could look into setting up a backup smtp account on my mailserver
<Turl> but it should be backup only, it's a tiny exim
<mnemoc> Turl: feel free to install/setup exim in maxima :)
<Turl> we have a postfix there, don't we? :|
<mnemoc> yes, but got only half baked
<petrosagg> sorry guys, I'm a call. I'll try asap
<mnemoc> Turl: as the wiki is using msmtp it won't be affected by removing of finishing the postfix setup
<mnemoc> s/ of / or /
<Turl> (oliv3r::instance())->finish('mail')
<mnemoc> :)
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<mnemoc> good. now G is allowing the robot to send the mails as
<libv> worked
<mnemoc> \o/
kuldeepdhaka has joined #linux-sunxi
<libv> well, the wiki claimed it worked :p
* libv twiddles fingers for a minute
<libv> yup, arrived
<mnemoc> \o/
<libv> let me document this in our wiki though
<Turl> mnemoc: probably "on behalf of ..:"
<paulk-aldrin> libv, btw, any heads up on that icou fatty I tablet with mipi display?
<libv> so people have some more chance of not just wondering off
<libv> paulk-aldrin: still haven't bought it :)
<quitte_> ...has now been confirmed
FreezingCold has joined #linux-sunxi
<libv> paulk-aldrin: not sure yet about these aliexpress ...ckers
<paulk-aldrin> libv, If you cannot reliably find one but think you'll have time to work on it, I'd be happy to ship you mine
<mnemoc> ^----- how beautiful
<paulk-aldrin> libv, I know what you mean :)
<libv> paulk-aldrin: in that case, hand it over to egbert at XDC :)
<paulk-aldrin> yes, that could do
<libv> he usually passes by nue once a month to get his liver trained
<paulk-aldrin> would be better to hand it over to yourself there though :p
<libv> yeahyeah :p
<libv> go and join the cue with egbert and mupuf
<libv> queue even
<paulk-aldrin> :)
<Turl> mnemoc: :)
<Turl> mnemoc: 30$ shipping
<Turl> for a 5$ product :p
<mnemoc> Turl: free shipping to .es and .de
<mnemoc> .ar is hell for online shopping :(
lkcl has quit [Ping timeout: 245 seconds]
<mnemoc> Turl: 80c the shipping to .cl
<mnemoc> Turl: maybe if you contact them the seller can add CNP/HKP to .ar also
<Turl> :)
<Turl> cheapest now is EMS
<mnemoc> what's the maximum to save yourself from the 50% import tax?
<Turl> mnemoc: 25$
<bbrezillon> quitte_, petrosagg: back for a few minutes :-)
<mnemoc> Turl: shows me $6.79 with free cnp shipping to .ar
<Turl> they now make you go to the post office for those and pay a flat fee for the handling though :p
<Turl> yep I see it as well :)
<mnemoc> Turl: how much is that flat fee?
<mnemoc> < mnemoc> .ar is hell for online shopping :(
<bbrezillon> quitte_, petrosagg: when you tried to write the spl from linux, which image did you try, u-boot-spl.bin ?
<quitte_> sunxi-spl.bin
<bbrezillon> quitte_, petrosagg : can one of you try to format the spl from AW tool (or from u-boot if it works) then dump it from Linux, check the eGON pattern and format the dumped image (after a flash erase of course)
<bbrezillon> quitte_, petrosagg: one other interesting thing would be to compare the dumped image with the one generated by u-boot
<bbrezillon> IIRC there's only 1K of data per page (in CT case 8K page)
<deepe> Hi guys, I need, little help, or advice
<quitte_> bbrezillon: what are you trying to accomplish?
<deepe> I am setting display on A10-olinuxino-Lime board, Display initialize well, but I am having trouble to show some real data on in (console text)
<bbrezillon> quitte_: I haven't all read the backlog, but did petrosagg you manage to get a working SPL ?
<deepe> after trying to send just random data /dev/urandom to framebuffer device
<Turl> mnemoc: I think it was 40 ARS last I went to pick sth up
<quitte_> bbrezillon: petrosagg ended up flashing mine. but the problem probably was that he used a nand less configuration to build spl
<quitte_> otoh I don't see why nand less spl wouldn't run...
<bbrezillon> quitte_: indeed, if you have a valid MMC inserted it should work
<quitte_> bbrezillon: I'm fairly confident that apart from badblock problems u-boot spl and yours are completely interoperable
<deepe> display change it appearance, also checking hsync, vsync, etc with osciloscop all is good (according to display datasheet)
<quitte_> bbrezillon: it should output something at the very least
<bbrezillon> quitte_: yes, but I'm not sure you can directly flash an SPL from u-boot
<deepe> so What I want to as you, to ged display work, I need to setup fex file to use LCD, setup LCD parameters
<bbrezillon> quitte_: sorry from Linux
<quitte_> bbrezillon: you can. nand write.1k works fine
<deepe> and display should works?
<quitte_> and yes that works, too
<quitte_> (i meant flashing from linux, deepe)
<bbrezillon> quitte_: you mean flashing mtd0 with sunxi-spl.bin works ?
<quitte_> yes
<bbrezillon> quitte_: okay, thought this might be the problem
<quitte_> for both me and petrosagg
<bbrezillon> quitte_: just a clarifaction about randomization => if you really want to disable it you can just set nand-rnd-mode to "none" instead of setting the seed to 0x0
<deepe> quitte_: sorry I do not get it
<quitte_> bbrezillon: since I applied the patch ubiformat worked fine on both first tries
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<bbrezillon> quitte_: though disabling randomization on such NAND is not a good idea :-(
<quitte_> bbrezillon: is it possible to have 2 partitions mapped in the same nand area, btw?
<quitte_> it would be nice if spl could be accessed both randomized and non-randomized
<quitte_> to put both spl and u-boot there
<bbrezillon> quitte_: AFAIR I don't check for that, but I REALLY should
<quitte_> okay so it would be better to have spl read randomized
<bbrezillon> quitte_: having part of the NAND mapped on 2 MTD region is very dangerous
<quitte_> there'sno reason why spl couldn't read from randomized spl, after all eGON can do it. except it doesn't work right now.
<bbrezillon> quitte_: it would be better, yes, but I'm more concerned by your big partitions storing the kernel and UBI
<quitte_> how so?
<quitte_> ubi is randomized
<bbrezillon> this is not related to the thing stored on your partition, but the size of your content
<quitte_> it's pretty much read only. rootfs_data is just huge because rootfs is still tiny
<bbrezillon> the more pages you write in a block the more chance you have to get bitflips, and this is even worst when you write the same pattern on several pages
<quitte_> my vocabulary isn't goos enough to understand that
<quitte_> however the ubi image I currently write is just 6MiB
<deepe> so somebody with good knowledge with sunxi framebuffer driver or LCD to help?
<quitte_> bbrezillon: rootfs-data is set to expand itself when it is attached the first time to the free partition space
<quitte_> bbrezillon: the ubinize.cfg:
<quitte_> the comments aren't mine, I should mention. since as far as I can tell they don't fully match what the options actually do
<bbrezillon> quitte_: your bootloader will at most take a few (say < 40) pages, but kernel and UBI will fill entire blocks and the data stored there might contain similat and thus generate more bitflips
<libv> deepe: did you set console=tty0 as a kernel command argument?
<libv> deepe: what linux distribution are you using?
<bbrezillon> quitte_: randomization is here have a good distribution of data over a NAND block in order to limit bitflips
<MY123> libv: What should I do for photos, retrying?
<quitte_> okay. so what's the problem with ubi in my case then?
<quitte_> it has randomization enabled the same as your data partition
<libv> MY123: try both front, back and connectors and buttons
<libv> MY123: get in close that the tablet can focus
<libv> try to make the pictures sharp and not wobbly
<bbrezillon> quitte_: that's not related to UBI, but I remember seeing some of your partitions with randomization disabled or with seeds set to 0x0 (which is exactly the same)
<MY123> libv: My custom rom does not have autofocus support.
<skoperst> Its driving me crazy, CT(A20),Marsboard(A10) and now Pcduino8(A80) all have some 'blank' boot up, like an old car they need a few warmup boots until they can boot up. sometime it takes 1, sometime 2,3,4..
<bbrezillon> quitte_: your ubinize.cfg seems correct
<libv> MY123: these pictures are really poor the way they are
<libv> MY123: move your tablet until your focus is good :)
<rz2k> skoperst: check your PSU
<libv> skoperst: psu?
<skoperst> rz2k: good idea, will check that
<skoperst> power supply?
<libv> skoperst: 2A at least
<libv> MY123: these pictures are meant for identification, they need to be halfway decent
<quitte_> yes all of the non-randomized partitions are for compatibility with yuq u-boot, which as far as I know does not support randomization except for spl. I'm not going to figure out if that is true, either. I don't know of anyone that wants to fix yuq. so u-boot needs your mtd implementation anyways
<libv> not beautiful, not perfect, but good enough that other people can use it to identify the hw
<rz2k> skoperst: my CT cant boot from anything except ATX PSU that I use as a bench one. every crappy USB charger-like ones I tried make CT fail to boot or hang randomly
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<quitte_> ...or the nand XXXX.1k commands, rather
<libv> i have a 1.2A nokia usb charger which suits most of my tablets
<libv> but those load from the pc as well
<skoperst> rz2k: that makes perfect sense for why my boards dont work, i have 1.5A chinese charger..
<bbrezillon> quitte_: so the only partition without randomization (or with seeds set to 0) are the u-boot ones ?
<skoperst> rz2k: Most of the time I also connect my PC to the board together with the power, still have some boot fails
<quitte_> bbrezillon: spl, u-boot, env, dtb, kernel. yes.
<bbrezillon> quitte_: well, actually it should work most of the time, but this is definitely not recommended (and the bitflips you're seeing when you try to load a big kernel, could possibly be fixed with randomization, even if read_retry will most likely fix those)
<quitte_> however I'm not at all happy with that scheme. spl and u-boot should be in the first erase block. a env partition is fine, i guess. but i want dtb and the kernel integrated with ubinize somehow
<libv> rz2k: since you're around: these pages need work: and
<libv> i have spent a lot of time turning those devices pages around, but they are about as far as i can get them without the hw in hand
<MY123> Currently, will be unavailable for 30min (Freeblob for VideoCore)
<bbrezillon> quitte_: that's definitelty a good approach (having the spl and u-boot in the same patition, and the kernel and dtb in the same UBI volume)
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<quitte_> bbrezillon: now that openwrt has a rw overlay I'm getting close to providing a demo where all the pieces are in one place. hopefully this attracts people to working on u-boot
<bbrezillon> quitte_: by working on u-boot, you mean porting my driver ?
<quitte_> yes
<bbrezillon> quitte_: I though rgwan and you planned to do so ?
<bbrezillon> thought
<quitte_> bbrezillon: for me this escalated and I'm waiting for a devkit for different hardware that i was actually planning to work on. rgwan is as far as i can tell a highschool kid. and the language barrier makes it near impossible to judge him properly. so i won't rely on his work.
<bbrezillon> quitte_: then I hope ddc is stil interested in this project :-)
<quitte_> I hope so, too.
<deepe> libv: Using linux-sinxi 3.4
<deepe> with 3.4.90+ kernel
<bbrezillon> quitte_: I have to go (again :-)), thanks for helping petrosagg
<deepe> libv: And yes I set console=tty0 as kernel command argument
<mnemoc> that reminds me I need to merge stage-3.4
<mnemoc> .90 is OLD
quitte_ is now known as quitte
<quitte> wigyori: If you could have a look and give some tipps that help increasing the chances of that at some point being used upstream - that would be great.
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<rz2k> libv: problem is, I dont have that hw in hand :c
<rz2k> a710 died long time ago and q88 was given away half a year ago because I barely used it
<rz2k> libv: I saw your comment on the benchmarks page and it needs to be rewritten indeed. I smashed random pieces of it just only be the order I got the results. I might get there soon and form some sort of table structure.
<rz2k> not sure how that would look like, but it needs a table instead of unending list
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<MY123> libv: Viewed the new photo?
lkcl has joined #linux-sunxi
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<petrosagg> mnemoc: libv: back. I confirmed my email and I can create the MTD_Driver page, thanks!
<quitte> I can't find that page using the search
<petrosagg> quitte: I'm in the edit screen atm
<MY123> libv: Online ?
<petrosagg> quitte: There, saved an empty page
<quitte> petrosagg: i put something there. hopefully it doesn't break anything for you.
rafaelMOD has joined #linux-sunxi
<petrosagg> quitte: yep, it's fine
<bbrezillon> quitte, petrosagg: I'm glad you guys are working on the documentation part :-)
<bbrezillon> quitte, petrosagg: Let me know when you think it's in a almost finished state and I'll take a look ;-)
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<petrosagg> bbrezillon: the wiki has been a really valuable resource for me so I'm happy to support it to be even better :)
<petrosagg> afk for about 30'
ptitnuage has joined #linux-sunxi
<ptitnuage> Hello everybody
<ptitnuage> i'm new here
<ptitnuage> i tried to prepare a SD card with linux sunxi, but my screen is keeping bkack when i poweron with the usb card in
<ptitnuage> i would like to konw if someone can help me with this
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<Turl> What device? What SoC? What do you see on the serial console?
<Turl> meh, impatient people
ptitnuage has joined #linux-sunxi
<ptitnuage> hi back,
<ptitnuage> sorry i got disconnected
<quitte> 20:53 < Turl> What device? What SoC? What do you see on the serial console?
<quitte> 20:53 < Turl> meh, impatient people
<Turl> :)
<ptitnuage> sorry rebooted my laptop :-)
<ptitnuage> thanks for replying
<ptitnuage> i exmplain what happens:
<ptitnuage> i have a Q8 board (A13 soc)
<ptitnuage> i tried to build an SD card following the instruction of linux-sunxi page
<ptitnuage> when i put the card in my tablet ajnd power on, the screen remain black and the backlight remains off
<ptitnuage> so it seem the tablet recognize that there is a system on the card (no boot to debian)
<ptitnuage> *i meant no boot to android (the nand)
<Turl> there can be many causes for that
<ptitnuage> but it seems the linux is also not working (black screen)
<ptitnuage> so i wanted to ask a few question:
<Turl> do you have the uart soldered to see what is happening?
<paulk-aldrin> MY123, lol for the shoes in the picture
<paulk-aldrin> if you cannot get a better quality photo (I would suggest natural light), maybe just crop it?
<paulk-aldrin> measuring it is also easy and the battery capacity is usually given on the manufacturer website
<paulk-aldrin> "Website" should link to the precise product page
<Turl> opening a window and letting light through does wonders for pictures
<paulk-aldrin> MY123, "High Capacity Lithium Polymer 4000mAh-3.7V Battery"
bertrik has joined #linux-sunxi
<ptitnuage> i immagine something is going worng at the early stage of boot process, but i don't know witch one. I would like to know at witch stage of the boot process does the screen might normally ligth on: SPL? Uboot?
<ptitnuage> or can it be normal that the screen remains black?
<ptitnuage> my other question is: "can my problem have something to deal with the quality of the Sd card i'm using" (do i have to use a class 10 sd crad for exemple, or can any kind of sd card (even a crappy chinese one) might boot fine
<ptitnuage> if someone could help me with this issue, i will be very kind (sorry for my poor english)
rainbyte has joined #linux-sunxi
<quitte> ptitnuage: i had effectively the same symptoms with one sd card. it's unlikely but if you have others readily available it's worth a try.
<quitte> ptitnuage: however the most helpful thing you can do is attach a serial console
<ptitnuage> quitte: thanks for answer
<ptitnuage> quitte: i think i'll try to get an uart usb dongle (i don't own one now)
<Turl> ptitnuage: the screen is light pretty late, the kernel does it
<Turl> there's a lot of things that can go wrong until that happens
<ptitnuage> quitte: another question: if the spl and u-boot are loading corectly, should the screen light on) in others words: at witch stage of the boot, may the screen light on?
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<libv> ptitnuage: which q8 board?
<ptitnuage> libv: it's a point of view mobii 700 tablet
<libv> 703?
<libv> ok, i have the exact tablet
<libv> so it won't boot properly?
<ptitnuage> libv: sorry, 703. I built u-boot using "POV_TAB_P703" target.
<libv> the sd card is not a likely cause
<libv> ptitnuage: does the backlight come on
<libv> did you add console=tty0 to the kernel commandline?
<ptitnuage> libv: the backlight doesn't come on...
oliv3r has joined #linux-sunxi
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<libv> ptitnuage: hrm.
<libv> ptitnuage: does android still boot?
<ptitnuage> libv: no problem with android (booting from the nand)
<libv> ok
<libv> so the hw is ok
<libv> good, let me throw u-boot and script.bin onto my sun5i sdcard and go find out for myself
<MY123> paulk-aldrin: In which one?
<paulk-aldrin> MY123, front picture
<libv> MY123: i will edit these pictures myself later on, as they currently really are not too useful
<libv> MY123: the low quality of the pictures apparently cannot be helped with your tablet camera
<libv> deepe: sorry, supper and things...
<libv> deepe: which distribution are you using?
<ptitnuage> liv: my boot.cmd file states the following: setenv bootargs console=ttyS0,115200 root=/dev/mmcblk0p2 rootwait panic=10 ${extra}
<libv> ptitnuage: add another console=tty0 there
<libv> ttyS0 will not be useful as you have no uart.
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<ptitnuage> libv: i have to add it after ${extra} ?
<libv> ptitnuage: just change console=ttyS0,115200 to console=tty0
<ptitnuage> ok, and next i need to run again the mkimage tool on boot.cmd, right?
<libv> yup
<ptitnuage> libv: i give it a try now and tell you
<ptitnuage> libv: thanks for helping
<MY123> paulk-aldrin: The photo was took near the door.
<MY123> ( my child was playing a game)
<paulk-aldrin> maybe try taking another one in natural light
<paulk-aldrin> maybe you don't have a good camera available though
<libv> heh, i still have to dig out libnand
<libv> MY123: yeah, the camera is at fault
<libv> paulk-aldrin: even
<libv> paulk-aldrin: its a camera from another tablet
<paulk-aldrin> libv, I may just copy the nand settings from tzx-q8-713b as it seems to boot fine when I tried with its script.bin on the ampe a76
<paulk-aldrin> libv, ouch, too bad
<libv> with poor camera software to boot
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<libv> paulk-aldrin: so the script.bin ram settings from the other tablet are fine on the ampe?
<paulk-aldrin> that too
<libv> err
<libv> nand!
<libv> nandsettings
<libv> pfff
<paulk-aldrin> yes
<paulk-aldrin> it didn't crash
<paulk-aldrin> with the other tablet's script.bin
<libv> and the nand is accessible?
<paulk-aldrin> not sure it actually worked
<libv> complete script.bin?
<libv> hrm
<libv> that's living dangerously
<paulk-aldrin> yes complete script.bin :)
<paulk-aldrin> I know, I'm a moron
<libv> ah, you made an error
<paulk-aldrin> more or less
<libv> well, at least you learned something new :)
<paulk-aldrin> yep
<MY123> libv: Should I give you the script.fex ?
<libv> MY123: follow the howto
<MY123> libv: Followed it but the SD does not boot, (adapted u-boot myself). I can't bother flashing the NAND.
<ptitnuage> libv: ouch, still not working
<libv> both of you, you must've done something wrong
<libv> try running through it again
<libv> be very exact about everything
<libv> ptitnuage: yours i can test
<ptitnuage> libv: if you have the same tablet than mine, and if you have any working linux sd card image , if you could send it so i can test and compare, i would be very kind
<ptitnuage> libv: do you mean you wand me to send and image of my sd card?
<MY123> libv: About the NAND, I lost the factory image. Before, I tested the A20-Olinuxino-Micro images, they worked without touchscreen and WiFi(attached a mouse with USB-OTG).
<ptitnuage> libv: *sorry, mistyping: do you mean you want me to send to you an image of my sd card?
<MY123> ( Android )
<libv> ptitnuage: no
<libv> MY123: and you cannot ask the manufacturer for a livesuit image?
<libv> MY123: why are you worried about that warranty again?
<MY123> libv: It was the 120a update beta-test . It stalled so they gave me a Livesuit image to recover.
<MY123> Wait. Have stored it.
<MY123> ( in a backup)
<libv> MY123: so what is your goal here in #linux-sunxi?
<libv> iirc, you said earlier that your display wouldn't come up anymore?
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<MY123> libv: I removed the MicroSD and it booted
<libv> ah, ok
<libv> so the android on it is just fine
ptitnuage has quit [Ping timeout: 250 seconds]
<MY123> libv: Yes.
<libv> ok
<libv> i thought that had been hosed and that that was why you were here
<MY123> It is rooted
<MY123> libv: I want to run something more familiar to me, with a MicroSD.
<MY123> ( that's Debian)
<MY123> It's also the first time I owned a Allwinner device.
<libv> MY123: do you know anyone with a better camera, who is willing to help you take slightly better pictures?
<libv> because these really are only of very limited use
<MY123> libv: I think they are good photos in their website, will verify their license.
<libv> MY123: no, no pictures from their website.
<libv> or from anywhere on the internet
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<MY123> libv: OK. Did read their license and it said no to that.
<MY123> (((((())))))) ((((((())))))))
<MY123> There is (or was) a PhoenixSuit IMG inside.
<MY123> libv: Still here ?
<libv> hrm, time for me to attach a soldering iron
<libv> MY123: your android works, you probably did something wrong with the setup of the sd-card
<libv> i too am not getting anywhere with this a13 tablet with the kernel that is installed on it, so i will now go find out what that is about
<MY123> libv: It contained the result of the new device guide.
<paulk-aldrin> libv, btw, when using CONS_INDEX=2, should I get getty to spawn on ttyS1 ?
<libv> paulk-aldrin: no, CONS_INDEX is only for uboot
<libv> MY123: of the full manual build howto?
<MY123> libv: Yeah.
<paulk-aldrin> libv, so somehow, u-boot routes linux's ttyS0 to UART1?
ptitnuage has joined #linux-sunxi
<ptitnuage> (sorry,, got dsiconnected)
<libv> paulk-aldrin: linux has its own settings for that
<libv> which for early printk is in the kernel config, and for the proper uart driver is in script.bin
<paulk-aldrin> libv, well, the thing is that I don't get any prompt, nor does my Android recovery kernel provides any, while it does on A20 where it uses UART0
<ptitnuage> the point that keeps not clear to me is to know at witch stage of the boot shoud the backlight light on and the screen start to show anything: spl? u-boot?, or later stage?
<MY123> libv: Did add the android identification into the page.
<libv> cool, thanks
<libv> ptitnuage: the backlight should come on as part of the kernel loading
<libv> paulk-aldrin: you'll have to try around for yourself
<paulk-aldrin> yep
<paulk-aldrin> I have got to say, having a tty on the lcd is freaking cool
<MY123> libv: What should I do ?
<ptitnuage> libv: thanks. my boot partition have the following files in it: boot.cmdboot.scr script.bin uImage
<ptitnuage> libv: does it seem correct?
<libv> again, verify that all the steps that you took from the manual build howto are correct
<libv> both of you
<MY123> libv: I verified and did it 3 times.
<MY123> (as the A20-Olinuxino-Micro 10'' LCD NAND images boots (without touchscreen), it is an A20)
<libv> MY123: how did you get display?
<ptitnuage> if someone could send mr the firts megabytes (includign boot partition with kernel) of an sd card working for Point Of View P703 tablet (Q8 board), i may be very nice...
<MY123> libv: The A20-olinuxino-micro 10'' LCD NAND images boots without modification before PhoenixSuit.
<MY123> (I reflashed the Kurio ROM after try)
<MY123> libv: A recommendation?
<wigyori> quitte: i'm waiting for a 3.16 patchset into openwrt, once done i'll update the sunxi target
<ptitnuage> libv: if i understand, the kernel is not booting on my tablet.. i a buy an uart, can it help, or is it too early stage to see anything on the uart?
<wigyori> quitte: i'll take a look this week at your tree - thanks for noting
<quitte> wigyori: I'd like to automate the ubinizing of the image. but I'm at a total loss how that is supposed to be done. do you think you can give me some hints?
<MY123> ptitnuage: It MAY be useful.
<wigyori> quitte: i'm not at all familiar with ubi - please ask on the -devel mailing list
<quitte> okay thanks
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<paulk-aldrin> libv, bingo! UART1 was neither enabled nor mapped as ttyS0
<paulk-aldrin> libv, thanks a lot for the hints
<MY123> libv: Here ?
<paulk-aldrin> libv, should I send the script.fex patch to the mailing list for inclusion in sunxi-boards?
<libv> MY123: that is sooo dangerous what you did there.
<MY123> Where I mean without touchscreen, I see on the screen but touch doesn't work.
<MY123> I reflashed the original ROM so no problem.
<Turl> libv: what's life without the danger? :p
<libv> paulk-aldrin: yeah, i will take it from there
<MY123> libv:No danger.
<libv> MY123: driving a 7" lcd with the data from a 10" one?
<libv> MY123: script.bin contains loads of important hw settings
<MY123> libv: I tried the 10'' because it has 1024x600.
<MY123> The 7'' only have 800x480.
<libv> MY123: you were still very very lucky
<libv> MY123: so what about the backlight and the actual panel power?
<libv> MY123: how are those driven?
<libv> MY123: and yet you are afraid to open your tablet to get uart?
<MY123> libv: It worked with the help of God. ( the settings were the same).
<libv> heh, i am not religious. i check.
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<MY123> libv: I'm still afraid and all my converters are 5V level
<libv> oh, now hno butts in
<libv> if that "let's ignore the GPL" bullshit goes on, i will pull the emergency break on all this.
<libv> and seriously scare allwinner away
<Turl> libv: for whose benefit?
<libv> Turl: i dunno, i am just sick of this.
<MY123> libv: When BCM release docs and code in BSD , Allwinner try to make things propretary.
<Turl> while I do not agree with the 'conveniently ignore gpl violations', I do think directionless ranting will get us anywhere
<Turl> will not get us*
<libv> Turl: yet everyone seems to want to do so
<libv> on a whim
<libv> for 1 email and 2 email addresses!
<libv> which mean _nothing_
yann_s is now known as yann_s|AFK
<Turl> I'd rather have allwinner enabling floss support if it means leaving some violations unresolved
<libv> Turl: who says that they will?
<Turl> (ie, something like start releasing full sdks with no blobs by themselves from now on)
<mnemoc> the libnand violation is very harmful
<Turl> nobody, but it's too early to tell in any case
<libv> Turl: all we have now is a public interview with the marketing manager, 1 email from who knows, and 2 email addresses
<libv> _nothing_ solid
<libv> we had eva before
<libv> and she vanished the second marketing thought they had ticked the open source box
<Turl> libv: you had a marketing contact, not much help
* Turl goes back to writing unrelated emails
<libv> whatever triggered this, pressure from linaro on making them look bad and/or pressure from the competition as ssvb rightfully stated, that's why they are talking
<libv> not because someone sent them an email
<libv> if the pressure from either side falls away, allwinner is out
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<libv> and docs are never the full story, neither is code, but code at least worked at some point
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<libv> and that says the guy who got docs out of AMD
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<paulk-aldrin> libv, looking at the 8250_sunxi code, it seems that serials cannot be routed one to the other (i.e. the base addresses for each tty id are hardcoded)
<libv> paulk-aldrin: then hardcode another :p
<paulk-aldrin> that's probably the right way to do it, but that's a pain in the neck
<paulk-aldrin> I'll have to provide a different uEnv.txt for each board with the right console=
<libv> paulk-aldrin: you can do it properly once you have identified the right tty
<MY123> libv: Now online. I will go to sleep. Will come back tomorrow.
<paulk-aldrin> (thankfully, Android puts its uart shell where the console cmdline arguments tells it to)
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<ptitnuage> go to bed
<ptitnuage> *i go to bed
<ptitnuage> thanks everyone for answers
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<petrosagg> bbrezillon: quitte: if a page is the minimum IO unit of a NAND then why do we have erase blocks? When we say "writing a page" do we only mean changing 1s to 0s?
<petrosagg> if I want to flip a bit from 0 to 1 I have to erase the whole erase block, whereas for the inverse I can only write the specific page?
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<bbrezillon> petrosagg: yep, pages are the minimum unit for write/read operations (this is not exactly true as some NAND support read/write on subpages)
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<bbrezillon> petrosagg: blocks are the min unit for erase operations
<Turl> bbrezillon: what's the difference between write and erase?
<bbrezillon> petrosagg: and yes, erasing restore all bits in a given block to 1, while writing is here to set either 0 or 1 in each bit of a given page
<Turl> (ie, what's erase's reason to exist?)
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<petrosagg> Turl: write can only turn bits from 1 to 0
<petrosagg> Turl: to flip a bit from 0 to 1 you have to erase the whole erase block and rewrite the pages with the bit you want flipped
<Turl> that sounds slow
<petrosagg> Turl: also write operations operate on pages, which are smaller than an erase block
<Turl> so if you want to write almost anything you need to do an erase
<petrosagg> Turl: You can do some clever things to avoid erasing and doing it in the background
<petrosagg> Turl: I think this is what UBI achieves
<petrosagg> Turl: or rather, UBIFS on top of UBI
<Turl> something like CoW filesystems?
<Turl> or what ssd's do with reserves and trim
<petrosagg> Turl: this is a good presentation about how UBIFS handles writing to the NAND
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<petrosagg> bbrezillon: the oob part of a page is not anything special, right? I mean in theory we could draw the data/oob line anywhere we want or not have an oob area at all and use the whole page for data, right?
<bbrezillon> Turl: I'm definitely not a expert in electronic, but AFAICT the page and block concepts are tightly linked to the internal design of NAND flashes
<bbrezillon> petrosagg: yes
<bbrezillon> petrosagg: OOB bytes are just extra bytes in a page (often used to stored ECC bytes, but not necessarly)
<petrosagg> bbrezillon: cool, making sure I don't write anything stupid in the wiki
<Turl> petrosagg: nice slides
<paulk-aldrin> grr, my message must have gotten stuck in moderation again
<mnemoc> nope
<libv> oh wow
<libv> the aliexpress seller marked the device i ordered as no longer available
<libv> but still is processing my order like nothing ever happened.
<mnemoc> libv: it happens from time to time to me as well
<mnemoc> libv: seller loses it's supplier or access to the "right price"
<mnemoc> libv: they still solve the problem for me, but they won't risk to lose money selling more units
<libv> do you get to give negative feedback if your order gets cancelled?
<libv> oh, ok, so this gets resolved usually?
<mnemoc> in my experience, yes
<mnemoc> to not lose the face
<libv> ok
<bbrezillon> Turl: this does not exactly answers your question, but at least it explains why there is 2 different levels (one for erasing and the other one for writing)
<libv> mnemoc: does it take 7d to resolve the matter in such a case?
<mnemoc> libv: they could ship tomorrow if they got enough pieces... depends on how much ali gives them to ship
<mnemoc> if you get a tracking number before it expires, they are still trying to send it
<mnemoc> if not you can be contacted to avoid a dispute
<libv> it's been 7d of "awaiting shipment"
<petrosagg> bbrezillon: When an erase block gets bad this information is stored by setting some specific bits in the OOB area to 1 (or 0)?
<mnemoc> libv: ali should tell you how long do they have ship (a count down)
<libv> yeah, 2d left
<libv> mnemoc: is that more often used to the max?
<mnemoc> when sellers actually have stock they say they'll ship in 2-3 days max. if yours announced a week, he didn't have any stock
<libv> this guy had 7d "processing time" listed
<mnemoc> but collecting preorders for a bulk buy
<petrosagg> bbrezillon: and if yes, are these bits defined by the manufacturer? are they specified by the MTD subsystem? and how do we differentiate them from valid ECC data?
<libv> ah, ok
<libv> but the item is in the meantime listed as no longer available, so bulk buy seems out
<libv> there was only my order...
<libv> mnemoc: have you had orders cancelled on you before?
<mnemoc> yes
<mnemoc> but only 2 out of over 100 :p
<libv> did you get to give feedback in such cases?
<bbrezillon> petrosagg: what you're refering to is called a bad block marker
<libv> ok
<mnemoc> usually 3
<mnemoc> which is already punishment
<mnemoc> we westerns put the "good enough" in the middle, they do at the max
<mnemoc> like with grades at school... if they don't get the max they did something wrong
<bbrezillon> petrosagg: and a bad block is often marked bad by writing 0x00 on the first 2 bytes of the OOB of the first, last or the first two pages of a block
<mnemoc> I reserve 1-2 for scam
<bbrezillon> petrosagg: and the pages chosen to mark BB are manufacturer specific
<libv> mnemoc: but aliexpress still allows you to give feedback if an order is cancelled?
<mnemoc> yes
<libv> ok, this was not clear to me at all :)
<libv> also, this thing was in portugese all the time for me
<libv> i hope that removing cookies fixed that now
<petrosagg> bbrezillon: how are the bad blocks handled after the initial read of the bad block marker of the manufacturer? for example if a block goes bad afterwards?
<petrosagg> bbrezillon: is this something the MTD driver has to implement?
<mnemoc> i wonder if I should be ashamed or proud that my orders page in aliexpress is 26 pages long :\
<libv> not sure how it got there though, probably a link you or Turl posted years ago
<libv> mnemoc: so you get all of that shipped to berlin?
<libv> what does customs stop these days, and what does it let through?
<mnemoc> most of it was to spain
<libv> ah, right
<mnemoc> spain doesn't care at all
<libv> we talked about "ze german vay" before :)
<mnemoc> they seem to stop packages randomly... but specially by size
<petrosagg> bbrezillon: I also read that the bad block table is stored in a specific part of the NAND that is supposed to be reliable
<mnemoc> once in the zoll thing I show the aliexpress order page, if it's under 22€ (converted by them) they let me go
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<petrosagg> bbrezillon: is this again something that the MTD driver has to implement? I guess not all NANDs have this
<libv> mnemoc: so how is this now that you are in berlin?
<mnemoc> sometimes they check if the brands are fake or if the CE thing is there
<libv> and if it is fake?
<libv> have you had stuff confiscated so far?
<mnemoc> i haven't been in that case, I always buy chinese brands
<libv> ok :)
<bbrezillon> petrosagg: regarding factory bad block detection this is not related to the NAND controller driver (which actually what NAND drivers are refering to)
<mnemoc> once the guy was picky about a "swissgear" backpack
<mnemoc> because it had the swiss flag
<mnemoc> but it said it was chinese everywhere, no attempt to claim .ch origin
<bbrezillon> petrosagg: the BB marker position is chosen according to the NAND id retrieved during NAND discovery
<mnemoc> I believe that they would just confiscate it if they decide it's counterfeit
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<quitte> what is the significance of badblocks that the manufacturer marked bad? why is everyone so worried about deleting those markers?
<bbrezillon> petrosagg: regarding on flash BBT, this depends on the NAND chip driver, but if the controller does not support any specific format for the BBT, the nand core code provides a default BBT format, and store the BBT in the last two blocks of the NAND (one primary BBT and one mirror)
<mnemoc> people in the berlin-schoeneberg zollamt thingy is pretty nice
<quitte> ...the last two non-bad blocks according to the above wiki
<petrosagg> bbrezillon: hm, it seems like there are two kinds of drivers. NAND controller drivers and NAND chip drivers
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<petrosagg> bbrezillon: Your MTD driver is about the NAND controller that is in the A20 chip?
<bbrezillon> quitte: factory BB are those marked bad by the NAND chip manufacturer before the NAND leaves its factory (and this is based on some specific tests)
<petrosagg> bbrezillon,quitte: but I guess it's not the end of the world if you erase them as you can to a simple "erase block & check" pass to detect them
<bbrezillon> petrosagg: there no NAND chip drivers for now
<quitte> why would i care if it is factory bad or worn out?
<quitte> petrosagg: the world has not ended
<Turl> libv: no portuguese here :)
<petrosagg> quitte: I confirm that, the world exists here too
<bbrezillon> quitte: because on factory BB you're not even sure that you can mark a block as bad after it has been erased (this is what we've experienced with ddc)
<quitte> bbrezillon: on worn bad you can ?
<petrosagg> bbrezillon: but can't you just store that it is bad in the BBT instead of marking the block itself?
<libv> Turl: or spanish, i dunno what it was
<Turl> if you see ç it's portuguese
<bbrezillon> quitte: I've always been able to do so :-)
<mnemoc> Turl: or catalan
<libv> it's gone now :)
<libv> no matter how often i changed languages, it usually would revert to $language
<libv> so clearing cookies is the secret
<bbrezillon> petrosagg: yes, that's exactly what we've done, but still, erasing bad blocks is dangerous, because the BBT is created from these BB markers
<libv> s/secret/key/
<Turl> mnemoc: the chances a website is in catalan is low
<Turl> s/is/are
<mnemoc> they have their own tld :) .cat
<quitte> does erasing multiple times in a row count as erasing once in terms of life-span or does any erase wear the chip out, no matter if it changes the state or doesn't?
* Turl tries
<Turl> heh, it's actually a thing
<bbrezillon> quitte: I'd say the latter
<petrosagg> bbrezillon: I'm a bit confused. Let's say that I try to erase a bad block. Won't I detect that some of the bits in the block are still 0? Why is this dangerous?
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<Turl> in any case, you're better off using the sites in english
<Turl> on dx at least, the product translations are so bad they're funny
<libv> :)
<petrosagg> bbrezillon: I've certainly ran `flash_eraseall` on my mtd partitions. Does this mean that I erased the OOB area and thus the factory BBMs as well?
<petrosagg> bbrezillon: or is this area protected by the MTD subsystem?
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<libv> petrosagg: i have fixed up the header stuff in that page of yours
<petrosagg> libv: I thought the '= =' header was only meant for the wiki title
<petrosagg> libv: that's how wikipedia doesit
<petrosagg> libv: is there a reason not to follow their recommendation?
<libv> petrosagg: check wikipedia again
<libv> they use no single = though
<libv> but we do
<libv> the title is the name of the page anyway
<petrosagg> libv: yes, I was referring to the use of single =
<petrosagg> libv: should I start my headers with single =?
<petrosagg> libv: refresh
<petrosagg> libv: this is my first draft, I need to add more but it's getting late here
<petrosagg> quitte: Was the reason you said it's good to have u-boot and spl in the first 1k of the NAND that the first 1k is supposed to be reliable?
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<quitte> petrosagg: I said within the first erase block. so within the first 2MiB. The reason is mostly that I don't like the clutter of all those partitions and 2MiB is plenty of space. I don't see a reason not to update spl and u-boot as a pair,too.
<petrosagg> quitte: oh, ok. Because I read somewhere (I don't remember where) that some erase blocks are more reliable than others
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<quitte> on the openmoko wiki?
<quitte> they are referring to a different kind of flash, though
<petrosagg> quitte: But I remember that you also said that having an xz'd kernel is a good idea to have a smaller chance of bit flips
<petrosagg> I really don't remember :/
<quitte> that was by experience. a kernel bigger than 2,4MiB didn't work once with yuq u-boot
<quitte> so that is not something to document but to fix
<quitte> from how nand read felt in u-boot i'm fairly certain that nand outperforms kernel decompression a lot. So what I want is an uncompressed kernel
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<Turl> real numbers are easy to get :)
<quitte> Turl: those loading time numbers don't match "this feels instant" at all
<quitte> I'll try again soon.
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